Jeannie Mai Rumored to Be Pregnant With Jeezy’s Baby After Previously Stating She Never Wanted Children

Things seem to be getting really serious between talk show host Jeannie Mai and rapper Jeezy. So serious, that word on street is that they may be expecting a baby together. According to reports earlier this week, there is speculation on The Real set that Mai is pregnant. The production source says they have suddenly been told to shoot Mai from different angles than usual. “We’ve been told to shoot Jeannie from the side to make her look slimmer. Jeannie is already a tiny girl, so there’s really n...
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Thoughts on technology in music

This is an excerpt of a conversation I had with Ken Vandermark on July 1, 2019 as part of the Option Series at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago. Technology and Music from Jeff Albert on Vimeo.
Tags: Music, Technology, Chicago, Jazz, Thoughts, Ken Vandermark, Jeff Albert

Art and Technics (vi)

"...until recently we have taken for granted that, since we ourselves live in a Machine Age and boast of that fact, every other age was correspondingly dominated and influenced by its tools and technical devices. Despite our own devaluation of symbolism we had nevertheless made the Machine the symbol of life itself, and transferred our own obsession with that particular idol to every other phase of human history." (38-39)"One has only to compare the cave paintings of the Aurignacian hunters with...
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Cox Communications Ordered to Pay $1 Billion For Failing to Stop Pirates

A Virginia jury ruled on Thursday that Cox Communications must pay a whopping $1 billion to several music publishers because the telecom company didn’t take enough action to stop its customers from pirating music. Read more...
Tags: Music, Science, Virginia, Piracy, Cox, Cox Communications, Cox Communications Ordered, Stop Pirates

What Classical Music Needs To Do About Climate Change

Welcome work by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research examines all the areas of impact touring has on the environment and recognises that the issue is complex: it cannot be solved by planting a set number of trees per tour. From audiences travelling to concerts to the power required by the halls, this crisis is the responsibility of all of us. Everyone must be conscious of their behaviour and acknowledge the active part they have to play. Planning permission for all new concert halls,...
Tags: Art, Music, 12.20.19, Tyndall Centre for Climate Research

Popular With Us 2019: Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite 101 Songs of the Year

One thing you can say about the 2019 edition of Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite 101 Songs of the Year: There’s a lot more where these came from. As is our habit this time of year, we began with a folder of more than 250 songs — most of which we wrote about on this site and/or played on our radio shows — and whittled it down to six hours of music that reps the L.A. independent scene we try to cover. The playlist is arranged in reverse order, from song No. 101 to No. 1. So count it down. Spread it around...
Tags: Music, Featured, Playlists, Buzz Bands La, The Year In Lists, Popular With Us 2019, FAvorite songs of the Year, Songs Of The Year

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Big news on the campaign trail this week as Childish Gambino joined the Yang Gang as "creative consultant." Meanwhile Bernie Sanders continues to pick up endorsements from indie rockers like Snail Mail. And then there's Tulsi Gibbard with the coveted Redfoo cosign! Only 45 endorsement days until … More »
Tags: Music, Bernie Sanders, Shut Up Dude, Yang Gang, Tulsi Gibbard

Power Trip – “When Things Go Wrong” (Outburst Cover)

"When Things Go Wrong" is a song from NYC hardcore heroes Outburst's 1989 EP Miles To Go. The Texas crossover thrash monsters Power Trip have been covering it in concert for years, and now they've made a studio recording too. More »
Tags: Music, Texas, Power Trip

See Jennifer Hudson As Aretha Franklin In The First Respect Teaser

Jennifer Hudson has been making the press rounds in support of the apparently horrifying film adaptation of the Broadway musical Cats, which opens today. It might be in her best interest to detract attention from that film, in which case she's fortunate to have the first teaser for a completely different … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Aretha Franklin, Respect, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Hudson As Aretha Franklin

Grimes Says Lil Uzi Vert Asked Her To Produce An EP But Never Downloaded The Files

Grimes has guested on songs by lots of different artists -- Janelle Monáe, Bring Me The Horizon, Doldrums, Troye Sivan, Bleachers, Jimmy Urine -- but she seems to have bad luck where rapper collaborations are concerned. She recorded a feature for A$AP Ferg's 2016 Skrillex collab "Hungry Ham" but was eventually replaced by … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Grimes, Janelle Monae, Lil Uzi Vert, AP Ferg, Troye Sivan Bleachers Jimmy Urine

Why You Need a Mold Removal Service

Taking care of your home requires different activities that all have to be carried out to ensure that your home is comfortable, healthy and generally well kept. There are a number of different things that many homes have to deal with and one of these is mold. In this article, we shall try to examine this topic with a view to giving us a better understanding of what we are dealing with here and how to go about handling the issue in our homes. What is Mold and Why Should You Remove them? The f...
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Once, the Manhattan Ragtime Orchestra had a steady gig in New York City where they made wonderful music.  The club is gone; the gig is gone.  But the music remains. Here is the first part of this glorious archaeological dig, … Continue reading →
Tags: New York City, Wow, Bliss, Jazz, John Gill, Ted Lewis, Buddy Bolden, Jelly Roll Morton, Generosities, It's All True, Jazz Titans, The Heroes Among Us, The Real Thing, The Things We Love, Jazz Lives, Michael Steinman


