#TrackoftheDay: “Nenada”

The lyrics, I am told, are in bastardized Russian. You can find them translated here.
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Genesis Play Live Rarities In Reunion Tour Opener — See The Setlist

After long teasing a reunion tour, Genesis finally announced they’d get back out on the road in March of 2020. Of course, that didn’t happen. Earlier this year, they announced rescheduled dates, alongside a North American leg. And now, it’s finally here. Tonight, Genesis kicked off The Last Domino? tour in Birmingham, so we now have an idea of what to expect from these shows.
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Courtney Barnett Acknowledges Her New Video’s “Uncanny” But Coincidental Similarity To Fellow Aussie Band’s

Courtney Barnett has been in the midst of rolling out her new album Things Take Time, Take Time. Recently, that meant a new video for “Before You Gotta Go.” Apparently, people noticed some significant similarities to an older video, for the Melbourne band Quivers’ 2019 song “You’re Not Always On My Mind.” Today, Barnett tweeted an acknowledgment of the overlaps.
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Labelle’s Sarah Dash Dead At 76

Sarah Dash, a member of the groundbreaking girl group Labelle, has passed away at 76. No cause of death was given, but it was apparently unexpected.
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“Pre-Saving” Music And What That Really Means

When you pre-save a song, it may look like the service you use, like Spotify, is the one requesting information about your account. But it’s not. It will tell you which service, label, or company is making the request, and who’ll get your data when you accept. – Wired
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Scammers Allegedly Received $200k From Fake Driver Scheme Targeting Delivery Apps

Federal Agents announces the arrest of over a dozen people tied to a food delivery service scam involving identity theft, bots, and GPS spoofing all to steal money from referrals which totaled just under $200k
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Scammers Allegedly Received $200k From Fake Drivers To Delivery Apps

Federal Agents announces the arrest of over a dozen people tied to a food delivery service scam involving identity theft, bots, and GPS spoofing all to steal money from referrals which totaled just under $200k
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Nigel Kennedy Pulls Out Of Albert Hall Concert After ClassicFM Won’t Let Him Play Jimi Hendrix

Kennedy said the “culturally prejudiced” decision amounted to “musical segregation”, with the station he now calls “Jurassic FM” preferring him to play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Wednesday’s show. – The Guardian
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Watch Guns N’ Roses Soundcheck Previously Unreleased Track “Hard School”

Guns N’ Roses have been back out on the road for a couple months now. In that time, they’ve covered the Stooges and brought out Dave Grohl. They also released a new single, “ABSUЯD,” which had roots back to the Chinese Democracy recording sessions.
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Carly Rae Jepsen Reflects On “Call Me Maybe,” Released 10 Years Ago Today

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe. It’s hard to look right at you, baby, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe.
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A Naywoo-Palooza?! Dru Hill Tells 112, Jagged Edge, Jodeci & Boyz II Men ‘Whoever Wants It Can Get It!’ In A Verzuz Battle

Dru Hill members recorded a video of themselves aggressively challenging a shortlist of '90s R&B groups—including Jodeci, Boyz II Men, 112 and Jagged Edge—to a Verzus battle.
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Call, Andy: Alleged Fraudster Jen Shah Deflects From #RHOSLC ‘Racism’ Tweets With Blame Shifting Story ‘[It’s] Because I’m Brown!’

Heather Gay and Jen Shah hashed out their complicated relationship on Sunday's new episode of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City," where Shah complained that her former bestie Heather Gay didn't empathize with her struggles as a Brown girl living in the city.
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Bedazzled Birthday Baddie Jordyn Woods Sets The Tone For Libra SZN, Gets Lavished With Extravagant Gifts

Jordyn Woods celebrates 24th birthday with stunning Area dress alongside boo Karl-Anthony Towns who showered her with extravagant gifts
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Lil Nas X Conquered Pop On His Own Terms

Lil Nas X was going to be a one-hit wonder. This much seemed obvious to me. “Old Town Road” had all the makings of a fleeting career. A half-rap, half-country novelty hit about a lean-drinking cowboy who’ll ride ’til he drops, made viral through savvy promotion on TikTok and Twitter, buoyed by controversy over whether it should qualify for Billboard‘s country charts, then sent into overdrive by a remix featuring the “Achy Breaky Heart” guy — it was more a meme than a song, a joyous joke adults a...
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The Wrens’ Kevin Whelan Releasing New Album As Aeon Station In December

There’s a new wrinkle in the seemingly never-ending story behind the Wrens’ much-teased but never-released followup to their 2003 masterpiece The Meadowlands. A fresh New York Times profile of the group reveals that the band’s Kevin Whelan has made a new album that will be out on December via Sub Pop. It’ll feature five songs that were intended for The Meadowlands followup and five new ones.
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‘The Neighborhood’ Exclusive Clip: The Legendary Margaret Avery Is Aunt Desiray & She’s Sharing Shocking News [Video]

CBS' "THE NEIGHBORHOOD" is welcoming a special guest for its fourth season premiere and BOSSIP's got an exclusive clip. Tonight's episode titled “Welcome to the Family” guest stars the legendary Margaret Avery. The actress who's revered for her Academy Award-nominated role as Shug in "The Color Purple" is Aunt Desiray and Calvin [Cedric The Entertainer] has some questions for her.
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Research: Sexual Abuse Is Rife In The Music Industry

Harassment, abuse and violence take place at all levels of the industry – from grassroots DIY scenarios to corporate setups. Even those scenes that claim to be egalitarian – such as punk – have problems with abuse. – The Conversation
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Carmelo Anthony Reveals How LeBron James Recruited Him To The Lakers [Video]

