#TrackoftheDay: “Insanity”

Oingo BoingoUSA (1995) An annual tradition–that’s what the Oingo Boingo Halloween show was. And then in 1995, they called it quits and did their Farewell concert, which was released on double CD and video. And hot damn, it’s good. And if Elfman were to get some kind of ear surgery to assuage his concern about going deaf (a very valid one, trust me), I would actually get my ass out of the house to go see a Boingo Reunion Halloween show. And I hate live shows. And leaving the house...
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G. Huff & Devin The Dude – “The Grind Don’t Stop”

G. Huff has been putting in serious work this year and that trend continues with “The Grind Don’t Stop,” a soulful collaboration with underground Hip Hop legend Devin The Dude.The post G. Huff & Devin The Dude - "The Grind Don't Stop" first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Jeff Lynne, Dizzee Rascal, Lady Leshurr Among The Queen’s Birthday Honors List

Jeff Lynne, Dizzee Rascal, and Lady Leshurr are just a few of the musicians named in the Queen's Birthday Honors list in the UK. The Queen's Birthday Honors are usually revealed in June -- which is when the queen's actual birthday is -- but the list was delayed by several months this year due to … More »
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Logic Pays $226K For Rare Pokémon Card — A New Record

Logic supposedly retired from the rap game after releasing his new album No Pressure, which means he has more time to focus on his real passion: Pokémon cards. And the former rapper just spent some of that time -- and a lot of money -- to purchase an extremely rare Pokémon card. More »
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‘Sweet Dreams’ explores the New Romantic scene that launched Duran Duran, Culture Club and more

For Dylan Jones, the paradox of the New Romantic music scene is that this British blend of new sounds and styles became a worldwide phenomenon thanks in large part to American television. “The New Romantics were made by America because of MTV,” says Jones, author of the new oral history “Sweet Dreams: From Club Culture to Style Culture, the Story of the New Romantics.” For those too young to experience it, the scene was one that combined synthpop music with outrageous fashion and makeup. “Withou...
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"We don't want to make 'em too unhappy, James... Would you teach all the action kids... would you teach us all to do the James Brown boogaloo?"

That's James Brown in 1964, found in an NPR article from last May, "Who Owns 'Boogaloo'?" which I got sidelined into while trying to find out if there was a special 1970s meaning to the word "boogaloo." This is a question I had researching the song "All the Young Dudes"... and let's take a minute to listen to Mott the Hoople:    Wikipedia informs us that David Bowie — who wrote the song — offered "All the Young Dudes" to Mott the Hoople after they rejected "Suffragette City." "All the Yo...
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HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online Coming & Will Have a Crowd Funding Campaign

Hatsune Miku worshipers destroyed at not being able to attend HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 because of the Chinese Coronavirus will likely feel uplifted at the announcement of HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2021 Online, as the event will be streamed and easily watchable from the safety of otaku hovels. The official Miku Expo Twitter account broke the […]
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City Living

"By and large working artists seek privacy and anonymity. But they also require exposure to all sides of life. These two benefits are available jointly only in the city. For artists solitude is not a vacuum, empty and meaningless. Isolating oneself in the country is contrary to experiencing and feeling the realities of the human condition, as beautiful as the country might be. Though it sounds contradictory, isolation in the midst of hyperactivity paradoxically means a chance to create one's own...
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