Love Remains Turns 10

I just can't understand why "dated" keeps describing music in the pejorative sense -- how can you live in the moment if you’re constantly worried about how something is going to hold up in an unforeseeable future? What's the fun of following pop's trajectory if you can’t put a timestamp on a piece of music … More »
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The Great Illustration That Accompanied Eddie Van Halen’s Application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (1987)

Throughout the past week, we’ve read many tributes to Eddie Van Halen and his endless capacity for innovation. Stylistically, EVH changed the sound of rock with tapping, a technique that let him play rapid arpeggios with two hands on the guitar’s fretboard. (Exhibit A is here.) Technically, he created a unique sound by fashioning his own guitar, the Frankenstrat, which melded the sounds of Gibson and Fender guitars. And what’s more, he patented three inventions, one of which came with the dazzl...
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Presenting the Dr. Fauci action figure. Because, 2020.

Stronger than an off-the-record anonymous White House source. More powerful than a mask worn under your nose. Able to get more Americans believing in science in a single press conference. It’s epidemiologist Dr.Anthony S Fauci! And soon, he’ll be available as your very own Dr. Fauci Action Figure. From FCTRY, the same Brooklyn-based makers of […]
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#TrackoftheDay: “Invasion of the Saucermen”

The LillingtonsUSA (1999) It’s as if The Lillingtons crafted their second album, Death by Television, from our collective Halloween id. In fact, it can be difficult to pick a track to represent the madness. But we went with this, snagging its title and theme from the 1957 film. Two minutes, twenty seconds of sci-fi punk injected into your brain. Excellent. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "sleepdeprivation"; a...
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CBD Oil for Men- Why You Must Have It in Your Grooming Kit

Men’s grooming often takes a backseat, but it deserves as much attention as women’s skincare does. After all, you would want a youthful and radiant complexion just like ladies do. When it comes to the latest in grooming products, you will be surprised to know that CBD oil is the new buzzword. Dermatologists are recommending it, and premium cosmetic brands are using it as an ingredient in their products. After making it big for its myriad medicinal benefits, the wonder product is now known for i...
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Facts and Fancy

(from my Goodreads review of by Nicholas Sammond)The overall posture and style of this study are so self-consciously disinterested and relativistic as to read like a caricature of postmodern academic writing. This pastiche has lost not merely its sense of humor but its sense of purpose too. The fear of letting a stray value judgment slip out seems to have stultified the author's analytical capabilities. And yet values per se are largely what the study is about. The superficial irony of this is...
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Insane Clown Posse – “Ding Ding Doll” (Prod. By Shaggytheairhead)

On their brand new single “Ding Ding Doll”, the Insane Clown Posse get together to tell the story about a boy who purchases an Ecuadorian voodoo doll off of the dark web & the doll comes to life to reek terror. This serves as the lead single off the duo’s upcoming 16th album Yum Yum Bedlam dropping on Christmas Day. The post Insane Clown Posse – “Ding Ding Doll” (Prod. By Shaggytheairhead) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Livestream The RBG Tribute Concert With Phoebe Bridgers, Michael Stipe, Kathleen Hanna, Miley Cyrus, & More

Tonight, to coincide with the first day of the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, a bunch of celebrities have com together for a livestream event to honor late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It's called Honor Her Wish, in reference to Ginsberg's dying wish that a Justice not be nominated to the Court until a … More »
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PsiloSage – “Seashore” (Video)

Underground Hip Hop artist PsiloSage is back with his latest music video titled “Seashore“, off his latest EP “DiorPsilo“.The post PsiloSage - "Seashore" (Video) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Peace of Mind – “Bhagavad Beatä” (Album)

Detroit producer Peace of Mind is back after a long hiatus with a brand new 14 track beat tape Bhagavad Beatä.The post Peace of Mind – “Bhagavad Beatä” (Album) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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With beabadoobee, The ’90s Alt-Rock Revival Sounds Ready For Its Inevitable Pop Crossover

Is beabadoobee a rock artist or a pop artist? The distinction doesn't really matter, but 20-year-old Beatrice Laus, aka Bea Kristi, blurs the genre barrier in fascinating ways, to the point of nostalgic mirage. The British-Filipino musician's debut album Fake It Flowers, out this Friday, marks her as the latest in a lineage of artists … More »
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Nocturne Tells a Deliciously Diabolical Tale of Sibling Rivalry

Amazon’s “Welcome to the Blumhouse” series, produced by Blumhouse Television, debuted its first two films last week (we reviewed the sci-fi entry, Black Box; the other, The Lie, is a psychological drama). Two more arrive this week, and with them the standout of the series so far: the haunting Nocturne.Read more...
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Has The Pandemic Made You Lazy? Here’s What To Do About It

There is no denying that the global pandemic has had a huge effect on our mental health and wellbeing. In some cases, many of us are starting to feel like there isn’t much point. But this is a big opportunity to . As a father, we can get complacent at the best of times by ensuring our family is cared for, but we also need to ensure that we are feeling our best to give them our best. So, with that in mind, here are some of the things that you can do. Get active again One of the first things ...
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The Eagles will premiere new ‘Eagles Live From The Forum MMXVIII’ on SiriusXM

