Watch Out for These Causes of Basement Leaks

Basements are definitely not known to be the driest places. However, even if you picture a basement as a rather damp place, it ideally shouldn’t be. It’s important to take steps to keep your basement dry and prevent problems with moisture and water damage. Your basement might need to have a sump pump to help with this, but there are other things to watch out for too. A leak in your basement could cause various problems, leading to flooding, damp, mold, and other issues. If you know the top cause...
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Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Returns

A Recap of the Festival on the Tennessee/Virginia Border Last month, another milestone in the ever-growing lineage of Bristol’s music history was recorded. Returning after a year of uncertainty, the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion took place during the second weekend of September, bringing a mix of national acts and regional Appalachian favorites to the […] The post Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion Returns appeared first on Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.
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Cordae – “Super”

Cordae, the promising young rap star who came up in the YBN crew, is getting ready to follow up his 2019 debut album The Lost Boy with a new one. From A Bird’s Eye View is set to arrive later this year, and today, he’s sharing a brand new single called “Super.” “Last year, I made seven million, didn’t have to do a single fuckin’ show,” Cordae raps on the track. “Last night, I was textin’ Jack Dorsey, that’s the perks you get for being super dope.” Listen below.
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Oberhofer – “SUNSHiiNE” (Feat. Shamir & Nick Valensi)

Brad Oberhofer recently announced his first full-length in 6 years, Smothered, which will be out next month. It includes this summer’s single “What Does It Mean To Me?” as well as contributions from the likes of Jónsi, King Princess, Girlpool, and Teddy Geiger. Today, Oberhofer is releasing a new single called “SUNSHiiNE,” which features a solo from Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi and a spoken word verse from Shamir. Check it out below.
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Björk Announces California Cornucopia Shows

Back in 2019, Björk debuted a recurring performance called Cornucopia, inspired by her 2017 album Utopia and billed as her “most elaborate staged concert to date.” All of those shows took place at the Shed in New York, and you will not be surprised to hear they were spectacular.
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Okay, So Who the Hell is This Mose Guy?

As far as song mysteries go, it doesn’t hold a candle to the one that’s still outstanding about the origins of “Zombie Jamboree,” but it finally clicked in my head that some guy called Mose was getting a lot of attention in songs. There was “Mysterious Mose,” “Old Man Mose,” and even the sequel to “Old Man Mose” called “Old Man Mose Ain’t Dead.” Was it the same guy? Why were people peeking in his windows and getting freaked out by him all the time? Did anyone even bother to knock and check on hi...
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Gas Announces New Album Der Lange Marsch

Starting in the mid-’90s, the German producer Wolfgang Voigt released four albums of anxious, haunted ambient music under the name Gas. Then, for many years, Voigt retired the project, or at least put it on hiatus. In 2017, though, Voigt released Narkopop, the first new Gas album in 17 years. A year later, he followed Narkopop with another new Gas album called Rausch. And later this year, Gas will return again.
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Maybe Riot Fest Won’t Book An Operation Ivy Reunion, But They Will Get Eve 6 To Cover Operation Ivy

The great Bay Area ska-punk band Operation Ivy famously started in ’87 and ended in ’89. After their breakup, half of Op Ivy, Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, went on to form Rancid. In the ’90s, Op Ivy’s one album became part of the punk rock starter pack for every high school kid getting into the genre, but despite the Scrooge McDuck money bank that would clearly await them, Operation Ivy have never reunited.
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Das sind mögliche Gründe für deine Schlaflosigkeit

Wenn du dich zum gefühlt millionsten Mal im Bett hin und her wälzt, fragst du dich vielleicht, warum. Warum kannst du nicht nicht geistig entspannen? Warum hast du so spät noch Kaffee getrunken? Warum hast du vor dem Schlafengehen nicht meditiert? Warum ist das Leben eigentlich so schwierig und ungerecht? Und warum kannst du nicht einschlafen? Selbst wenn du Antworten auf all diese Fragen hättest, besteht die Möglichkeit, dass du selbst dann möglicherweise immer noch nicht einschlafen würdest.I...
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Stream Detroit Underground Standout Bandgang Lonnie Bands’ New Album Hard 2 Kill

