Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2, Episode 4 Features A Mystery Butt-Cheek Bump

Every week on Dr. Pimple Popper , dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, meets with men and women suffering from rare, often confidence-crushing skin conditions. The boils they carry are massive. The cysts are bubbling up to balloon-sized. But it's the people underneath the incredible lumps and growths that make the show worth watching. Just cover your eyes through the pus-filled eruptions, if you must.Just when you thought the whole Dr. Pimple Popper series couldn't get any more shocking after the rare...
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Rockie Fresh – “Must Be” f. Chris Brown

The Chicago rapper's new album is on the way.
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Summer Walker Drops Visual EP, ‘CLEAR’

Summer returns with some more slow-burning tunes
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Suggestions and What's new. :: Gotoh now manufacturing a 510 for 7-Strings...

Author: JohnnyFavorite Subject: Gotoh now manufacturing a 510 for 7-Strings... Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 1:17 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 0 Apparently Gotoh are now producing a 7-String version of the 510 tremolo. Just sayin'...
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PledgeMusic Co-Founder Benji Rogers Offers Help As Late Payment Problems Widen

Artist after artist is coming forward to share their stories of late payments and non-payments after their campaign with PledgeMusic had finished.  From Jesus Jones to Fastball and beyond, indie and major label artists at all levels and of all types are affected by the payment problems. PledgeMusic issued a statement Thursday, promising to do better.   Co-founder Benji Rogers,  who exited as PledgeMusic CEO in 2016 and from the board almost a year ago, took the unusual step of offerin...
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Q&A With New York Hip Hop Group The Late ’80s

We want to thank you guys for dropping such a dope EP recently “The Hell Below: Part 1”, please tell us a little bit about the group? Where are you guys from? How did your Hip Hop brand come about? Alain: We been a crew ever since I remember, met as teens at predominant underground hip hop spot Fatbeats NYC both as young mc producers with similar ambitions and taste. After many years of drunken debauchery we decided we should make something dope before we die. So we made this, like 10 years lat...
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L.H. “Phaided” (Album Review)

In May of 2018, I was given the opportunity to review music on a public platform for the first time. In June, I was dished out a project to review from an artist named L.H. , and while I wasn’t terribly impressed by his music then, I felt there was plenty of room to improve and that he had more than enough ability to do so, even stating that I was “very interested to see what he puts out next.” Now, 7 months later, here we are again. L.H. drops his album “Phaided,” and the email for it has hit...
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21 Sister Tattoos That Are Anything But Basic

Getting a matching tattoo with your sister basically solidifies all the bullshit you've gone through together. The fights. The tears. The late-night drunk texts begging her to just leave the leftover pizza on the counter for when you get home. But if you're willing to permanently ink your body alongside your best gal pal, you better make it good — right?This doesn't have to mean cheesy quotes or intertwining hearts, of course. Whether it's a tribute to your favorite childhood memory, a nod to o...
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You'll Be Seeing A Lot Of This Animal Print Come Spring

Is it just us, or does a new animal print fill your Instagram feed every day? After a year so full of safari-inspired patterns that we're practically growing spots of our own, it seems impossible that a new one could ruffle any feathers. But alas, here we are, welcoming yet another stripe-y print into our wardrobes with open arms. So what is it this time? Lizard? Mock croc? Cow print? Pass, pass and pass! This spring, we're turning our attention to zebra print, and unlike the loud and showy gho...
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Curls & Bangs Are A Match Made In Heaven — Here's Proof

The words "curly bangs" immediately call to mind bad '80s perms and hilarious jazzercise videos. Seriously, we can see Jennifer Beals and her teased fringe from Flashdance as clear as day if we close our eyes. But as with all old trends coming back to haunt influence us, curly bangs are boomeranging in a good way — sans the hairspray (thank God)."It's a fun way to switch up your look," Mia Emilio, senior stylist at Devachan Salon, tells Refinery29. "For every 10 clients I have, three or four ...
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H&M's New Collab Might Be Its Coolest Yet

H&M has teamed up with Swedish brand Eytys for what could be the high street hero's coolest collaboration yet. Available from today, the collection will include all of Eytys' (pronounced "80s" – the Ys are a nod to Generation Y) design signatures, from distinctive chunky soled shoes to fuss-free oversized tees via relaxed denim. Rather than two separate collections for men and women, the whole offering is a one-for-all, embodying the label's overarching ethos of "clothing free from restraints o...
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31 Netflix Movies To Get Excited For In 2019

2018 was the year we finally grasped the purpose of a Netflix movie. They're there to create unforgettable internet moments, experienced together. To All the Boys I Loved Before and Set It Up reminded us, after a long drought, that we do indeed love the romantic comedy. Bandersnatch had us waking up at seven in the morning to try out all the different possible endings before work. After a flurry of memes, Bird Box eventually inspired an ill-advised real world challenge. And that's not even touc...
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Timothée Chalamet Isn't Letting That Oscar Snub Slow Him Down

Beautiful Boy was snubbed by the Oscars, and Timothée Chalamet along with it. However, the actor, who starred as the protagonist in the film based on a true story about how drug addiction fractured the relationship between a son and his father, isn’t letting that stop him from campaigning for the film’s importance. Chalamet was joined by Beautiful Boy author David Sheff (the real-life father of Chalamet’s character, Nic), as well as the movie's producers Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, for a Q...
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Disq – “Parallel”

