Michael Stipe – “Drive To The Ocean” Video

Today is Michael Stipe's 60th birthday. Happy 60th birthday, Michael Stipe! And to celebrate, the erstwhile R.E.M. frontman is sharing a new song called "Drive To The Ocean." … More »
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2020 College Football National Championship Predictions

We have finally reached the end of the college football season. Clemson emerged from the Fiesta Bowl as the victors as they edged Ohio State to reach the title game. LSU pummeled Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl to reach the championship game. This year, we only predicted five bowl games and the record was 4-1. The only blemish was Oregon coming back to beat Wisconsin in an epic Rose Bowl game. When you combine the Conference Championships my overall record is 58-13. Coming into the National Champio...
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Artists to Watch 2020: Ten artists (and then some) to look out for in the new year

Who knows what 2020 will bring. After all, at this time last year Kills Birds were barely a blip on the radar, and they ended up releasing one of our albums of the year. Same goes for so-called mystery duo Emotional Oranges, who went on to issue two EPs, garner a bazillion online streams and land in the Coachella lineup. Things can happen fast. But here is Buzz Bands LA’s annual look into the future — a wishlist of 10 L.A. artists (and then some) we hope to hear from in the new year. As always, ...
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4 Tips To Help Reduce Grey Hairs Before It’s Too Late

We’re all aging, and that is something none of us can avoid. As we age, our bodies start to deteriorate, and certain features start to wither. Our hair is one thing that we might have plenty of over our body, but when it comes to hair on our head, it’s not something we can cover up so easily. And when it starts to grey, you might need to embrace it. However, you can help prevent grey hairs for longer, with these helpful tips. Stress Less Stress is a well-known feeling that has been the cause o...
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China Mac x Method Man – “Wu Tang Remix”

It’s 2020, and the highly anticipated “Wu Tang Remix” by China Mac and Method Man is finally here!
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I have reported on 30 Korean celebrity suicides. The blame game never changes

I dread getting calls in the middle of the night in case it is to tell me about another suicide by a K-pop celebrityOn a hot August day in 2008, I was invited to appear on a TV entertainment programme hosted by actor Ahn Jae-hwan. I noticed Ahn was behaving oddly, walking nervously around the studio whenever he was off camera. He was running a business on the side, and it wasn’t doing well. He was inundated with complaints and had become the target of an online boycott and malicious comments.I w...
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Coast Contra – “Legacy”

Staying true to the culture of Hip Hop, check out “Legacy“, new single to start off the new year by Coast Contra.
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It was a wonderful evening at Cafe Bohemia (15 Barrow Street, Greenwich Village, New York City) when Ricky Alexander, tenor saxophone and vocal; Adam Moezinia, guitar; Daniel Duke, string bass; Chris Gelb, drums, ascended the two steps to the narrow … Continue reading →
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Don’t miss Barker’s percussive wonderland, live Against the Clock

Get lost in a dreamscape of sound with Barker (Ostgut Ton) – who does what you do in a studio. With the clock ticking, he happily loses track of time. It’s delightfully shiny, futuristic music – just what we need in a world that can feel dark and regressive. We spoke to Barker in the fall in the sunshine outside Berghain (playing against type). That conversation dwelled more on philosophy of music and rhythm than tech, but it’s just as stimulating to watch Sam at work on his machines. Her...
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Ryan Hathaway (Kno) – “Let Go”

Kno's singing side is back with another R&B record.
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Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This is 2020: America may be on the verge of war with Iran (and North Korea), and Australia is on fire. Hard to think of a more dire start to this decade, so let's check in with the boomers. Meat Loaf is picking a fight … More »
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Audiio is a new production music platform offering a lifetime subscription for $199

One of the biggest struggles with making video content is finding good music at a decent price. There are two main models out there for music licensing. On one, you pay per song and on the other, you pay a subscription which provides access to all their content for you to use in your videos […] The post Audiio is a new production music platform offering a lifetime subscription for $199 appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The #ListenWider Challenge

Want to break out of your algorithmically-determined musical taste? How about being more intentional about what you listen to? Musicology Duck has set up a listening challenge for 2020 that prompts us to listen more outside our usual pathways. There are 30 challenges encouraging you to seek out music you wouldn’t normally encounter. – Musicology Duck
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Notes: On Quantifiable Taste

Harboring identity statistics that do not impact our health or wellbeing On the morning of 2 January, I purchased my first monthly MetroCard of the decade. The act made me wonder if I had actually bought 12 of them in 2019 or if my travel schedule had prevented it. I didn’t keep track. I could have looked through Mint to see my transaction history—but I …
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Meat Loaf Finally Breaks His Legendary Silence On Greta Thunberg: “She’s Been Brainwashed”

