Emerson String Quartet Announces Retirement

The group, which for decades has been one of the world’s most admired of its kind, said in a statement that it will close up shop in 2023, after what will have been 47 years. – Vulture
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Wie Long COVID jungen Frauen mit chronischem Erschöpfungssyndrom hilft

Beth aus London – die zum Schutz ihrer Privatsphäre in diesem Artikel ein Pseudonym verwendet – ist 24 Jahre alt und leidet schon seit zehn Jahren unter Myalgischer Enzephalomyelitis (ME), auch als Chronisches Erschöpfungssyndrom (CFS für chronic fatigue syndrome) bekannt. Nach ein paar Jahren, während der die Symptome noch relativ erträglich waren, sind die Schmerzen und Müdigkeit in den letzten Monaten immer schlimmer geworden. Inzwischen schafft es Beth kaum noch, das Haus zu verlassen; jeden...
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Livestream Kanye West’s Third Donda Listening Party

It’s another Donda listening party! Welcome back, everyone. Kanye West’s third event for his new album is going down tonight at Chicago’s Soldier Field, a change in venue from the previous two, which both took place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. For this one, West recreated his childhood home in the middle of the stadium.
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Tech Talk :: RE: Worried about stripped bridge mount screw

Author: lball70 Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2021 2:58 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 3 [email protected] wrote: First off, stay calm and don't panic. We are in the best position to advise you on how to proceed. Please send a photo of the screw with the issue to our support team and we will be happy to take a look. Support was great, and it is no big deal. The bolts lock which I did not know, and I got a complete reference to do what I want. Suh...

Nirvana Baby’s Lawyer Grilled On CNN, Legal Expert Calls Child Porn Lawsuit “Ridiculous”

A couple days ago, the baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind, who is now a man named Spencer Elden, filed a lawsuit against the band’s surviving members, Kurt Cobain’s estate, photographer Kirk Weddle, and the labels involved in releasing the album, alleging that the Nevermind cover is child pornography and that its existence is an invasion of his privacy.
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Annie Blackman – “Glitch”

Earlier this year, Annie Blackman made her Father/Daughter Records debut with a trio of songs that were pretty and swirling and immersive. Today, she’s back with another new single, “Glitch,” that’s much more pithy and direct. It’s one of those songs where the words start tumbling out and don’t stop and Blackman has a lot of funny and cutting observations about the world and our place in it, inspired by a documentary about simulation theory. The opening lines will give you a taste of what to exp...
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In Australia: Thousands Of Newly Canceled Gigs And Musicians Calling It Quits

With Australia reeling from the Delta strain, major festivals including Splendour and Bluesfest have been cancelled for the second year running, with an estimated 7,000 gigs and live events cancelled each week. – The Guardian
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Premature Evaluation: Big Red Machine How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?

The red machine feels bigger this time. When Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon released their first album as Big Red Machine back in 2018, it marked the on-record merger of two indie-rock name brands that had long been in each other’s orbit, the singer-songwriter at the heart of Bon Iver and the guitarist-turned-producer extraordinaire from the National. With that kind of pedigree, Big Red Machine should have been a bigger deal. But for whatever reason, the album played more like a minor release i...
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IdolMaster [email protected] Music Video a Brilliantly Extravagant Performance

The IdolMaster series has celebrated its 15th anniversary by releasing a spectacular animated music video that features idols from several of the game’s different groups, sure to simultaneously induce nostalgia and astonishment due to the MV’s abundance of visual effects and wonder. The concept movie was a combined effort between animation studios Cloverworks and Studio […]
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Stream Gorillaz’s New Meanwhile EP

Gorillaz have released a new three-track EP called Meanwhile. A celebration of the Notting Hill Carnival, which is cancelled this year due to the pandemic, and the band’s West London home, Meanwhile features collaborations with rappers AJ Tracey and Jelani Blackman and the Jamaica-born dancehall star Alicaì Harley. Gorillaz debuted all three songs during a free show for NHS workers at the O2 Arena earlier this month, and now you can stream the studio versions below.
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Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash 2021 Aimed For Mosh Pit Utopia

