Stream Men I Trust’s New Untourable Album

Québec trio Men I Trust are back with the follow-up to 2019’s Oncle Jazz. They’re calling it Untourable Album because they recorded it under lockdown thinking they wouldn’t be able to perform it live, which reportedly opened up all kinds of creative possibilities. Not that fans of Men I Trust’s previous works will be confused by this batch of songs, which blurs together woozy Mac DeMarco-style indie rock, hallucinatory trip-hop, airy dream-pop, and similar meditative textures. As it happens, Men...
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The Nevermind Baby Sues Nirvana, Calling The Album Cover Child Pornography

For many years now, a man named Spencer Elden has been saying he was the baby featured on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind reaching for a dollar in a swimming pool. Often, he has seemed to celebrate that status, even re-creating the image at various points in his life. However, his perspective on this claim to fame started to shift around the time of his most recent photo reenactment in 2016, when the album (and Elden) turned 25 years old. “It’s fucked up. I’m pissed off about it, to be honest,”...
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Tech Talk :: RE: Worried about stripped bridge mount screw

Author: lball70 Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2021 6:22 am (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 2 [email protected] wrote: First off, stay calm and don't panic. We are in the best position to advise you on how to proceed. Please send a photo of the screw with the issue to our support team and we will be happy to take a look. Thank you, I will get some pics and get in contact with support. _________________"The researches of many commentators have already ...
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Kanye West Files To Legally Change His Name To Ye

Kanye West has filed to legally change his name to the mononym Ye. As TMZ reports, Kanye filed the paperwork in California requesting that his legal name be changed from Kanye Omari West to just Ye, the nickname he’s gone by for years, which also became the title of one of his lesser albums in 2018. Once a judge signs off on it — which TMZ believes will happen — he will legally not be named Kanye West anymore.
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Deerhoof – “Plant Thief”

Last month, Deerhoof announced their new album, Actually, You Can. At the time, they also shared a lead single called “Department Of Corrections.” Today, they’re back with another one.
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Hatsune Miku Theme Park Miku Land Offering Summer Attractions in VR

Miku Land, a special amusement park that can be visited in virtual reality courtesy of Virtual Cast and HoloModels, is introducing three new summer-themed attractions, certain to have hardcore Vocaloid fans excited to see Hatsune Miku through virtual reality. Not just Hatsune Miku will be taking part as Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Ren, Snow Miku’s rabbit […]
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Megan Thee Stallion Says Label Is Trying To Block Her BTS Remix

Megan Thee Stallion claims that her label is trying to block the release of her new remix of BTS’ chart-dominating K-pop hit “Butter.” According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, 1501 Certified Entertainment and its founder Carl Crawford, a former Major League Baseball player, told the rap star that the remix would be bad for her career. Megan’s claiming that that’s bullshit and the label is just attempting to shake her down by forcing her to pay them to sign off on the release.
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Shannon Lay – “A Thread To Find”

Last month, Shannon Lay announced a new album called Geist. At the time, she shared two new songs, “Awaken And Allow” and the album’s title track. We’d also previously heard “Rare To Wake,” which landed amongst our favorite songs when Lay released it back in May. Today, she’s back with another.
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Soul Blind – “Third Chain”

The Hudson Valley band Soul Blind has been around for a couple years, evoking ’90s alt-rock on a series of EPs and singles that were collected on last year’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1. Today, they’re announcing a new EP called Third Chain, out next month, with the impressively zoned-out title track that boasts some monster riffs and a walloping nostalgic edge. Here’s the band on how the song came together:
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Porches – “Lately”

Last month, Aaron Maine announced his All Day Gentle Hold !, his latest album as Porches. It’s a quarantine project, written alone in his room last year and trying to tap into an urgency when we were all stuck separated from one another — he described it as shooting for “the most energetic, off-the-cuff moments, collaged together into the most captivating songs [he] could make.” At the time of the announcement, Maine shared lead single “Okay.” Today, he’s back with another one.
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Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu – “Persona”

Last year, Marie Davidson formed a new band called Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu. Their first full-length together, Renegade Breakdown, was a collision of a whole lot of different sounds, from loungey psych-folk to tattered rock music and everything in between. Today, they’re back with a new single called “Persona,” which they’re serving up in three ways: crunchy, soft, and trippy. The band says the three-pronged approach is inspired by the psychologist Carl Jung.
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Boy Scouts – “Didn’t I”

