Suhr Guitar Talk :: RE: Suhr Modern Plus vs Modern Antique Pro differences

Author: Organic Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 3:22 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 2 If you like the look of the antique model then save the money and get that one. The differences are largely cosmetic. If you decide you'd rather have the other pickups and switching options all of that can be swapped after you have the guitar. The only thing you can't really change would be the color / finish of the instrument. $3,900 seems like a high price for a modern plus. Most places have them listed for $3,299 (...
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: Suhr Modern Plus vs Modern Antique Pro differences

Author: kemfree Subject: Suhr Modern Plus vs Modern Antique Pro differences Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 1:48 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 0 I'm thinking of getting a Suhr modern and I stumbled upon a Modern Antique Pro ( at a store for approx $2700. I can also get the new Modern Plus for ~$3900. What bothers me is that I can't seem to find a significant difference between these two guitars, except ...
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Queen, k.d. lang, Alice Cooper, & More Performing At Australian Bushfire Relief Concert

A benefit concert for Australian bushfire relief will take place at Sydney's ANZ Stadium next month on 2/16. The first round of artists performing has been revealed, as 7 News reports, and they include Queen + Adam Lambert, k.d. lang, Alice Cooper, Olivia Newton-John, Daryl Braithwaite, John Farnham, and more, with some still … More »
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Black Woman With Chest Pain Died After Waiting in the ER for Almost 3 Hours

A Milwaukee woman suffering from chest pains and shortness of breath died while trying to find a doctor to help her, and now her family is searching for answers as to why she wasn’t seen sooner. Tashonna Ward, a 25-year-old daycare worker, went to the emergency room of Froedtert Hospital and complained of having severe chest pains and trouble breathing. She waited for over two hours in the ER before leaving to find faster help and, not long afterward, collapsed and died. According to the Milwauk...
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David Lang Didn’t Like How Beethoven’s “Fidelio” Turned Out. So He Rewrote It

“Before you get mad at me for saying that anything Beethoven wrote has problems, you should know that Beethoven himself was unhappy with the opera. He drastically rewrote it several times over the course of many years, each time tasking a new librettist to fix what the last had written. When the opera originally premiered in 1805 it even had a different name – Leonore, or the Triumph of Conjugal Love. Beethoven ended up writing four Leonore overtures; every time he rewrote the opera he w...
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3 Amazing and Simple Ways To Better Yourself

If there is one thing in life, we should all strive to do, it’s better ourselves. It matters not whether you improve in your personal life or your professional life; self-improvement is one of the primary keys to happiness. In this post, we are hoping to part with some wisdom that will be basic at its core, but hopefully, it will lead you towards the future and life you have always wanted. Why Do We Need to Improve? Well, the simple fact is that the world is moving forward, and every single da...
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Beethoven’s Greatest Music Comes From His Greatness As A Human

This year we are celebrating the anniversary not just of history’s greatest composer, but also one of its greatest human beings. – The Spectator
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Gordi – “The Cost”

The Australian Artist To Watch Gordi -- real name Sophie Payten -- released her debut album back in 2017, and today she's returned with a new track called "The Cost." All proceeds from the song will go toward the NSW Rural Fire Service relief for the bushfires that are … More »
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What One Working Musician Earns On Different Streaming Platforms

Cellist Zoe Keating publishes her yearly streaming earnings in an effort to spark conversation about music royalties and help other artists better understand their finances. “I wanted people to see the difference between all of the services,” Keating said. “Down at the lower levels, no one knows what everyone else makes and no one knows what services pay. How can you make decisions if you don’t know what the numbers are?” – Business Insider
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Pastor Tells Musicians They Are “Thieves” If They Take Money For Playing In Church

Rev. Dr. David Antwi, Head Pastor and founder of UK-based church Kharis Ministries, made the controversial statement during a service. “You are a thief if you play church instruments and collect money. You are a thief,” he says. Rev. Antwi argues that the instrumentalists should perform for the work of God and not for financial gain. – ClassicFM
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Listen Up

A posthumous single from Mac Miller, a live performance by Mykki Blanco, magnetic folk-pop melodies and more new music this week Albon: Big Sur Theme The warm, folk-pop melody of LA-based singer-songwriter Albon’s “Big Sur Theme” evokes sun rays on the mountainous strip of Californian coast. Albon (aka Alexander B Lappin) wrote the song on a trip through the area and took inspiration from the …
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I’ve described the pleasures of meeting and hearing Captain John Royen at the piano and at the microphone during the 2019 San Diego Jazz Fest here and  here. I present the third part of Royen’s No Co-Pay Medicine for All … Continue reading →
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: fila grant hill

Author: MildredChaucer Subject: fila grant hill Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:19 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 0 If you're a fila shoes sale runner and passionate enough to spend more money on costly new balance shoes, then it's worthy of it to take focus on from professionals foot care and comfort. Try not to use your shoes for other sports such as football or golf if they are designed for running. Avoid attaching your new balance shoes too firmly and then make sure that your shoes fit properly in ...
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: basket fila femme

Author: MildredChaucer Subject: basket fila femme Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:15 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 0 ÿþPeu importe le type de chaussures que vous recherchez, que fila disruptor ce soit une fête ou une tenue officielle ou tout autre type, vous obtiendrez les chaussures de développeur désirées ici. Les principaux avantages de l'achat de chaussures sur ce site Web sont la sélection et le confort. Dans cette boutique d'achat sur Internet, vous obtiendrez une grande variété de chaussures Al...
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: Zoeva Pinsel

Author: MildredChaucer Subject: Zoeva Pinsel Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:12 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 0 Sie sollten wissen, welche Arten von Kosmetika Mac Pinsel auf Ihren Hauttyp wirken würden. Es gibt Menschen, deren Haut zu fettig, zu trocken und zu rot ist, und es gibt sogar Menschen, die zu empfindlich gegenüber Chemikalien sind. Wenn Sie die richtigen Produkte erhalten möchten, die Sie verwenden sollten, müssen Sie die kostenlosen Muster ausprobieren, die in den meisten Kosmetikgeschäfte...
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: RE: my first Suhr is almost ready!

Author: Drew7 Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 2:33 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 13 I mean, if you need dependable timeframes, ordering custom guitars is probably not a good idea, lol. We're complaining about a build lasting more than a year. I know some Jackson guys who waited 2-3 years for builds, and then Internet Luthier Flavor of the Moment Builds routinely seem to blow up and take 5+ years, if they happen at all. If you're a working musician and need this as a tool for your job, then you'd be ...
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