Britney Spears says she agrees with father that conservatorship should end

Singer’s lawyer says in court filing that she consents to move but the first step should be her father’s removal from arrangementBritney Spears has said that she agrees with her father that the conservatorship that has controlled her life and money since 2008 should be terminated.The singer’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, said in a court filing on Wednesday that she “fully consents” to “expeditiously” ending the conservatorship. Spears’s father, James Spears, requested to end the controversial arr...
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Stringer’s Belle: Sabrina Elba Stuns Alongside Hubby Idris At British Vogue x Tiffany & Co.’s Fashion & Film Dinner In London

Idris and Sabrina Elba turns heads at British Vogue x Tiffany & Co.’s Fashion & Film dinner at the Londoner Hotel in London, England
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“Dear White People” Swirl Gone Sour? Logan Browning And John Patrick Amedori Talk Flipping THIS N’Sync For Final Season [Exclusive]

BOSSIP's Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with "Dear White People" stars Logan Browning (Samantha White) and John Patrick Amedori (Gabe Mitchell) about Vol. 4 being a musical season and their reaction when they first found out. Needless to say, the actors were happy about the news.
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Boy Scouts – “A Lot To Ask”

Boy Scouts, the project of Oakland musician Taylor Vick, is releasing the new album Wayfinder next week. Its title was inspired by Sallie Tisdale’s book Advice For Future Corpses (And Those Who Love Them): A Practical Perspective On Death And Dying, which led Vick to reflect on her relationship with music. “For my whole life, music has been a crucial part of my identity and how I relate to the world,” she says. “The act of making music has been my wayfinder during the past year.”
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King Hannah – “A Well-Made Woman”

King Hannah, the Liverpool duo made up of Craig Whittle and Hannah Merrick, signed to City Slang and released their debut EP Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell You Mine last year. They’re getting ready to release their debut album sometime next year, and today, they’re previewing it with the new song “A Well-Made Woman.”
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Public Service Broadcasting – “Der Rhythmus der Maschinen” (Feat. Blixa Bargeld)

Bright Magic, the new LP from English post-rock band Public Service Broadcasting, is a concept album about the history and myths of Berlin. While early tracks like “Blue Heaven” and “Lichtspiel III: Symphonie Diagonale” focused on Marlene Dietrich and early German abstract expressionist film, new song “Der Rhythmus der Maschinen,” featuring vocals from the Bad Seeds/Einstürzende Neubauten veteran Blixa Bargeld, takes inspiration from the city’s industrial side. Listen below.
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Constant Smiles – “Run To Stay”

Constant Smiles are an indie rock collective led and anchored by sole constant member Ben Jones, originally formed on Martha’s Vineyard in 2009. Now 15 albums into their career, they’ve signed to Sacred Bones for the release of the newly announced album Paragons, named for Jones’ “attempt to be a more exemplary person since getting sober” and the friends who have supported him. And today, Jones and company are sharing lead single “Run To Stay.”
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Girlhood – “4AM”

The London pop duo Girlhood’s self-titled debut was one of 2020’s low-key pop pleasures. Today, almost a year after the album’s release, Tessa Cavanna and Christian Pinchbeck are back with a new one-off track called “4AM” that sees them once again artfully merging ’90s soul and R&B with the concurrent beat-driven electronica sounds of that moment. Despite the aggressive tone of the big beat movement, the rhythm here is typically understated and gliding. I imagine Jorja Smith’s records might have...
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Remember When She Made Music? Rihanna Claims Her Next Album Will Be ‘Completely Different’

Once again Rihanna is asked about her mythical upcoming album and says its 'completely different' and we won't be expecting what we are going to get.
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#TrackoftheDay: “El Tambor de la Alegría”

The recent release of this album, Ritmo, is under the name of just the bandleader, Generoso “Tojo” Jiménez. But the original 1957 release was released from “Tojo y su orquesta (Tojo and His Orchestra).” So that’s what we’re going with. Also, the full title also includes “(Tamborito)” tacked on the end, to indicate the style of song. And lastly, the song features Cachao, a frequent collaborator with Tojo, and credited by Wikipedia (which is always right) as “co-creator of the mambo.” I mean…that’...
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Kevin Durant Reportedly Stopped The Nets From Trading Kyrie Irving For Ben Simmons [Video]

After rumors surfaced Kyrie Irving would quit if traded a report has surfaced that Kevin Durant has told Brooklyn to not trade him for Ben Simmons.
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billy woods & The Koreatown Oddity – “NFT”

billy woods, the New York underground rapper and one half of the duo Armand Hammer who’s been making a lot of great music lately, has teamed up with LA-based rapper/producer/actor the Koreatown Oddity for the newest installment of the Adult Swim Singles series. The hazy, atmospheric “NFT” also serves as a preview of New York producer Steel Tipped Dove’s upcoming album Call Me When You’re Outside, and you can listen to it below.
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Penelope Isles – “Sudoku”

The Brighton indie rock band Penelope Isles rule. The number-based logic game Sudoku rules. So obviously the new Penelope Isles song “Sudoku” rules too. The track is the latest single from Penelope Isles’ upcoming album Which Way To Happy, mixed by none other than Dave Fridmann, which has already yielded “Sailing Still” and “Iced Gems.”
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Deerhoof – “Scarcity Is Manufactured”

