Coachella, Influential Music Festival, Is Postponed Amid Virus Fears

With the spread of the coronavirus threatening the California event scheduled for next month, organizers moved the dates to October.
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KennyOffTh3Henny – “Beginnings” (Album Review)

KennyOffTh3Henny is a Baltimore native who recently dropped his first full length project, titled “Beginnings,” and frankly, I have mixed feelings about it. The album is lead by the song “Let Us Intro,” which feels like a super moody vocal performance over a beat that doesn’t quite live up to that tone. It’s unfortunate because the beat itself is far from terrible. The next song, “(And So) It Began,” is a complete 180, with a much more 90’s era boombap instrumental and upbeat vocals. That ch...
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Coachella Rescheduled Due To Coronavirus

Goldenvoice has officially postponed Coachella because of fears around the coronavirus outbreak. This year's Coachella, originally set for the first two weekends in April, will now take place in October, on the weekends of 10/9-11 and 10/16-18. Additionally, Goldenvoice's Stagecoach festival planned for 4/24-4/26 is now moving to 10/23-25. There is no word if the … More »
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Coachella, Major American Music Festival, Is Postponed Until October

With the spread of the coronavirus threatening the California event scheduled for next month, organizers said they moved the dates at the direction of the local health authorities.
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: RE: Ligtht weight option

Author: HiOctane Subject: Lightweight Option Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 2:08 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 1 I don't claim that this is a definitive answer, but I think there wouldn't be a significant difference in weight between the two. Basswood is a lighter wood in general. The more important point to consider is tone - there will be a noticeable difference in solid vs. chambered. Depends on the sounds you want and the tyle you play to determine if this will be right for you. But generally a s...
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Foals’ New “Wash Off” Video Is A COVID-19-Inspired Handwashing PSA

The long-running British rock band Foals released the second installment of their two-part album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost last fall. Part 2 contains a song called "Wash Off." Naturally, given the current state of the world, the song now has a video. More »
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Iconic Sydney Opera House Closes For Two Years

As the building approaches its 50th birthday, in 2023, the interventions are necessary. While its architect, Jorn Utzon, is now widely recognized as a visionary and his creation is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hall’s construction was troubled, and certain problems have never been solved. Years of testing have produced a new plan for the concert hall’s acoustics — as well as for more basic matters. – The New York Times
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Mozzy – “Tunnel Vision”

His "first real album in two years" drops next month.
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Anderson .Paak & Justin Timberlake Connect on “Don’t Slack”

Could a joint album be on the way, as well?
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Headphones For High-Quality Listening Experiences

Five over-the-ear options for brilliant sound while on the move With more and more listeners adopting over-ear headphones for a more critical listening experience that earbuds generally don’t provide, the industry keeps innovating and evolving their already countless options. For many, wireless headphones are still viewed with suspicion, as being plugged in means there are fewer instances that might compromise performance. But many headphones provide …
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TENGGER – “Achime”

The Pan-Asian family band TENGGER impressed us with the New Age Kosmiche soundscapes of last year's Spiritual 2. Today they've announced another album, Nomad!, out in June. Its gorgeously droning lead single and opening track, "Achime," sounds like stepping through a glowing portal and gasping at the wonders of another world. More »
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On Repeat: Butcher Brown’s “Tidal Wave”

The Richmond, VA band has a goove on their hands.
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Joey Cool – “Wish I Was You” Ft. Jehry Robinson (Video)

Kansas City’s very own Joey Cool unveils the visuals for the Jehry Robinson assisted “Wish I Was You” off his upcoming album Coolie High.
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Porter Robinson – “Something Comforting”

Porter Robinson returned in January with his first new song under his own name since his astonishing 2014 debut album Worlds. After a detour into '90s rave music under the name Virtual Self, Robinson began building on Worlds' brightly glowing, orchestrally infused video-game pop epics with "Get Your Wish," the lead … More »
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Body of work: why Billie Eilish is right to stand her ground against shaming

Billie Eilish has done everything right in her career so far, but that’s not enough for a celebrity industry fixated on sex Billie Eilish has given the music industry everything it could possibly want. An authentic new voice that appeals to teenagers and their parents. A debut album that has sold more than 2m copies in the US alone. A decisive stylistic evolution from the preceding decade’s dominant pop mode. A clean sweep of the four key categories at the Grammys. A copper-bottomed streaming su...
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The iRig Pro Duo offers a portable audio & MIDI interface for just $200 and is out now

