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Telescopes and microscopes

It pays to look at opportunity with a telescope. It’s real, but it’s distant. The telescope brings it into focus and helps you find your way there. Telescopes are easy to find if you look for them. And it often pays to look at trouble with a microscope. Not to get intimidated by the amorphous blob that could snuff out your dreams, but instead to look at the tiny component parts, learning how it is constructed and taking away its power. Once you realize how it’s built, you can deal with it.    ...
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THINK, Bias, and Subliminal Messages!

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about AI Project Debater, LinkedIn Live Video and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: ahrefs and LinkedIn THINK wrap up – Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, Watson Open Scale How do you do AI? Bias in AI ahrefs – keyword explorer 3.0 7:41 Matthew Parks is this week’s winner! We are giving away ahrefs accounts to one listener this week!  Tweet to @ahrefs and @mktgovercoffee to enter the queue to win, if you don’t win t...
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Work before passion

“Offer me something I’m passionate about and I’ll show up with all of my energy, effort and care.” That’s a great way to hide. Because nothing is good enough to earn your passion before you do it. Perhaps, in concept, it’s worthy, but as soon as you closely examine the details and the pitfalls, it’s easy to decide it’s better to wait for a better offer. What about considering the opposite? “Offer me a chance to contribute, and I’ll work hard on it, with focus, and once I begin to make progress, ...
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Time to double down?

If your business is like the majority of organizations in the U.S., things have been pretty good. Sales have been more plentiful and come a little easier. In fact, if you’re having any trouble at all, it’s hiring and keeping the right employees to serve all of that business. Many businesses experienced one of their best years in 2017 or 2018. It’s easy to assume that we’re going to keep riding this wave, but I believe we’re about to see a shift. I’m seeing subtle signs that suggest things are a...
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ICNY19 Presentation Decks

Take a deeper look into some of the sessions and presentations at this year’s Inman Connect New York.  Agent Connect  Top 10 Trends Agents Need to Know in a Shifting Market Katie Kossev and Joe Rand More Than Just Likes: A Blueprint for Your Social Media Spend in the New Market Marki Lemons-Ryhal CMO Connect  […]
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Too important to have a fight about

Battle lines drawn. Positions solidified. Arguments made. All thrilling, perhaps fun, but unlikely to change minds. If your cause is important enough, it’s worth taking the time and emotional energy to make your case without an argument. The opportunity is to recast your outcome in terms of the other person’s worldview, not insist that they change what they want or what they think they know. The culture isn’t immutable. You can change it. But not by picking a fight.         
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Skill vs planning

If you’re a gardener, planting orange trees in Ottawa, and nothing’s growing, it’s possible to beat yourself up, burn yourself out and say, “I’m a bad gardener.” Or, You could realize that oranges aren’t easy to grow in Ottawa. You could either move to Cuba or plant winter wheat instead. But don’t beat yourself up just because the climate doesn’t match your seeds.         
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Is Gillette’s anti-bullying commercial the best a commercial can get?

Is it admirable or just cashing in when brands piggyback onto popular causes? What do you think of this commercial? Do you love it? Or do you hate it? Why? P & G’s Gillette brand seems to be doing what Unilver’s Dove has done with their self esteem campaign for real beauty thing. Attaching themselves […]
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Who’s in the room?

We accidentally curate who comes to the meeting, who has a seat at the table where decisions are made. We almost randomly decide who is interviewing and being interviewed, who is brainstorming, who is reviewing the work… What if we did it with intention? What if we thought deeply about who sits across from us during the key conversations? Convenient should not be the dominant driver of this choice. Nor should existing protocol. “Who’s not here?” might be the most important unasked question.   ...
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The practical de-escalation of worry

In order to maintain its power, common anxiety (sometimes called worrying) needs your help. Constant reminders, moments of conflict and concrete examples all pitch in to keep our worry on the warpath, amplifying it and further frazzling us. The feeling of experiencing failure in advance happens to many of us. But with active encouragement we can make it much worse. Without our help, it’ll likely fade away. But if we work at it, we can keep it going for hours. Not only do each of us experience wo...
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Some problems are easier to sell

