#TrackoftheDay: “Is This Thing Cursed?”

Alkaline TrioUSA (2018) Honestly, we’ve all been there.
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Céline Dion To Make Film Acting Debut In Text For You

Céline Dion's signature hit is associated with one of the biggest movies of all time, but she has never taken an acting role herself. Or at least she hadn't until now. EW reports that Dion has been cast in the romance movie Text For You, possibly as herself. More »
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Watch The Trailer For Shane MacGowan Doc Crock Of Gold

Way back in February, before we understood exactly what kind of year we were living through, we learned that Pogues leader Shane MacGowan -- the hard-drinking rabble-rouser who had the bright idea to combine traditional Irish music with punk rock -- was to be the subject of a new documentary helmed by Julien … More »
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Adele & SNL Face Criticism For African Sex Tourism Sketch

Adele hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend, and in most respects it reportedly went well. In at least one respect it went not so well, though. Adele starred alongside Kate McKinnon and Heidi Gardner in a faux commercial called "Africa Tourism." Designed as a parody of sex tourism, it found the performers acting … More »
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Cemetery Boys (review)

As my middle-grade manuscript continues to wander through what is turning out to be a longer-than-expected submission process, I’ve tried to stay on top of my reading, grateful that it has included Aiden Thomas’s fun, powerful YA novel, Cemetery Boys . There are so many things to recommend this book. Strong, clear writing. Carefully paced plotting, and its corollary—tension built with fine-grained cont rol. And the genre—“paranormal romance,” or a love story folded into a ghost stor...
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Berner & Larry June Connect for ‘Cooks & Orange Juice’ EP

With a lone feature from Devin the Dude.
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Young DV – “Rollin’ Up” Ft. Brandon (Video)

From the album titled, “No Pressure“, Tulsa native Young DV connect with Brandon for the official video for, “Rollin’ Up”.The post Young DV - "Rollin' Up" Ft. Brandon (Video) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Jazz And The Pondering Of Modernism

Jazz has always been a kind of extroverted modernism, and always allowed the atonality and experimentation of introverted modernism (see Coltrane’s later works). However, it has always rejected perverse modernism. That has much to do with religion and the Christianity of the black churches. – First Things
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Medical Marijuana in the Pandemic- Why Are the Sales Soaring

The coronavirus pandemic is perhaps the most challenging health crisis of the century. It has been around for months, and a tangible resolution is nowhere in sight. When it comes to getting through the crisis, it makes sense to stay strong until there is good news. The soaring sales of medical marijuana show that the herb is helping people deal with the situation. But you would want to know whether it has treatment potential for COVID-19. The answer is a simple no, but there are a lot of other...
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Blood From The Soul – “Calcified Youth”

Way the hell back in 1993, Napalm Death's Shane Embury teamed up with Sick Of It All's Lou Koller to form an industrial-influenced side project called Blood From The Soul, and they released one album, the excellently titled To Spite The Gland That Breeds. Now, 27 years later, Embury is bringing back Blood From The … More »
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Is Calling Beethoven By Only His Last Name Racist?

“On the one hand, then, initiatives toward diversity and inclusion are placing new names on concert programs, syllabi, and research papers, names that might not have been there 10 or 20 years ago—or even last year. But these names are appearing next to those that have been drilled deep into our brains by the forces of the inherited canon. This collision between increasing diversity and the mononyms of music history has created a hierarchical system that, whether or not you find it useful, can n...
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Empress Of – “You’ve Got To Feel” (Feat. Amber Mark)

Lorely Rodriguez released her third album as Empress Of, I'm Your Empress Of, in March of this year. Today, she's back with a new track called "You've Got To Feel" that features Artist To Watch Amber Mark. It's the first release on Rodriguez's own newly launched label Major Arcana. It's a groovy protest … More »
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Jordana – “I Guess This Is Life”

Back In July, Jordana Nye unveiled a new EP called Something To Say, the followup to March's expanded re-release of her 2019 debut Classical Notions Of Happiness. She didn't waste much time in following that EP up, either, returning in September with "Divine" and the news that Something To Say was one half … More »
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Told Slant – “Whirlpool”

Told Slant's latest album, Point The Flashlight And Walk, is out in a couple of weeks. We've heard "Family Still," "No Backpack," and "Run Around The School" from it already, and today Felix Walworth is back with another one, "Whirlpool," which is about the intangibility of missing how a relationship used … More »
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Dirty Projectors – “Searching Spirit”

Way back in the early, comparatively halcyon months of 2020, Dirty Projectors embarked on an ambitious project. Over the course of the year, they would release five EPs, each with music helmed by DPs mastermind Dave Longstreth but featuring a different band member on lead vocals: Maia Friedman for Windows Open, Felicia Douglass for Flight … More »
Tags: Music, Dirty Projectors, Dave Longstreth, Maia Friedman, Felicia Douglass