BENEE’s surreal new single, “Blu,” arrives with a music video wherein she (aka Stella Bennett) puts on a performance aimed at unsettling its sole attendee (and all those watching on a screen). The lyrics suggest this lonely guest, who’s eventually held hostage and forced to watch a video of himself on stage, is an ex—specifically one that was unaware of how awful they’d treated her. …
Tags: Music, Design, Music Videos, Pop, Soul, Culture, New Zealand, Listenup, New Music, Blu, Lo-fi, Benee, Stella Bennett

Benny the Butcher Sits Down with The David Banner Podcast

Mr. Mississippi and the Butcher connect.
Tags: Mississippi, Jazz, Benny, David Banner, Podcasts & Mixes, Benny the Butcher

Silvandgold – “Lessons” | MIC SESSION

Campaigning her new “Gabby Guerrero LP“, Los Angeles based artist Silvandgold stops by our HQ and drops an exclusive Mic Session perfoming her single, “Lessons”.
Tags: Jazz, Mic Sessions, Silvandgold, Gabby Guerrero LP Los Angeles

Jaylien – “Finally”

It’s been a quiet year for Jaylien so far, but the St.…
Tags: Jazz, Songs, Jaylien

Heiße Revue: Die 9 innovativsten Sextoys des Jahrzehnts

Sextoys haben sich in den letzten zehn Jahren schon sehr weiterentwickelt. Mittlerweile haben wir ferngesteuerte Vibratoren, gender-neutrale Sextoys und sogar stylische Freudenbringer, die so subtil aussehen, dass du sie sogar um den Hals tragen kannst. Natürlich haben Klassiker, wie der Magic Wand und Rabbit immer einen Platz in unseren Herzen (und unseren Nachttischen). Trotzdem ist es doch toll zu sehen, dass die Sextoy-Branche uns immer wieder aufs Neue mit coolen und innovativen Spielzeugen...
Tags: Fashion, Music, Eva, Bender, Nora, Freund, Herzen, Platz, Sextoy Branche, Polly Rodriguez Gründerin von Unbound Wenn, Jahre Klick, Klitoris, Orion Im selben Jahr, Vesper Vibrator Halskette, Bewegungen, Amazon Im Jahr

Jade River & Ariano – “Fear Is a Liar (Rockets)”

Fresh off dropping their sophomore effort, “A Child Trapped in Poems”, SoCal hip hop icon Ariano and Portland producer Jade River bring the heat one more time with the third installment of their collaborative efforts, “Fear is a Liar (Rockets)“. While Ariano and Jade stuck to purer hip hop stylings of trap and boom bap on their previous two albums, Fear is a Liar is far more rock-driven. From Jade’s bass-heavy production, to Ariano singing his hooks as much as he raps, Fear is a Liar is indispu...
Tags: Albums, Portland, Jazz, Jade, Ariano, Jade River

Kaze Jones – “Kaze EP”

SoCal hip hop artist Kaze Jones is fresh off the release of his debut album, “Inside Out”, and back with his new project , the “Kaze EP“.  Produced once again by West Coast veteran Ariano, the Kaze EP showcases the many sides of Kaze Jones.  His MC skills are on full display on tracks like “Step Back,” which channels a traditional 90’s throw-your-hands-in-air party vibe, and “Pink Panther,” a 70’s funk-inspired banger with double-time raps. The Kaze EP also gets intensely personal with tracks l...
Tags: Albums, Jazz, West Coast, Kaze, Ariano, Kaze Jones

Saintseneca – “Winter Breaking”

Saintseneca's 2016 EP Mallwalker comprised five original Christmas songs. They followed that with "The Wandering Star" in 2017, and today they're back with another called "Winter Breaking." … More »
Tags: Music, Saintseneca

Alleged Nude Photos of Steph Curry Leak Online Months After Wife Ayesha Expressed Concern It Would Happen

Yesterday it was A$AP Rocky and today it’s Steph Curry. Earlier Friday morning (Dec. 20), nude photos allegedly of Curry began circulating on social media, causing them to go viral and making the Warriors star a trending topic on Twitter. It’s unknown who first uploaded the photos. And some even doubt if they are even real because there are discrepancies in the photos and the Curry’s face is not visible in the ones where he is on full display, if you know what I mean. Im off twitter for the day...
Tags: Celebs, California, Sports, Pop Culture, Jazz, Usa Today, Curry, Steph Curry, Dwight Howard, AP Rocky, Adam Schefter, Ayesha, Ayesha Curry, Celebrity Nudes, Kenny Beecham

