Burger King Unveils Meat-Free “Impossible Whopper” That Looks & Tastes Just Like the Real Thing

Burger King is known for taking risks with its menu, so it’s no surprise that they are introducing a brand new, meat-free version of its iconic Whopper sandwich.According to The Verge (via The New York Times), the meatless Whopper, called the “Impossible Whopper,” replaces a beef patty with a plant-based patty that is designed to mimic the look and the taste of real beef.Burger King’s chief marketing officer says that the Impossible Whopper does such a good job at pretending to be a regular, bee...
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Nipsey Hussle Died From Multiple Gunshot Wounds to Head & Torso, Coroner Says

Nipsey Hussle was shot multiple times, with bullets piercing his head and torso, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Coroner.As was widely reported, the “Last Time That I Checc’d” rapper was hanging out outside his The Marathon clothing store in Hyde Park, near Crenshaw, and taking photos with fans Sunday afternoon (Mar. 31) before someone walked up to him and gunned him down in broad daylight. Initial reports stated that Nipsey was shot six times, including once in the head.The L.A. co...
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Insider's Guide To Making Money In The Music Business: An Interview With The Authors

Music is a business of money, contracts, tough decisions and making the most of every opportunity. To succeed - to make money and have a career - you need knowledge of both music and business. This week, Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert interview tow music industry veterans who authored the Insiders Guide on the Music Biz Weekly podcast. This invaluable book tells you how the business works, what you must know to succeed, and how much money you can make in films, television, video games...
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How To Set Up A Successful Music Marketing Campaign

In this fourth of AWAL's five part Decoded series on how to effectively allocate money in your music career, we dig into the process behind setting up your next music marketing campaign for success, and hear from multiple industry experts about some of the lessons they learned during their time in the business. __________________________ Guest post from AWAL This is the fourth piece in a five-part Decoded series in which we break down (1) a mental framework to help spend money in the...
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What Musicians Need To Know About Spotify’s Personalized Editorial Playlists

Spotify has recently been testing the waters with its new personalized editorial playlists, a kind of hybrid between curatorial and strictly algorithmic playlists. Here Chris Robley outlines what artists need to know about this new listening format entering the streaming arena. ___________________________ Guest post by Chris Robley of DIY Musician Spotify has made some big changes that affect where your music appears when you share playlists. Spotify has been quietly testing ar...
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The Ebb And Flow Of Selling Show Tickets Via Social Media

Like it or not, promoting your events on social media has become an essential part of marketing in 2019, and doing so effectively can make or break a show. Here we look the four phases social media marketing needed to ensure you're selling as many tickets as possible. ____________________________ Guest post by Chris Zaldua of Eventbrite For better or worse, promoting events on social media is essential to throwing shows in 2019 and beyond. Effective social media promotion can mean t...
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The Maine, 8123, And Value Of Community Marketing [Video]

While every band understands the importance of marketing, fewer of them know how to do so effectively. Not The Maine, however, an American rock band which divorced themselves from labels altogether and have instead maintained DIY success through the power of community marketing. ________________________ Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix An American rock band called The Maine has found a way to succeed that other artists should use to get ahead. Marketing is everything in mu...
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R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey was all about his community, investing in Vector 90, a co-working space in South Central LA for entrepreneurs and place for young people to take classes in STEM. Please take a moment to watch this. His legacy. — Michael Skolnik (@MichaelSkolnik) April 1, 2019 Post up them Nipsey Interviews. He has a wisdom…Continue reading ➞ R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle
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We Hereby Declare Today National Rickroll Day

It’s April Fools’ Day and one of the most consistently popular pranks is the classic “Rickroll” with Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” seeing a big spike every April 1st on YouTube. Rick Roll April 1 Highlights The iconic song sees a massive spike each year on April 1st, with daily views last year reaching 1.28 million -- a 239% spike compared to its daily average for the year The track earned enough views across YouTube on April 1st, 2018 to be one of the 100 most played son...
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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Holds 2019 Induction Ceremony