Taylor Vick announced her latest album as Boy Scouts, Wayfinder, last month with the 5 best songs-worthy “That’s Life Honey.” Today, she’s sharing “Didn’t I,” which features some lovely swelling melodies and warm piano-playin. “I don’t have the answers/ I have memories/ Sitting by the gutter/ Discussing eternity,” Vick sings in its opening lines.
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Sylvie – “Falls On Me”

Last month, a new band called Sylvie — featuring Drug Dealer’s Benjamin Schwab alongside Marina Allen and Sam Burton — announced a self-titled debut EP on Terrible Records. At the time, they shared a song called “Sylvie,” but it wasn’t a case of a band writing an eponymous song. Rather, it was a cover that gave the band its name and inspiration in the first place. The original is an obscure ’70s track by Ian Matthews, and the band had taken to referring to such songs as “a Sylvie” — “a song from...
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Charlie Watts: the calm, brilliant eye of the Rolling Stones’ rock’n’roll storm

Unruffled amid excess, personality clashes and musical disputes, the Rolling Stones’ exceptional drummer used technique to deepen the meaning and power of their songsRolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dies aged 80A life in picturesObituaryBy any standards, Charlie Watts was an unlikely candidate for rock stardom.He was quiet, drily funny and unfailingly modest, characteristics theoretically better suited to his initial profession as a graphic designer than the scream-rent world of 60s pop. Fur...
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Mass Exodus And An Unholy Mess At France’s Most Prestigious Classical Music Competition

The Long-Thibaud-Crespin Competition is in crisis after its artistic directors — pianist Bertrand Chamayou, violinist Renaud Capuçon, and La Scala CEO Dominique Meyer — and a large part of its staff have quit, reportedly fed up with mismanagement and money troubles. (in French) – France Musique
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Instagram are replacing the swipe up with link stickers

Image Credit: Souvik Banerjee “Swipe up for more” will become “tap the link for more” from August 30th, as Instagram retire the swipe up feature in Stories. In Instagram Stories, some creators were able to assign a swipe up with a link to an external site. This is commonly used for sponsored content, or to send fans to music, merch stores and ticket sales for example. Instagram have always restricted the swipe up feature to verified users or those with at least 10k followers. During t...
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Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, pioneer of rock and lover of jazz, dies at age 80

By JILL LAWLESS | Associated Press LONDON — Charlie Watts, the self-effacing and unshakeable Rolling Stones drummer who helped anchor one of rock’s greatest rhythm sections and used his “day job” to support his enduring love of jazz, has died, according to his publicist. He was 80. Bernard Doherty said Tuesday that Watts “passed away peacefully in a London hospital earlier today surrounded by his family.” “Charlie was a cherished husband, father and grandfather and also as a member of The Rollin...
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Marisa Anderson & William Tyler – “At The Edge Of The World”

Guitarists extraordinaire Marisa Anderson and William Tyler are releasing their collaborative album Lost Futures at the end of this week. Since they first announced the project five months ago with the release of the title track, Tyler contracted COVID-19 and had to cancel a run of shows with Steve Gunn. That was about a month ago, so hopefully if Tyler suffered symptoms, he’s feeling alright by now.
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Listen to "Welcome to the Jungle" except it's The Smiths

Manchester musician Good Future combines Guns and Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" with The Smiths' "How Soon Is Now" and it kinda works, especially when you consider that he's playing all the instruments. He posts lots of these curious combinations on his Instagram account. — Read the rest
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De La Soul’s catalog is finally coming to streaming platforms

Image credit: David Corio/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images via Okayplayer After a long wait and many legal battles regarding their samples, De La Soul’s entire back catalog will be available on all major streaming platforms. The hip hop trio De La Soul, who raised to fame during the ’90s has announced that their entire back catalog of music will be available to stream later this year.  The legendary trio that consists of Dave “Trugoy The Dove” Jolicoeur, Kelvin “Posdnuos” Mercer,...
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S. Raekwon – “Forever”

