Chiefs Defeat 49ers to Win First Super Bowl in 50 Years

Coming into this game, we knew that it could be a great one. Kansas City reached the Super Bowl after beating the Titans in the AFC Championship game. The 49ers on the other hand destroyed the Packers to clinch a Super Bowl berth. Could the 49ers defense contain Patrick Mahomes? Could the Chiefs defense continue to play at an elevated level? Who walked out of Super Bowl LIV with the win? Did the 49ers earn their sixth in franchise history? Did Andy Reid finally add a championship to his resume...
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Super Bowl Halftime Show: Watch Shakira & Jennifer Lopez Perform With Bad Bunny & J Balvin

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira co-headlined this year's Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night, which took place at the Hard Rock Stadium just outside of Miami. They were joined by fellow Latin music superstars Bad Bunny and J Balvin. More »
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Elon Musk writes a hit song. Listen now.

Elon Musk released an EDM song on SoundCloud.The track "Don't doubt ur vibe" has racked up millions of listens.Musk said he wrote the lyrics and performed them himself. One of the most fascinating figures of our time, the tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has released an electronic dance single on Soundcloud, hoping to make you move and not "doubt your vibe".Musk captures the public's imagination both with his ability to bring to fruition entirely new technologies and his lifestyle. Rubbing shoulde...
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Trey Anastasio Band Bring Spirit Family Together in the City of Angels

"Plasma" provides another jazzy bluesy highlight where Cressman stretches out on an exquisite trombone solo. The band then wraps the set in grand fashion with the ever-electrifying "First Tube". A fan favorite since 1999, the instrumental jam features a galactic cowboys riding off into the sunset vibe over a monster groove that's driven higher by the horns, Baptista's bells & whistles, and Trey's fiery guitar. The light show goes into overdrive here too with a spinning disco ball and maximum...
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L.A. Buzz Bands Show, tonight at 9 on The Independent 88.5 FM

Join me after your Super Bowl party for this week’s L.A. Buzz Bands Show, kicking off at 9 p.m. on The Independent 88.5 FM. I’ll have the premiere of a new song from Marlana, along with new tunes from Trapdoor Social, Alicia Blue, Freedom Fry, James Supercave, Dear Boy and Marcus Buser. Plus: tunes from artists playing upcoming shows, such as Cartalk, Silversun Pickups, Cuffed Up, Mondo Cozmo, Dustbowl Revival and Moaning. Find the playlist below, and if you’re out of FM range, click here to str...
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Shamon Cassette & Japandrew – “Metal Jackets”

Absorbing inspirations from places as far as South Africa, the Middle East, to the coldest igloos of Chicago, check out the the new single by Shamon Cassette & Japandrew, “Metal Jackets”. 
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Q&A Interview With Detroit Emcee Valid

What was the earliest hip hop memory you can recall? My earliest memories would have to be probably my older brother who was a teen in the early 90’s having MC Hammer CDs & in the same time frame, my uncle’s saying something about a dude named MC Breed. I was too young to know what I was hearing. I also remember my cousins who were a few years older than me had to hide the Snoop Dogg Doggystyle cassette tape from my uncle. But the my most memorable moment involving Hip-Hop as a child was when I...
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Termanology – “Travel the World” f. Bun B & Enisa (Video)

Off Term and Dame Grease's Set In Stone album.
Tags: Videos, Jazz, ENISA, Bun B, Termanology, Dame Grease

Lords Of The Underground – “Whats Up” Ft. Onyx (Prod. By Snowgoons)

Lords of the Underground, Onyx, with production by Snowgoons is a dream collab for real Hip Hop heads.  Check out the new video, “What’s Up”.
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How Do You Change a Soundcloud Username / Display Name

Changing a Soundcloud Username is very easy and can be done by visiting your profile page. Steps: Visit your Profile page via a web browser on a computerClick the edit button under your profile headerYou can change your display name or username to whatever you want (feel free to include spaces and capital letters)Now go find some awesome music on Soundcloud! The post How Do You Change a Soundcloud Username / Display Name appeared first on RouteNote Blog.
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Goodlife Bullyz – “Show Us Something” (Video)

Known for being one of the originators of Project Blowed, Los Angeles based Hip Hop group Goodlife Bullyz (Mister CR and Ellay Khule) make their mark in the new year with their latest video, “Show Us Something”.  Song is featured on the new 40 song project, “Bacc 2 Tha Basics“.
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Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 140)

Stopping by your inbox on a sunny weekend in Los Angeles: Here’s Buzz Bands LA’s latest playlist, Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 140), featuring music from Dear Boy, Trapdoor Social, Alicia Blue, the New Division, J. Laser, Mayer Hawthorne, Ethan Gruska, Dustbowl Revival, Greer, CAPYAC and a bunch more. Find links to more info on the artists beneath the player, and catch up on all of Buzz Bands LA’s playlists here. Dear Boy, “The Nominee” J. Laser, “Sunshine” Trapdoor Social, “Whispers” Alic...
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Does Classical Music Have A ‘God Status’ Problem At Conservatories?

