Dallas Woman in Critical Condition After Doing the Milk Crate Challenge

Unless you live under a rock, just about everybody and their mama has heard about the Internet’s latest trend … the Milk Crate Challenge. Social media has been in a frenzy with users posting videos of themselves and others doing the ridiculous challenge, mostly ending in participants falling off the crates and painfully crashing to the ground. While it seems to be all fun and games, the challenge is actually very dangerous and can result in serious injuries. A Dallas woman is reportedly in cr...
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Dallas Woman Reportedly in Critical Condition After Doing the Milk Crate Challenge

Unless you live under a rock, just about everybody and their mama has heard about the Internet’s latest trend … the Milk Crate Challenge. Social media has been in a frenzy with users posting videos of themselves and others doing the ridiculous challenge, mostly ending in participants falling off the crates and painfully crashing to the ground. While it seems to be all fun and games, the challenge is actually very dangerous and can result in serious injuries. A Dallas woman is reportedly in cr...
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Why Charlie Watts Was The Engine Behind The Stones

Watts’s drumming was unique. He differed from his peers in the rock drumming pantheon, partly due to being a jazz aficionado, a sensibility that he took to the music of the Stones, and also through his self-contained manner. – The Conversation
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Gene Simmons Apologizes For Comparing David Lee Roth To “Bloated, Naked Elvis”

Over the weekend, David Lee Roth sent 18 middle fingers to Gene Simmons through his Instagram account after Simmons made some seemingly unflattering comments about the Van Halen lead singer in a recent Rolling Stone interview. Simmons has now apologized for those comments.
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Sigrid – “Burning Bridges”

The Norwegian pop musician Sigrid is back with a new single, “Burning Bridges,” her second song of the year following “Mirror” from a few months back. Her debut album, Sucker Punch, came out in 2019. “Burning Bridges” packs its own kind of punch, building up to a walloping dance chorus. “You gotta let it go/ Sometimes you just can’t fix it,” she sings. “You love somebody/ But you gotta let ’em go/ Before you go down with ’em/ Can’t love somebody who loves burning bridges.”
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Lydia Loveless – “You’re Leaving Me” & “Let’s Make Out”

Last year, Lydia Loveless released her most recent album, the great Daughter. Now, we’ll finally get to hear some of that material live. Loveless has announced a fall co-headlining tour with Lilly Hiatt, and to celebrate she’s also shared two new songs.
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Doja Cat Will Host The VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards are happening in a couple weeks — they will be broadcast live from Barclays Center in New York City on September 12th. Over the last month, a slate of performers has been announced that includes Camila Cabello, Lil Nas X, Lorde, Olivia Rodrigo, Machine Gun Kelly, and others. And today the show has revealed its official host: Doja Cat. She’ll also be performing.
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Ross From Friends – “The Daisy”

Felix Clary Weatherall, the British DJ and producer known as Ross From Friends — not to be confused with Sweden’s DJ Seinfeld — will return this fall with a new album called Tread for Brainfeeder. It’s the follow-up to his 2018 debut Family Portrait, though he has since released a 12″ EP called Epiphany. Tread‘s lead single “The Daisy” is an artful meditative techno track with a video by director Rudá Santos that you can watch below.
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Spirits Having Fun – “See A Sky”

Next week, Spirits Having Fun are releasing their appropriately-titled sophomore album Two. We’ve heard “Hold The Phone” and “Entropy Transfer Partners” already and today the band are sharing one last single, “See A Sky,” a swaying and droopy meditation on the world that becomes prickling and indiscriminate.
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Many People Don’t Realize That John Cage Wrote Some Quiet, Very Beautiful Music

Aficionados may love Suite for Toy Piano or Sonatas and Interludes, but mostly folks know only the conceptual piece 4’33” or raucous chance-based works like the one for electronics and household appliances (Variations VII) or Roaratorio (don’t even ask). Those folks should hear the Number Pieces. – The Guardian
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LURK – “Bermuda”

