#TrackoftheDay: “Pinball”

#TrackoftheDay: "Pinball" Brian Protheroe UK (1974) Click here to snag it from Amazon
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Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Today we got new Deafheaven, Lorde, and Sturgill Simpson albums and you can read our Premature Evaluation reviews of those here. We also celebrated the 20th anniversary of Danse Macabre. The early 2000’s seem so far away-ay-ay-ay-ay, it’s true.
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: RE: Mixing Suhr pickups with other brands

Author: Adambomb Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2021 9:17 am (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 2 oh good thanks, I was hoping it wouldn’t involve a magnet flip or something crazy if out of phase. Just trying to decide which humbuggy would play well with the Gibson Burstbucker #1 in neck. Would want about the same output as Burstbucker #2 it’s replacing. Was thinking a Thornbucker or an SSV. I have an SSV bridge in my Classic S and love it. Have any ideas? _________________ Gear :
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What Drove The 60s Boom In British Jazz

“In 1966, 1968 – this was a time of liberation. We were all involved in anti-apartheid marches, CND marches, embracing different cultures. It all fed into the music and brought a freedom to it.” – The Guardian
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Florida Georgia Line cancels tour, including several California stops, due to COVID-19 concerns

Country music duo Florida Georgia Line has become the latest act to cancel its tour due to COVID-19 concerns. “While we’ve been able to see some of y’all at shows recently, everyone’s continued safety has been weighing heavy on us,” the band posted on Twitter on Friday. “We’re so bummed to have to cancel this tour, but we love y’all and can’t wait to be back out when the time is right.” FGL was set to hit the West Coast at North Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Chula Vista on Nov. 4, Shorelin...
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What is a Spotify Marquee campaign?

Image Credit: Spotify Find out how to book a Spotify ads campaign using Spotify’s Marquee marketing tool, to put your new music in front of the listeners most likely to stream it. Spotify’s Marquee promotional tool targets listeners with pop-up ads to show new music to the fans most likely to stream the new release. Marquee is designed not to target anyone who’s already listened to the track, but work out who is the most likely to click on the ad based on their listening history. S...
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Stream MJ Lenderman’s Wonderful New Lo-Fi Indie EP Knockin’

MJ Lenderman is Jake Lenderman, guitarist for Asheville indie rockers Wednesday, whose Twin Plagues is one of this year’s best. He also keeps up a steady stream of his own small-scale releases, most recently a pair of EPs this year called Guttering and Ghost Of Your Guitar Solo. Today he adds a third.
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Big Boi & Sleepy Brown – “The Big Sleep Is Over” (Feat. Kay-I)

It’s taken a few years, but it seems like Big Boi and longtime collaborator Sleepy Brown are finally getting serious about releasing their joint album The Big Sleepover. It finally has a release date — September 3rd — and it’ll include their 2019 track “Intentions,” last year’s “Can’t Sleep,” and the more recent “lowercase (no cap).” Now they’re sharing the quasi-title track “The Big Sleep Is Over,” which also features Jamaican artist Kay-I. Listen below.
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The Month In Jazz – August 2021

There were a lot of trumpeters around in the 1960s, but the Big Four were Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard, Donald Byrd, and Lee Morgan. Davis was the most outwardly obsessed with innovation and constant forward movement: His 1965-68 quintet exploded hard bop into shards, and while people were still absorbing that band’s ideas, he moved on, bringing in electric keyboards and ultimately going full-on into fusion.
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The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

Every week the Stereogum staff chooses the five best new songs of the week (the eligibility period begins and ends Thursdays right before midnight). This week’s countdown is below, and you can listen to a playlist of all our 5 Best Songs on Spotify.
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Are Spotify losing ground to ‘social music’ platforms?

