Grimes Announces New Album Miss_Anthropocene

Grimes released her masterful last album, Art Angels, back in 2015. She's been working on its follow-up LP for a while now, and so far we've only heard the 2018 single “We Appreciate Power." Last week, she released a standalone “demo" called "Pretty Dark." Now, Grimes has … More »
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The Growlers will celebrate Beach Goth Halloween at the Hollywood Palladium

It’s not even officially spring yet, but Los Angeles indie rock band The Growlers are already revealing a few of the details for their annual Beach Goth Halloween, which will take place over two nights, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, at the Hollywood Palladium. Now in its eighth year, Beach Goth Halloween will continue the tradition of hosting special guests, lots of surprises, oddities, art installations and headlining sets by The Growlers each night. The band will undoubtedly be dressed up in some sort o...
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Why This 100-Year-Old Sneaker Is Still A Symbol Of Female Empowerment 

Here's one for the "I was today years old when I learned" list: In 1916, Keds was the first company to make sneakers for women. Fast-forward to today — past a century during which the iconic brand fox-trotted and dirty-danced into the footwear Hall of Fame on the feet of some equally iconic women — and Keds is still going strong with classics like its Champion style. (You know the one.)Just as the Champion stands for female empowerment, Keds has stayed committed to the same mission by creating ...
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Ten year old son of the late, great drummer, Dennis Davis, interviews Tony Visconti about his father's work with Bowie

This is so wonderful. Hikaru Davis is the son of the late session drummer, Dennis Davis, who died in 2016. Among many others, Davis played with Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Roy Ayers, and Iggy Pop. But he is most famously remembered as one of David Bowie's drummers, playing on Bowie's 70s records, from Young Americans to Scary Monsters. When Davis died, his son, then ten (now 13) decided that he wanted to know more about his father and what made him a great drummer by interviewing friends and ...
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METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #507 - Scrooge McRob with special guest Ian McFarland, director of The Godfathers of Hardcore

We kick things off discussing our poop. Then it transitioned into a discussion about taking care of our parents. Ian... The post METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #507 - Scrooge McRob with special guest Ian McFarland, director of The Godfathers of Hardcore appeared first on Metal Injection.
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One-Punch Man Season 2 PV’s Art & Animation Abhorred

The highly worshiped One-Punch Man series recently unveiled another PV for its upcoming second season, unfortunately being bombarded with the ire of fans due to JC Staff’s pitiful art and animation quality. Detractors were naturally quick to express their hatred for the video: The highly disliked PV, which features the anime’s opening song “Seijaku no […]
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For Nikki Reed, Starting A Business Took More Than Just Hard Work & Grit

Branded - Intuit: Nikki Reed - Episode 1 For over a decade, actress Nikki Reed has made a name for herself on screen and off, also serving as a writer, producer, and director. Now, she counts owner of her own sustainable, eco-conscious jewelry brand, BaYou With Love, on her long list of accomplishments, as well — an endeavor that was full of risks and forced her to approach money with an entirely new mindset.For Reed, entrepreneurialism has been a constant in every career she’s had, but w...
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Media fragmentation is annoying consumers

Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications division published its 13th-annual Digital Media Trends survey, focused on identifying changes in the ways US consumers engage with various types of media. Led by an independent research firm, the survey had roughly 2,000 consumer respondents across demographics – with the report categorizing respondents based on age (Gen-Z: ages 14-21, Millenials: 22-35, Gen-X: 36-52, Boomers: 53-71, and Matures: 72+). While already accompanied by a succinct 1...
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8 Banana Powders That'll Set Your Makeup Up For Success

At the end of the day, when all the trends have gone the way of the BlackBerry and the liquid lipsticks have dried out in their tubes, there are just two types of makeup lovers in the world: those who prefer sheer shine and lots of dew, and those who believe matte is the only way to go. If you identify with the latter, then you've no doubt owned a setting powder (or two, or three...) to keep your makeup on lockdown all day and your complexion grease-free.But all setting powders are not made ali...
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15 Bandeau Bikinis For Avoiding Tan Lines

Now that it’s time to swap out your scarves and jackets for a selection of summer dresses, a checkup on that neglected swimwear drawer is in order. You never really think about bathing suits until you actually need one — and then, well, you know how it goes.In an effort to avoid that last-minute crisis, we’re helping you plan in advance. And while we appreciate a good halter and classic triangle top, a bandeau bikini is really the most versatile around: It can double as a crop top, easily layer...
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10 Prom Hairstyles That Won't Compromise Your Natural Curls

Getting your crush to pull off an extravagant promposal is just half the battle of ending your high-school days with a bang. Planning every little detail of your prom night is arguably the best part of senior year — after graduation, of course. The dress, the manicure, the makeup, and the hair are all equally important. These pictures will be on your mom's mantle for a lifetime, after all.And when your hair is natural, the styling options are endless, making it even harder to settle on the per...
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Woodstock 50 Lineup

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original 1969 Woodstock Music & Arts Fair, Woodstock 50 will take over the fields of Watkins Glen, New York from 8/16-18. Artists like Dead & Co, the Killers, the Black Keys, Jay-Z, and Chance The Rapper were confirmed to play the festival earlier this … More »
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Logic Announces ‘Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind’ Album

Logic started the new year off by releasing the song, “Keanu Reeves.” At the time, fans wondered if the record was a one-off or part of an upcoming project. That question appears to be answered as the Maryland MC announced a new album entitled Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. In a four-minute video posted to Twitter, Logic is seen rapping a song. As he gets deeper into the rhymes, Logic eventually gets covered in blood. The album will serve as a follow-up to last year’s YSIV. See the announce...
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5 Silicone Sponges That Won't Waste A Drop Of Foundation

