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Apple will welcome Parler, the Twitter alternative favored by conservatives, back on its app store

Pro-Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. Samuel Corum/Getty Images Apple will allow Parler back on its app store after the app changed its moderation policies. It was banned from app stores due to faulty content reviewing processes after the Capitol siege. Parler is favored among the right and is billed as a Twitter alternative committed to free speech. See more stories on Insider's business page. Ap...
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Nicholas Bloom is America's best work-from-home expert. He says the remote work revolution is 'only halfway through.'

Hello! Welcome to this weekly roundup of stories from Insider's Business co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.What we're going over today: America's best work-from-home expert is bracing for turmoil.We spoke with 21 of Matt Gaetz's high-school classmates. Some say they could have predicted the congressman's sex scandal.Some Lululemon retail employees say there is an environment of "toxic positivity," where workers fe...
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Twitter is partly down, with some users saying they're unable to log into the site

Sattalat phukkum/Shutterstock Some Twitter users reported being unable to log into the site on Saturday morning. See more stories on Insider's business page. Twitter appeared to be partly down Saturday, with some users unable to log into the site.Twitter also had problems on Friday night across the East Coast of the US. It tweeted at the time that people may have problem loading the site, and that it was "working on fixing a problem."-Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) April 17, 2021 ...
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Mark Zuckerberg is being pressured to abandon plans for an Instagram for children. Advocacy groups worry about endless scrolling and body-image shaming.

happydancing/Shutterstock happydancing/Shutterstock Dozens of advocacy groups urged Facebook to drop plans for an Instagram for kids under 13. They said the platform isn't a solution to preventing children from using Instagram. Facebook has said it would be a parent-controlled experience allowing kids to keep up with friends. See more stories on Insider's business page. Children's advocacy groups are begging Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg to abandon plans for an Instagram for c...
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Facebook faces ‘mass action’ lawsuit in Europe over 2019 breach

Facebook is to be sued in Europe over the major leak of user data that dates back to 2019 but which only came to light recently after information on 533M+ accounts was found posted for free download on a hacker forum. Today Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) announced it’s commencing a “mass action” to sue Facebook, citing the right to monetary compensation for breaches of personal data that’s set out in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Article 82 of the GDPR provides fo...
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A new platform is helping influencers create their own product lines

Ronak Trivedi. Hi, this is Amanda Perelli and welcome back to Insider Influencers, our weekly rundown on the business of influencers, creators, and social-media platforms. Sign up for the newsletter here.In this week's edition:A new startup is helping influencers create and sell productsThe exact media kit a TikTok influencer house uses to land brand dealsHow TikTok is shaping beauty and skincare brand trendsA look inside the influencer council of fintech giant KlarnaAnd more includ...
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US Cellular: America’s Locally Grown Wireless

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Lars Kroijer on…dividend stocks, emerging and small cap trackers, and cash

I am super happy to welcome back Lars Kroijer for another investing Q&A. This is a collaboration between Monevator and Lars’ own YouTube channel. All the questions below come from Monevator readers. As before, Lars’ answers in both video and edited transcripts. Note: embedded videos are not always displayed by email browsers. If you’re a Monevator email subscriber and you can’t see three videos below, please head to our website to view this Q&A with Lars Kroijer. What’s the case against divid...
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20 Tools and Apps for Creating Marketing Videos

As humans, we love video. The movement. The faces. The emotion. A great video hooks us and pulls us in. Driving traffic, increasing engagement, and reaching a larger audience is easier to do with exciting and professional-looking videos.  If you’re still not convinced why video should be a priority for your business, here are some stats: 85% of internet users in the US watch online videos87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool88% of video marketers are satisfied wit...
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Droga5 Highlights Local Focus in First Work for US Cellular

Wireless carrier U.S. Cellular unveiled a new campaign inspired by the network's commitment to local communities, marking the first campaign from its new agency partnership with Droga5. The campaign from Accenture Interactive and Droga5 introduces a new creative platform, positioning U.S. Cellular as "America's locally-grown wireless." Earlier this year, Chicago-based U.S. Cellular, which claims to...
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Forecasting In Uncertainty: Despite The Pandemic, US Tech Jobs Grew In 2020, Led By Data And Security Positions

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its 2020 occupational employment survey (OES) on March 31. We use this data for our estimates and forecast of US business and government spending on tech staff, utilizing both the data on tech jobs by industry and on average annual salaries for different tech positions. But the […]
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Facebook, Instagram users can now ask ‘oversight’ panel to review decisions not to remove content