Image Credit: MIDiA With growth struggling against social music competitors like TikTok, how can Spotify ensure their goal of owning the audio market? Media and technology analysis company MIDiA recently published a blog post titled: Can Spotify break out of its lane? The piece explains how DSPs or streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music may struggle to hold their ground against what Mark Mulligan calls the “social music revolution”. After several years of ...
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Never Ending Game – “But Not For Me”

Near the end of 2019, the Detroit band Never Ending Game released their debut LP Just Another Day, one of the most brutally satisfying hardcore albums in recent memory. Never Ending Game's style is metallic, but it's not metalcore. Instead, it's hard-crunch juggernaut shit, motivational music for anyone who's ever wanted to hit a swandive headbutt on a pack of hyenas. You won't hear too many shout-along hardcore moments better than that album's climactic "God forgives, NEG don't" bellow. So the ...
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San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House Gets New, Roomier Seats

San Francisco Opera chief Matthew Shilvock: “The seats have historically been patrons’ No. 1 concern for the building. Letters to me. Letters to the box office. Letters to the city. And with some justification. We had springs coming through some of the seats.” – The New York Times
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ABRA – “Unlock It” (Feat. Playboi Carti)

Nearly a decade ago, the Atlanta singer and songwriter ABRA came up, bringing a snarly and vaguely gothic form of R&B that sounded overwhelmingly cool and otherworldly. ABRA released her debut album Rose in 2015, and she was active for a couple of years afterwards, but she's been relatively quietly lately. In recent years, ABRA has shown up on tracks with other artists like Bad Bunny and Steve Lacy, but she hasn't released anything of her own in a while. Today, though, she's announced a major-la...
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Premature Evaluation: Sturgill Simpson The Ballad Of Dood & Juanita

Sturgill Simpson likes to tell stories. The Kentucky-bred singer-songwriter made his name on old-fashioned country music, a style that has historically lent itself to narrative songwriting. Having fully established himself as a skillful, somewhat subversive force within the genre — the kind that sings about drug-induced visions of turtles, wins Grammys, and inspires rhapsodic praise from certain kinds of authenticity fetishists — he took a real-deal Tokyo-drifting left turn with 2019’s Sound & F...
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Stream Dazy’s New Complete-Discography Collection MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD: The First 24 Songs

In August of 2020, James Goodson, a music publicist based in Richmond, started posting songs on Bandcamp under the name Dazy. Goodson played all the instruments on that song, recording them with a sloppy lo-fi urgency, but the songs sounded huge. Dazy's music is sticky, fuzzy, overwhelmingly catchy power-pop, and it's got hooks for days. Goodson didn't make a huge deal about pushing those songs out to the world, but the songs were too good to stay hidden on Bandcamp.
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RouteNote’s New Music Releases 20th August, 2021: 12 fresh adds to our in-house RouteNote playlists

Our new playlist is here! Listen to 12 new tracks from Tranquilize and our three other RouteNote curated playlists, featuring amazing tracks from RouteNote artists and even a feature from Ed Sheeran. Happy Friday everyone! Time to check out our brand new in-house playlist, and all the new music launching today across the four playlists curated by the RouteNote team. Tranquilize is the newest curated playlist to join our lineup, offering easy listening music across the genres to help...
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BADBADNOTGOOD – “Sending Signals”

Genre-fluid Toronto jazz fusion group BADBADNOTGOOD are coming out with a new album called Talk Memory, their first in five years, in October. The LP features all kinds of talented people from the jazz world, including Karriem Riggins, Terrace Martin, and Brandee Younger, and we’ve already heard its epic lead single and opening track “Signal From The Noise.” Now we’re getting another taste, the fuzzy “Sending Signals.” Listen to it below.
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SiriusXM launches ‘TikTok Radio,’ a music channel featuring viral hits hosted by TikTok stars

If viral TikTok songs like Dr. Dog’s “Where’d All the Time Go?” or Bo Burnham’s “Bezos I” weren’t already stuck in your head on loop, now they could be. Today SiriusXM launched a TikTok Radio channel, which features TikTok creators as channel hosts. The station is designed to sound like a “radio version of the platform’s ‘For You’ feed,” Sirius XM said. SiriusXM, parent company to Pandora, announced this music channel in May, teasing the launch with curated Pandora playlists from influencers lik...
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How hits kept flowing for Prescription Songs during COVID-19’s concert lockdown

It’s hard to remember now, but the live music industry ground to a halt during the pandemic. Not songwriting. Katie Mitzell Fagan oversees A&R for music publishing company Prescription Songs in Nashville. (Courtesy of Katie Mitzell Fagan) Rhea Pasricha oversees A&R for music publishing company Prescription Songs office in Los Angeles. (Courtesy of Rhea Pasricha) Show Caption of Expand “We were busier than ever, that’s for sure,” said Katie Mitzell Fagan, who, along with Rhe...
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Watch Lorde Sing “Solar Power,” “California,” And “Green Light” On Good Morning America

