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Laws Aimed at Silencing Political Boycotts of Israel Are Categorically Different Than Public Accommodations Laws

Amanda Shanor Last week, both Andrew Koppleman on this blog and Eugene Kontorovich in the Wall Street Journal published pieces arguing that laws aimed at silencing political boycotts of Israel are the same, for First Amendment purposes, as public accommodations laws.   More sharply, both suggest that the ACLU is hypocritical (and, in Kontorovich’s view, motivated by identity politics).   They fault the ACLU for defending antidiscrimination laws, such as the one at stake in Masterpiece Cakes...
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Best Mortgage Rates Today (Feb 2019 updated)

Finding the best mortgage rates for a home purchase or refinance is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. To help you find the best rates possible, we’ll take you through the process and provide you with a list of current mortgage rates from leading lenders. Table of Contents What is a Mortgage? What’s a Mortgage Rate? Interest Rate vs. APR Compare Current Mortgage Rates How to Find the Best Mortgage Rates Mortgage Repayment Different Types of Mortgages How to Get ...
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UK parliament calls for antitrust, data abuse probe of Facebook

A final report by a British parliamentary committee which spent months last year investigating online political disinformation makes very uncomfortable reading for Facebook — with the company singled out for “disingenuous” and “bad faith” responses to democratic concerns about the misuse of people’s data. In the report, published today, the committee has also called for Facebook’s use of user data to be investigated by the UK’s data watchdog. In an evidence session to the committee late last ...
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Volkswagen Names Johannes Leonardo Lead Creative Agency in the U.S.

Less than three months after consolidating its North American marketing business with WPP's VW Partnership, Volkswagen has named Johannes Leonardo lead brand agency in the United States. The agency will now be part of that team. A Johannes Leonardo spokesperson confirmed that the decision followed a competitive pitch but declined to elaborate. According to additional...
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GM Moves Chevrolet’s Regional Media Business From Dentsu to Publicis

General Motors recently moved the local portion of its Chevrolet media business from Dentsu's Carat to Publicis-owned Martin Retail Group, a spokesperson confirmed today. Chevy is the company's best-selling brand by a significant margin, and Martin will now handle media planning and buying duties for the brand's regional dealers across the United States. "Yes, we...
Tags: Advertising, General Motors, Accounts, United States, Chevy, Carat, Publicis, Martin, Dentsu, GM Moves Chevrolet, Regional Media Business From Dentsu, Martin Retail Group

The Best Business Aviation Conferences for 2019

There are so many great aviation conferences happening throughout year. However, for most of us, attending them all just isn’t in the cards – and quite frankly, it would be exhausting to try! So if you had to prioritize, which should you choose? IMHO, it really comes down to what you are trying to accomplish and how far you are willing to travel. To help you out, I’m going to give you a rundown of some of the biggest and best conferences for business aviation that should be on your radar for 201...
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2018 really was more of a dumpster fire for online hate and harassment, ADL study finds

Around 37 percent of Americans were subjected to severe hate and harassment online in 2018, according to a new study by the Anti-Defamation League, up from about 18 percent in 2017. And over half of all Americans experienced some form of harassment according to the ADL study. Facebook users bore the brunt of online harassment on social networking sites according to the ADL study, with around 56 percent of survey respondents indicating that at least some of their harassment occurred on the pla...
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Manipulating an Indian politician’s tweets is worryingly easy to do

Here’s a concerning story from India, where the upcoming election is putting the use of social media in the spotlight. While the Indian government is putting Facebook, Google and other companies under pressure to prevent their digital platforms from being used for election manipulation, a journalist has demonstrated just how easy it is to control the social media messages that published by government ministers. Pon Radhakrishnan, India’s minister of state for finance and shipping, publishe...
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What Trump’s AI Executive Order Means for Businesses

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday calling on government agencies to prioritize artificial intelligence efforts as worries grow that China may be outpacing the United States in implementing the technology. The so-called American AI Initiative encourages more AI-centric education, more access to the data and cloud computing tools needed to build AI...
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Tip of the Iceberg: A Story of Trust in Marketing as Told by Statistics

“Step up on the railing. Hold on, hold on. Keep your eyes closed.” Jack is holding Rose around her waist, cautiously lifting her up to the Titanic’s bow. “Do you trust me?” He was a stranger up until days earlier, but still, her response is almost instantaneous. “I trust you.” Moments later, Rose opens her eyes and she’s flying, arms outstretched as the mighty liner propels her forward. She and Jack hold hands; they kiss. Celine Dion’s music wafts in the background. Teenage boy...
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Medicare for All: A Time for Honesty

E. Kent Yucel                 I would like to give some additional perspective on the widely-touted Medicare for All (MFA) movement, which seems almost to have become a litmus test for being considered a competitive Democratic presidential candidate. Unfortunately, MFA, as it is used in the parlance of most advocates as well as the Democratic presidential candidates, skips over several important issues. These issues cut to the heart of whether or not MFA is a feasible approach to achieving u...
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When is the Best Time to Purchase Winter Apparel?

