Those who have time, patience, eagerness, can find treasures on eBay: type in “jazz” and “entertainment memorabilia” or “music memorabilia” — as I did.  Here are two treasures, each with hints of mystery.  First.  I have no idea who “Kayo” … Continue reading →
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Official: Tencent, Consortium and Tencent Music Entertainment Acquire 10% of Universal Music Group for $3 billion

It now official. Tencent consortium has officially confirmed they are acquiring 10% of Universal Music Group for over $3 billion. Two other key elements of the deal: (i) the Consortium can, over the next 12 months, buy a further 10% stake; and (ii) majority-owned subsidiary, Tencent Music Entertainment, is also in separate discussions to acquire a minority stake in Universal’s operations in Greater China. It now seems like there are additional companies that might acquire minority stakes...
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The 50 Best Stereogum Comments Of 2019 — And Best Of The 2010s

Another "Auld Lang Syne" is imminent, which means it’s time to review the year in Stereogum comments. We’ve had so much to comment on in 2019. Remember Lil Nas X? Baby Yoda? Marie Kondo? Jussie Smollett? Momo? They’re newsmakers I’d never heard of one year ago; now I have tattoos of all of them. More »
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On The Edges Of A Huge South American Landfill, An Orchestra With Instruments Made Out Of Garbage

Most people who live near the Cateura dump outside Asunción, the Paraguayan capital, scratch out a living by digging out anything that can be resold, and buying a musical instrument would be an impossible dream. But local carpenter Nicolás Gómez and music teacher Favio Chávez decided that they could build musical instruments and give children there free music lessons — and so the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura was born. – Al Jazeera
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Groovy synth Star Wars soundtrack from Japan (1978)

In 1978, Japanese electronic music maestro Osamu Shoji (1932-2018) released this killer analog synth reimagining of the Star Wars soundtrack. I find Shoji's take on the familiar themes to be far groovier than the disco exploitation of Meco's US chart-topping "Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk" released the previous year.
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Illuminati Hotties – “Post-Everything”

Last year, Sarah Tudzin released her debut album as Illuminati Hotties, Kiss Yr Frenemies. We named it one of the best albums of 2018, so naturally each bit of Hotties news this year has been something worth paying attention to. Amidst touring pretty relentlessly, Tudzin's given us a couple new releases: … More »
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Welcome to the ’20s: Ward lays claim to releasing the first album of the new decade

Somebody had to have firsties. L.A. rockers Ward, the quartet helmed by Christopher Ward, have laid claim to releasing the first album of the decade. In an announcement this morning, the band said that “Bring Me Low,” was released “on Jan 1, 2020, at 12:00AM (UTC+14:00), and it is officially the first album released on Earth this decade.” There’s a catch, though: It is a limited release. Not yet available on streaming services, the album is available to those who sign up for the quartet’s fan cl...
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Coachella 2020: Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, My Chemical Romance to join RATM, report says

Frank Ocean and Travis Scott will join recently reunited Rage Against the Machine as headliners at the 2020 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, according to a report this morning on Consequence of Sound. The website, citing industry sources, also said that another band who recently reunited, My Chemical Romance, would play, along with Thom Yorke, Lana Del Rey and Flume. Coachella customarily announces its lineup in the early days of January, so official word should be coming within the week....
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Google — Year in Search 2019

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Watch The War On Drugs Cover Neil Young, Patti Smith, And The Pretenders At First Shows In A Year

After releasing their heavily anticipated album A Deeper Understanding in 2017, subsequently touring behind it through 2018, and along the way becoming bigger than plausibly expected even following the success of Lost In The Dream, the War On Drugs have kept pretty quiet through 2019. Maybe that means something's on the horizon for … More »
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An Aging Hipster’s Top 50 Albums of 2019

As society hurdles ass over ears into the smog congested, plastic particle infested, fact contested, crap basket of incivility, we can at least take solace in the fact it was a mighty good year for new music.  My year-in-review list of albums is a bit different than most. I’ve limited mine to albums I actually OWN on CD — there are countless more I streamed online, but these are the ones I stepped up and put a ring on at the cash register.  Event Of The Year: The Prince Estate Opens The Gate...
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The History of the Fisheye Photo Album Cover

Like gothic script in heavy metal, the fisheye album cover photo seems like a naturally occurring feature of certain psychedelic strains of music. But it has a history, as does the fisheye photograph itself. The Vox video above begins in 1906 with Johns Hopkins scientist and inventor Robert Wood, a somewhat eccentric professor of optical physics who wanted to duplicate the way fish see the world: “the circular picture,” he wrote, “would contain everything within an angle of 180 degrees i...
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The best music of 2019: as genre erodes, new gems emerge