It's 2020, and for some reason the Daily Mail is interviewing Meat Loaf. (The actual reason is that he's in a commercial for the UK-based Italian-American chain Frankie & Benny's new vegan menu for January, but come on.) Meat Loaf says a lot of things in this interview. Mostly, he talks about back … More »
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Bon Iver Cancel Shows Amid Dance Troupe Harassment Claims

Bon Iver have cancelled a series of performances with the Minneapolis dance company TU Dance after the company’s co-founder Uri Sands was accused of sexual harassment. More »
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Franz Ferdinand React To Their Unexpected Hashtag

As the classic U2 song goes, "all is quiet on New Year's Day." Maybe everyone's sleeping off the wreckage of the night before, but the first day of the year bears a certain fragile symbolism -- new beginnings, a moment of delicate (and increasingly delusional) hope that this year might be better than … More »
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Skip Marley feat. H.E.R.: Slow Down

Sultry and smooth, Skip Marley and H.E.R.’s collaborative single, “Slow Down,” combines reggae and R&B influences to underscore a true duet, with each artist shining. H.E.R. (aka Gabriella Wilson) lends her award-winning vocals, while Marley (the grandson of Bob Marley) offers charisma and flirtatiousness—with the latter emphasized by the accompanying video.
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38 Major Pop Songs Played with the Exact Same Four Chords: Watch a Captivating Medley Performed by the Axis of Awesome

When we call music a universal language, it’s usually understood to be a metaphor. In its purest theoretical form, music may be more like math—a truly universal language—but in its manifestations in the real world, it resembles more the great diversity of tongues around the globe. Each regional, national, and global music has its grammar of scales, rhythms, and chords, each its syntax of melodies and harmonies, though these share some important commonalities. The syntax of pop music, lik...
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DaBaby Arrested On Battery Charges In Miami

Last night, the ascendant rapper DaBaby was arrested in Miami. As TMZ reported, DaBaby -- whose real name is Jonathan Kirk -- was involved in an alleged robbery and altercation with the promoter for a show he was supposed to play last night. The argument supposedly stemmed from DaBaby claiming that the promoter's … More »
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Yes, We Need (Yet) Another Rachmaninoff Recording

New accounts of standard works, even those covered by dozens of classic recordings, can still enliven classical music.
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Tonight in L.A.: T.S.O.L., Ariel Beesley, the Smell’s 22nd Anniversary, Danny Worsnop, Los Stellarians, the Graylings, Black Crystal Wolf Kids, Sam Mickens, Model/Actriz, Mattress, the Burials, Lola Bates, Ambrosia

L.A. concerts for Friday: ► T.S.O.L. celebrate their 40th anniversary with a night at the Regent Theater, supported by Smut Peddlers, Piñata Protest and DFL. ► Ariel Beesley [see “Palm Springs”] rocks the Echoplex, supported by Pink $ock and Suzie True. ► Together Pangea heads up the lineup for Night 1 of the Smell’s 22nd Anniversary celebration. Also tonight: Bob Baker Marionettes, Whaja Dew, Poppy Jean Crawford, Mo Dotti and VerBS. ► Husband-and-wife-led folk-rockers the Graylings [see “Hummin...
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Stream: Twin Oaks, ‘Sleep Deprived’

Twin Oaks, the dream-pop duo of Lauren Brown and Aaron Domingo, released their second full-length, “See You When I See You,” last summer. It was an album of shifting dynamics, ranging from combustible shoegaze to more restrained, ethereal folk- and post-rock. Now, Brown and Domingo have returned with the new single “Sleep Deprived,” which like the album was recorded in DIY fashion in Domingo’s Chino Hills home studio. It’s an ambient, slow-motion meditation of almost brittle beauty, as Brown, ba...
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CHORDimist is an insane Max for Live chord-generating MIDI effect

Chordmaker, arpeggiator on steroids, harmonic processor – CHORDimist is another of the powerful Max for Live tools for composition. I figured yesterday’s blitz of Max for Live news would bring out something I missed. Chris Hahn pointed us to this one, by South Korean-based developer Leestrument. It’s a chord generator, but it’s also really an advanced arpeggiator / MIDI harmonizer, with modes for firing off, sustaining, or arpeggiating harmonies. Add in lots of parameters for d...
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"Best Books of 2019" Lists Update - January 3rd

For the twelfth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to the master list, updating daily. Please feel free to e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online list I have missed. Previous updates to the master list of online "best books of 2019" lists. See also: Largehearted Boy's list of essential and interesting 2019 music lists. Please consider making a donation or leaving a tip to Larg...
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