We can all agree that we want to get the most out of our foundation — it has to be long-wear, weightless, and flawless in photos — but so much of the final finish relies on the tool you use to apply the product. For some, the go-to is a buffing makeup brush, while others rely on their tried-and-true Beautyblender. But in the last few years, brands have come out with another solution: the silicone sponge.The tool resembles the inserts you put into your high-school bra, but instead of adding a fe...
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Ariana Grande Kicked Off Her Sweetener World Tour In $30 Hair Clips

Ariana Grande kicked off the opening night of her Sweetener world tour with everything fans could've hoped for from the superstar — including a Mac Miller tribute, enough lunar visuals to convince everyone to work for NASA, and, of course, her signature ponytail.But Grande didn't just throw her hair into her usual updo and call it a day. With the help of her go-to hairstylist, Josh Liu, and some affordable hair clips, Grande brought some bling to the big night — and it paid off.While pearl pins...
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Ulta Beauty's 21 Days Of Beauty Event Is Officially Here — & Here's What We're Buying

Bust out your bright coral lipstick: Spring is finally here. And with it, the biannual, holy grail of beauty sales — which means we're about two seconds away from revamping our top shelves. That's right, Ulta Beauty 's 21 Days of Beauty Event officially kicked off on Sunday and features so many new must-try buys 50% off, for one-day-only sales. There's truly no better time to go out on a limb and discover products you might not've splurged on if they weren't half off, no?Since sales can be slig...
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Madlib Addresses Rumors Of Mac Miller Collab EP

Over the last couple weeks, rumors have been swirling about some material that Madlib and the late Mac Miller recorded together after Chicago producer Thelonious Martin mentioned the existence of a project, known as Maclib, during an interview. Today, Madlib has addressed the project in a post on Rapcats, saying that … More »
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Rodgers And Hammerstein Are Getting 90% Of Songwriting Royalties On Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings”

"7 Rings" is a big hit for Ariana Grande. It's been streamed more than a billion times around the world, and this week, the song is back up to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the sixth time it's topped the chart. But according to The New York Times, it's an … More »
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Chicago Symphony Musicians Strike Continues Into Second Week

There are no further meetings between the sides scheduled at this time. CSO President Jeff Alexander said that after no progress was made after lengthy sessions on Friday and Saturday, both sides agreed it would be “good to take a pause” in negotiations. On a small note of optimism, Alexander said that “there is room for movement” on the salary element of the contract. The CSOA is currently offering a 5% increase over a three-year contract while the union seeks a 12% increase over the same peri...
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Want To Invest On Your Phone? Here Are 4 Awesome Stock Apps

Investment can be incredibly tricky. Even if you're the most seasoned investor, the stock market is volatile and can quickly land you in an unpleasant situation. But investing can also be extremely lucrative — if you know how to do it right.As we've previously discussed, you shouldn’t be thinking about diving into investment until you have a fully funded emergency fund, have paid off all of your serious debts, and have your short-, mid-, and long-term financial and life goals under control.Onc...
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Glossier's Juicy New Skin-Care Product Basically Screams Summer

Just two weeks after the buzziest beauty launch in recent history (also known as Glossier Play), Glossier founder Emily Weiss and her genius P&D associates are back with something even juicier. Sure, it's no vibrant teal gel eyeliner or shimmery Glitter Gelée, but it is fresh, seasonal, and very on brand for Glossier: the newly-formulated Balm Dotcom in Mango.The tropical stone fruit joins Original, Birthday, Rose, Cherry, Mint, and Coconut in the Balm Dotcom range, which has already earned a c...
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Pandora now lets you mess with the secret sauce for its music playlists

Pandora introduced a new feature called Modes, allowing subscribers to pick between six different algorithms that determine what the popular music streaming service will decide to play. The post Pandora now lets you mess with the secret sauce for its music playlists appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Audio Push – “Keep Up” f. Nick Grant

Off the IE duo's Audio Mars EP, out now.
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Hether Fortune – “Forget The Night”

Last month, Hether Fortune put out her first solo song, "Sister," since her punk band Wax Idols went on an indefinite hiatus. Today, she's back with another new song, "Forget The Night," that trades out that first track's gothic grittiness for a prettier sort of despair, with keys and a wailing … More »
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So tune in, tonight starting at 7pm Eastern (4PM Pacific Time, 12am In London, 9am Wed in Sydney) and going... The post Tonight, Noa Returns To The METAL INJECTION LIVECAST appeared first on Metal Injection.
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'It is hostile': Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green on playing in Utah

Basketball fans are a hot topic these days. Ever since Russell Westbrook got into a heated argument with a fan in Utah — who made some racially-charged comments and has since been banned from Jazz games — NBA players, coaches and referees have become concerned with fans crossing the line. Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma saw what happened with Westbrook in Utah, the same state where he played his college ball.
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Stylish Party-Supply Sites For Affordable Spring Bashes

When the colder seasons retreat and makes way for longer days of sunshine, we've got more on our minds than open-toed sandals and SPF; we're ready to re-embrace partying. The past three-month hibernation period renewed our energy and excitement for group-socializing, so we crafted a curated party-supply guide for celebrating all sorts of spring flings.The 16 brands and sites ahead are filled with the chicest entertaining essentials, from pink plastic coupes to gold-foiled napkins and pastel-dip...
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