siKC One – “Mexicans Can Rap” (Video)

Can Mexicans rap? Latino lyricist siKC One answers that question with this raw freestyle, “Mexicans Can Rap”, shot gorilla style in his hometown of Bakersfield, CA.
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Pre-Endgame Strategy

In my current situation I find the long-term rather than the short-term impacts of the quarantine most concerning, and perhaps for this reason I've frequently found myself thinking about one particular long-term concern. Stay-at-home orders are nearly superfluous in my case, hence the lockdown has, for me, so far been little else than a welcome sabbatical from rat-racing, and a fruitful period of study (both self- and other-). The near-total lack of structure is nonetheless something which I've ...
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Def-i – “Swim Don’t Drown” Remix Ft. Ariano (Video)

Multi-faceted New Mexico based underground Hip Hop artist Def-i continues bringing the heat with “Swim Don’t Drown,” another single/video from his re-imagined album, Oceans Deserted – The Remixes, featuring SoCal producer Ariano. STREAM ALBUM ‘Oceans Deserted’:
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MTV Looking To Hold VMAs At Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

MTV is apparently looking into the possibility of holding the 36th annual Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this summer, according to Variety. "We’re exploring with government officials, the medical community and key stakeholders on how to safely hold the 2020 VMAs at Barclays Center on August 30th," an MTV … More »
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Mississippi Mayor Defends Cops Who Killed George Floyd: “I Didn’t See Anything Unreasonable, If You Can Talk You Can Breathe”

A Mississippi mayor is doubling down after coming to the defense of the four Minneapolis police officers responsible for the death of George Floyd on Twitter. Mayor Hal Marx of Petal, Mississippi posted a message on his Twitter timeline on Tuesday (May 26) saying: “Why in the world would anyone choose to become a police officer in our society today?” a day after Floyd’s tragic death. When one user responded that it’d be nice to have officers who used reasonable force, Marx continued to comment o...
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Fr6nco – “Late Night Mentality” EP

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, up and coming singer/songwriter Fr6nco releases his debut EP titled “Late Night Mentality”.  He displays his wide vocal range and genre bending abilities as he shares his real life experiences through his music.  Follow him on Instagram @fr6nco.   
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Flatbush Zombies – “iamlegend”

Brooklyn rap trio Flatbush Zombies released the Tech N9ne collab "Monica" last year. And today they've announced a new EP called now, more than ever, their first official release since 2018's Vacation In Hell (not counting their participation in the Beast Coast crew's Escape From New York). Listen to their flickering, psychedelic new … More »
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Camper Drops Debut Single, “GRIP”

With production and writing credits for Jay-Z, Drake, Pusha T, and MANY more, the Jersey native shares his own music.
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Gabriel Bacquier, 95, Dies; Set Standard for French Baritones

He mastered both a broad range opera roles and the art of the French song.
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Flatbush ZOMBiES Return With “iamlegend” Single

The Beast Coast trio will release a new project in June.
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Fired Minneapolis Cops Who Killed George Floyd Have a History of Shooting & Beating Minorities

Derek Chauvin, the police officer seen holding his knee to the neck of George Floyd in a disturbing video that surfaced online this week, has a history of complaints throughout his career, new reports indicate. Chauvin was one of four Minneapolis police officers who responded to a suspected forgery in-progress call on Monday (May 25). The call ended with the officer kneeling on Floyd’s back, his knee jammed into the man’s neck, for roughly ten minutes. In the video captured by onlookers, Floyd i...
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Matty Healy Deactivates His Twitter After Backlash Over George Floyd Tweet

Matty Healy, frontman of the divisive UK band the 1975, has deactivated his Twitter after facing backlash for a tweet about George Floyd, the 46-year-old black man (and former Houston rapper) who was killed by Minneapolis cops on Monday. In footage taken by an onlooker, Floyd can be heard repeating "I cannot breathe" … More »
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Black Woman Who Miscarried After Cops Stomped on Her Stomach During Traffic Stop Sues California Police Department

A black woman is suing the California city of San Leandro and several officers of its police department claiming that a cop stomped on her stomach during a traffic stop which caused a miscarriage. In a federal lawsuit filed on Monday (May 25), Emerald Black says that she was “visibly pregnant” and wearing hospital clothes when cops yanked her from her passenger seat and forced her to the ground during a June 2019 traffic stop. Black and her fiancé were pulled over due to expired registration tag...
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Colin Stetson – “Awake You Sleepy Hearts” (Feat. David Thewlis)

Colin Stetson has long had a reputation as a singular, versatile musician, having built his name up by having one foot in avant-garde sax compositions and the other in high-profile indie sideman gigging. But in the last couple years, he's started to flesh out the resume even more. Ever since he scored Hereditary … More »
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Grimes Is Selling A Piece Of Her Soul

