Black Dresses Disbanding Following Unwanted TikTok Attention And “Extended Harassment”

Just weeks after releasing their new album Peaceful As Hell and days after sharing a cover of likeminded pop experimentalists 100 gecs, the Toronto experimental pop duo Black Dresses have disbanded following some drama seemingly related to one of their earlier songs going viral on TikTok. The band's music has been … More »
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10 Nerdcore, Nerd-Folk, and Other Geeky Artists to Add to Your Playlist

Alex Trebek may not understand what nerdcore is, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. The music subgenre dedicated to everything geeky is just one of the many realms of music celebrating nerds. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite nerdcore, nerd-folk, and otherwise genre-loving artists that you…Read more...
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FelDrö – “TeLL’EM” (Single Review)

FelDrö might come off to some as kind of a goofy personality, sporting glasses with fake eyebrows attached to the top of the rims. Maybe he is, or maybe he isn’t. Either way, his latest single “Tell ‘Em” kind of slaps. I wouldn’t say that the song is revolutionary or some must hear banger of the summer, but it’s definitely a fun listen. FelDrö’s lyrics aren’t terribly impressive, and his punchlines are decent. His delivery can feel sloppy at times, but it’s really not, that’s just your ears ...
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Halsey Broke Her Ankle Loading The Dishwasher, Is Studying For The Bar Exam

Halsey wears a lot of hats: pop star, alternative music Person who breaks her ankle loading the dishwasher? … More »
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Tech Talk :: suhr sl68 with Metropoulos Zero Loss Tone Loop mod

Author: mxr2000 Subject: suhr sl68 with Metropoulos Zero Loss Tone Loop mod Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 2:51 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 0 hello i plan to get Suhr SL68 and mod it with a Metropoulos Zero Loss Loop, I would like ro know if any of you have in their sl68 a zero loss loop and what is your experience with the loop? The pros and the Cons? I need a loop to use a Foxrox paradox TZF pedal for Hendrix Vibe, a also to use with Empress paraeq pedal and Strymon Volante. please your opinion i...
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Suhr Amp Talk :: RE: SL68 love

Author: mxr2000 Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 2:38 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 6 [email protected] wrote: No, not exactly. It's the Iso Line Out, not the Iso Boost, that you would want to use, and it gives you a line level output from the speaker output of the amp. You would still connect the speaker cabinet to the amp and your tone will remain the same, but what you can do with the line out is run the signal to your effects units and another amplifier and cabinet, dedicated for effect...
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Jimmy Cobb, Drummer on Miles Davis’s ‘Kind of Blue,’ Dies at 91

The last surviving member of that landmark album’s sextet, he was a master of understatement, propelling his bandmates with a quiet persistence.
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G-Killa – “Top Dawg” Ft. The Unorthadox (Video)

Fresno, CA residents G-Killa and The Unorthadox connect for the official video for their latest single, “Top Dawg”.
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Katy Kirby – “Tap Twice”

The Nashville-based musician Katy Kirby has a handful of songs up on Bandcamp, one of them being "Tap Twice," which originally appeared on an EP a couple years ago but has been re-recorded for a new version that's out today. More »
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Stream Lily & Horn Horse’s Republicans For Bernie EP

Lily Konigsberg has been on a roll this year. A couple months ago, she put out a great new EP under her own name, It's Just Like All The Clouds, and today the Palberta member is back with another EP, Republicans For Bernie, as one-half of Lily And Horn Horse, her pop project … More »
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Mastodon Prepping New Album, Bill & Ted Face The Music Soundtrack Song

Mastodon have a few irons in the fire. ThePRP reports that guitarist Bill Kelliher was the featured guest on the latest episode of the RocknRoll Beer Guy podcast, where he called Trump an "orange shitstain," talked about Mastodon's cameos on Game Of Thrones, and revealed that the Atlanta metal veterans were … More »
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TeaMarrr Announce Major Label Debut Project, ‘Before I Spill Myself’

Via Issa Rae's Atlantic Records imprint.
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Kate NV – “Plans”

For the better part of the last decade, the Moscow-based artist Kate Shilonosova has been releasing experimental pop music as Kate NV. Next month, she's releasing a new album called Room For The Moon -- the follow-up to 2018's instrumental для FOR -- and today she's putting out its latest single, … More »
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George Floyd Identified As Black Man Who Died After Video Showing Minneapolis Cop Kneeling on His Neck