In order to solve a problem, you need to sell it first. To get it on the radar, and to have people devote time, resources and behavior change to address it. Human beings in our culture are wired to pay attention to problems that are: Visible–right in front of our eyes, not microscopic or far away. Non-chronic–rationalization is our specialty, and the reason we learn to rationalize is so that we don’t go insane when faced with long-term, persistent issues. We bargain them down the priority list. ...
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Mastering the medium

We know what it sounds like when you’re great at AM radio, classical music or even reality TV. We can imagine the tone and content you’ll need to be really good at being on Broadway. Jack Dorsey has made it clear that Elon Musk has mastered Twitter. He wrote, “I like how [he] uses Twitter. He’s focused on solving existential problems and sharing his thinking openly. I respect that a lot, and all the ups and downs that come with it.” Before you decide to master a medium, it’s worth considering th...
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Episode 27: Heather Ritchie on Marketing, BD, KM, and Library Collaboration

“All Problems Are Communications Problems.” This is Greg’s go to phrase when it comes to working with and leading others. Marlene actually beats Greg to the punch this week when they talk with this week’s guest, Heather Ritchie. Heather is the  Chief Knowledge and Business Development Officer at  Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP in Toronto, and as her title suggests, she wears multiple leadership hats at her firm. In her recent ILTA KM article, “12 Ways Marketing & Business Development...
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A common trap fueled by tribal rivalry…

Comparing the best example from our tribe with the worst one from the other tribe. We do it all the time, and it hurts. It hurts our ability to connect, and it hurts those we so easily dismiss.         
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Colors and numbers

By the time you’re six years old, you can count to infinity. Whatever number someone says, you will know a higher one. The same is not true for listing colors. Most of us can’t even do all 64 Crayolas, and it takes real effort to keep adding one more to the list. That’s a form of poetry. Identifying ways to comment on beauty. Seeking creativity when there is no obvious right answer. There’s always going to be someone who will pay you (a little) to add one more to a running total. But the non-lin...
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Twitter’s CEO Gives the Company a ‘C’ for ‘Tech Responsibility’

Jack Dorsey said the platform's efforts amounted to a "huge fail"
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The trap of early feedback

We skew our thinking based on the first feedback we get. That’s the moment of maximum fragility, and so our radar is on high alert. But the math doesn’t hold up, and this high alert can destroy our most important work. All salt is the same. If you add a cup of salt to your soup recipe, it’s going to ruin it. Continuing to add salt in this quantity to soup is always going to ruin it in the same way, because all salt is alike. But all people are not alike. If you’ve created something that will del...
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Workshop updates

Today’s the very best day to sign up for the Business of Food Workshop. It’s being run by the extraordinary entrepreneur and UC Berkeley professor Will Rosenzweig. You can see all the details here, and the first lesson (of ten) begins tomorrow, February 12th. Participants include the CEO of a regional supermarket chain, leaders from Panera Bread, Nestle, Syngenta and Purple Carrot and most of all, entrepreneurs and ruckus makers from organizations you’ve never heard from (but will). We’ve assemb...
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Hard work

Consider two loading docks at small companies. At the first, a tractor-trailer filled with heavy boxes shows up. The sole worker on the dock is tasked with unloading the trailer, asap. He puts on his gloves and begins hauling the boxes, one at a time. He’s manhandling them off the truck and straining to stack them to the side. Eight hours later, he has a strained back, blisters and an empty truck. A day’s work, hard earned. At the second dock, the sole worker looks at the truck and then heads ne...
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As Close as Necessary to Perfect The thing is, with limitless focus and energy, just about everything can be improved. That’s not the question. The question is: Is this thing you’re working on as close to perfect as it needs to be? As close to perfect as your customer demands? As close to perfect as the budget can allow? It’s not settling to walk away from something that’s CNP. It’s simply a smart allocation of your resources. [Please don’t forget the opposite: BGE. Which stands for Barely Good ...
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Productive choices (which?)

