The I.M.F. – “Blitzkrieg” | MIC SESSION

The I.M.F. out of the Bay Area stops by the HQ and drops an exclusive Mic Session performing his single, “Blitzkrieg”.
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Warriors Player Says There’s No Way Kevin Durant is Coming Back Next Season After Draymond Green Fight

At the conclusion of the 2018-2019 NBA season, Kevin Durant is expected to opt out of his contract next summer and become a free agent.Earlier this week, he got into a pretty bad verbal altercation with teammate Draymond Green during and after Monday night’s (Nov. 12) overtime loss to the L.A. Clippers. Now, at least one of Durant’s teammates are saying that he probably won’t be coming back next season.We’re sure you’re already aware of went down, but in case you’re not or need a refresher, here...
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New Video: K Camp Feat. Wiz Khalifa “Clouds”

K Camp released his RARE Sound LP at the top of the month. The versatile Milwaukee/Atlanta artist now supports the project with a music video for the song, “Clouds.” Featuring Wiz Khalifa, K Camp brings the outdoors inside as the pair smoke out in the presence of palm trees and beautiful women. Watch the Slum Lord – Taylor Gang connection below. Continue after the jump…. Previously: K Camp – RARE Sound (Album Stream)
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As you get ready for Turkey Day ... Live jazz in ROC, November 15-21

Every Wednesday, every week, you'll find your next seven days of jazz in and around Rochester right here on JazzRochester. Sign up for our email list to get your jazz goodness every week (plus, whatever else I publish from time to time).  Check us out on social media. Whatever floats your boat.... Start here, but if you hear about something that I haven't added below, please drop me a line (use the Contact Us link above),  give me the deets and I'll add it. As always, let me know if any gigs be...
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Who Rules YouTube? Swift? Bieber? Nope. It’s T-Series, a Record Label in India.

In 2016, hundreds of millions of people in India got internet access. They helped make T-Series the most watched YouTube channel in the world.
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30 Songs From 1994 You Need To Listen To Right Now

Clockwise, above from left. Photo: Courtesy of Columbia; Arista; Geffen; Sire/London Rhino. If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that life was way better two decades ago. The unofficial pastime of 2014 has been reminiscing about 1994 — a funny little year that didn’t seem all that great at the time but now looks to have been a golden age for TV, film, and, most of all, music. There was Lisa Loeb’s "Stay," TLC's "Waterfalls," and more Ace of Base than you could shake a stick at...
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This Bikini Wax Has An 8,000-Person Waiting List — & We Tested It

When we recently received a clear jar filled with what appeared to be the chic-est rose gold cupcake sprinkles ever, we immediately thought, ‘Yes! Lunch!’ Then we realized what thousands of people already knew: We were looking at waksé, a new type of at-home waxing system that managed to amass an 8,000-person pre-order list ahead of its recent launch. View this post on Instagram A post shared by wakse ™ (@wakse_offic...
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Yes, You Can Score Fall's Biggest Trends For Under $150

Neon puffer jackets. Leopard-print pants. Transparent trench coats. If fall's latest crop of trends is telling us anything, it's that there's no better time to be a risk-taker when it comes to your cold-weather wardrobe. And if you think that "trendy" has to mean "$$$" — think again. Below are 10 statement-making items from Topshop that we've been crushing on — all available at Nordstrom for under $150 each, baby. So whether you're feeling houndstooth prints or faux-fur hoodies, swipe through t...
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What To Wear On Thanksgiving — Wherever You May Be

Thanksgiving is once again upon us and with it comes all of the American customs that we participate in each year. You’ve probably experienced one of the following scenarios on the fourth Thursday of November yourself: waking up and turning on your TV (or using your parents’ cable login) to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, frantically scanning Pinterest looking for a sweet potato recipe that will satisfy your pals, drinking beer and trying to follow along as two teams face off for the Thanksg...
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DT Daily: Waymo’s driverless cars, ‘Fallout 76’ tips, and Racella

In today's episode of DT Daily, we discuss Waymo's foray into the ridesharing sector, along with various tips for making the most of the recently launched Fallout 76. We also sit down with singer Racella to chat about her new EP, Waves. The post DT Daily: Waymo’s driverless cars, ‘Fallout 76’ tips, and Racella appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Meek Mill’s First Post-Prison Album Is Coming This Month

Meek Mill plans to release a new album on November 30, Vogue reports. The project will be Meek’s first full-length since his high-profile release from prison in April. As several publications have exhaustively reported, the Philadelphia rapper was sentenced by an unusually overbearing (and allegedly corrupt) judge to two-to-four … More »
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This Up-&-Coming Music Star Is Changing The Game With Her Style

For all the conversations surrounding the , singer and producer Jaleh, aka Jals, is out to do something about the state of the business and leaving her mark. Though Jaleh moonlights as a model and musician, the 18-year-old college freshman is far more interested in what happens behind the scenes — she’s currently pursuing a degree in music production, with the goal of approaching her music from a more well-rounded and well-informed perspective.It makes sense for someone like Jaleh. A quick scr...
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The Essential Berlin Rock Playlist

photo: Luuk Wouters I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – as much as I appreciate Berlin’s party culture, I find it a shame that while sex and drugs seem to be all the rage, the rock’n’roll part is usually replaced with techno. It just doesn’t seem right when you consider the tremendous legacy of our Hauptstadt as the place where David Bowie used to share a flat with Iggy Pop and where he was inspired to record his astounding Berlin Trilogy. In fact, many other rock musicians followed in...
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These 10 Black Women Want You To Stop Commenting On Their Hairstyles At Work