Carmelo Anthony reveals how LeBron James approached him about joining the Los Angeles Lakers roster for this upcoming season.
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Ummm…Goal??? Brazilian Soccer Star Hulk Reveals He’s Having A Baby With His Ex-Wife’s Niece

Brazil soccer star Hulk, whose real name is Givanildo Vieira de Souza, is making international headlines for knocking up his ex-wife's niece, who’s now pregnant with his fourth child. Yes, you read that right.
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Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl coming to The Ford in LA for his new ‘The Storyteller’ book

The past 18 months have been productive for Foo Fighters vocalist-guitarist Dave Grohl: After directing a documentary, “What Drives Us,” dropping a new album, “Medicine at Midnight,” and heading out for an arena tour, Grohl is set to publish his first book, “The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music,” on Oct. 5. He also announced a limited run of intimate shows to see and hear him bring his new book to life. He’ll be stopping by The Ford in Los Angeles for two nights, Oct. 12-13. Tickets are on s...
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Oh Mai, Maternity! Jeannie Mai Jenkins Announces She’s Pregnant With Jeezy’s Baby

Jeannie Mai Jenkins is having a baby! The talk show cohost made the big announcement today, September 20 during the season 8 premiere of "The Real"" by exposing her bump to Garcelle Beauvais, Adrienne Bailon, and Loni Love. "I am pregnant," said Jeannie rubbing her belly. "How's it looking?! It feels surreal because this is the same home where I said so many defiant things. I was like, 'I know exactly, what I want, I know exactly the kind of woman I want to be!' I always said I'd never be a m...
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Listen to the very different demo of Eminem's "Lose Yourself"

Before Eminem's anthemic "Lose Yourself" was featured in the 2002 film 8 Mile, there was an earlier demo version of the song with very different lyrics. No mom's spaghetti! In the interview below from when the demo was officially released in 2014, Eminem said he doesn't "remember recording" the scratch track or "where I was at when I recorded it." — Read the rest
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Ist es (un-)gesund, Sperma zu schlucken?

Du kannst deinen Stolz runterschlucken. Du kannst eine bittere Pille schlucken. Und du kannst Sperma schlucken. Letzteres ist ein Thema, das uns schon seit Ewigkeiten zu faszinieren scheint – und dank der Popkultur werden wir auch immer wieder damit konfrontiert. Denk nur mal an die Storyline aus American Pie, wo Steve Stifler einen Becher voller Sperma-Bier trank. Zum Schlucken vom Vulva-Ejakulat – auch bekannt als squirting bzw. Squirten – gibt es deutlich weniger Popkultur-Beispiele,...
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Watch Members Of Young Widows, Mutoid Man, Filth Is Eternal, More Play Metal Cover Of Nick Cave’s “Stagger Lee”

Nick Cave’s version of “Stagger Lee” was already a kind of cover. On their 1996 album Murder Ballads, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds released a version of “Stagger Lee,” an old blues traditional about a murderous pimp. But Nick Cave did significantly Nick Cave-ify “Stagger Lee,” giving the song a whole new level of extremity. In Cave’s hands, for instance, Stagger Lee becomes the kind of person who says, “I’m a bad motherfucker, don’t you know, and I’ll crawl over fifty good pussies just to get to ...
Tags: Music, News, Nick Cave, Mutoid Man, Jay Jayle, Young Widows, Stagger Lee, Imperial Triumphant, Evan Patterson, Two Minutes To Late Night, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Jordan Olds, Jess Gowrie, Mrs. Piss, Nick Cageao, Filth Is Eternal

Stream Koma’s Exhilarating Noise-Shredded Hardcore Debut Internment Failure

Koma are a band out of London and Leeds playing a strain of aggressively noisy hardcore that sounds like an army of robots murdering each other with chainsaws and lasers while an endless barrage of bombs drop from the sky. Their debut album Internment Failure, out now on La Vida Es En Mus, comprises 12 tracks of relentless sonic violence — the kind of punk that hits like black metal, perpetually frantic and static-laden, with vocals that split the difference between war cries and righteously inf...
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Actor Anthony “AJ” Johnson Of ‘Friday’ And ‘Players Club’ Passes Away At Age 55

'Friday' actor and comedian Anthony "AJ" Johnson was found lifeless inside of a Los Angeles store earlier this month at the age of 55
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#EmmysSoWhite: Despite Its Most Diverse Nominations Ever, Zero POC Win Major Acting Trophies At The Emmys

Despite the 2021 Emmys having a record for most diverse nominees, the Emmys still fail to award any major acting categories to actors of color.
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Kerry Washington Pays Tribute To ‘Brilliantly Talented’ Michael K. Williams At The 2021 Emmy Awards

The beloved actor, who passed away on September 6, was nominated at this year's Emmy Awards for his role on HBO's 'Lovecraft Country.'
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Das sind die 7 heißesten Serien-Küsse der TV-Geschichte

Ob du eher auf witzige Büro-Sitcoms stehst oder komplizierte Politik-Thriller-Serien bevorzugst – sie alle haben eins gemeinsam: Wir interessieren uns vor allem für die zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen der Charaktere. Insbesondere, wenn ein bisschen Romantik mitspielt. Wir können einfach nicht anders, als mitzufiebern, während sich diese oder jene große Liebe über mehrere Staffeln hinweg entfaltet. Es gibt kaum etwas Spannenderes, als wenn zwei Charaktere, die füreinander bestimmt (oder einfach ...
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#Emmys2021 Nicole Byer, Michaela Coel, Mj Rodriguez & Other Stunning Style Standouts

The 73rd annual Emmy Awards took place Sunday and stars flooded L.A. Live in their best golden trophy-seeking outfits. Host Cedric The Entertainer rocked color-blocked shades of blue via designer Rich Fresh...
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