Grimes is selling her soul. Literally. Starting today, Bloomberg reports, she's exhibiting her first fine art show online on Gallery Platform Los Angeles (5/28-6/3) and Maccarone Los Angeles (5/28-8/31). The show is called Selling Out. And included in it is a work also titled Selling Out: a legal document … More »
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Jabee – “No Allegiance” (Video)

Following the recent release of lead single “Chec Mate” featuring Slug (Atmosphere) and Statik Selektah, Jabee has dropped his next single and new visual ‘No Allegiance’. The Nipsey Hussle inspired video takes the minimalist route, filmed in a Pizza Restaurant soon to be owned by Jabee, reflecting on what he feels Nipsey was about. The album title itself is very telling, having been thought up three years ago, it could not be more appropriate today.
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Hundreds of Police Officers Guard Home of Killer Cop Derek Chauvin to Protect Him From Protesters

We previously reported that on Tuesday evening (May 26), protesters had located the home of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer directly responsible for the death of George Floyd, who passed away because Chauvin was kneeling on his neck while arresting him for a suspected “forgery in progress.” Now, photos and video footage have surfaced showing what appears to be hundreds of Oakdale police officers guarding Chauvin’s suburban home. “Look how many f***ing people are defending th...
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50 Songs from a Single Year, Mixed Together Into One 3-Minute Song (1979-89)

The concept of generations, as we currently use the term, would have made no sense to people living throughout most of human history. “Before the 19th century,” writes Sarah Leskow at The Atlantic, “generations were thought of as (generally male) biological relationships within families—grandfathers, sons, grandchildren and so forth.” The word did not describe common traits shared by, “as one lexicographer put it in 1863, ‘all men living more or less at the same time.’” The theory was th...
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So schufen Magazine & das Patriarchat das Märchen von der Cellulite

Cellulite ist nicht echt! Schluss. Aus. Ende. Oh, das war nicht klar genug? Dann lass mich noch etwas tiefer in die Materie eingehen: Wir alle haben Unterhautfettgewebe und Fasergewebe. Das ist real. Und tatsächlich gibt es bei den meisten menschlichen Körpern Bereiche, an denen die Haut Dellen oder Unebenheiten aufweist. DAS IST NORMAL. Aber bis vor einiger Zeit gab es kein Wort, um sie zu definieren, denn sie waren kein Problem. Vor einem halben Jahrhundert wusste kein Mensch, was Celluli...
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Ice Cube Cancels GMA Appearance After George Floyd’s Death: “I’m in No Mood to Tell America Good Morning”

Ice Cube was scheduled to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America Thursday morning (May 28) to promote his new movie The High Note. However, the 50-year-old rapper/actor took to Twitter to announce that he’d canceled his appearance on the ABC morning show because he’s just not in the mood following the death of George Floyd, who died in the custody of Minneapolis police on Monday. “I apologize to everyone expecting to see me on Good Morning America today, but after the events in Minnesota with Geor...
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Kota the Friend Appreciates the Delicacies of ‘Everything’ in Life [Review]

The Brooklyn rapper's new album is a warm reminder of life's important moments.
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All About Reverb Effect That You Need to Know

Reverberation is the natural result of the interaction of sound waves with each surface that comes across its path. Reverberation is basically the effect due to decaying sound signals reflecting off various surfaces. It is generally heard after the initial sound source. The effects of reverberation can be experienced in the real-world and also during music production. The use of this effect can make a massive difference in a professional audio recording. In a recording studio, various tools an...
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6 Things to Do at Home This Weekend

Our culture writers offer suggestions for what to watch or listen to while we’re housebound.
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Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist Announce ‘Alfredo’ Album, Share “1985” Single

The 'FETTI' collaborators connect once again.
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Hater – “Sift”

Jangly quartet Hater were supposed to be on tour with their fellow Swedes in the Radio Dept. this month. Obviously, that's not happening right now. But they were going to release a new track to support the now-postponed tour, and they've decided to just release it anyway. More »
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Jyoti – “This Walk” & “The Cowrie Waltz”

Georgia Anne Muldrow has been releasing remarkable jazzy hip-hop soul music for years, recently under her own name and as G&D with life partner Dudley Perkins. The LA musician also maintains a jazz project called Jyoti, which is set to return this year with a new album called Mama, You Can … More »
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Ben Gibbard – “Proxima B” & “Filler” (Minor Threat Cover)

Ever since the coronavirus quarantine started in March, Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard has been doing his part to help keep people sane. He's been playing a ton of one-man concerts that he's been livestreaming from his home -- first daily, then weekly. On Twitter yesterday, Gibbard announced that tomorrow's set … More »
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