Illinois native Steven Raekwon Reynolds is about to release his debut album as S. Raekwon. It’s called Where I’m At Now, and today he’s sharing its second single following “Darling.” The new one, “Forever,” is sparse and reflective, just vocals and guitar until some synths enter to lend it some gravitas; it might remind you of Frank Ocean’s “Self Control.” It finds Reynolds pondering what we mean when we commit to a romantic relationship for all eternity, ultimately building to this question: “W...
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Chief Keef & Mike Will Made-It – “Harley Quinn”

It makes so much sense that Chief Keef liked The Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad is a deranged, joyously cynical gorefest bankrolled by a major film studio. Once upon a time, you could say something similar about Chief Keef’s music. But even now that drill music, the sound that Chief Keef introduced to the world, has become a massively popular global wave, Keef himself remains, at least partially, in the shadows. He’s still making bangers, though.
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Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dies aged 80

Musician’s publicist says he died peacefully in a London hospital surrounded by his familyThe Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has died, his publicist has said.The musician, who marked his 80th birthday in June, had been a member of the rock group since 1963. Continue reading...
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Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer, RIP

Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, died today. He was 80-years-old. "Charlie Watts has always been the bed that I lie on musically," wrote Keith Richards in 2010. And here's a wonderful Watts anecdote captured by author Victor Bockris in his biography of Richards: — Read the rest
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W. H. Lung – “Gd Tym”

Over the past couple of months, the British synth-pop group W.H. Lung have been gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, Vanities. So far we’ve heard a couple tracks from it, including “Pearl In The Palm” and “Showstopper.” (The former ranked amongst our favorite songs of the week.) Today, they’ve announced that pressing plant issues mean they have to delay Vanities until early October, but as a consolation prize we get another single called “Gd Tym.” And, good news, it’s another ban...
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Fauness – “Dragonfly”

The pop project Fauness — which we named one of the Best New Bands Of 2019 — has spent the past few years putting out a string of EPs and singles. Today, she’s announcing another new EP called Maiden No More, which was co-produced by Jam City, the producer also known as Jack Latham who recently worked with Olivia Rodrigo on her debut album SOUR. Lead single “Dragonfly” is sparkling and glossy and Fauness’ voice is airy and light as she sings about breaking free: “Cut the cord/ Cut the cord from ...
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Was es bedeutet, wenn dein Horoskop von einem „Haus“ spricht

Jede:r Astrologie-Anfänger:in kennt das Gefühl: Du öffnest dein Horoskop, ohne dir groß was dabei zu denken, und erwartest, darin kleine Indizien für die bevorstehenden Tage zu erfahren – und dann stolpert dein Hirn plötzlich über einen Satz: „Neptun wird im zehnten Haus deiner Karriere rückläufig.“ Äh, hallo, Error, Sekunde mal. Was genau sind denn diese Häuser, von denen dein Horoskop dauernd quatscht? Keine Panik: Die 12 Häuser des Tierkreises sind zwar etwas komplexer zu verstehen als beisp...
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Burna Boy – “Question” (Feat. Don Jazzy)

Burna Boy, the Nigerian star whose music doesn’t really fit into any broad category, has been on a big run lately. Last year, Burna Boy released the album Twice As Tall, the latest in a string of ambitious and globally inclined pop records. Earlier this year, he released his single “Kilometre.” In the weeks ahead, Burna Boy will play Governors Ball and headline the Hollywood Bowl. Today, he’s come out with another new track.
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8 Gründe, warum du nackt schlafen solltest

Nackt zu schlafen, hat viele offensichtliche Vorteile – wie z.B. die Tatsache, dass du dir so das Geld für einen Pyjama ersparst. Wenn du deine Nachtruhe gerne unbekleidet verbringst, bist du damit auch nicht allein: 41 Prozent der Deutschen meinen, dass es sich textilfrei besser schläft. Außerdem scheinen es eher jüngere Personen zu sein, die Gefallen daran finden: Zwischen 18 und 24 Jahren sind noch fast die Hälfte aller Schläfer:innen fürs Nacktschlafen, ab 65 Jahren nur noch ein gutes D...
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Album Of The Week: Turnstile Glow On

Feeling nothing is easy. Routines are soothing. If work and screens and vague creature comforts fill up enough of your working hours, then those cycles begin to feel like natural rhythms. You end your day by zoning out in front of some Netflix thing enough times, and that just becomes the thing that you do. There’s a kind of safety in it, and that safety can be deadly. Over the past year and a half, when possibilities for catharsis waned and those routines took on a certain social-necessity weig...
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