The Black Minnesota man who died after he was seen on video begging for his life as a White police officer kneeled on the back of his neck for several minutes has been identified as George Floyd. Attorney Benjamin Crump—who has represented the families of several victims in civil rights cases (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc.)—said that he will be representing Floyd’s family as well. We have been informed that the man killed by Minneapolis police was named George Floyd. #JusticeForFloyd #ica...
Tags: Minnesota, Minneapolis, America, Fbi, Chicago, Jazz, Eric Garner, Don, Star Tribune, Frey, Floyd, Crump, Frazier, Benjamin Crump, Jacob Frey, Hennepin County Medical Center

Philip Glass’s Lost ‘Music In Eight Parts’ Has Been Recovered

“For decades, [the piece] seemed, to Mr. Glass’s circle, to exist only as fragments in his archive. Then the final manuscript for Music in Eight Parts resurfaced near the end of 2017. … Now in the hands of Mr. Glass’s publisher, it has been realized anew for his ensemble and, 50 years after its premiere, released on a recording by Orange Mountain Music this week.” – The New York Times
Tags: Art, Music, Philip Glass, Orange Mountain Music, 05.22.20

Dreamville x TDE: Cozz & Reason Tease Collaborative Album

A TDreamvillE joint project may finally, FINALLY happen.
Tags: News, Jazz, Cozz, Reason, Dreamville

Megan Thee Stallion & Beyoncé’s “Savage” Remix Is The #1 Song In America

In recent weeks, the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 has been a hot potato, with a big and flashy new record storming in every week to seize the title. Drama has ensued. Last week, the Justin Bieber/Ariana Grande duet "Stuck With U" debuted at #1, incurring the wrath of Tekashi 6ix9ine, … More »
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VIDEO: Black Man Dies After Saying “I Can’t Breathe!” While Minneapolis Cop Kneels on His Neck

The Minneapolis Police Department is under fire after an officer continuously held his knee on a black male suspect who repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe. The man later died. The police brutality incident—which was captured on video by a bystander—occurred on Monday (May 25) while police were responding to a “forgery in progress.” Police arrived to find the man believed to be in his 40s—who has since been identified as George Floyd—sitting on top of a blue car and appeared to be under the infl...
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The best rhythm games of all time

There's more to the rhythm game genre than just Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Here are some of our favorites.
Tags: Gaming, Music, Video Games, Trends, Guitar, Rock Band, Buying Guides, Guitar Hero, Rhythm, Video Gaming, Parappa The Rapper, Beat Saber, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Dj Hero, Rocksmith

Medhane Drops ‘Cold Water’ Album

The BK rapper's third project in six months.
Tags: Albums, Jazz, Medhane

7xvethegenius Releases ‘Self 7xve’ EP

The latest project from the Buffalo-reared artist.
Tags: Albums, Jazz, 7xvethegenius

Spotify removes cap from users’ libraries, letting you save unlimited songs, albums and podcasts

Spotify announced this morning it’s removing the content cap on the app’s “Your Library,” allowing users to now save an unlimited number of songs, albums, and podcasts to their collection of favorites. The change addresses a top user complaint since 2014 which, to date, had received over 12,500 votes on Spotify’s Community Ideas Exchange forum. Though an average user may only have a few hundred or a few thousand saved songs, some have preferred a larger library. But before today, Spotify enfo...
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BBC presents indoor flash mob for lockdown

Artists commissioned for Culture In Quarantine series designed to ‘create snapshot of UK’ amid Covid-19 crisisSwan Lake performed in the bath, a virtual rave set in a living room, and sign-language performance art inspired by the balcony musicians of Lombardy, are three of the new commissions announced by BBC Arts for the creation of “a powerful snapshot” of the UK during coronavirus lockdown.Among the commissions is Transcendence: making a digital rave, by the singer-songwriter Simon Shlomo Kha...
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Ist Lufttrocknen wirklich gut & föhnen tatsächlich schlecht für die Haare?

Wenn es um Haare geht, gibt es zwei Arten von Menschen: die einen lassen ihre frisch gewaschenen Haare an der Luft trocknen (in einem Dutt, einem Flechtzopf oder offen) und die anderen greifen zum Föhn. Doch auch, wenn du normalerweise zur zweiten Gruppe gehörst, könnte es gut sein, dass du deine Haare seit kurzem nicht mehr föhnst – weil du seit Beginn der Pandemie im Home Office arbeitest, zum Beispiel. Und da stört es ja nun wirklich niemanden, wenn du mit einem Handtuch auf dem Kopf vorm Lap...
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Album Of The Week: 2nd Grade Hit To Hit

2nd Grade's songs are short and insistent, like they were designed for the attention span of someone that's actually in the second grade. There are 24 songs on the band's new album, Hit To Hit, and most of them hover around the two-minute mark. There's little traditional verse-chorus-verse structure to them, but they beg for … More »
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