For years, Bandgang Lonnie Bands has been one of the strongest voices in the chaotic, heightened world of Detroit underground rap. Lonnie raps with a prim sort of precision, like he’s charmed by his own cleverness, even though the stuff he’s rapping about is usually some real guttural shit. He writes about small-time crime life with focus and intensity, having fun while talking about topics that are decidedly not fun.
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Candi Staton: ‘When the promoters tried not to pay I had to get my gun out’

Between the ‘chitlin’ circuit’ and her new rave tunes, the soul diva even picked up praise from Elvis. In our new series where you ask the questions, this storied musician reveals a few untold yarnsWhy do you think that your early 70s classic albums (I’m Just a Prisoner, Stand By Your Man, Candi Staton etc) are less canonised than other ‘classic’ albums of that period by the Stones, the Beatles etc? mesmBack then I didn’t get on the same chart as those guys because Black artists on smaller label...
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Candi Staton: ‘I was in a few relationships where I’d think: Should I kill them?’

Between the ‘chitlin’ circuit’ and her new rave tunes, the soul diva even picked up praise from Elvis. In our new series where you ask the questions, this storied musician reveals a few untold yarnsWhy do you think that your early 70s classic albums (I’m Just a Prisoner, Stand By Your Man, Candi Staton etc) are less canonised than other ‘classic’ albums of that period by the Stones, the Beatles etc? mesmBack then I didn’t get on the same chart as those guys because Black artists on smaller label...
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Gang Of Youths – “The Man Himself”

Gang Of Youths released their total serene EP back in July, and today the Australian rockers are back with one of their best singles to date. “The Man Himself” is the kind of soaring, arena-ready song U2 were making circa All That You Can’t Leave Behind.
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Marissa Nadler – “Couldn’t Have Done The Killing”

Marissa Nadler is releasing a new album, Path Of The Clouds, at the end of this month, right at the end of spooky season. Today, she’s sharing a new single from it, “Couldn’t Have Done The Killing,” which leans into the haunted energy of so much of her music with a horror paperback-style single art and a creepy new video. The vid, directed by Tyler Derryberry and Christen Dute, is eerie and inspired by late-night chiller shows like Unsolved Mysteries and In Search Of…. They explain:
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Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce Global Stadium Tour With The Strokes, Haim, A$AP Rocky, St. Vincent, & More

After announcing their first tour with guitarist John Frusciante in 15 years via , the Red Hot Chili Peppers have now revealed the dates for that tour, as well as its star-studded slate of opening acts.
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Cat Power – “Bad Religion” (Frank Ocean Cover) & “Pair Of Brown Eyes” (The Pogues Cover)

Last we heard from Cat Power — aka Chan Marshall — the singer/songwriter was filling in for Liz Phair on a co-headlining tour with Alanis Morissette and Garbage. Now, Marshall has announced plans to release a new album called Covers on January 14, 2022, via Domino.
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Watch Charli XCX Crawl Out Of A Grave In A Leather Bikini To Sing “Good Ones” On Fallon

For the last few years, Charli XCX has been making sped-up, twisted mutations of pop music. Last month, Charli XCX released the new standalone single “Good Ones.” She recorded the track with Max Martin associate Oscar Holter, and this one sounded less like theoretical futuristic pop music and more like actual right-now pop music — a clubby thump that never spins off into disorienting giddiness. Last night, Charli was on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to perform “Good Ones,” and she gave it a straig...
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Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – “High And Lonesome”

Back in 2007, Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and country star Alison Krauss teamed up for an album called Rising Sand, which ended up winning the Grammy for Album Of The Year. Fourteen years later, they’ve teamed up again for a new full-length called Raise The Roof, which is out next month. It’s primarily a covers album, including the Lucinda Williams song they shared a few months back, but there is one original track, “High And Lonesome,” which was written by Plant and the album’s producer T ...
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Hear “Bruises On My Illusions” From Soft Cell’s First New Album In 20 Years

After supposedly playing their “last show” in 2018, ’80s synthpop greats Soft Cell announced this summer that they would be returning next year with *Happiness Not Included, their first new album since 2002’s Cruelty Without Beauty. Today, the English duo have shared its first official single, “Bruises On My Illusions.”
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Lil Wayne – “Ya Dig”