MF DOOM Announces New Merch Drop, Physical Collectible Masks, and a Second Augmented Reality Blockchain Auction

Today, the hip-hop supervillain MF DOOM launches a timely new collection of physical merch: four variations of collectible masks inspired by MF DOOM’s signature look, and a brand new line of t-shirts, hoodies, and sticker packs. The collectible masks, designed by Beast Wreck, are limited to 3,000 pieces each, and packaged in unique gold foil stamped & numbered collector’s boxes. This merch drop follows DOOM’s first foray into the realm of digital collectibles, when the enigmatic rapper teamed u...
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When Billy Idol Went Cyberpunk: See His Tribute to Neuromancer, His Recording Session with Timothy Leary, and His Limited-Edition Floppy Disk (1993) Billy Idol has long evaded straightforward musical classification, being a full-on star but one fully belonging to neither rock nor pop. He may have come up in the 1970s as the frontman of Generation X, the first punk band to play Top of the Pops , but the hits he went on to make as an MTV-optimized solo artist in the 80s and 90s — “Eyes Without a Face,” “Cradle of Love” — sit less than easily with those origins. But as the end of the millen...
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Substance810 – “Lay Your King Down” (Video)

Hands down, Substance810 has been making some of the dopest Hip Hop coming out of Detroit. Off his “Chess Pieces” EP we recently covered, today he takes us back to medieval times and drops the official premiere for, “Lay Your King Down”.The post Substance810 - "Lay Your King Down" (Video) first appeared on UndergroundHipHopBlog.
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Stream The Demo From The New Drug Church/Regional Justice Center Side Project Sex With A Terrorist

Ian Shelton has been busy this year. Shelton is the man behind the Seattle power-violence band Regional Justice Center, and they have released a pair of great records this year: Regional Jurtice Center, a two-song collaboration with Trapped Under Ice's Justice Tripp, and the monumental ripper "KKK Tattoo." Shelton has also … More »
Tags: Music, Seattle, Self Defense Family, Shelton, Tripp, Regional Justice Center, Drug Church, Ian Shelton, Militarie Gun, Patrick Kindlon, Sex With A Terrorist, New Drug Church Regional Justice Center, KKK Tattoo Shelton

We’ve Got A File On You: Danielle Haim

We’ve Got A File On You features interviews in which artists share the stories behind the extracurricular activities that dot their careers: acting gigs, guest appearances, random internet ephemera, etc. More »
Tags: Music, Jimmy Fallon, Bono, U2, Charli Xcx, Paul Thomas Anderson, Funny Or Die, Saturday Night Live, Prince, Fred Armisen, Stevie Nicks, Haim, Jenny Lewis, Brandon Flowers, Vampire Weekend, Thundercat

Damon Albarn Says Gorillaz Are Making A Movie, Mulling Plastic Beach 2

Gorillaz just released the first "season" of their Song Machine project last Friday, but Damon Albarn can never stay still for long. In a new interview with's New Arrivals series, the former Blur leader discusses a pair of intriguing new Gorillaz endeavors: a movie and a sequel to 2010's excellent More »
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Entire Hong Kong Philharmonic Trapped In Island Quarantine

Ever since the bass clarinetist tested positive for the coronavirus, “they have been placed in the same section of the 1,080-room camp [on Lantau Island], each minimally furnished room the size of a standard shipping container. Jamming and group rehearsals are banned, obviously, given that nobody can leave their own rooms.” Here’s how they’re getting through the days. – South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
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Benee – “Plain” (Feat. Lily Allen & Flo Milli)

The young New Zealand singer Benee had one of this year's best breakout TikTok hits with "Supalonely," and her imminent debut album Hey u x has an impressive guest list featuring the likes of Grimes and Kenny Beats. She also got Lily Allen and Flo Milli together on a … More »
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Album Of The Week: War On Women Wonderful Hell

Right after the last election, people kept saying the same thing: “The punk music is going to be great.” If you subscribe to the theory that great art is born out of trauma, the United States sure has a lot of collective trauma to turn into art. That theory is bullshit, of course -- trauma … More »
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Nothing – “Famine Asylum”

In three days, the Philadelphia band Nothing will release the new album The Great Dismal. It absolutely destroys. There's always been an interesting tension at the heart of Nothing -- hardcore hooligans who have been through serious real-life shit and who now make majestic and pretty shoegaze. But that tension really comes to the fore … More »
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We Made Teenage Halloween Review This Year’s Trendy Halloween Costumes

Asbury Park, NJ's Teenage Halloween make world-weary yet life-affirming punk rock with power-pop hooks. Their self-titled debut full-length, released on Don Giovanni Records last month, is packed with towering anthems that bridge the personal and political — "these songs are about mental health and queer struggles," says their Bandcamp — atop piercing guitars and … More »
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