Q&A With Buffalo, New York Based Hip Hop Artist AP YCM

Yo whats up AP YCM! Much respect to your up and coming movement making some serious noise out of Buffalo, NY?  Tell us how long have you been rapping? Appreciate you guys! I’m 22 now, and I started putting out music when I was in high school – so it’s been about 4 years. I didn’t really start taking myself or my songwriting seriously until the past two years though I’d say. In that time, I’ve grown a lot and accepted myself not only as a person, but as an artist as well. The progression has bee...
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Q&A With Pensacola, Florida Hip Hop Newcomer therapperbigchris

Yo what’s up therapperbigchris! Much respect to your debut EP release!  Tell us how long have you been rapping? Whats good UGHHB! My name is therapperbigchris and i’ve been rapping since I was 13 years old, however, I started to take rap more seriously about three years ago and I’m just now starting to see the results of that. Where did your moniker originate? So my rap name was originally ‘Big Chris’ and ‘therapperbigchris’ part was my social media handle. About two years ago I decided to c...
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Mumblz – “Beats From The Crypt” (Tape Review)

Many times it takes a lot for us to review a beat tape since so many these days are making the same 808 type beats on Fruity Loops.  Seems like anybody can be a producer these days with software and a laptop.  But thank GOD there is a breath of fresh air with one of a kind projects like “Beats From The Crypt” by Rochester’s very own Mumblz. The title of the project and artwork immediately caught my attention since I’m a huge fam or dar and grimy beats, always bumping beats from Necro, Doom, a...
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Heir – “It’s Never Easy” Ft. Phoenix Joans

Rising Oakland, CA underground Hip Hop artist HeiR showcases his new single “It’s Never Easy” featuring Phoenix Joans, off his latest EP “The Everybody’z.Poor“.  Follow him on Instagram @thealmightygenius.  The post Heir - "It's Never Easy" Ft. Phoenix Joans first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Barbaydose – “Future Reminiscent” (Video)

Oakland’s very own rising Hip Hop group Barbaydose releases new music video titled “Future Reminiscent“, its the title track off their debut album.  Follow them on Instagram @barbaydose.The post Barbaydose - "Future Reminiscent" (Video) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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No-sales-tax states enhance Labor Day sales bargains

Labor Day is the time to recognize the contributions of workers. It's one of the United States' oldest official commemorations, with Uncle Sam in 1894 making the first Monday of September a legal federal holiday. In this age of consumerism, however, the meaning of Labor Day and other holidays, official or not, often takes a back seat to associated retail sales. The bargains this year, though, are a bit different. Pandemic precautions have pushed even more shoppers online. COVID-19 closures for...
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Be Careful Not to Lose the Way

We were in the middle of a sold-out, critically acclaimed run of Head Over Heels. It was truly one of the coolest, most original shows we've ever produced. And that's saying a lot!And halfway through the run, the pandemic hit and the theatres were closed down.At first, I didn't know what to feel. What could I do with the idea that the only thing I've ever cared about in my life, the thing on my mind literally every waking minute -- the musical theatre -- is now deadly. My whole life's work has ...
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Q&A With New York’s Ian Sean , Talks New Album “If Nothing Else”

  1) What is your earliest HipHop Memory ? I’m from the Bronx so the hip hop influences were all around wether your walking out your house looking out the window, at school even, someone has a boom box (showing my age) a Walkman,and it’s being played without remorse it’s just in your face so by time I was ten I was fully invested without even knowing a spell has been casted onto me…(Q1) 2) What are some of your biggest musical influences ? My influence is drawn from life itself I loved how crea...
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Build a 3D VJ tool from scratch, in browser, in the free beta, available as a free public beta, does materials and gestures, 3D models, VR, and even MIDI all in browser. So - why not build a whole live VJ tool in it? The post Build a 3D VJ tool from scratch, in browser, in the free beta appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
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Spy MC – “Transitions” (Video)

Reigning out of San Antonio, TX rising underground artist Spy MC showcases his latest music video titled “Transitions“, off his upcoming album “Patience”.   Follow him on Instagram @sanantonio_banderas.The post Spy MC - "Transitions" (Video) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Q&A With Rising DMV Artist King Swag

Yo what’s up King Swag! Much respect to your new album release “The Why Project”!  Tell us how long have you been rapping?  Also, where are you from? I been rapping for years going back to my days in DC scene at the gogo. Im from the DMV an area that will either make you or break you. As a key contributor of building a billion dollar city (National Harbor ) in my hometown of ,Oxon Hill , MD not only made a name for myself but gave me the title” King of the Harbor” aka Forever King. Where did yo...
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Heir Wallace – “New Chain”

Rising San Diego based underground Hip Hop artist Heir Wallace showcases “New Chain“, new single off his latest mixtape “Let’s Go Crazy“.  The post Heir Wallace - "New Chain" first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Rittz – “Picture Perfect” Ft. Tech N9ne (Video)

Rittz teams up with Tech N9ne for the title track off his upcoming album Picture Perfect.The post Rittz – “Picture Perfect” Ft. Tech N9ne (Video) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Several eBay rambles turned up a hoard of beautiful unseen portraits — from the archives of the photographic giant Brown Brothers (who, I believe, divested themselves of the print archives a number of years ago).  They remind me of a … Continue reading →
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Weekly Dope: Big Sean, SZA, Bryson Tiller, eLZhi & More

A collection of our favorite songs of the week.
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Deep Fried Chocolate ‘Addicted To The Clouds’

Check out Addicted To The Clouds by Deep Fried Chocolate. A band with a comical name wrote a really cool song. DFC is an indie rock band and relatively new forming in 2019. The 4 piece blends pop, rock, hip and r&b – similar to MGMT.  I dunno, but I need to know where they came up with the name.
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Blender 2.9 is here, as free 3D powerhouse gets boosts from Intel and NVIDIA