The answer, students say, is absolutely yes – and the #MeToo movement hasn’t yet begun to filter through many conservatory halls. “Over the past year, The Atlantic talked to more than four dozen young musicians about their experiences with classical-music education and sexual misconduct. Their accounts reveal a culture built on hierarchy, critique, and reputation, and show how such a culture can facilitate abuse.” – The Atlantic
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Tonight in L.A.: Tashaki Miyaki, Blazing Love benefit, Vibes from the Tribe, Tony Bennett, Grayscale, Pearl Earl, Monsterwatch, Dr. Infinity, Kuromi

L.A. concerts for Sunday: ► L.A. trio Tashaki Miyaki, who have new music on the way, will be performing with a string quartet at the Bootleg Theater. Get there early for Johnny Payne and Joel Jerome. ► Vibes From The Tribe salutes the music of the 1970s Detroit collective, with Phil Ranelin, Wendell Harrison and the Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra performing at the Lodge Room. ► Blazing Love, a night of acoustic performances benefiting Australian fire relief, brings Ben Lee, SAYGRACE, Doe Paoro, Fa...
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Wuhan, coronavirus ground zero, is also China’s punk music capital

“Punk,” says a Wuhan hardcore band member, “is a way to help me keep my mind fresh.” The wonderful Aaron Stewart-Ahn tweeted today, “Something you haven’t been told about Wuhan during this outbreak is that it is China’s punk music capital.” And he's right. Excerpt from “In Wuhan, Punk's Not Dead,” a fascinating 2016 archival item by by Lin Qiqing at -- which obviously predates the 2020 Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV epidemic -- Nathanel Amar, a recent doctoral graduate of Pari...
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Watch Vampire Weekend Perform At Bernie Sanders Rally In Iowa

With the all-important Iowa caucuses just days away, the race for the Democratic primary nomination is officially in high gear -- and that means big rallies in Iowa. Yesterday, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon performed solo acoustic at a Bernie Caucus Concert in Clive, Iowa. And today, Iowa, and Bernie Sanders, are getting some … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Iowa, Bernie Sanders, Vampire Weekend, Justin Vernon, Ezra Koenig, Clive Iowa, Bernie Caucus Concert

Almost famous: Bullied young Irvine rocker and his band get breaks that could launch them to stardom

On a recent Tuesday, in the middle of science class at Irvine High, a student interrupted an otherwise normal lesson by shouting a triumphant profanity. “Holy (expletive),” the kid said. He had received a text message from his dad that made him leap from his desk and jump around the classroom in celebration. His teacher, obviously stunned, confronted the disruptor. A trip to detention was about to be handed out. Here’s what was going on: A rock ‘n’ roll moment was about to happen. “They’re going...
Tags: Music, Hollywood, News, Molly, Youtube, America, Sport, People, Rome, Soccer, Slash, High School, Elton John, Johnson, Michael Jackson, Orange County

The Grim ‘Secular Funeral’ Music Of Brexit

So this is how Great Britain’s time in the EU ends, not with a bang, but … “Edward Gregson, the British composer charged by Radio 4’s PM programme with the tricky task of composing a piece to mark the UK’s departure from the union, uses Beethoven’s theme as the basis for his ‘Notes Between Friends,’ a brief, melancholic duet for piano and cello (played by the composer and Peter Dixon, principal cello of the BBC Philharmonic). Gregson insists he has been even-handed in his treatment – the brief...
Tags: Art, Music, UK, Eu, Beethoven, Brexit, Great Britain, Peter Dixon, Edward Gregson, 01.31.20, BBC Philharmonic Gregson

Happy 02 02 2020 202 day – celebrate with some 202 music!

808 day? 909 day? No, 202 on 0202 2020 comes but once, for real hardcore numerology fans in music – and TM404 is on it. There’s enough 202-ness here to start your own number cult. And sure, Roland may not be remembering its signature 1983 groovebox today, but Happy #202DayRecorded using a single Roland MC-202 as the sound source filtered thru a broken Roland RE-301 and a fully functional Eventide H9. Released: 20200202 at 2:02 PM CET. Track pricing: 2.02 EUR.https://repeatle.bandcamp.c...
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Listen Up

Spoken-word, space jazz, '90s-style R&B and more new music Kate Tempest: Unholy Elixir In June 2019, British spoken-word artist Kate Tempest released The Book Of Traps and Lessons, an album featuring the sharp, powerful single “Holy Elixir.” After extensive touring, Tempest returns with “Unholy Elixir,” an even more enrapturing rendition that incorporates things she learned about the song while on the road. The video comes …
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All The Best Times Pitbull Was the Ultimate Hype Man

“What happens in Miami,” Pitbull famously said in 2012 song “Last Night,” “never happened.” Recently, he’s been repeating the phrase as hype builds around Super Bowl 2020 in the Florida city. It’s a classic Mr. 305-ism — or Mr. Worldwide-ism, as he is even more commonly known these days. Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Pérez, has built a superlative identity for himself around both his musical prowess during his multi-decade career as a rapper, entrepreneur and party-maker and his abil...
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The gold-standard granular app just got a huge update – Borderlands 2.1 for iPad

Borderlands was already a breakthrough – an instrument that lets you explore all the timbral frontiers of granular synthesis. “2.1” sounds small, but it brings major improvements and feature requests. First, if you’d missed granular synthesis, the idea is to create rich new evolving textures and timbres by piecing together sounds from smaller bits – the grains. It’s well suited to digital audio and even underlies a lot of the time- and pitch-manipulation software capabilities you know. But re...
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One of the best granular apps just got a huge update – Borderlands 2.1 for iPad

Borderlands was already a breakthrough – an instrument that lets you explore all the timbral frontiers of granular synthesis. “2.1” sounds small, but it brings major improvements and feature requests. First, if you’d missed granular synthesis, the idea is to create rich new evolving textures and timbres by piecing together sounds from smaller bits – the grains. It’s well suited to digital audio and even underlies a lot of the time- and pitch-manipulation software capabilities you know. But re...
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Esham – “She Loves Me” (Album)

To commemorate Valentine’s Day in a couple weeks, Detroit pioneer Esham drops off the first half of his She Loves Me…She Loves Me Not double album.
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: RE: Question about neck finish

Author: crxsh Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 1:14 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 11 Good notes, guys. Much appreciated. I'll report back.
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