Watch A Bunch Of Famous Comedians Sing Weird Al’s “Eat It” On The Mr. Show Zoomtacular Annual Business Call Event For Charity

Gal Gadot's star-studded "celebrities sing John Lennon's 'Imagine'" video was such a beautiful self-own that it immediately spawned a bunch of parodies. Zack Fox, Thundercat, 6lack, and Eric Andre gave a heartfelt performance of "Slob On My Knob." Indie stars like Mac DeMarco, Danny Brown, Robin Pecknold, and Natalie Prass came … More »
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13 May 2020 Playlist: The Towering Inferno With Bongo Drums

Because we’re so caffeinated, we can watch a lot more stuff than you do and thus save you the time. We pass that savings on to you. You’re welcome. Playlist first, explanations after. A High Council of Guitaring puts some Game of Thrones-themed guitars (yes, there’s a GoT themed everything of course) through their paces. A classic visit by Jim Henson and friends to The Tonight Show from 1975. An experiment involving slime mold that has been done before, but ...
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Watch Soccer Mommy Cover The Cars’ “Drive”

Right before we all went into lockdown, Soccer Mommy covered the Cars' "Drive" during a free in-store concert at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. And Sophie Allison also recorded her cover version during a live session for SiriusXMU -- possibly shot on the same day as the other performance, because she seems wearing the … More »
Tags: Video, Music, Hollywood, Amoeba Records, Soccer Mommy, Sophie Allison, The Cars

The ABCs Of Maximizing Your Enjoyment Of RCs

Playing with radio-controlled vehicles is a hobby enjoyed by millions. It’s the perfect activity to unite fathers with their sons and daughters. It offers family fun that combines being outdoors with modern tech. Casual users will find that the standard setup and approach is just fine. However, if you’re serious about unlocking the full excitement of RC vehicles, the following three steps are for you.   Adaptation Just like normal vehicles, RC cars can benefit massively from a little modificat...
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#TrackOfTheDay: “Space Talk”

Asha PuthliIndia (1976) Asha Puthli reminds me a lot of Kate Bush. And her website describes her as “The Woman Who Fell to Earth.” I can see where she got that title. I can also see that I need to listen to more of her stuff. From her 1976 album, The Devil is Loose. You can snag her music on Amazon. Image: Her fairly impressive website.
Tags: Music, Stimuli, Earth, Kate Bush, Asha puthli, TrackOfTheDay, Asha PuthliIndia

3 Often-Neglected Budget Areas

Living to a budget is one of the cornerstones of personal finance and, when used consistently, can be the key to a strong financial future. However, there are a few budget areas that often fall by the wayside and don’t receive the attention – or the planning effort and funding – they require. Here are three of these often-neglected budget areas, so you can double-down your own focus and ensure you have a budget that covers every area exactly as required.   Food and drinks away from home It’s e...
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Why We’re Still Crazy Over Old Rock Musicians

“There are many reasons why musicians continue to make music, both live and in the studio, right up until the end. In some cases it is out of financial necessity, and in other instances it is because of an addiction to the adrenaline rush of mass adulation, an experience rather harder to reproduce in the lavish surroundings of an exclusive retirement community. Even as we might good-naturedly mock and wince at what we see as the more absurd aspects of their careers, there is an enormous affecti...
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Santa Claus, Musical Patriotism, And The New York Philharmonic: The Great Critical Kerfuffle Of 1853-54

America’s oldest orchestra had the development and promotion of American music as part of its founding mission. Yet, in its first 11 seasons, it played two American works, both composed by its own concertmaster. Then, in 1853, a British orchestra and a French conductor went on a months-long tour of the U.S., commissioning and performing American music the entire time (including William Henry Fry’s Santa Claus Symphony). Musicologist Doug Shadle recounts the ruckus that ensued. – The New York Ti...
Tags: Art, Music, New York, America, Doug Shadle, 05.13.20, William Henry Fry, Santa Claus Symphony

Paloma Ford Shares ‘In My Feelings’ Version Of “Chrome”

As she continues to prep the release of her forthcoming EP X…
Tags: Videos, Jazz, Songs, Paloma Ford

Infamous Mobb – “Like a Dream/Queens Get the Money”

It’s been 13 long years since Queensbridge’s Infamous Mobb dropped their Reality Rap LP, but the acclaimed trio is back with a pair of new projects set to drop soon. And they’re getting things started with two dope new singles, “Like a Dream” and “Queens Get the Money,” that proves these three emcees haven’t lost a step.To set it off, “Like a Dream” eases you in with its laid-back, bluesy production from longtime collaborator, Havoc. It’s also the first single off their upcoming new album, IM...
Tags: Jazz, Singles, Infamous Mobb, Grimey Records Be

Slowthai – “MAGIC” (Prod. Kenny Beats)

Over the week, English rascal rapper Slowtahai released a new song, "ENEMY," his first new material since last year's breakout debut album Nothing Great About Britain. The song references Slowthai's outburst at at the NME Awards earlier this year and sampled a remark by the 1975's Matty Healy. Slowthai is wasting … More »
Tags: Music, Kenny Beats, Slowthai, Slowtahai, Matty Healy Slowthai

Alison Mosshart – “It Ain’t Water”

Alison Mosshart, of the Kills and the Dead Weather fame, hadn't released a solo song of her own until last month's "Rise" despite over two decades in the rock game. But today she's sharing another new song, "It Ain't Water," which will be featured on a 7" that's coming out in the summer. More »
Tags: Video, Music, Alison Mosshart, The Dead Weather, the Kills

Do Electric Songwriters Dream Of Human Muses?