Disq is the duo of Isaac deBroux-Slone and Raina Bock, two teenagers and lifelong friends from Wisconsin who record crunchy, tuneful power-pop together. After releasing one album, Disq I, in the summer of 2016 -- when they were both still in high school -- Disq have gone on to open for the likes of Jay … More »
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I have no problem understanding taste.  I admire Charlie Shavers; you prefer Shorty Baker.  I think that the 1938 Basie band and the 1940 Ellington band were high points in civilization; you choose, instead, Lunceford and Miller.  Fine, and we … Continue reading →
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4 Pro-Approved Haircuts That Will Give Thin Hair New Life

We may all have differing views on politics, tastes in music, and preferences in style, but there is at least one thing we can all agree on: Nobody likes a bad haircut. For fine hair types in particular, the wrong cut can make hair look thinner and less substantial — another thing that nobody ever wants. "The less you do to fine hair, the better," Cristina Bosque, lead stylist at Rita Hazan, tells Refinery29. "But a flattering cut can make your hair appear more thick and full."There are other q...
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Counting Crows Release August And Everything After Title Track 25 Years Later

Last year, Counting Crows celebrated 25 years together as a band, an occasion we marked with an interview with frontman Adam Duritz for our Tracking Down franchise. Their debut album, August And Everything After came out in 1993. Curiously enough, though, the album's title track has never been released, even though … More »
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12 Conscious Items to Make Your Wardrobe More Ethical

The fashion industry pendulum is starting to shift towards the desire for more conscious clothing. In fact, the CFDA in particular is doubling down on sustainable fashion. While there’s still a long road ahead, there are several brands that are paving the way towards this movement by offering forward and directional pieces that also happen to be ethically-made — essentially kiboshing the notion that “ethical clothing” means hemp necklaces and calico dresses.Some of these you may be familiar wit...
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How Much Is Former CEO & Scammer Elizabeth Holmes Actually Worth?

The mystery surrounding former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is as intoxicating as it is fascinating. Perhaps you know Holmes from Bad Blood, the award-winning book chronicling her epic, real-life Silicon Valley scam — and the basis for an upcoming movie directed by Adam Mckay and starring "America’s Sweetheart" Jennifer Lawrence. Or maybe you've heard of the two forthcoming documentaries on this glamorous fallen darling of the biotech world. Or, if you’re anything like us, you just live and br...
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11 Ways To Add Drama To Your Box Braids In 2019

There are two types of women: Those who love to play in their hair, and those who just want to be done with it already. Somehow, box braids work for both. If you're in the first group, you can try different hair colors, part designs, and beaded accessories in your braids for an element of experimentation. And if your hair is a daily, time-consuming burden, you can sit in a salon for four hours and be done with styling for a full month.No matter your reason for getting them, box braids are low-m...
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Pastor Roy – “Superman” (Video)

Rising Dover, Delaware based Hip Hop artist Pastor Roy releases his new video titled “Superman“.  This single is off his upcoming debut album “Savage Truth”.
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Choker Drops ‘Mono No Moto’ EP

The first of a three-part series called Filling Space.
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17 Valentine's Day Gifts That You Can Both Enjoy (Wink Wink)

Although entirely appropriate, the perfect S.O. Valentine's Day gift isn't bouquets, cards, or chocolates. Instead, the ultimate love token for this upcoming holiday is one that packs a more unique, dual-purpose punch — a.k.a. a present that both parties (givers and receivers) can enjoy (separately or together).If you find yourself coupled up on February 14, seize the opportunity to get creative and experimental with your gift giving and mood setting. Whether you and your boo want to get sexy, ...
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The Making of J.I.D & J. Cole’s “Off Deez” with CHASETHEMONEY

For their latest ‘Deconstructed’ segment, GENIUS spoke with producer CHASETHEMONEY on how his track “Off Deez” with J.I.D and J. Cole came about. The track appeared on J.I.D’s impressive sophomore effort DiCaprio 2, which was released back in November. Continue after the jump… The Dreamville new-comer held his own against his label boss and mentor, as the two trade rapid rhymes, blending perfectly with the uptempo production handled by CHASETHEMONEY. CHASE is starting to garner much buzz a...
Tags: Videos, Jazz, Genius, J. Cole, Russell Westbrook, G Herbo, J.i.d, DECONSTRUCTED, Deez

The Making of J.I.D & J. Cole’s “Off Deez” With CHASETHEMONEY | Genius: Deconstructed

For their latest ‘Deconstructed’ segment, GENIUS spoke with producer CHASETHEMONEY on how his track “Off Deez” with J.I.D and J. Cole came about. The track appeared on J.I.D’s impressive sophomore effort DiCaprio 2, which was released back in November. Continue after the jump… The Dreamville new-comer held his own against his label boss and mentor, as the two trade rapid rhymes, blending perfectly with the uptempo production handled by CHASETHEMONEY. CHASE is starting to garner much buzz a...
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GASHI – “My Year” f. G-Eazy

Despite spending 2018 teasing his Stairs 2 project with a handful of…
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Chris Brown Files False Accusation Complaint Against Rape Accuser

The R&B singer’s lawyer said he had filed the complaint Thursday against a woman who says Mr. Brown raped her.
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Action Bronson Announces New Book ‘Stoned Beyond Belief’

Action Bronson wears many hats from chef, actor, television production, etc. Now, the Queens-native has announced his second book, Stoned Beyond Belief. The project will serve as his second book, following Fuck, That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well which was released back in 2017. Written alongside Rachel Wharton, Stoned Beyond Belief arrives on March 19 and will feature 100 entries, including recipes, photos and illustrations. Continue after the jump… The description reads...
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