The first thing I saw inside the gates of the Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash was a memorial: a painted mural of Squeak PIVOT, Juice WRLD, and King Von, three musicians with little in common besides their city of origin and their untimely deaths. The second thing I saw was a kid with a patchy goatee exclaim “They sell edibles here?” at the sight of delta8 joints and brownies for sale at one of the vendor tents. Summer Smash understands the ethos of its college-aged target market, smuggling gray ma...
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Rina Sawayama – “Enter Sandman” (Metallica Cover)

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of The Metallica Blacklist, the bugged-out new project where 53 different artists cover the songs from Metallica’s self-titled Black Album. One of the weirdest things about this whole project is that it seems to involve very few metal bands, or even artists with a noticeable metal influence in their music. There’s nothing conventional about the Japanese-British mutant pop star Rina Sawayama, but her version of “Enter Sandman” actually has something ...
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Patti Smith – “Blame It On The Sun” (Stevie Wonder Cover)

Patti Smith has released a new live EP, the latest installment of Spotify and Electric Lady Studios’ Live At Electric Lady series also featuring Japanese Breakfast, Faye Webster, Bleachers, and more. Smith’s seven-track EP includes a number of her own songs in addition to covers of Bob Dylan’s “One Too Many Mornings” and Stevie Wonder’s “Blame It On The Sun.”
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Nothing – “Amber Gambler”

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Machine Gun Kelly And Mod Sun Are Making A Feature Film — And Pete Davidson Is In It, Of Course

Machine Gun Kelly and his fellow Midwest-bred-but-extremely-Hollywood sorta-rap sorta-punk guy Mod Sun — perhaps best known as the boyfriend and collaborator of Avril Lavigne — are making a movie. And yes, Pete Davidson will be in it.
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The Beatles’ Let It Be Gets Deluxe Reissue With Previously Unreleased Mixes And Outtakes

In recent years, as the Beatles’ late-period masterpieces have all turned 50, we’ve been getting deluxe anniversary editions of those albums with demos and session recordings and new mixes. The most recent of those was Abbey Road, the last full-on studio album that the Beatles ever made; the reissue came out in 2019. Today, the people in charge of managing the band’s legacy have announced that the Beatles’ 1970 album Let It Be, which was started before Abbey Road and essentially cobbled together...
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Preview John Coltrane’s Previously Unreleased A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle Featuring Pharoah Sanders

It’s been over 50 years after John Coltrane’s death and we’re still discovering new recordings. The jazz legend rarely played his 1965 masterpiece A Love Supreme live, and until now, the only recorded public performance available took place at a French festival in 1965. But now, following the release of the lost album Both Directions At Once and Blue World, Impulse! has announced A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle, a private recording of a rare nightclub performance from the collection of saxophoni...
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L.A. Opera Builds All Scenery For New Production In Ten Days

The company’s return to live performance, Verdi’s Il trovatore, was to use sets from the Opéra de Monte-Carlo — but they’re on a container ship stuck in the giant traffic jam at the Port of Los Angeles. But that won’t stop L.A. Opera. – Los Angeles Times
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Hand Habits – “No Difference”

Meg Duffy announced their new Hand Habits album Fun House, the follow-up to 2019’s excellent placeholder, last month. The LP was produced by Sasami Ashworth and engineered by King Tuff’s Kyle Thomas, and lead single “Aquamarine,” one of our favorite songs of the week when it came out, was a successful sonic departure that ventured into glistening synth-pop territory. New single “No Difference,” out today, retains some electronic textures but is much more of a classic Hand Habits song in Duffy’s ...
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Verabschiede dich von diesen 7 Don’ts für deine Zähne

Wir hoffen sehr stark, dass du als Erwachsene:r die Kunst des Zähneputzens beherrschst. Es gibt allerdings viele, weniger bekannte Dinge, die du tun kannst, damit deine Beißerchen weiß und gesund bleiben. Dazu ist vor allem ein effektiver Umgang mit Bakterien nötig.„In deinem Mund befinden sich Hunderte von Bakterien“, sagt Zahnärztin Julie Cho. „Sie nutzen Zucker als Nahrung und produzieren Säure, die den Zahnschmelz angreift.“ Dein Speichel wirkt aber wie ein natürliches Bewässerungssystem, d...
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A Guide For Avoiding Financial Troubles

