Phoebe Bridgers Tweets “Fuck ACL” After Set Cut Short, Fest Apologizes

Over the weekend, Phoebe Bridgers’ Austin City Limits set hit a snag when the festival cut her sound while she and her band were performing their final song, the Punisher track “I Know The End.” “lol fuck acl,” Bridgers wrote in a since-deleted tweet shortly after the set concluded. There’s fan-shot footage of the moment, which shows the band being cut off but continuing to play.
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What Are The Rules For Politicians Using Music In Their Campaigns?

The campaigns can buy licensing packages from music rights organisations like BMI and ASCAP, that give them legal access to millions of songs. Some, including The Rolling Stones, have opted out of those deals – but many artists are taken by surprise when their music becomes a politician’s theme song. – BBC
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Researchers: Hit Pop Music Increasingly Relies On Harmonic Surprise

The researchers found that the most popular songs had a high level of harmonic surprise, including the use of relatively rare chords in verses, for example, instead of just sticking with, say, a standard C major chord progression (C, G, F). The best songs follow up that harmonic surprise with a catchy common chorus. – Ars Technica
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Watch Billy Corgan Unearth Pre-Smashing Pumpkins Songs At Acoustic Madame Zuzu’s Gig

Over the past two weekends, Smashing Pumpkins overlord Billy Corgan played a series of four solo acoustic matinees at his Madame Zuzu’s tea shop in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park. Performed under the banner of William Patrick Corgan Early Years 1985-1990, the gigs were described as “a unique and intimate evening of story and song, as William Patrick Corgan explores his early years as a musician and songwriter with music written between 1985-1990 when he was a fledgling artist on the way to ...
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The PinkPantheress Debates Have Already Begun

There may be no more definitively 2021 musical artist than PinkPantheress. Huge on TikTok, just barely past her teens, drenched in nostalgia for Y2K-era dance music, founded on overt sampling, intersecting with prevailing movements like bedroom pop and hyperpop and the pop-punk revival — this still mostly anonymous 21-year-old university student from South London could not be more zeitgeisty if she tried. And with the release of her debut mixtape to hell with it this Friday, she becomes the late...
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Die North-Face-Jacke, von der wir einfach nicht genug bekommen

Jennifer Aniston at the Eccles Theatre in Park City, Utah (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage) Spätestens im frühen Oktober sichtest du die erste North-Face-Jacke in freier Wildbahn – meist eine Daunen-, manchmal auch eine Fleecejacke. Spätestens dann geht es auch in der Promiwelt damit los. (Siehe: Kendall Jenners klassische braune Nuptsejacke an einem regnerischen Tag in New York.) Kurz darauf taucht die Jacke überall auf – an Models auf und fernab des Catwalks, Streetstyle-Fotograf:inn...
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Ist „Slow Dating“ einen Versuch wert?

Die Pandemie setzte dem Dating-Leben der 24-jährigen Ola ein jähes Ende und läutete eine neue Phase für sie ein. Vor Corona verbrachte sie täglich Stunden damit, nach links und rechts zu swipen, sich mit Menschen zu treffen, von denen sie eigentlich nicht überzeugt war, und sich zu zwingen, „nicht aufzugeben“, um den berühmt-berüchtigten „Einen“ oder die berühmt-berüchtigte „Eine“ zu finden. Seit den letzten eineinhalb Jahren hat sich aber etwas an ihrer Einstellung verändert: Sie hat beschlosse...
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‘My God, we were mobbed so much!’ – how we made Overload, by Sugababes

‘Some people thought our vocals sounded sarcastic. I felt like I was just being a normal teenager, moody as hell’We made Overload at Mayfair Studios in Primrose Hill. We were running between two rooms, recording the poppier stuff for our debut album, One Touch, with Matt Rowe, who was famous for his work with the Spice Girls. And then, in the other room, working on Overload with [co-producer/writer] Cameron McVey and his team. The writing process was pretty organic, everyone adding lyrics and me...
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7 neue, sinnliche Parfums, die dir Lust auf Herbst machen

Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass ich vom Sternzeichen Waage bin und der Herbst meine Lieblingsjahreszeit ist, aber: Meiner Meinung nach gibt es keine bessere Zeit, um nach einem neuen Parfum zu shoppen. Im Herbst geht es schließlich ohnehin schon sehr stark um Düfte – um den Geruch von einem Lagerfeuer an einem kalten Abend, von frischem Regen, von heißem Kaffee, von einem Spaziergang im Wald oder von Pumpkin Spice Latte.   Von Essen und Trinken bis hin zu unserem Bad-Ritual: Wir nutzen Düfte, um...
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Jeff Tweedy – “C’mon America” & “UR-60 Unsent”

The latest Sub Pop Singles Club 7″ features two new solo tracks from prolific Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy. The A-side is “C’mon America,” a wry classic rocker “from an unreleased group of songs with mostly sci-fi lyrics.” The B-side is “UR-60 Unsent,” one of those drowsy, deconstructed Tweedy ballads, billed as “a pitiful tale of an unsent lovesick mixtape, taken from a separate batch of unreleased songs with mostly pitiful lyrics.” Both songs would make sense in Wilco’s recent Star Wars/Schmil...
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Are you in a "music bubble"? Check out local variations in #1 hits

There were 183 different #1 hits in May 2021, depending on location. To see how your city compares to others, check out this data journalism project by The Pudding that uses Youtube's API. This 2021 edition includes more regions of the globe than previous editions. — Read the rest
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Musicians And Venues Struggle To Balance Safety With The Joy Of Finally Having Performances

Rock musician Dave Grohl speaks for pretty much every performer: “You wake up every day, cross your fingers that they’ll open a door, turn on the lights and we’ll have a … show. It’s not guaranteed.” – Washington Post
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The Number Ones: Maxi Priest’s “Close To You”

In The Number Ones, I’m reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart’s beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present.
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Watch The Ohio State Marching Band’s Impressive Rush Tribute

The Ohio State Marching Band, officially nicknamed The Best Damn Band In The Land (TBDBITL), has been known to pay homage to popular musicians from time to time. They went viral with their Michael Jackson tribute in 2014, and on Saturday, during halftime of the Buckeyes’ 66-17 slaughter of the Maryland Terrapins, the band turned their attention to Rush.
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Ich habe meine Haare roségold gefärbt & will nie mehr zurück

Bei meinen Beauty-Entscheidungen war ich schon immer vorsichtig. Ich habe keine Tattoos oder Piercings (abgesehen von meinen Ohrlöchern), und auch bei meinen Haaren und meinem Make-up neige ich eher zur Zurückhaltung statt zur Experimentierfreude. Und obwohl ich bisher immer auf Nummer sicher gegangen bin, spiele ich schon seit Langem mit der Idee, mir meine blonden Haare pink zu färben. Kannst du dich überhaupt als Millennial bezeichnen, wenn du nicht irgendwann mal verträumt Juergen Tellers...
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5 Sport Star Injuries So Weird That We Will Never Forget Them

The world of sports is always full of surprises. The unexpected seems to happen all the time, whether it’s people bowing out of Olympic competition to look after their mental health or head-butting each other in World Cup soccer finals. Injuries can be equally bizarre. They’re not always grotesque. Instead, they can happen for all sorts of strange and interesting reasons. Some of them you can never forget because they’re just so unrelentingly weird. Pointless Headbutting What’s the first thi...
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: RE: Anyone changed to 9s on their Suhr?

Author: lball70 Subject: Re: Anyone changed to 9s on their Suhr? Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2021 4:42 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 30 Disco Scottie wrote: I'm considering making the switch. Most of my other guitars are shorter scale (PRS chief among them) and it always feels like I'm fighting with 10s on a Fender. If you have done this, I'd like to hear how the change went. I recently got a Modern Satin and put Elixir NanoWeb .009-.042 on it and set it up for that. I have good tu...
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Suhr Guitar Talk :: RE: New Pete Thorn Signature axe incoming!

Author: lball70 Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2021 4:29 pm (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 4 Ledvedder wrote: It arrived today! It's gorgeous. I really like these. I was wondering if the neck was like the Suhr Custom (John Suhr Custom model) as I read he talked Pete into the modified C shape. I don't know, Thorn raved about the neck on them though. _________________"The researches of many commentators have already thrown much darkness on this ...
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