Lorde's long-awaited new album Solar Power is out today, and people are mad about it! As the entire music-nerd internet lines up to dunk on the vague self-satisfied mellow rich-kid vibes of Solar Power, Lorde herself is out here getting the red-carpet treatment on Good Morning America. Even if Lorde is mad at all the profoundly lukewarm Solar Power reviews, she's not going to tell Amy Robach about it.
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Stream DARE’s Hard, Passionate Debut Album Against All Odds

The Orange County band DARE play a fast, pummeling, passionate form of old-school hardcore. Their riffs have a sense of surf-punk catchiness, but they aren't into the nasal whininess that so many of us tend to associate with Orange County punk. Instead, DARE are into gang chants and throat-ripping bellows. They're a straight-edge band, and they're the type of straight-edge band who will scream about being straight-edge, motherfucker, mid-song. They rule.
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Top 10 songs by weeks spent on the Billboard Hot 100

Which tracks have spent the most time in the Billboard Hot 100? We list the top 10 tracks, along with the positions they peaked at. The Weeknd recently took the top spot, taking over Imagine Dragons, for the most weeks spent on the Billboard Hot 100. Here’s how the top 10 tracks currently stack up. Note, in its 88th week at number 18, it looks like The Weeknd is set to continue his streak in the top 100 for some week yet. 1. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights 88 weeksPeaked: #1, Ap...
Tags: Music, Billboard, Fun, Carrie Underwood, Top 10, Jason Mraz, Billboard hot 100, Hot 100, Lauren Bennett, most total weeks on the Hot 100, most weeks spent on the Billboard Hot 100, the most time in the Billboard Hot 100, Top 10 Billboard, Weeks Spent On The Hot 100, LMFAO Party Rock Anthem, Adele Rolling

Hey Now Hey Now, Watch Crowded House Play “Don’t Dream It’s Over” On Colbert

For now, New Zealand rock legend Neil Finn is still a member of Fleetwood Mac in good standing. But Fleetwood Mac presumably aren’t going to be able to do much of anything as a band anytime soon. During the pandemic, Finn reassembled a version of Crowded House, his much-loved band. Earlier this year, Crowded House released Dreamers Are Waiting, their first new album in a decade. Last night, they were the musical guests on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night, where they played one new song and one timel...
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Danse Macabre Turns 20

When the Faint first walked onstage, the first thing that anyone in the band said wasn’t really a word — or, at least, I don’t think it was a word. It was more like: “Bwwwaaaow.” My memory here is a little hazy, and I don’t remember exactly who said that “bwwwaaaow.” (It was probably the late keyboardist Jacob Thiele, but I couldn’t swear to that.) I just remember the wave that went through that audience when that “bwwwaaaow” rang out. It was like: Oh, shit. This is it. It’s on. And it really wa...
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Fuel Is In Carl Bell And Kevin Miller’s Hands Again

If you were listening to Top 40 radio in the late ’90s to early ’00s, you couldn’t miss Fuel. Founded by guitarist and primary songwriter Carl Bell and drummer Kevin Miller in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Fuel became one of the more prominent rock acts of the post-grunge era, borrowing aesthetic elements from Northwest icons Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains but imbuing their songs with a slicker, modern twist. With a lineup cemented by then-lead singer Brett Scallions, Fuel enjoyed an in...
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Young Thug – “Tick Tock”

For a long time now, the once-transgressive Atlanta rap star Young Thug has been talking about making an album called Punk. Last month, Thug debuted a bunch of tracks from the album in a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR, and he ended it by teasing an October release date. Travis Barker was involved. It seemed pretty bad. Today, Thug has released the first proper single from Punk, and the good news is that he’s not trying to go Machine Gun Kelly. The bad news is that he’s not trying to do much of anythi...
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Stream Palmistry’s Gorgeous, Haunted New Minimal Pop Album wyrdo

There's no easy way to describe the music of the Irish-born, London-based singer and producer Benjy Keating, who records as Palmistry. Keating has collaborated with artists like Charli XCX and SOPHIE, but on his own, Palmistry makes a strange and particular kind of introvert pop music that strips away as much as possible. The whole Palmistry project is clearly inspired by dancehall and R&B, but it strips away just about every frippery, leaving nothing but barely-there beats and vulnerable feelin...
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