Chicago punk-rockers LURK are releasing their debut full-length, Around The Sun, in just under a month. We’ve already posted early single “Crack A Smile,” a big, nasty, energetic riff machine, and today they’re following that one up with the portentously psychedelic new track “Bermuda.”
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Furrows – “Grey Cities”

Fisher King is the debut album from Furrows, aka singer-songwriter and former Berklee jazz student Peter Wagner. Supposedly Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House was a big deal for him, and you can hear it in his music, though Fisher King‘s lead single “Grey Cities” errs more on the brisk and featherweight side, in the airspace between Sufjan Stevens and Beach Fossils.
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Premature Evaluation: Halsey If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power

Halsey has always insisted they are an alternative artist, not a pop star. Maybe those labels are meaningless, but they clearly mean something to Halsey; the singer has argued their case passionately on multiple occasions, sometimes suggesting that gender bias was forcing them into a lane where they did not belong. Still, even as the distinction between “pop” and “alternative” came to feel increasingly moot over the past decade, Halsey kept working with pop professionals, and their music consist...
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Joni Mitchell Is MusiCares’ 2022 Person Of The Year, Tribute Concert Planned For January

Just a month after it was announced Joni Mitchell was receiving Kennedy Center Honors, the iconic singer-songwriter is getting another tribute, too. Today, the Grammys announced that Mitchell would be honored as their annual MusiCares Person Of The Year for 2022. She is the 31st person to receive the title.
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Ada Lea – “partner”

Next month, Ada Lea is releasing her new album one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden, which separates itself from the pack of a lot of similar folk music being made nowadays by being particularly crisp and well-defined. We’ve heard “hurt” and “damn” from it already and today the Montreal musician is back with another track, “partner.”
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CHAI – “Miniskirt”

Japanese experimental pop quartet CHAI just released their new album WINK back in May. And now they’re already back with another new single, “Miniskirt,” released today as the latest installment of Adult Swim Singles’ 2021 series. “Miniskirt” continues the mellower, dreamier path that the band went down on WINK, a subtle electronic groove underpinning soothing vocals and wailing electric guitar. Listen below.
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The Fiery Furnaces – “The Fortune Teller’s Revenge”

Last year, Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger’s sibling project the Fiery Furnaces were gearing back up after a decade of inactivity with some tour dates and festival appearances, all of which were cancelled because of the pandemic. They still released their first new song since 2010, though, “Down At The So And So On Somewhere,” on a 7″ via Third Man Records that contained another new track, “The Fortune Teller’s Revenge,” on its B-side.
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Sleigh Bells – “Justine Go Genesis”

Next month, Sleigh Bells, the party-starting noise-pop duo of Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller, will return with their new album Texis. The group already shared the sugary attack of lead single “Locust Laced,” and they’ve just followed it up with an even more fizzy and chaotic new track.
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Steve Gunn – “Circuit Rider”

Steve Gunn is releasing a new album, Other You, at the end of this week. We’ve heard “Reflection,” “Fulton,” and the title track from it already and today Gunn is sharing one last single, “Circuit Rider.” It’s a warm, folsky ramble that features some contributions from guitar god Bill MacKay. “Strangers gain the strangest payments/ Offer them to heal/ “Circuit rider sat bored watching,” Gunn sings. “Horizons of tears/ Occured from conversation/ Concentration, wasted time/ New mutations, old salv...
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goodbye charlie watts

Charlie Watts was the greatest rock and roll drummer of all time. He's the reason the Stones' music has so much swing, why it skips and chugs and rolls and flies, where so much rock merely clumps and plods. His playing was always described as propulsive.  And of course Charlie was known for his deadpan style, his bemused, unflappable demeanour. He always talked about hating touring, but loving playing with the band, the central, unresolvable dilemma of his life. I love how he always mentioned hi...
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A Harp Played with a Heavy Distortion Pedal