Next month, Deerhoof are releasing their latest album, Actually, You Can. They’ve shared “Department Of Corrections” and “Plant Thief” from it so far, and today they’re back with another one, “Scarcity Is Manufactured,” which originated with the band’s guitarist Ed Rodriguez. He had this to say about the track and its deeper meaning:
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A Composer Breaks Down The Music Theory Behind Nirvana’s “In Bloom”

This Friday is the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s groundbreaking Nevermind, an album that forever transformed the pop music landscape. The album’s furious rock anthems “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Come As You Are,” and “Lithium” made everything else being played on the radio at the time seem scrawny and frivolous by comparison. In the ensuing three decades, countless words have been written about how Nevermind mainstreamed the sound of grunge by emphasizing emotional delivery over tonal precision....
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Q&A Sessions: Lebo M — a lifetime of roaring

Lebo M tells us about his journey from South Africa to Hollywood, his days as a ballroom dancer and his successful battle against alcohol abuse. The post Q&A Sessions: Lebo M — a lifetime of roaring appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Hana Vu – “Keeper”

Hana Vu is releasing her debut full-length, Public Storage, at the beginning of November. She’s shared “Maker” and “Everybody’s Birthday” from it so far and today she’s back with another single, “Keeper,” a high-drama track that boasts some strobing synths and Vu’s lower register. It comes with a music video directed by Meagen Houang which finds Vu causing some chaos in an apartment. Here’s Houang on the idea behind the video:
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“Brat Loves Judy” Exclusive: Da Brat Takes Her Boo On A Surprise Date But Will Their Chauffeur Drive Them Crazy?

On the season finale of "Brat Loves Judy," Da Brat takes Judy on a date to show her love and commitment but does she go too far?
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Damon Albarn – “Royal Morning Blue”

Damon Albarn continues to trickle out tracks from his forthcoming solo album The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows. There has been the title track, “ ,” “Particles,” and now “Royal Morning Blue.”
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You can now buy an Amazon Echo Studio With Billie Eilish’s face on it

Billie Eilish has legions of faithful fans and those people can now buy a version of the Amazon Echo Studio speaker with the singer's face on it.
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Beach Fossils Reworked Their Songs As Jazz Piano Ballads For New Album The Other Side Of Life

Beach Fossils’ sound evolved quite a bit over the course of the 2010s, from a dreamy ragtag lo-fi to a more mature, immaculately sighing form of guitar-pop. None of that prepared us for the band’s radical transformation on the forthcoming The Other Side Of Life: Piano Ballads. As the title implies, the album finds Dustin Payseur reimagining tracks from across Beach Fossils’ catalog as jazz piano ballads seasoned with saxophone, upright bass, and brushed drums. Judging by lead single “This Year,”...
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SNL Announces Next Month’s Musical Guests: Kacey Musgraves, Halsey, Young Thug, & Brandi Carlile

Ready or not, Saturday Night Live is returning for its 47th season in a couple weeks and the show has just announced its first round of musical guests and guest hosts.
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Ben LaMar Gay – “Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks On You” (Feat. Ohmme)

Chicago singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Ben LaMar Gay will release his new album Open Arms To Open Us this fall via two of the best record labels going, International Anthem and Nonesuch. He’s introducing it today with the phenomenal opening number “Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks On You.” It’s a rhythmically jittery track that finds warmth within chaos — founded on a subtly violent keyboard melody and tense, jazzy drums by Tommaso Moretti, with Gay’s voice gliding over everythin...
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Why Do We Refer To Some Composers With Only Their Last Name?

Who gets last-name-only treatment and who requires a full identification is a weightier, more politically fraught question than it might initially seem. – San Francisco Chronicle
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Alt-J – “U&ME”

For a while there in the first half of the 2010s, the Leeds art-rock band Alt-J seemed like one of the biggest, most influential acts in music. They’ve been off the radar since the release of 2017’s Relaxer, but they’re back today with news of a new LP and their first new single since they were releasing alternate versions of their songs featuring rappers three years ago.
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Air Announce 20th Anniversary 10 000 Hz Legend Reissue With Rarities And Demos

Air’s second album 10 000 Hz Legend — aka the follow-up to 1998’s landmark Moon Safari and the album featuring “Radio Number 1,” the song that gave Stereogum its name — turned 20 years old this year. And to celebrate the milestone, the French duo are announcing a deluxe 20th anniversary edition of the LP featuring rarities and demos.
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#Passing: Tessa Thompson & Ruth Negga Navigate A Complicated World Where The Line Between Black & White Is Blurred [Trailer]

Netflix releases the trailer for critically-acclaimed Drama "Passing" starring Tessa Thompson, Ruth Negga, André Holland, Bill Camp, and Gbenga Akinnagbe
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#JelaniDay: Search Continues For Illinois State Grad Student Missing Since August

Jelani Day, a 25-year-old grad student and aspiring doctor, was last seen on Aug. 24, reports the Bloomington Police Department.
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Scowl – “Bloodhound”

The Santa Cruz band Scowl is a key part of a resurgent Bay Area hardcore scene; earlier this summer, Scowl were one of the bands who played the massive Gulch/Drain/Sunami San Jose show. Scowl’s sound is fast and intense, a whole lot closer to punk than to metal. They’ve got a gift for writing about shitty day-to-day oppressions; “Retail Hell,” the opening track from their 2019 EP Reality After Reality…, is some real shit. Today, Scowl have announced plans to release their debut LP How Flowers Gr...
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