OpenAI Jukebox - "Pop, in the style of the Beatles" Mysterious artist OpenAI Jukebox is back, and their latest release has me thinking maybe this is just Animal Collective in disguise, releasing new music without the burden of expectations their namesake inspires. Because, holy hell, this starts out like an outtake from Merriweather Post Pavilion … More »
Tags: Music, The Beatles, Jay-z, Elvis Presley, Sounding Board, Holly Herndon, Marissa Nadler

Confetti, koalas, and candles of love: Backstage at Eurovision’s AI song contest

This year, the world’s most prestigious music award show — The Eurovision Song Contest — was set to be more spectacular than ever, as an AI competition was running alongside the traditional extravaganza. Then the coronavirus arrived. Eurovision was sadly canceled — but the organizers of the AI song contest bravely chose to go ahead. And TNW bagged an exclusive ticket to the show. “We have everything here,” promised host Lieven Scheire. “There is glitter, there is a smoke machine, there will be l...
Tags: Startups, Music, Artificial Intelligence, Creativity, Neural, Lieven Scheire

Solo for Flute, Airport Terminal and One Listener

A lucky group of concertgoers experienced live music for the first time since lockdown, in a series of ultra-intimate recitals.
Tags: News, Airports, Classical Music, Stuttgart (Germany, Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, SWR Symphony Orchestra

This is what aliens would 'hear' if they flew by Earth

There is no sound in space, but if there was, this is what it might sound like passing by Earth.A spacecraft bound for Mercury recorded data while swinging around our planet, and that data was converted into sound.Yes, in space no one can hear you scream, but this is still some chill stuff. First off, let's be clear what we mean by "hear" here. (Here, here!)Sound, as we know it, requires air. What our ears capture is actually oscillating waves of fluctuating air pressure. Cilia, fibers in our e...
Tags: Space, Music, Earth, Italy, Innovation, Universe, European Space Agency, Planets, Isa, Sound, Senses, Mercury, Cosmos, BepiColombo, National Institute for Astrophysics INAF, Kourou French Guyana

Spielbergs – “Go!”

Norwegian Band To Watch Spielbergs play huge, anthemic, punch-the-sky indie rock. And now they're back with their first new music since 2019's Running All The Way Home EP, a new installment in Adult Swim's 2019-2020 Singles series. More »
Tags: Music, Spielbergs, Watch Spielbergs

Sixth Trans Woman Murdered in U.S. Within Weeks, Arrested Suspect Says He Was Sent by God to Kill Her

The alarming number of trans women murdered in the United States this year continues to rise. 20-year-old Helle Jae O’Regan was stabbed to death last week inside a San Antonio, Texas barbershop. O’Regan becomes the sixth trans woman to be killed in just five weeks, and the 11th for the year. On Wednesday (May 6), O’Regan was working in Diesel Barbershop to prepare for its Friday reopening. Though the shop was closed, another employee allowed Damion Campbell to enter the shop after he claimed he ...
Tags: Facebook, Texas, Crime, News, Joe Biden, Transgender, United States, Missouri, Jazz, Lgbtq, San Antonio, Puerto Rico, Hate Crimes, Campbell, Human Rights Campaign, San Antonio Texas

Little Kid – “Losing”

Toronto quartet Little Kid are led by Kenny Boothby, who was raised Pentecostal and whose music continues to be seasoned with reflections on the Christian faith. The band's forthcoming debut album is called Transfiguration Highway, and its opening track is called "I Thought That You'd Been Raptured." Yet new single "Losing" is probably not most … More »
Tags: Music, Toronto, Little Kid, Kenny Boothby, Transfiguration Highway

Daniel Caesar Covers “Made To Fall In Love”

He also dropped an update of "CYANIDE" as well.
Tags: Jazz, Songs, Daniel Caesar

Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson Reveals Battle With Incurable Lung Disease

Ian Anderson, frontman and flute player for Jethro Tull, has revealed that he's battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). "I'm going to tell you something I've never told anybody in public before," Anderson told Dan Rather during a recent interview on his AXS TV series The Big Interview. "Since it’s you, I will choose this … More »
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Neil Young – “Try” (Feat. Levon Helm & Emmylou Harris)

Neil Young has a ton going on. He has multiple archival releases in the works right now, in addition to his frequent quarantine Fireside Sessions and a steady drip of new music. One of those archival releases he has planned is coming out next month. It's the release of … More »
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