Royal Enfield Takes Its Showroom on the Road

A Mobile Showroom Makes a Lot of Sense Royal Enfield has been doing a lot of things right, from making good and affordable motorcycles to marketing them properly and opening showrooms. One thing that the company did that I found interesting was open up a portable dealership in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  This pop-up or mobile dealership is equipped with a showroom and workshop. It’s essentially a small Royal Enfield dealership set up on a mobile home platform, and it allows the company to do some pr...
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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 31 May, 2020

A sleek and sophisticated Thruxton from Massachusetts, a tiny BMW balance bike from the Netherlands, a rare Royal Enfield Interceptor up for auction, and a bizarre folding WW2 ‘parascooter’ from Excelsior—Britain’s first motorcycle company. BMW K75 balance bike by Roel van Heur A while ago, Roel helped a friend to build a custom K75. Then Roel heard that his mate was expecting a baby—so he decided to build the kid a balance bike, inspired by his dad’s custom. The Dutch designer started by ...
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Uraling with Martha to Freemont Pass and the Clinton Gulch Reservoir

Saturday, May 30Another good day of camping and Uraling.Martha and I rode out on Fiona, my '99 Ural Patrol with the Beemer engine soon after a sumptuous breakfast.  We headed towards nearby Leadville with temperatures in the low 50s but bearable with our riding gear and layers underneath.Gassing up in town, then we headed north on Colorado Highway 91 towards Fremont Pass and the Climax Mine located near there. We spotted and checked out an exhibit by the Climax Mine Company, showing a series of...
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Triumph Is Set to Cut 240 of UK Staff Members Due to COVID-19

Worldwide the Number Could be 400 The COVID-19 pandemic has had horrible effects on economies around the world. Triumph revealed that it is set to cut 240 UK staff members due to the pandemic. The number of people who could lose their jobs worldwide is expected to be “circa 400,” according to Motorcycle News. Those 240 UK jobs will come out of the headquarters and operations facilities of the company. The losses of these jobs are due to dramatic restructuring within the business. According to T...
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BMW Motorrad Celebrates 40 Years of the GS

BMW Has Been Making GS Motorcycles For Decades Of all of BMW’s bikes, the R 80 GS might be the most important. It’s the bike that essentially created the adventure-touring segment. When it came out, it was a bit of an odd duck, but that was partly because people didn’t realize that by compromising a little bit on some things, you actually gained so much more. The R 80 GS started something new and different, and BMW is celebrating 40 years since it came out.  Since that very first GS, BMW’s adve...
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The iXS Backpack Day Debuts

A Day Pack If you’re like me, you enjoy a good day out on the bike, and a relaxing tour on your bike for a day can really do a lot to put you at ease. For those day trips, iXS has a new piece of gear for you the Backpack Day, according to a press release. This backpack is designed to be comfortable to wear all day long while you ride. The iXS Backpack Day features ergonomic padded straps that can be adjusted in numerous ways. There are also chest and belly straps so you can really cinch it down...
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