You’ve had the thought experiment in your head. What would happen if you run a harp through a heavy distortion pedal? Now you can see how it all plays out. Emily Hopkins has been playing the harp for over 20 years and has recently taken to experimenting with harp distortion. Above, you can watch her experiment with the Nepenthes by Electrofoods, the heaviest distortion pedal she could find. Other pedal distortion experiments can be found here. Would you like to support the mission of Op...
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In Amazon Primes Nine Perfect Strangers spielt die halbe Hollywood-Elite mit

Hi, diese neun Fremden würden gern einchecken – im Tranquillum House Resort, dem Handlungsspielort von Amazon Primes neuer Serie Nine Perfect Strangers. Basierend auf dem Buch von Liane Moriarty (die übrigens auch die Vorlage zu Big Little Lies lieferte) dreht sich Nine Perfect Strangers um neun Gäste in einem Wellness-Hotel, die einander nicht kennen. Während sie sich dann eben doch nach und nach kennenlernen und auch wir immer mehr über ihre verschiedenen Vorgeschichten erfahren, wird uns alle...
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Explosions In The Sky – “Climbing Bear”

Texan post-rock greats Explosions In The Sky have a rare gift for making things sound a whole lot more epic; Friday Night Lights simply wouldn’t hit the same without their ringing chords. Today, EITS have announced their first soundtrack album since they scored the 2014 David Gordon Green/Al Pacino drama Manglehorn. The band made a whole album of music to soundtrack Big Bend: The Wild Frontier Of Texas, a new PBS documentary about the National Park in the band’s home state.
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Smells Like… Child Pornography?

I've been locked in your second album for 30 years.
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La Luz – “The Pines”

This fall, the LA-via-Seattle trio La Luz will release their new self-titled album. The band comes from the indie-pop world, but they recorded the LP with Adrian Younge, a producer who normally works in soul, jazz, and funk. Thus far, the results have been pretty amazing. The early singles “In The Country” and “Watching Cartoons” have been psychedelic, harmony-heavy stunners. Today, La Luz have shared a third track from the album, and it’s another great one.
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Olivia Rodrigo Gives Paramore Writing Credits On “good 4 u”

A week before releasing her hugely successful debut album Sour, Olivia Rodrigo dropped “good 4 u,” a snarling pop-punk banger. The song debuted at #1 and then it hung around at #2 for months afterwards. The song was always clearly indebted to Paramore, especially to the 2007 anthem “Misery Business.” Now, Variety reports that Rodrigo has retroactively given “good 4 u” songwriting credits to Paramore leader Hayley Williams and to former guitarist Josh Farro, the two writers of “Misery Business.” ...
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Kanye West Selling $200 Donda Stem Player Allowing Users To “Customize Any Song”

Kanye West — excuse me, Ye — is now selling something called the Donda stem player, which theoretically will allow users to “customize any song.” Per his website that means you can “control vocals, drums, bass, and samples,” “isolate parts,” “add effects,” and “split any song into stems.”
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So muss Networking nicht unangenehm sein

Beim bloßen Gedanken an Networking stellen sich vielen von uns die Haare auf. Das Knüpfen von Kontakten erfordert Souveränität. Außerdem ist Feinfühligkeit nötig, damit eine Interaktion auch für das Gegenüber eine positive Erfahrung sein kann. Schließlich soll sich die Unterhaltung ja nicht wie ein Kaufabschluss anfühlen. Gleichzeitig willst du aber auch nicht deine Zeit oder die deiner Gesprächspartner:innen verschwenden.Neue Kontakte zu knüpfen, kann ein wenig beängstigend sein – vor allen da...
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Drain – “Watch You Burn”

Last year, just as the pandemic was landing, the Santa Cruz band Drain released their debut LP California Cursed, one of 2020’s best hardcore albums. Drain, who share members with other Bay Area bands like Gulch, play super-aggressive music that never loses its sense of fun. They pull from thrash and from arena-metal like Pantera, but they never seem to take themselves too seriously. (Boogie-board crowd-surfing is a staple of Drain shows.) Their energy is ridiculous. And today, a couple of month...
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