In Japan, the promise of unique, more organic audiovisual aesthetics

At last week’s festival in Tokyo, amidst familiar touring works, you could spot a subplot – returning to color and fluid expression in live AV sets. Tokyo is a perfect setting for new visual performance and visual music. It’s a town that has a long history of setting world standards for visual immersion in electronic music. Accordingly, it also birthed major VJ tech – some that caught on, some that didn’t. (Think the ground-breaking Motion Dive software, Edirol video mixers, KORG’s K...
Tags: Music, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Tokyo, Detroit, Motion, Optical, Korg, Pioneer, Shibuya, Myriam Bleau, Create Digital Motion, Robert Henke, Hiroaki Umeda, Arab Emirates

Snoop Dogg Joins Guapdad 4000 on “Flossin” Remix

The Dior Deposits standout gets an upgrade.
Tags: Jazz, Songs, Snoop Dogg, Guapdad 4000

Video: L.A. Takedown, ‘The Swimmer’

Whoever avoided the sciences because they had more artistic inclinations should perhaps take a cue from L.A. Takedown’s mastermind Aaron Olson and his father, Arthur J. Olson, who, in 1981 produced a short film with fellow chemist T.J. O’Donnell (edited by Matt Hewitt) called “Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus.” At the intersection of math, design, programming, chemistry and biology, Olson senior used the publicly-funded GRAMPS graphic language to interpret what CLAMPS (a Classical Many Particle Simulato...
Tags: Video, Music, Featured, Youtube, San Francisco, Harvard, Berkeley, University Of California, Local Artist, Northern California, Olson, Moog, Castle Face Records, Miles Wintner, Aaron Olson, L.a. Takedown

Jakob Dylan, Dhani Harrison, Amos Lee, Lukas Nelson, Micah Nelson, & Willie Nelson – “For Real” (Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Cover)

It's never too late to pay tribute to Tom Petty. We published quite a few of them upon the rock legend's death in October 2017. Two years later, another one has materialized. More »
Tags: Music, Dhani Harrison, Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Tom Petty, Jakob Dylan, Micah Nelson, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Amos Lee

Watch White Reaper Rock Kimmel

It's been a big year for the poppy and rambunctious Kentucky rockers White Reaper, highlighted by signing to Elektra and releasing a very strong LP called You Deserve Love. As a victory lap of sorts, the self-proclaimed world's best American band made their late-night TV debut last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Jimmy Kimmel, Kentucky, ElektrA, White Reaper, Rock Kimmel

Mykki Blanco – “Lucky (Live In London)”

"My career has never stalled/ Bitch, it's only peaking!" So saith Mykki Blanco on her first new song since 2016 debut album Mykki. Give Blanco this much credit: "Lucky (Live In London)" suggests the queer rapper, performance artist, and activist has been making good use of that three-year interim. More »
Tags: Music, London, Blanco, Mykki Blanco

Tonight in L.A.: My Chemical Romance, the Growlers, Anita Baker, X, Eric Bellinger, Ozma, Alain Whyte, Francisca Valenzuela, the Grouch, Quitapenas, No Age, DZ Deathrays, Your Angel, Black Sabbitch, the Tubes, Saosin, Jade Jackson, the Dirty Diamond

L.A. concerts for Friday: ► My Chemical Romance make their big return tonight at the Shrine Expo Hall. Thursday opens. ► The Growlers’ Snow Ball 4 defrosts the Wiltern. ► X does a second sold-out night at the Teragram Ballroom as part of their annual X-Mas Holiday Tour, with Los Straitjackets opening. ► Ozma, celebrating their 20th anniversary, has a second sold-out night at the Troubadour, with Cheekface and Quazar & the Bamboozled supporting. ► Eric Bellinger brings his Cuffing Season Tour to ...
Tags: Music, X, Preview, Cypress Hill, Murs, Teragram Ballroom, Shrine Expo Hall, Largo, Alan McGee, Tyrone, Jade Jackson, House of Blues Anaheim, Eric Bellinger, Jon Brion, Marie Osmond, Hoey

From Harlem to Italy, Sounds of Gay Subversion

In concerts in Manhattan and Brooklyn, artists explored the intermingling of gay identity and music.
Tags: News, Brooklyn, Italy, Classical Music, Manhattan, Harlem, Luciano, Steven Blier, Chessa, Sylvano Bussotti, New York Festival of Song

Do Start Now (Watching Dua Lipa’s Fallon Performance)

"Don't Start Now," the ebullient disco track that serves as the lead single from Dua Lipa's highly anticipated sophomore album Future Nostalgia, is one of those pop songs that ingratiates itself immediately. We named it the best song of the week when it dropped, and it came very close … More »
Tags: Video, Music, News, Jimmy Fallon, Dua Lipa, Start Now Watching Dua Lipa, Fallon Performance

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