In case you somehow don't already know: It's never okay to reach out your hand and touch a Black woman's hair without permission — I mean, how was that ever even a thing?Touching is clearly not okay, but there are a number of other things that we, as non-Black people, should also consider when talking about Black women's hair. Things like gawking at, commenting on, or cracking jokes about their latest style switch-up are equally inappropriate, and can make Black women feel singled out.These kin...
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4 Makeup Mirrors That Will Satisfy Every Budget & Vanity

Many of us have poured over the pros and cons of various makeup brush fibers, which holy-grail eyelash curler is worth the investment, and exactly what size blending sponge is best for tapping concealer into the inner corners of our nose. But who among us has paid much — if any— attention to the mirror we pair with these well-selected tools?Talk about an oversight. Turns out the makeup mirrors of 2018 don't just help us see exactly how much highlighter we're piling on or every little chin hair ...
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A Victoria's Secret Exec Just Resigned Amid Controversy

As consumers are forced to re-examine an already contentious relationship with Victoria's Secret and its annual fashion show, the brand will now have to begin its own reconfiguration. On Wednesday, the Financial Times announced its chief executive, Jan Singer, has stepped down from her role at L Brands Inc, Victoria's Secret's parent company. Singer leaves the company just a week after a controversial interview between Ed Razek, chief marketing officer at L Brands and Vogue magazine.Razek lar...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Vogue, Singer, Victoria, Financial Times, Adriana Lima, Ed Razek, Razek, Jan Singer, L Brands Inc Victoria, L Brands and Vogue, L Brand, SalesQueen Elizabeth Just Made Ralph Lauren

Meek Mill’s Album Gets Release Date

The untitled effort drops November 30th.
Tags: News, Jazz, Meek Mill

Target Just Announced Its Black Friday Beauty Deals — & The Savings Are Huge

You already know it's borderline criminal to sleep on a good Target sale. On any ordinary Wednesday, you can walk in, grab a six-pack of paper towels for 50% off, plus a tube of toothpaste, and a pack of gum at checkout, and call yourself a bargain shopper. But when it comes to the biggest discount day of the entire calendar year (aka Black Friday) our favorite retail store truly ups the ante.Here's proof: Target just announced its 2018 Black Friday beauty offers — and it's a BOGO steal on eve...
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How Much You Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring, According To Millennial Women

Winter is coming, which means it's time to dust off your parka, pull out your coziest socks, and prepare for cuffing season. Or for those already in committed 'ships, proposal season. According to, 40% of engagements take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day — but we all know this time of year can be expensive AF as it is, and adding an engagement ring to the mix can throw a pretty big wrench in your end-of-year budget.According to research conducted by online jewelry ...
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So You Want To Shave Your Vagina...

Three months ago, my coworker turned me on to a safety razor after listening to me bitch about ingrown hairs for far too long. After I gave up waxing about a year ago (both for financial and holy-shit-that's-painful reasons), I began suffering from ingrown hairs along my bikini line. So I got hooked up with a single-blade safety razor, and figured everything would come up roses.Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The first time I ever used it to shave my vagina (yes, I know the technical term ...
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Jered Threatin Breaks His Silence: “If You Are Reading This, You Are Part Of The Illusion”

For the past week, the collective imagination of the internet has been captured by the story of one Jered Threatin, a metalhead with big dreams who managed to con his way into a European tour despite having no actual fans. Threatin bought Facebook likes, YouTube views, and event RSVPs, faked live … More »
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Out Of Sexting Ideas? Try These

Illustrated by: Abbie Winters It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that sexting can be great for your relationship. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a while or you’re just starting something new, sending flirty, dirty messages is a great way to spice things up and keep them fresh — especially if you and your partner are long-distance.If you’re not sure how to start (or continue) a sexting session, though, it can be difficult to overcome the initial awkwardness. That’s why we turne...
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A tribute show for the late Soundgarden / Audioslave vocalist, Chris Cornell has been announced  for Jan. 16 at The Forum... The post METALLICA, FOO FIGHTERS, Confirmed For CHRIS CORNELL Tribute Show appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Music, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Chris, Tour Dates, Chris Cornell, Soundgarden, Soundgarden Audioslave

I Got A Tarot Reading For My Career — Here's What I Learned

It's a blustery October night, and I'm meeting with Anna Grindrod-Feeny for a tarot reading. We sit together in the dim evening light, huddled over a table in a quiet corner of my empty office. Anna sets three different tarot decks onto the table and tells me to choose the deck that resonates with me most. After looking through the cards’ intricate designs, I eventually select a beautiful blue stack of cards called the . With that, Anna begins to shuffle.Anna and I first met at Precious Metal,...
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Start Studying Up On This Year's Best Black Friday Sales

The wait is finally over - America's favorite unofficial holiday has finally landed. The Friday after Thanksgiving never fails to see thousands of people in their Turkey induced comas lining outside of store fronts at 5 a.m., fingers furiously typing in credit card numbers, and bank accounts slowly depleting as retailers announce their mega mark-ups for the national sale day. Seasoned sale shoppers can expect this year to be no different.If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's t...
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Joey Jordison Says VIMIC Is "One Hundred Percent Active"

Still no debut album though. The post Joey Jordison Says VIMIC Is "One Hundred Percent Active" appeared first on Metal Injection.
Tags: Music, Latest News, Joey Jordison, Vimic

STEEL PANTHER Is In The Studio, Announces Heavy Metal Mardi Gras Tour

Here come the no fun police. The post STEEL PANTHER Is In The Studio, Announces Heavy Metal Mardi Gras Tour appeared first on Metal Injection.
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