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A Brief Rundown of Racism Within Advertising and Why It’s Still Happening Today

Over 100 years since the creation of the Aunt Jemima mammy logo, you'd hope that brands would have moved on from using racist stereotypes. Yet in 2019, during Black History Month, we witnessed one of the world's biggest luxury brands launch an $890 blackface sweater. After getting blasted on Twitter and being forced to remove...
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How Brand Experiences and Social Media Intersect

Thanks to the combined rise of tech and our desire for human interactions, we're choosing experiences that enable us to simultaneously exist in our real and virtual worlds more than ever. As a case in point: Look no further than the relationship between social media and brand experience. It's no longer a one-way street where...
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5 Ways to Connect With Hispanic Millennials and Gen Zers

Contrary to how they're often portrayed in the media, today's young Hispanic population is dynamic, multicultural, heterogeneous and often multilingual, setting them apart from every other group, minority or otherwise. Mostly born in the U.S. or at least raised here, their Spanish and English proficiency crosses the spectrum. They're Dreamers, literally and figuratively, optimistic and...
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Radio Companies Are Eyeing Podcasts as Viable Investments

Half a decade after leaving radio (Clear Channel/iHeartMedia) due to the podcast phenomenon being ignored, podcast now has the full attention of the radio companies, with the majority of the top podcast networks now actually being owned by them. The takeover will continue as more deals occur, like iHeartMedia's recent acquisition of How Stuff Works...
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If a Brand Is Not Authentic in Its Attempts to Reach Black Audiences, Then It’s Not Trying Hard Enough

Consumerism is the machine that powers our society, and black dollars provide much of the fuel. According to a 2018 Nielsen study, African Americans spend $1.2 trillion annually. The collective spending power of this demographic is great, yet marketers have been challenged in authentically reaching this audience. Recent marketing failures illustrate the gravity of this...
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Why Marketers Should Care About ‘Once-a-Day’ Moments

We're all already familiar with the once-a-year or once in a while moments that brands activate around, whether its Taco Bell offering Friendsgiving recipes each year or Bed Bath & Beyond marketing it's Campus Checklist to incoming freshman. Brands have long been building campaigns around these annual holidays and life-stage milestones. However, marketers are just...
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How to Choose the Right Celebrity to Represent Your Brand on a Global Scale

Global recognition is a hallmark of an A-list celebrity. For instance, Lady Gaga has a bigger following outside the U.S. than in it, a fact that doesn't diminish her standing as a household name in her home country. Rather, this insight underlines a point familiar to international brand managers: Mega-stardom knows no borders. Among other...
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Any Brand Not Marketing in the Esports World Is Already Behind the Curve

The conference circuit is rife with people preaching about disruption and missed opportunities. Did you hear how Apple redefined the music industry? How about how Uber rearranged the business of personal transportation? I bet you have. Well, what about that time when the marketing world sat on the sidelines and missed the video game revolution?...
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Any Brands Not Marketing in the Esports World Is Already Behind the Curve

The conference circuit is rife with people preaching about disruption and missed opportunities. Did you hear how Apple redefined the music industry? How about how Uber rearranged the business of personal transportation? I bet you have. Well, what about that time when the marketing world sat on the sidelines and missed the video game revolution?...
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How Retailers Can Master the Post-Purchase Part of the Ecommerce Journey

Retailers have spent the last year obsessing over each touchpoint consumers have with their brand, all with the goal of creating a differentiated, amazing customer experience. But what I often see is that all roads lead to clicking "buy," the holy grail of the customer experience. Put another way, many merchants still believe their job...
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It’s Time for Publishers to Implement Measures to Combat Device Fingerprint Malvertising

Have you ever been distracted on the couch, scrolling Facebook for the latest news, scanning the sports highlight reel or flipping through one of those celebrity gossip slideshows with the TV blaring in the background? Let's be real--we all have. It's all fun and games until that harmless perusing turns into an inescapable page that...
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3 Tips for Creating a Brand That Resonates Across Generations

Is your brand part of the family? With an aging population, an increase in boomerang children and boomers right in the middle of it all, more consumers are living in multigenerational households--nearly twice as many today compared to 1980, according to Gartner. Hopefully, your brand is moving in, too. What's driving this multigenerational trend? Money....
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Busy Philipps Took a Pic of Miranda Lamberts Hot Cop Husband in 2017

The world was shocked when Miranda Lambert announced that she secretly tied the knot with New York Police Department officer Brendan McLoughlin — but Busy Philipps has actually been aware of the Staten Island, New York, native for more than a year. Celebrity Weddings of 2019 When the Busy Tonight host, 39, got wind of the 35-year-old country singer’s marriage to McLoughlin, 27, she went back to check her phone’s camera roll. After a little bit of digging, she found a picture of McLou...
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How Brands Can Remain in Control of Their Ever-Increasing Data

Brand mergers and acquisitions often signal business growth and prosperity, but they don't come without challenges. While many focus on the obvious aspects of M&A like shareholder value, areas like consolidating customer data and integrating IT systems, platforms and applications are often overlooked. Given that data is core to delivering a personalized consumer experience for...
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The Role Sustainability Plays in Creating Campaigns and Marketing

The world is moving toward a more sustainable future. At this point in human history, there's simply no alternative. Either we do this and do it fast enough to confront the crisis, or we face some pretty dire consequences. It will take a concerted effort from every corner of the globe to realize true sustainability....
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Being a CMO Can Be a Thankless Position at Times. Here’s How to Make the Most of It