Eagles fans can get a first listen of the forthcoming “Eagles Live From The Forum MMXVIII” live album as SiriusXM’s Classic Vinyl channel 26 broadcasts the release starting at 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12. Back in September 2018, the Eagles featuring Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmit, Vince Gill and Deacon Frey headlined three sold-out evenings at The Forum in Inglewood. Highlights from those concerts were recorded and compiled for the forthcoming “Eagles Live From The Forum MMXVIII” live album...
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“Somebody’s Watching Me” Was Almost A Lenny Kravitz Song

Lenny Kravitz says that he was almost the original singer for the 1984 hit "Somebody's Watching Me," which he revealed in his recent memoir Let Love Rule and expounded on in a new Rolling Stone interview. While attending Beverly Hills High School in the early '80s, Kravitz became friends with Kennedy … More »
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How Science Fiction Formed Jimi Hendrix

“Through the entirety of his short life Jimi Hendrix was an avid fan of science fiction. As a young child Hendrix and his brother Leon would escape their troubled upbringing by dreaming up stories of far-off planets and flying saucers.” So begins the Polyphonic video above, an exploration of how sci-fi informed the apocalyptic images and spaced-out sounds in Hendrix’s songs. His love of science fiction “only intensified as an adult,” especially when Hendrix moved in with Chas Chandler, w...
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Ausdrücken verboten: Das geschah, als ich meine Akne einen Monat in Ruhe ließ

Ich kann mich noch sehr gut daran erinnern, wie ich mir zum allerersten Mal einen Pickel ausdrückte. Ich war etwa zehn Jahre alt und stand auf einem Hocker vor dem Badezimmerspiegel, um die dunkle Beule auf meiner Nase genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Nachdem ich ein wenig daran rumgestupst hatte, versuchte ich es mit energischem Quetschen. Ich weiß heute nicht, was ich mir davon eigentlich erhofft hatte – doch der Mitesser kam raus, und ich war völlig fasziniert. Meine Nase zierte jetzt ein du...
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Watch Angel Olsen Perform The Stunning New 11-Minute Song “Time Bandits”

It's only been about a month and a half since Angel Olsen released her stark and powerful new album A Whole New Mess. Since then, Olsen has remained busy. She's covered songs from Billie Holiday, George Harrison, and Bobby Vinton. And now she's posted video of herself … More »
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A thousand teardrops: how doo-wop kickstarted Jamaica's pop revolution

A pair of new compilations trace the roots of reggae’s sublime songcraft back to the influence of 1950s crooners, with their close harmonies and swooning romanceIn late 1961, a young teenager called James Chambers turned up unannounced at Beverley’s restaurant and ice cream parlour on Orange Street in Kingston, Jamaica. In search of a sponsor, he told the owners, three Chinese-Jamaican brothers, that he had written a song for them. His audacity paid off and a few months later, Dearest Beverley w...
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Watch Mastodon, Baroness, & Kvelertak Members Play A Kickass Ozzy Osbourne Cover

Halloween season is upon us, and the comedian Jordan Olds' great quarantine video series Two Minutes To Late Night has stepped up accordingly. Every week, Olds convenes a one-off band of heavy-music all-stars to cover a classic song. This month, the series has been paying tribute to the kings of spooky rock. More »
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Portugal. The Man – “Who’s Gonna Stop Me” (Feat. “Weird Al” Yankovic)

Not everything "Weird Al" Yankovic does is a joke. Today, Yankovic, the greatest novelty-song specialist in pop-music history, has teamed up with Portugal. The Man, the Portland/Alaska rock hitmakers and recent Black Thought collaborators, for something serious. More »
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The TV Show ‘Lovecraft Country’ Goes An Unusual Extra Mile, Writing An Aria For A Show

And, because of the pandemic, soprano Janai Brugger experienced some challenges. “She recorded her part in a makeshift studio inside her home in Chicago, surrounded by noise-dampening moving blankets. She occasionally had to wait for the noise in the alleyway outside her office window to die down in order to get a clean take.” – Los Angeles Times
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5 Songs You Can’t Live Without: What Makes the Cut?

Just in case Brené Brown calls to ask me, I considered the options to come up with a list of 5 songs I can't live without. What are yours? The post 5 Songs You Can’t Live Without: What Makes the Cut? appeared first on Lavender Luz.
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The Cleveland Orchestra Restarts Recording With Its Own Label

Does this seem like a headline from before the pandemic? Think again. The first recording was released in June, with more on their way. (But it may be a while before the orchestra can record live again in Severance Hall.) – The New York Times
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The Number Ones: Phil Collins’ “Sussudio”

In The Number Ones, I'm reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart's beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present. More »
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The Age Of Adz Turns 10

Is there a big-ticket indie album from the 2010s as confounding and divisive as The Age Of Adz? Sufjan Stevens’ sixth full-length -- which turns 10 years old today -- arrived at the turn of a new decade and effectively wiped away all previous expectations anyone had for the enigmatic, previously raconteur-ish singer-songwriter. Throw its … More »
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Julia Jacklin – “to Perth, before the border closes” & “CRY”

About a year and a half ago, the Australian singer and songwriter Julia Jacklin released Crushing, her second album of dreamy and countrified indie-pop. Since then, the world changed. On two new songs released today, Jacklin, like the rest of us, attempts to process a new altered reality. More »
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OHMME – “Mine” & “Miasma”

Chicago duo OHMME continue to be an inventive, prolific force in indie rock. After dropping their eminently solid Fantasize Your Ghost LP back in June -- and teaming up with fellow endlessly productive Chicago rockers Twin Peaks to cover Dirty Projectors for our very own Save Stereogum compilation -- they're back … More »
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