Sure, years are arbitrary markers. But the annual ritual of listening to selections from guest music aficionado David Abravanel makes it worthwhile. And this is a perfect producers’ list – music that dissolves genres, bears up to repeated deep listening, and suggests still more possibilities could lie ahead. Here’s David with his latest selections to round out a year in digital music. -Ed. The 2010s went out with a bang, musically. If the silver lining to turbulent times is interesting art...
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Sarasota To Sarasota Symphony: Don’t Leave

City officials are especially sensitive to the possibility of losing the Sarasota Orchestra after the recent relocation of two other cultural institutions outside of the city. – Sarasota Herald Tribune
Tags: Art, Music, Sarasota Orchestra, 12.31.19, Sarasota To Sarasota Symphony

The Black Market: The Year In Metal 2019

Welcome to our December Best Of The Rest Blowout. At midnight, 2019 is dead. Let’s remember it one last time before adorable Baby New Year ritualistically stabs it in the heart. As with our previous year-end purge, this column -- that by no means signifies that I’ve shoveled every 2019 promo into a … More »
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The veiled rapper breaking taboos for women in Senegal – video

Mina La Voilée is a female rapper from Parcelles, Dakar, who is breaking taboos by rapping about women's rights. As a woman who chooses to wear a veil, she explains how criticism from industry professionals who told her "the veil and hip hop don't flow together" drove her to succeed, and inspired her to tackle other controversial societal issues in her lyrics such as child marriage, rape and infanticide. She performs both as a solo artist and as part of an all-female rap movement, Genji Hip Hop,...
Tags: Senegal, Hip-hop, Mina La Voilée, Parcelles Dakar

Dlux – “Outta Love” (Video)

Dlux is an artist with many talents, that really creates a visual picture with her songs. Most of them seem to be written in mind of future videos for the records. Not too many artists can create music and paint a picture for you, which will make you really see what she is talking about. This record is something powerful and has a crazy message to it. You can tell that Dlux spoke from the heart on this record. Dlux falls “Outta Love” on her new single release off her forthcoming EP ‘Elevated’....
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Time Out: We Don’t Give Music Enough Time to Grow on Us Anymore

It takes time to appreciate new music; with streaming, it's getting harder to live with new music and get to know it.
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12 Things Our Critics Are Looking Forward to in 2020

Greta Gerwig onstage, Jack London on film, Broadway revivals and an opera celebrating the 19th Amendment are just a few of their choices.
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S.A.T – “Pop Shit”

Atlanta’s S.A.T. is bringing a whole new wave for the infectious ATL sound with his new song called, “Pop Shit”. Following his latest hit, “Skyfall,” on the new track, the new act delivers a catchy, exciting, dance-ready track for the new decade of Hip Hop. “Pop Shit” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. Hit the play now and get familiar with the future of Hip Hop today. For more on S.A.T., follow the rising star on Instagram. Stream S.A.T.’s “Pop Shit” now on Spotify.
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'Eva' (1962), with Jeanne Moreau

Before garish cruise ships and legions of tourists, Venice used to be an Italian city of opulent mystique, empty stone alleyways and ancient grandeur. That city no longer exists, unless you visit during the bleakest winter months of the year. To feel at home in Venice, you must feel a certain loneliness that exists only when the sun barely shines and your foot steps echo down empty passageways. In the old days, wealthy expatriates, writers and movie stars lived there anonymously, enjoying the p...
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Millennial Ambivalence: Sports

Sports have never been more fully integrated with the wider entertainment industry than they are right now, and neither have I, but I find, as I always did before, that sports fandom is the exception among artists and entertainers, not the rule. I for one quickly lost all interest in TV and movies as an adult, but sports have held on to an irreducible sliver of my attention where most all other artifacts of "entertainment" proper have failed. For market research purposes I suppose this puts me i...
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'Rap does not shut up': hip-hop women of Senegal

All-female Genji Hip Hop collective use rhymes and art to fight cultural stereotypes and gender violenceAminata Gaye picks up a grey scarf and stretches it into a T shape. She ducks under the fabric, wraps it around her neck and crisscrosses it over the crown of her head.It is almost dusk outside, but in this windowless room there is no indication of time as Gaye gets dressed for a concert starting at 9pm. Her veil in position, the 27-year-old old is transformed into Mina la voilée (Mina the vei...
Tags: Music, Africa, Women, Senegal, World news, Rap, Culture, Hip-hop, Global development, Dakar Senegal, Mina, Gaye, Women's rights and gender equality

Is Smart Solar Box a Scam, Find out more

What is Solar? What is known as solar power, or ‘sun’ power, is how we change the sunlight and turn it into electricity. Read about it here for a more in-depth look into the process. This electricity can be made in two ways. Directly using a more technical system of photovoltaics, or indirectly with the help of mirrors or lenses or most popular, solar panels. Using the panels, a large area of light that is shining onto the lenses is then concentrated a...
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