When you’re doing scary creative work, or work that requires emotional labor, it’s natural to want to walk away a bit. To distract yourself. To go shave a yak, mindlessly eat or bother someone in the next cube. This is the main activity online, actually. People avoiding the real work. One useful practice is to have forced choices that break up the work but that are also productive. Not fun, that would be a mistake, but productive. Example: For the next hour, we either need to be developing a bra...
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What if you pretended, just for a little while…

What if you acted as if? What if you pretended that you were glad to see me, happy to deliver this service, eager for it to be well received? What if you acted as though you were more charismatic than you feel–more confident, more competent? What if you demonstrated optimism about what’s about to happen next, even if you’re not sure? It takes effort, more than most of us can expend day in and day out. But what if you invested that effort, just for a little while? It’s entirely possible that acti...
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“Savvy” Looks at Society’s Fakeness, and Advertising Looks Good In Comparison

I think we’re living in a precarious age. Nothing in the modern media is what It appears to be. We’re surrounded by stories, personalities, and corporate entities that simply operate by the maxim that “the end justifies the means.” Especially if that means outright deception. Shiv Singh and Rohini Luthra, Ph.D. take a closer look […] The post “Savvy” Looks at Society’s Fakeness, and Advertising Looks Good In Comparison appeared first on Adpulp.
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Digital peer pressure

“You’re using it wrong.” That’s how culture develops, of course. That’s why no one uses ALL CAPS IN THEIR EMAIL ANY MORE. Culture develops online at the speed of light. Every interaction tool comes with peers to interact with, and quickly, those tools establish the norms of interaction. As a result, there are a ton of rules and more arriving every day. Culture forms around us, then changes and then forms again. Often, the peer pressure pushes people to fit in, to go along, to become a bystander....
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Are you being manipulated?

Pundits, politicians, hustlers, unethical marketers, hucksters and grifters seek to manipulate people every day. Manipulation is pushing for a change that benefits the manipulator, not us. It’s often based on misinformation. Mostly, the test for manipulation is: “if you knew what they know, would you be happy to do what they’re asking?” It might be something as simple as tricking you into clicking, or as expensive as signing away your house. It might be the daily news cycle or the relentless pus...
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Lost at sea – The most common mistake in brand naming

The most common mistake in naming is choosing a name that gets lost in the sea of competitive sound alikes. We’ve cobbled together a list of clothing brand names that contain the word “Bay”, with a few “Harbor” names thrown in for spice. This mistake is easily avoided by creating a Competitive Taxonomy prior to naming: Aqua Bay Back Bay Baja Bay Banana Bay Bantry Bay Bay City Bay Reef Bay Trading Beach Bay Bermuda Bay Bikini Bay Billion Bay Bimini Bay Blackwater Bay Blubay Brittany Bay Buckley B...
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San Francisco law requiring warnings in sugary-drink ads struck down

“A federal appeals court on Thursday blocked a San Francisco law requiring health warnings on advertisements for soda and other sugary drinks in a victory for beverage and retail groups that sued to block the ordinance.” The ruling, by a unanimous 11-member en banc panel of the Ninth Circuit, found that thelaw violates First Amendment rights of commercial speech. [ ; American Beverage Association v. City and County of San Francisco] Tags: advertising, First Amendment, Ninth Circuit, obes...
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The business of food

Everybody eats. Every day. I’m thrilled to announce a new workshop, one that could change the way you work (and have an impact on the rest of us). There are few products or services with as universal a demand, or where the side effects are so profound. Too often, there’s insufficient access to food, harmful health impacts, inefficient supply chains, and a reliance on petrochemicals–these are problems and these are opportunities as well. This year, humans will spend more than seven trillion dolla...
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Bud Light Took a Stance Against Corn Syrup. But Experts Say That Doesn’t Make Beer Better or Healthier

The inclusion of corn syrup in beer does not make a difference in nutrition or taste, according to beer industry and brewing experts
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Naturally People Were Not at All Thirsty for the Idea of ‘Chunky-Style Milk’ in That 2019 Super Bowl Commercial

This Super Bowl commercial did not go down smooth
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