Getting into financial trouble is not ideal. It can hinder your confidence, quality of life, and put a lot of pressure on your money situation. Avoiding financial trouble is more straightforward than you might think. With the right knowledge, you can work on improving your financial stability and avoiding financial troubles. On that note, use this guide for how to avoid financial troubles. If you are in debt, get legal help to get you out of it First things first, if you are in debt, you wil...
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‘Not just a drummer – a genre’: Stewart Copeland and Max Weinberg on Charlie Watts

The Police and Bruce Springsteen drummers share memories of their late Rolling Stones counterpart, explaining his technical brilliance, his verve – and his clothes-folding skillsI’m an early-period Stones fan, and not so much because of losing interest in them, but because when you’re 16, music is 100 times more important – and the Rolling Stones were right there when I was 16. Humans are sort of like ducks. A duck comes out of the shell, the first warm thing it sees is mama; for adolescent teen...
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We’ve Got A File On You: Diane Warren

We’ve Got A File On You features interviews in which artists share the stories behind the extracurricular activities that dot their careers: acting gigs, guest appearances, random internet ephemera, etc.
Tags: Music, Michelle Obama, Kiss, Britney Spears, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ringo Starr, Eurovision, Diane Warren, Debarge, Selena, Starship, Milli Vanilli, Meat Loaf, Laura Branigan, Russell Hitchcock, We've Got A File On You

Bramwell Tovey Named Music Director Of Sarasota Orchestra

The 68-year-old chief conductor of the BBC Concert Orchestra, formerly music director of the Vancouver and Winnipeg Symphonies and Calgary Opera, begins a five-year contract term on next week and fully assumes the music director title in Sept. 2022. – Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Tags: Art, Music, Vancouver, BBC Concert Orchestra, Sarasota Orchestra, Bramwell Tovey, Calgary Opera, Winnipeg Symphonies

Lil Nas X Announces Debut Album Montero, Shares Trailer, & Inspires Ubiquitous “Nah He Tweakin” Instagram Comments

Lil Nas X has an Album Of The Year Grammy nomination, but he does not yet have an album. Two years ago, following the wild and unprecedented success of “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X released his debut EP 7, and that’s what got him his nomination. Since then, he’s been working hard on an actual debut album, and that album, entitled Montero, is set to arrive on September 17.
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IDLES – “The God That Failed” (Metallica Cover)

In a few weeks, Metallica will release The Metallica Blacklist, the strange new project that will feature 53 different artists covering songs from Metallica’s self-titled “Black Album.” We’ve already heard a ton of those covers; people like Phoebe Bridgers, Weezer, and Chris Stapleton have offered their own incongruous takes on Metallica’s originals. Today, British bellowers IDLES take a crack at it.
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Watch Chvrches’ Cinematic, Glammed-Out Performance Of “Good Girls” On Fallon

Tomorrow, Scottish synthpop festival staples Chvrches will release Screen Violence, the new album that has already inspired an A-1 Chris DeVille headline pun. Last night, with the album release looking, Chvrches did musical-guest duties on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. They played their big-statement single “Good Girls,” and they made sure the performance was a bit of a statement, too.
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Der unnötige Gürtel der 2000er ist zurück & das hat psychologische Gründe

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Every Outfit on Sex & the City (@everyoutfitonsatc) Als Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Sex and the City (Staffel 4, Folge 15) einen limettengrünen Gürtel, eng um ihren oberen Bauch geschnürt, mit einem low-waisted Tropenprint-Rock, einem pinken Bauchfrei-Hemd und einem an Unkraut erinnernden Haaraccessoire kombinierte, sorgte das im Publikum für Stirnrunzeln. Selbst...
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Music: Venus and Her Tastes

My daughter was a teenager. Try as I might, I just didn’t like the music she was listening to in the era. I thought I could and should love whatever (and whoever) my kids loved but as it turned out, … Read More...
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Aaliyah One in a Million for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as that means we are closer to the weekend. My playlist this week had about 5 personal and regular mixtapes. Southern Smoke 15 and Street Wars 3 were amongst those played this week. Benny the Butcher and the new Nas album were bumped during the week. The new Fat Joe mixtape, What Would Big Do 2021 was downloaded and then it disappeared. It’s All On U Vol. 2 from BG also made it to the playlist. Once again, there are plenty to choose from as far as featured Throwback...
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