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame had its 2019 induction ceremony at Barclays Center in New York this weekend and it was an evening of gratitude and well-wishes not only for the inductees, but also to the Hall itself for a job well done. This year’s honorees included Radiohead, Stevie Nicks, The Cure, Janet Jackson, Def Leppard, Roxy Music, and The Zombies, with many – especially Trent Reznor – giving the Hall props for the list despite alleged past sins. The Zombies, for instance, had to...
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MON. BRIEF: Billie Eilish Rules, Spotify Stock Slips, Stones Postpone, Tracklib and More

MONDAY 4.1. 19 Music Business News From Around The Web Updated continuously under the More News tab [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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8 Feel-Good Spring Fashion Trends To Lift Your Spirits

Spring should be springing any second now, and we’re frantically trying to figure out where to allocate our precious shopping dollars. Of the seemingly endless selection of new trends, which is going to deliver the highest ROI? Ultimately, you’re going to want things that give you the highest level of personal satisfaction, and dare we say, happiness. A great shopping score is an endorphin rush, after all, and we all want to make purchasing decisions that will keep the warm-and-fuzzies going fo...
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5 Data Driven Insights That Sell Concert Tickets

With live music continuing to be the primary revenue source for most artists, getting concert-goers through the door has become a paramount priority. Luckily, we have data on our side, and music marketer Hisham Dahud dives deep into the Bandsintown data, revealing five key insights as to how to get fans off their couches and into venues. _________________________ Guest post by Hisham Dahud for Bandsintown As live concerts continue to reign supreme as an artists’ primary revenue...
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BUSINESS OF INDIE: Kobalt Grows, IncInk, India's Indie Music Label, Bitbird, IBMA and More

In this edition of the Business Of Indie , Kobalt reports major growth and losses, India's IncInk and Indie Music Label make the news, Bitbird makes some noise in EDM and the IBMA adjusts its awards. Like Hypebot's More News  section,  The Business Of Indie  is nestled under its own  Indie tab at the top of the site and features a regularly updated compendium of indie news from hundreds of global sources.   READ BUSINESS OF INDIE HERE. [Author: Bruce Houghton]
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Unsigned And Social: Touring On A Shoestring Budget

Touring is challenging enough, and doing so as an independent artist on a shoestring budget is even harder. That said, careful planning and promotion can help make it a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, and mitigate the risk of financial and emotional devastation.   _____________________ In this latest contribution to MusicThinkTank, Willa Bewes recounts her recent experience embarking on low-budget but nonetheless successful tour, and offers some valuable takeaways from her time on...
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Apple Becomes A Media Company, Pivots To Subscriptions [Mark Mulligan]

As iPhone and hardware sales slowed, Apple has sought new revenue streams; and like it has with Apple Music is shifting to a revenue strategy based more on content and subscriptions . It will be a difficult and expensive journey, says MIDiA analyst Mark Mulligan' that will reshape the entire digital content landscape. By Mark Mulligan from the Music Industry blog Last Tuesday Apple announced its arrival on the world stage as a media company, using the lion’s share of its produ...
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I Tried $1,050 Worth Of First Aid Beauty Products — & This Is My Honest Opinion

One of the first lessons they teach you in journalism school: "If your mother says she loves you, check it out." The memorable adage is a reminder to never take anything at face value without first verifying it yourself. Honestly, it's not something I've ever had an issue with before: I'm plenty skeptical, thank you very much. So when tasked to test every product in the extensive First Aid Beauty line, I knew there would be some winners, some losers, and many downright forgettables — it's the n...
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4 Black Women Share Their Earliest Salon Memories

What Was Your First Salon Experience? A Black woman's relationship with her hair is a sacred, ever-evolving one that is fostered from childhood. For many of us, that relationship starts at the hair salon. In the latest episode of Go Off Sis, four Black women share stories of their first time in the beauty salon."I remember going to the hair salon around 10 years old," Candace Hokett says. "My mother took me because she could finally afford two heads instead of one." For these women, going...
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Billie Eilish Makes Dark Music For Dark Times