IK Multimedia have launched their latest device making dual audio recording possible in a pocketable device. The iRig Pro Duo is a battery powered audio interface that can record audio and MIDI making it the perfect portable companion for musicians and producers. It’s capable of high quality sound recording and is compact enough to take anywhere. iRig Pro Duo I/O has 2 Neutrik analog inputs to record microphones, guitar/bass, keyboards, synths, and more. New Class-A mic preamps with ext...
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Alexis Skyy Reveals She Was Kidnapped & Forced Into Sex Trafficking at 15: “I Was Just Basically Sold to Whoever, Highest Bidder”

Alexis Skyy is ready to open up, for the first time, about her traumatic experience of being kidnapped when she was 15 and forced into sex trafficking by a man 20 years her senior. Skyy will return to Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta for its upcoming ninth season. In a clip she shared from the show’s trailer, Skyy reveals she was sex trafficked. “I was just basically sold to whoever, highest bidder. I had to forcefully do it or he would say he was gonna kill me. I didn’t want to die.” Skyy shared the LHHA...
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Monophonics: Last One Standing

California-based band Monophonics makes music that sounds plucked from another era, with tinges of Curtis Mayfield and Al Green. There’s a timelessness to their releases and their newest single, “Last One Standing,” is no exception. The seven-minute song ebbs and flows: there are groovy, cinematic cuts carried by drums, a bass guitar and horns, and crescendoing choruses built around vocalist Kelly Finnigan’s soulful voice. “I …
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SXSW And Ultra Are Not Offering Refunds After Coronavirus Cancellations

Austin's SXSW and Miami's Ultra Music Festival are among the events that have been cancelled due to the concerns over the spread of coronavirus. It appears that neither festival will be offering refunds for those that have already purchased badges. More »
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Coachella And Stagecoach Festivals Trying To Reschedule To October

Postponing the massive festival series until October is a huge endeavor involving hundreds of artists and their representatives, as well as hundreds of contractors and vendors and tens of thousands of employees. Artists are frequenting touring during the fall months and while organizers aren’t likely to get all the performers to agree to move, sources say that if enough of the big headline acts then the festival can be moved. – Billboard
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Jessie Ware - "Spotlight" (Singles Going Steady)

Jessica Brant: A young Diana Ross, a track where house and disco cross paths. Reminds me of the underground voguing scene of 1980s NYC. This song should be included in FX's Pose soundtrack if it isn't already. [7/10]Mike Elliott: Jessie Ware delivers a smooth pop masterpiece of driving rhythms, understated vocals, and lyrics of longing and lust. [8/10]SCORE: 8.00Keep Reading
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Justin Timberlake – “Don’t Slack” (Feat. Anderson .Paak)

Justin Timberlake has shared a new song called "Don't Slack," a collaboration with Anderson .Paak from the soundtrack to the upcoming film Trolls World Tour. "I hope he doesn't mind that I'm gonna say this right now, but we talked about a possible joint project," Timberlake told Zane Lowe in a new interview on Apple … More »
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Frischekick: 5 Augencremes mit Koffein, die dich wacher aussehen lassen

Wenn dein Tag erst nach dem ersten Kaffee beginnt, brauch ich dir wahrscheinlich nicht erzählen, welche Zauberkräfte das Heißgetränk besitzt. Aber wusstest du auch, dass Koffein nicht nur Körper und Geist aufwecken, sondern auch deinen Teint strahlender wirken lassen kann? „Koffein ist ein Antioxidant und kann dabei helfen, Sauerstoffradikale (auch Reaktive Sauerstoffspezies genannt) zu reduzieren, die für die Schädigung der Haut verantwortlich sind“, sagt Morgan Rabach, Dermatologin und Mitgrün...
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The 10 Most Awesome Queen Songs

* * *This article was originally published on 5 Mar 2014.Keep Reading
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Trail Mix 2020 – Vol. III

I can proudly say that I was there for Day One of The Golden Age. Last summer, when rounding out the line up for a local festival I help produce, I booked The Golden Age to fill a spot that had been unexpectedly vacated by another band. In discussions with Bryan Simpson, singer and mandolinist… The post Trail Mix 2020 – Vol. III appeared first on Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.
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