When is the Best Time to Purchase Winter Apparel? is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!It may be snowing outside in parts of the United States right now, but most of us have our minds on warmer weather. Even though it is still technically winter, a lot of stores have begun to stock swimsuits already. That is just crazy because it is only February! But, if we are buying summer apparel now, then when is the best time to purchase winter ap...
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Best Time To Post On Facebook For Maximum Exposure

Learn the absolutely best time to post on Facebook for maximum exposure for your target market. No matter who your target market is, there are only two ways to determine the best time to post on Facebook. So in this video, I share my two ways to determine the best time to post on Facebook. The first is using common sense. The second is using Facebook Insights. Subscribe Transcription was done by which means it’s an AI generated transcript. The transcript may contain spelling, gr...
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Tim Hortons and Zulu Alpha Kilo Want to Know if You’re Ready to Roll?

Tim Hortons is encouraging Canadians to warm up their thumbs for another Roll Up the Rim season, and the brand’s biggest annual campaign is officially back in stores on Wednesday, February 6. Roll up the Rim is a yearly contest from Tim Hortons that gives guests the chance to win amazing prizes by rolling up the rim of their coffee cups.Legends of Roll Up: The RivalsBack for its 33rd season, the 2019 Roll Up the Rim campaign looks back on its history, playfully leaning into the stories of player...
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Africa Roundup: Zimbabwe’s net blackout, Partech’s $143M fund, Andela’s $100M raise, Flutterwave’s pivot

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Partech is doubling the size of its African venture fund to $143 million Zimbabwe’s government faces off against its tech community over internet restrictions A high court in Zimbabwe ended the government’s restrictions on internet and social media last month. After days of intermittent bla...
Tags: Credit Cards, Facebook, Uber, Column, Technology, Money, Maryland, Microsoft, Congress, India, New York City, Nigeria, Africa, San Francisco, Social Media, Tech

Programmatic Audio Exchange DAX Inks Deal to Offer Voice-Activated Ads

European radio giant Global's digital ad exchange has signed a deal with voice-activated ads company to expand the availability of interactive audio ads in the United States. The partnership will allow advertisers on Global's DAX, which claims to be the world's largest digital audio ad platform, to place ads with verbal prompts in streaming...
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Highest Court In Indiana Set To Decide If You Can Be Forced To Unlock Your Phone

The Electronic Frontier Foundation argues that police should not be allowed to force you to turn over your passcode or unlock your device. "The Fifth Amendment states that no one can be forced to be 'a witness against himself,' and we argue that the constitutional protection applies to forced decryption," writes the EFF. Last week, the non-profit digital rights group filed a brief making that case to the Indiana Supreme Court, which is set to decide if you can be forced to unlock your phone. Fro...
Tags: Supreme Court, Seo, Tech, Indiana, Indianapolis, United States, Aclu, Electronic Frontier Foundation, State, Fisher, Indiana Supreme Court, Katelin Eunjoo Seo

This General Doesn’t Mention Trump, but His Tweets Speak Volumes

A former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff doles out lessons in restraint for a hot-tempered commander in chief.
Tags: Twitter, News, Obama, Mexico, Social Media, United States, Barack, Trump, Dempsey, Andrew, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Duke University, Carnegie, United States Coast Guard, National Basketball Assn

Hershey Says ‘Manufacturing Process’ Is to Blame for Missing Tips on Kisses

The missing tips were an unwelcome surprise for many chocolate lovers over the holiday season. The problem should be solved in a few months, the company said.
Tags: News, Social Media, United States, Chocolate, Factories and Manufacturing, Bakeries and Baked Products, Hershey Foods Corp, Hershey Says ` Manufacturing Process

The General and His Tweets

A former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff doles out lessons in restraint for a hot-tempered commander in chief.
Tags: Twitter, News, Obama, Mexico, Social Media, United States, Barack, Trump, Dempsey, Andrew, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Duke University, Carnegie, United States Coast Guard, National Basketball Assn