Facebook’s self-styled ‘Oversight Board’ (FOB) has announced an operational change that looks intended to respond to criticism of the limits of the self-regulatory content-moderation decision review body: It says it’s started accepting requests from users to review decisions to leave content up on Facebook and Instagram. The move expands the FOB’s remit beyond reviewing (and mostly reversing) content takedowns — an arbitrary limit that critics said aligns it with the economic incentives of its p...
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Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE): my journey from first steps to leaving work

I achieved financial independence in seven years and retired early six months after that. Documented the journey, too. From initial plan, through battling FIRE1 demons, to finally ending my career and starting a new life. I learned a lot along the way – but I appreciate you haven’t got seven years to relive it with me. So let’s distill down that knowledge into a single capsule post that you can swallow and digest to smooth your own path to FIRE. To begin at the beginning Managing my mind was...
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Defining Your Brand Vision

Brand vision is intention. It can be a single-minded intent, or a group of goals and objectives — typically no more than one, two or three. Steve Jobs wanted this, “Put a ding in the universe.” Henry Ford wanted to make cars that ordinary Americans could afford. (Consider that in Henry’s era, people were driving the equivalent of $200,000 Teslas while everyone else was riding a horse.) Tesla Motor’s vision is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. And Elon Musk’s newest v...
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The ultimate guide to Amazon's advertising business, which is $21 billion and growing

Alex Wong/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Business Insider Amazon's e-commerce dominance is quickly expanding to advertising.The pandemic has drastically cut ad budgets as marketers reign back their spending, but e-commerce advertising is booming as people shop more from home - with Amazon leading the pack.EMarketer said Amazon claimed 10.3% of the US digital ad market in 2020, up from 7.8% in 2019 - competing with Google and Facebook for ad budgets. That growth has attracted Walmart, Ins...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #534

Facebook launches new Q&A platform, HotlineThings are heating up in the world of audio social, with Facebook announcing its new Q&A platform, Hotline. Whilst it borrows concepts from Clubhouse, it differs by allowing hosts to use video and to schedule more formal presentations with Q&A built in. Hotline also allows hosts to record their sessions in both audio and video formats, and has been described as a ‘cross between a radio show and a Twitch stream.’ This is because hosts can bring individua...
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Plot to Bomb Amazon AWS Data Center Foiled

The US political instability we have all been watching almost made it to the data center industry recently. According to reports, a 28-year old man from Texas was arrested on Thursday while trying to purchase explosives he planned to use to blow up an Amazon AWS data center in Ashburn, Virginia. ... [visit site to read more]
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Weekend reading: Doomed and boomed

What caught my eye this week. A year or so has passed since global stock markets began to recover, resuming their age-old tradition of making smart people look like idiots. Tech stocks rallied first, which was blamed on 20-something traders and lockdown mania. Later in the year, small cap stocks joined the party. Just more retail madness, we were assured. Finally, cyclical and value stocks and the share prices of companies smashed-up by the pandemic began to soar. The Fed had euthanized ...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon by Colin Bryar, Bill Carr

Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon by Colin Bryar, Bill Carr Working Backwards is an insider’s breakdown of Amazon’s approach to culture, leadership, and best practices from two long-time Amazon executives. Colin started at Amazon in 1998; Bill joined in 1999. In Working Backwards, these two long-serving Amazon executives reveal and codify the principles and practices that drive the success of one of the most extraordinary companies the world has ever ...
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Facebook, eBay, and other online marketplaces are working to clamp down on sales of doctored COVID-19 vaccine cards

Gerald McDavitt, 81, a Veteran of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, holds his CDC vaccine card after being inoculated with the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Janssen Vaccine. Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images Fake and forged vaccine cards are being sold on platforms including Facebook, eBay, and Shopify. Hundreds of online stores have sold blank and counterfeit vaccine cards, the NYT reports. Over 45 state AGs have called on online marketplaces to do more to prevent scammers from p...
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Roku is planning a big advertising push

Hi and welcome to Insider Advertising for April 9. I'm senior advertising reporter Lauren Johnson, and here's what's going on:Roku hunts for agencies.Klarna's influencer council.TikTok beauty trends.If this email was forwarded to you, sign up here for your daily insider's guide to advertising and media.Tips, comments, suggestions? Drop me a line at [email protected] or on Twitter at @LaurenJohnson. Roku, Nasdaq sign Reuters Roku is looking for a new ad agency to...
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A Brand’s Values Must Withstand The Pressure Of Politics

When MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the league’s decision to relocate the All-Star Game out of Georgia, it triggered a partisan firestorm — there was support and there was opposition. While some government leaders in the US are advising CEOs to stay out of politics, 68% of US adults believe that CEOs are best positioned […]
Tags: Marketing, US, Marketing Strategy, Georgia, Mlb, Age Of The Customer, Rob Manfred, B2C Marketing, Gen Z, Chief Marketing Officer

Quantum Stories

Scott Aaronson wrote last month about the hype over quantum computing. I'd thought I'd drop a few stories.I was once asked to review a grant proposal (outside the US) that claimed it would find a quantum algorithm for NP-hard problems. I wrote a scathing review but the grant was funded because I failed to prove that it was impossible. I replied that they should fund my research to teleport people from Chicago to Paris because they couldn't prove I couldn't do it. I never got a response. I was at...
Tags: Microsoft, US, Seo, Chicago, Paris, Quantum, NSF, NP, Scott Aaronson, Lance Fortnow, National Quantum Initiative, Microsoft Faculty Research Summit

Metro Bytes: 123Net, Telia, Flexential, FirstLight

A few interesting items from around the US worth catching up on: ... [visit site to read more]
Tags: Advertising, US, Iot, M2m, Channel, Internet Backbones, Datacenter, Managed Services

4 Best Places to Live for Financial Independence

It’s possible to achieve financial independence no matter where you live if you save and invest the majority of your income. But if you move to a place with a low cost of living, you won’t need as big of a nest egg to exit the workforce. Here are five of the best places for financial independence around the world.  4 Best Places for Financial Independence Worldwide Puerto Vallarta, Mexico If you’ve always dreamed of being a digital nomad, Puerto Vallarta may be the right city for you....
Tags: Personal Finance, Florida, Saving, Retirement, Marketing, US, Canada, Miami, Cost Of Living, Panama, Grand Rapids, Puerto Vallarta, Panama City Panama Panama, US Grand Rapids

Facebook: 26% of SMBs Globally, 22% in US Were Closed in February

Facebook shared the latest version of its Global State of Small Business Report examining the effects of the pandemic Thursday, saying that 26% of small and midsized businesses worldwide and 22% of those in the U.S. reported that they were closed in February. The global number is up from 16% last October, but down from...
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How ad agencies are planning to return to the office

Hi and welcome to Insider Advertising for April 8. I'm senior advertising reporter Lauren Johnson, and here's what's going on:How ad agencies are returning to offices.The Trade Desk and Publicis.Porter Novelli's turnaround.If this email was forwarded to you, sign up here for your daily insider's guide to advertising and media.Tips, comments, suggestions? Drop me a line at [email protected] or on Twitter at @LaurenJohnson. Toby Melville/Reuters Here's how ma...
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Donald Trump's Twitter suspension will prevent the National Archives from preserving his account on the platform

Former President Donald Trump. Getty Twitter will not let the US National Archives preserve Trump's tweets on his banned personal account. Twitter said it is because "we permanently suspended @realDonaldTrump" in January. The NARA still has a copy of tweets from that account and intends to publish them off the platform. See more stories on Insider's business page. Twitter will not be allowing former President Donald Trump's personal account and its thousands of tweets to be arc...
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Comcast's Peacock faces new tests from advertisers, viewers

Hi and welcome to this weekly edition of Insider Advertising, where we track the big stories in media and advertising. I'm Lucia Moses, deputy editor here.Remember you can sign up to get this newsletter daily here.First, senior reporter Lauren Johnson is hosting a webinar about how advertisers can navigate the death of third-party cookies on April 22 with execs from The Trade Desk, Mars, The Washington Post, and R/GA. Sign up here.What we're following this week: Peacock's big testRec...
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2021 trends: Responding to the recession

This year, the trends are far less about new channels and much more about the world around us. For the next several weeks, we’re going to examine some of the most influential trends that will shape how we approach marketing in the coming year. There certainly can be no more crucial economic trend than the recession itself. We’ve seen marketing and media budgets slashed and longer-term strategies like brand building pushed aside so companies could move as much of their marketing spend to perform...
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