It's the ultimate open source ugly duckling story. Once an awkward, esoteric tool, Blender has grown into a 3D modeling and animation standard that's slick and pretty - and free. The post Blender 2.9 is here, as free 3D powerhouse gets boosts from Intel and NVIDIA appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
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Curtis Waters Is Putting An Indie Spin On TikTok Stardom

Curtis Waters is cheesing in a tuxedo. He's fanning himself with money, and then he's perched atop a cloud, making it rain. He thrusts his pelvis, flails with the grace of a drunken reveler, does a couple skeet-skeet hand gestures, launches into awkward jump-spins and barely sticks the landing. For now his jewelry is limited … More »
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Gelbstich ade: 9 Produkte, mit denen deine Haarfarbe länger frisch bleibt

Wenn du dir regelmäßig selbst die Haare blondierst oder sie blondieren lässt, kennst und fürchtest du ihn sicher: den unvermeidlichen Gelbstich. Früher oder später taucht er auf, ganz egal, wie wunderschön kühl dein Blondton direkt nach der Farbbehandlung war. Und selbst, wenn deine Haare gar nicht so hell sind, sondern eher hell- bis mittelbraun, könntest du mit einem Farbstich zu kämpfen haben – der dann allerdings eher in Richtung kupfer- oder messingfarben geht. Ob nun die Sonne, dein Sham...
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Yellow Days – “The Curse” (Feat. Mac DeMarco)

Mac DeMarco guests on a new track from the British singer Yellow Days, who has a new album called A Day In A Yellow Beat coming out in a couple weeks. The track, "The Curse," is the album's fourth single following "Love Is Everywhere," "Getting Closer," and "You." … More »
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Singing harmony can be hard and scary – here’s how to make it easier

Those of use who love to sing in harmony sometimes forget how hard and scary it can be for those who haven’t tried it before. The Watersons Here are some handy hints on how to ease your way into harmony singing without getting too worried. Many people sing to themselves all the time. In the shower, in cars, while jogging or walking. Most people can hold a tune in that way quite easily. But when it comes to singing with others in harmony, especially a cappella, it’s a whole different kettle o...
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The Number Ones: Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You”

In The Number Ones, I'm reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart's beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present. More »
Tags: Music, Stevie Wonder, The Number Ones

Micachu And The Shapes Change Name, Announce New Album

In the last few years, Mica Levi has become more known for her film scoring than for her past as the leader of the indie-pop band Micachu And The Shapes. But it appears that she's not entirely done with that phase of her life just yet. Micachu And The Shapes have rebranded and … More »
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Bermain Judi Slot Online Bebas Gangguan Dengan Cara Ini

Bermain serta lakukan penempatan taruhan dengan cara online pada sekarang ini memang memberi banyak keuntungan. Di sini beberapa bettor dapat memperoleh banyak keuntungan dari tiap kemenangan taruhan yang dilaksanakan. Namun terkadang untuk memperoleh banyak keuntungan tidak segampang yang dipikirkan. Dalam ini beberapa bettor harus betul-betul memahami serta kuasai tentang skema serta ketentuan game di Agen Judi Slot Online itu. Beberapa macam serta pilihan game atau permainan yang sekaran...
Tags: Indonesia, Jazz, Makin, Slot Online, Berita Judi, Tips Bermain, Bebas Gangguan Dengan Cara Ini, Indonesia Berkaitan, Judi Slot, Judi Slot Simpel Dan Sederhana Salah, Judi Slot Di sini, Keuntungan Taruhan Tinggi Fakta

Watch an Epic Drum Battle, Pitting a 9-Year-Old Girl Against Foo Fighter Dave Grohl

Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, formerly of Nirvana, and Nandi Bushell, an Ipswich elementary schooler, have something in common besides their incredible command of the drums. By all appearances, both seem to have benefited from being reared by grounded, encouraging parents. Nandi, at 10, likely has a few more years under her folks’ roof despite her growing renown—she’s jammed with Lenny Kravitz, gone viral in last year’s Argos Christmas advert, and most recently, matched Grohl beat for beat in ...
Tags: Google, Europe, Music, College, Virginia, Atlantic, K-12, Washington Dc, Dave Grohl, John, Lenny Kravitz, Ipswich, Haim, Ringo Starr, Rage Against The Machine, Grohl

Meine Ex schämte sich für mein Gewicht, doch das realisierte ich erst nach vielen Monaten

Direkt wo New York, Pennsylvania und New Jersey aufeinandertreffen, liegt ein Campingplatz am Ufer eines traumhaft idyllischen Flusses. An diesem Ort – genauer gesagt auf einem Floß – fühlte ich mich zum ersten Mal wohl genug in meinem Körper, um mich auszuziehen. Alles, was ich dafür brauchte, war ein bisschen Zuspruch von Beth* und ihren beiden Freund*innen, mit denen ich hier war. Beth und ich waren zu diesem Zeitpunkt offiziell noch Friends With Benefits, inoffiziell aber schon so gut w...
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3 Minuten Ruhe & Entspannung – eine geführte Online-Meditation

// EDIT: Add your video urls here... var videoDesktop1 = ""; var VideoMobile1 = ""; var videoDesktop2 = ""; var VideoMobile2 = ""; var videoDesktop3 = ""; var VideoMobile3 = "https://content.jwpla...
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Top 10 Most Loved Anime Songs as Determined by the Anison General Election

The 2020 edition of the anime song general election has selected the anime songs that Japanese otaku are most ravenously raving about, with this year’s results bound to produce no gasps of surprise as a usual winner seizes the top spot; the second being taken by a recently popular title. The top 10 songs, based […]
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