CMOs got some good news this year: their average tenure increased from 42 to 44 months. The bad news is that they still have one of the shortest lifespans in the C-suite. The fate of many marketing leaders increasingly rests on their ability to build successful growth engines. Not surprisingly, improving ROI has become an...
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Tips to Help Advertisers Survive and Thrive in the Gig Economy

We've all heard it: The rise of the gig economy is putting an end to the traditional job market. While there's no universally accepted definition of what a gig worker is, it generally represents someone who earns a living through short-term contracts or freelancing. In other words, gig workers are making their side-hustle their full-time...
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Why a Refocused Emphasis Needs to Be Put on AI and Not on Social

When the first trans-Atlantic cables were laid to connect the U.S. and Europe with the telegraph, it was believed the world would finally begin to understand each other. Similar claims were made with the introduction of radio, the internet and now social media. Facebook long wanted to "make the world more open and connected," but...
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How Paid Search Can Become a Top Advertising Strategy for Brands and Retailers

Even though retailers already spend the majority of their advertising budget in digital, 80 percent of their co-op funds have traditionally gone into non-digital channels. However, with players like Amazon and Google effectively moving the co-op game to digital, the modern terrain is shifting. Increasingly, we're going to see retailers and brands evolving their co-op...
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Brands Still Have a Lot to Learn About Diversity and Creating Inclusive Work Environments

In the past week, the Commonwealth of Virginia was the focus of many heated discussions across the nation. Of course, the attention this ongoing discourse has attracted has been a source of significant embarrassment and shame. However, the use of blackface is not new to Virginia, the South or even our country as a whole....
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It Isn’t Time to Celebrate Progress—It’s Time to Double Down on Diversifying to Encourage Action

When it comes to daring to take a stand for equality and justice or pointing out the imbalance of power in the world, it can be tempting to feel we've made progress. Take, for example, the widespread criticism of Liam Neeson's astonishing interview last week about a moment in his past when he wanted to...
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3 Ways Content Creators and Advertisers Can Build More Sustainable Relationships on Social

It's no secret, the economics of online content has many publishers and creators relying solely on digital advertising as their single source of revenue. But digital advertising is increasingly competitive and volatile, making it difficult to remain reliable. P&G, the biggest advertiser in the U.S., kept their brands from advertising on YouTube for more than...
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Marketers Can Tap Into Mobile Advertising to Create a Successful Event

Think about the last few interactions you had: making plans with a friend, setting a meeting, ordering lunch. Whether they be personal or professional, chances are that the majority of your day-to-day interactions have taken place from behind a screen. Between social channels like LinkedIn and Meetup and standard communication tools like email and chat,...
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How 5G and ATSC 3.0 Benefit Broadcasters, Local TV and the Ad-Tech Industry

Ad tech has weathered its fair share of changes and technological shakeups, and there are more on the way thanks to 5G and ATSC 3.0. The industry has been discussing, anticipating and debating these performance standards for nearly two years. While similar at face value and sometimes pitted against one another in the battle to...
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How to Prepare a Media Strategy That Can Survive in an AI-Focused World

Once an empty buzzword in the marketing world, extensive advancements in machine learning have made artificial intelligence a necessary and pivotal instrument in a marketer's toolbox. Movies will show you AI that comes in blockbuster proportions: the computer's takeover in 2001: A Space Odyssey or multi-limbed robots battling for humanity's fate in The Matrix. In...
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What to Expect as Amazon Delves Deeper Into Smart Homes and AI

Amazon recently announced its plan to develop AI-enhanced homes through Plant Prefab, a company that specializes in high-quality, sustainable prefabricated homes, by integrating Alexa devices into what are being touted as affordable and easy-to-assemble houses. But is it possible to have high-tech homes that are also ecologically sustainable? Amazon's introduction of AI voice technology into...
Tags: Amazon, Advertising, Voice, Alexa, Emerging Tech, Plant Prefab

3 Ways to Customize Content Strategy for the 50-Plus Demographic

Marketers need to be everywhere today, but the problem is that there are more places to be than ever before. The path consumers take to the point of purchase is rarely short and straight, which makes a smart content strategy a must, especially when you're targeting the 50-plus consumer. The good news is that this...
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People Ask Their Most Pressing SEO Questions — Our Experts Answer

Posted by TheMozTeamWe teamed up with our friends at Duda, a website design scaling platform service, who asked their agency customers to divulge their most pressing SEO questions, quandaries, and concerns. Our in-house SEO experts, always down for a challenge, hunkered down to collaborate on providing them with answers. From to voice search to local targeting, we're tackling real-world questions about organic search. Read on for digestible insights and further resources! How do you o...
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Marketers Continuously Fail to Understand the True Value of Media

Brands spend billions of dollars on media during Super Bowl Sunday. The digital side of that spend generates mountains of actionable data for marketers, but one basic question will go unanswered: Did the price paid for media reflect the true value? Research shows that 40 cents of every media dollar spent goes to middlemen. The...
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Ecommerce and Retail Brands Need to Put More Emphasis on Their Customer

In an unforgettable scene from Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts walks into a boutique in Beverly Hills with the clear intention of buying glamorous clothes with funding from her new client. Except she is completely ignored. Her iconic response the next day, while deck out in a new wardrobe and too many designer bags to hold:...
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