Everything you need to know about Facebook, Google’s app scandal

Facebook and Google landed in hot water with Apple this week after two investigations by TechCrunch revealed the misuse of internal-only certificates — leading to their revocation, which led to a day of downtime at the two tech giants. Confused about what happened? Here’s everything you need to know. How did all this start, and what happened? On Monday, we revealed that Facebook was misusing an Apple-issued certificate that is only meant for companies to use to distribute internal, employee...
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Toyota’s Newly Rebooted Supra Sports Car Will Get Its Own Super Bowl Ad

It's been 20 years since Toyota's Supra coupe was sold in the United States, but now it's making what the automaker hopes will be a triumphant return. Today it was announced that the Supra's comeback is getting a considerable publicity boost in the form of a 60-second Super Bowl ad. While the ad from Saatchi...
Tags: Advertising, United States, Toyota, Supra, The Big Game

Twitter Link Roundup #356 – Terrific Reads for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

Color is a psychologically powerful tool and reaches people on a subconscious level. People notice and internalize color before anything else, and if you pay attention, you’ll see how businesses use color in their branding, including their brand identity, to create compelling, engaging designs. To read more about the scientific breakdown of color and how color is effectively used in design, read this great piece from Medium. Now, we hope you enjoy another great set of links and articles that we...
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Facebook removes hundreds of accounts linked to fake news group in Indonesia

Facebook said today it has removed hundreds of Facebook and Instagram counts with links to an organization that peddled fake news. The world’s fourth largest country with a population of over 260 million, Indonesia is in election year alongside Southeast Asia neighbors Thailand and the Philippines. Facebook said this week it has set up an ‘election integrity’ team in Singapore, its APAC HQ, as it tries to prevent its social network being misused in the lead-up to voting . This Indonesia bust...
Tags: TC, Facebook, Asia, Instagram, Facebook Pages, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Social Media, Tech, Software, Thailand, United States, Philippines, Digital Media, United Nations

Farber & Siegel's United States Constitutional Law (2019)

Dan Farber of UC Berkeley Law School and I are thrilled to announce the publication of our new introduction to U.S. Constitutional Law, which focuses on the dynamic interactions between judge-made constitutional doctrine and constitutional politics in the areas of constitutional law that are most commonly covered in the basic course in law school. Here is the description by Foundation Press, which also includes generous endorsements by Jack Balkin and David Strauss: United States Constituti...
Tags: Amazon, Supreme Court, Court, United States, Dan Farber, Branding, U S Supreme Court, SIEGEL, David Strauss, Neil Siegel, Farber, Jack Balkin, UC Berkeley Law School, Foundation Press, United States Constitutional Law

Synchrony Bank Review – Online Savings Accounts, CDs, IRAs

If you’re looking to earn higher interest on your savings, you’ve probably reached a new stage in life — a level of financial security that lets you think about the future. So first off, congratulations! Synchrony Bank may offer what you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look at the bank to see how well it would fit your needs. { font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; } Synchrony Bank Review ...
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Crip-a-Cola: From Gang to Brand?

Can a gang become a brand? This is a question asked in the new Netflix show, Trigger Warning,  produced by and starring Michael Render, AKA Killer Mike, one half of the Grammy-winning rap group Run the Jewels. Killer Mike of Run the Jewels performing at Pitchfork Chicago on July 19, 2015 (Photo Credit: Me) In Episode three, “White Gang Privilege,” Mike explores America’s love of the Outlaw, real and imaginary, and typically white: Al Capone, Tony Soprano, Tony Montana, Michael Corleone, John...
Tags: Amazon, Better Call Saul, Stephen Colbert, Advertising, America, Atlanta, Georgia, Netflix, United States, Killer Mike, Coca Cola, Coke, Branding, Trademarks, Mike, COLA

List of world's most corrupt countries published - Weekly Blitz

List of world's most corrupt countries published   Weekly Blitz News Desk. The latest report from watchdog group Transparency International said the United States fell four points lower on its global corruption index in 2018, ...
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How to Fix the B2B Data Meltdown

B2B marketers are in a pickle when it comes to data. Data insights are critical to boosting marketing and sales performance. Yet the marketer’s trust in data has plunged to a new low that’s putting a damper on strategic marketing initiatives, according to Dun & Bradstreet’s (D&B) recently released Sixth Annual B2B Marketing Data Report. Just 50% of D&B survey respondents expressed confidence in the quality of their data—down from 75% in 2017. And only 11% expressed extreme confidence in 2018. “T...
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Fixes: The Magazines Publishing One Another’s Work

Polarization is everywhere. But it’s being challenged in Poland by a handful of magazines across the political spectrum. They’ve begun sharing articles, to show readers a variety of viewpoints.
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