With the release of Billie Eilish’s debut album, When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, it feels safe to declare goth dead and buried. We don’t need it anymore, because Eilish is here to give us a new musical language through which to interpret the horrors of the world.Eilish is poised to become one of the first musical superstars of Gen Z, and she lives in an America where school shootings happen on a regular basis, where wildfires ravage her home state of California, and where suicide rates ha...
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Your DIY Pedicure Just Got A Whole Lot Cuter

We spend a lot of time thinking about nail art. We save inspiration on Instagram and happily shell out the extra $30 at the salon for a trendy cow-print design. But what about our pedicure? OK, so toenail art might have you imagining toothpick-dotted flowers or the French pedi you wore to senior prom, but hear us out on this one: The 2019 version is actually super-cute and easy to pull off from your couch — even if you're impatient about dry time and have the opposite of a steady hand when it c...
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Here’s The First Look At Songland, NBC’s Songwriting Reality Competition Show

Aspiring singers compete on NBC's The Voice. Now, the network has developed a spinoff for aspiring songwriters called Songland. Adam Levine, who acts as a singing coach on The Voice, is the host. More »
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New Video: Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét “MONOPOLY”

Ariana Grande’s thank u, next single “7 Rings” sits comfortably at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for an eighth week, becoming the singer’s longest running chart-topper in her career. In celebration of April’s Fools Day, the pop star surprises fans by dropping a new track called “MONOPOLY.” A collaboration with long-time collaborator and close friend Victoria Monét, the record comes with a meme-themed playful visual where Ariana teases her sexuality singing “I like women and men” on the song’...
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Irish prime minister wrote heartfelt fan letter to Kylie Minogue, FOI reveals

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar sent handwritten letter saying he is ‘huge fan’ and offering to meet singer in person before her Dublin concertThe Irish prime minister used official letterhead to write a fan letter to Kylie Minogue, freedom of information documents reveal.Taoiseach Leo Varadkar sent a handwritten message saying he was a “huge fan” of the Australian pop star, offering to meet her in person ahead of her Dublin concert in October last year. Continue reading...
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Billie Eilish: A New Kind of Star

Billie Eilish is just 17 years old. She has a billion plays with hardly any radio support. In fact, she doesn’t write radio hits, but she’s received tons of attention, especially from the media. You can chalk it up to good marketing but I really think Billie has the knack of captivating an audience through photos and videos. She’s a new kind of star.She insists on near-complete control. “I could easily just be like, you know what, you’re going to pick out my clothes, someone else will come up w...
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9 April Fools' Pranks We Wish Were Real — & Some We Don't

Today is no ordinary groan-inducing Monday, it's also April 1 — a.k.a., "jokes on you," day. We can choose to grumble our way through April Fools, OR we can sip the onslaught of pranks down as smoothly as that second double-espresso shot. While we aren't having any of those inane, "free bagels in the break-room," gags, we are here for the more creatively-involved subterfuge carried out annually by a slew of mainstream brands (that sometimes offer real deals).Ahead we've lined up 9 of these bril...
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New Music: Young Dolph Feat. Juicy J & Project Pat “By Mistake (Remix)”

Young Dolph release his last projec, Role Model, back in September of last year. For the official remix for the album cut “By Mistake,” Dolph makes it an all-Memphis affair. Joining the street rapper are Juicy J and Project Pat. Both add verses over the Ari Morris and Peezey produced gem. Stream it below. Continue after the jump…. New Music: Young Dolph Feat. Juicy J & Project Pat – “By Mistake (Remix)” Previously: Young Dolph – “On God” (Video) Young Dolph – “Still Smell Like” (Video)
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Q&A With Portland’s Very Own Rising Hip Hop Artist, Whysir

Whysir, how is the Hip Hop scene in Portland right now? What separates you from the pack in your own words? The Portland Hip Hop scene is bustling right now with talent that mainstream hip hop honestly isn’t ready for. Pretty soon people are gonna come from all over the place to be a part of the scene here. It’s kind of already happening. I’m from Utah originally but have been out here since the end of 2014 and the growth has been insane!!! I don’t think that I could be the artist that I am at ...
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