Last week, in a piece for Stereogum, Jayson Buford argued that Lil Wayne was returning “to legendary form” on a series of on-fire guest-verses. Almost immediately, as if to prove Jayson wrong, Wayne got together with perpetual hanger-on Rich The Kid to release the collaborative mixtape Trust Fund Babies. It’s bad. On Trust Fund Babies, Wayne is in a pure sleepy autopilot zone. Today, though, we’ve got a new song “Ya Dig” where Wayne once again sounds insane. So what’s going on here?
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How Remix Albums Helped Indie Rock Artists Get Through The Pandemic

The gloomy, intense post-punk of Ganser; the chaotic, hyperactive bedroom pop of Glass Beach; the contemplative, sorrowful slowcore of Julien Baker. Musically, these artists have little in common. But confined to their homes and denied traditional collaboration by the pandemic, all three had the same idea: This year, they each released remix EPs (or, in the case of Glass Beach, an LP) — songs from their most recent records, reshaped by friends, peers and heroes into various permutations of elect...
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Hear The Title Track From Tears For Fears’ First New Album In 17 Years

Tears For Fears — maybe you’ve heard of them? The synth-pop greats, anchored by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith, have been on the ’80s nostalgia touring circuit for a long while now, and along the way they’ve put out some previously unreleased songs through a a greatest hits collection and some reissues. But today, Tears For Fears are announcing their first new full-length album since 2004’s Everybody Loves A Happy Ending, making it their first album in just about 17 years. It’s called The Tipping...
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Houston Symphony And Musicians Sign Longest Contract In Their History

“The contract went into effect Oct. 1 and runs through Oct. 3, 2026. The deal includes matters of health care, restoration of the musicians’ pre-pandemic salaries by October 2022 through incremental increases. Musicians also negotiated for additional leave for birth and adoption of a child.” – Houston Chronicle
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Wye Oak – “Half A Double Man”

Later this month, Wye Oak are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album Civilian with a reissue and a compilation of unreleased songs and demos called Cut All The Wires: 2009-2011. They’ve already shared “Electricity” from that, which is way better and more vital than an also-ran track has any right to be, and today they’re back with another previously released song, “Half A Double Man,” and once again it’s very good! Can’t believe they’ve been sitting on these all this time. ...
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Designing A Kitchen Your Whole Family Will Love

No matter what kind of kitchen you might have at the moment, you are probably keen to make sure that it is kept in the best possible condition, and that it is a kitchen everyone can enjoy and make use of. Sometimes achieving that just means that you have to renovate your kitchen, and when it’s time to do that, there are a lot of things that you might want to bear in mind. In this post, we are going to take a look at just how you can design a kitchen that your whole family will love. Consider ...
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So überwindest du dein Impostor-Syndrom

Fran Hauser, Autorin von The Myth Of The Nice Girl beschäftigt sich mit kniffligen Situationen im Berufsleben und bietet nützliche Ratschläge dazu. Im Folgenden beantwortet sie die Frage einer 28-jährigen Frau, die als Communications Specialist tätig ist und mit einem Problem zu kämpfen hat, von den die meisten von uns ein Lied singen können: Sie leidet am Impostor-Syndrom. Frage: Ich bin in meiner Karriere bisher recht erfolgreich gewesen. Trotzdem fühle ich mich ständig so, als wäre ic...
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PRS for Music signs new five-year licence agreement with BBC

PRS for Music has signed a new five-year blanket music licence agreement with the BBC. The new licence covers the BBC’s full suite of services including, radio, television, iPlayer, and Sounds in the UK, as well as BBC World Service and BBC Studios internationally. Just last year, PRS for Music processed over 100 billion lines of music data from across the BBC’s platforms whilst more than eight million minutes of music featured on BBC TV programming alone in 2020. PRS says the new licence ag...
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The message: why should hip-hop have to teach us anything?

Almost since it first emerged on the streets of the Bronx, audiences have expected hip-hop to express a revolutionary purpose. But perhaps this music shouldn’t have to take a political standHalfway through side one of A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, the 1991 debut album by the hip-hop duo Black Sheep, some protesters interrupt the music. “Yo, man,” one guy says. “Why don’t you be kicking some records about, y’know, the upliftment of the Blacks?” Another asks why Black Sheep is silent about “the eati...
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