Devo Respond To John Hinckley Jr.’s Claim He Hasn’t Seen Any Royalties From Song He Co-Wrote With Them

Devo have responded to John Hinckley Jr.’s claim that he was never paid royalties for a song he “co-wrote” with the band. Hinckley, of course, is the the would-be assassin of former President Ronald Reagan. In 1981, he shot the president and three others, but was ultimately found not guilty by reason of insanity and was sentenced to a psychiatric institution. Hinckley had been reacclimating to society since some restrictions on him were lifted in 2016, and just last month was granted full uncond...
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Watch Parquet Courts Cover Silver Apples’ “I Have Known Love”

Days after releasing their latest album, Sympathy For Life, Parquet Courts stopped by SiriusXMU to do a live set. Among the songs they performed was a cover of Silver Apples’ “I Have Known Love,” which appeared on the NY cult act’s sophomore album, 1969’s Contact.
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Metronomy – “It’s Good To Be Back”

Metronomy, the dance-rock collective led by Joe Mount, are coming back at the beginning of next year with the new album Small World. And according to the title of its lead single, out today, it’s good to be back. “Part of me was thinking, ‘what is the lamest platitude people are going to be saying coming out of the past two years?’, but at the same time, I was thinking how it will be true and how it might feel doing things again,” Mount explains.
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Coldplay Cover PinkPantheress

Coldplay be coverin’! During the promo tour for their new album Music Of The Spheres, Chris Martin and company have played songs by artists ranging from Pearl Jam to the Spice Girls. Both of those artists were popping off when Coldplay were young, but now they’ve gone and covered a hot new Gen Z sensation to mix things up a bit.
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Viagra Boys Guitarist Benjamin Vallé Has Died

Instagram">Viagra Boys guitarist Benjamin Vallé has died. Vallé was a member of the band when they formed in Stockholm in 2015, and he played on their two full-length albums, 2018’s Street Worms and 2021’s Welfare Jazz. Previously, he was a member of the Swedish hardcore band Nine. No cause of death has been revealed.
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Adam Levine Addresses Viral TikTok Of Fan Grabbing Him Onstage

During Maroon 5’s performance at Audacy’s We Can Survive concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, a female fan jumped onstage and grabbed frontman Adam Levine. Although security quickly pulled her away, Levine froze in the middle of the song, visibly mouthing “fuck” and shaking himself off before resuming the performance. Some fans criticized his reaction after video of the incident went viral on TikTok, leading the singer to release a statement addressing it on social media.
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Jlin, Fitz Fonzarelli, & Cap Productions – “Loc’d & Ready”

Jlin announced her new EP Embryo and shared its title track last week. And now, the producer has teamed up with rapper Fitz Fonzarelli and beatmaker Cap Productions for the new song “Loc’d & Ready,” the 29th installment of Adult Swim Singles’ 2021 series.
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Avoiding The (Shopping) Nightmare Before Christmas: Local Retailers Brace For Holiday Shortages

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Yaeji & OHHYUK – “29” & “Year To Year”

Yaeji released her debut full-length mixtape WHAT WE DREW 우리가 그려왔던, last year and she’s put out a few songs since then, including one that was initially a CD-exclusive track and a single that utilized a bunch of PAC-MAN video game sounds. Today, she’s sharing two new songs, “29” and “Year To Year,” both collaborations with OHHYUK, the leader of Seoul-based group HYUKOH. “29” straight up sounds like Yaeji fronting a rock band, which as you might imagine sounds pretty cool; on “Year To Year,” Yaej...
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ME REX – “Never Graduate”

Keeping the dinosaur theme going, South London’s ME REX are following up last year’s double EP Triceratops/Stegosaurus and this year’s ambitious debut album Megabear, made up of 52 short songs that can be played in any order, with a new EP called Pterodactyl. An updated full-band version of their 2018 EP of the same name, which was recorded back when ME REX was a solo project consisting solely of singer-songwriter Myles McCabe, Pterodactyl will be released early next year by the esteemed UK labe...
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Fly Anakin – “Sean Price”

Over the summer, Richmond rapper and Mutant Academy leader Fly Anakin self-released the seven-song Pixote via Bandcamp, along with an announcement that he would no longer be using streaming services to share his music. Now, Fly Anakin has shared a brand-new track, “Sean Price,” which is produced by Evidence and is an ode to the late Brooklyn rapper. It’s also the first track from a new solo project from Fly Anakin that will drop next year.
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Cannibal Corpse Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

Death metal is defined in large part by its extremity, so perhaps it stands to reason that the genre’s most provocatively off-putting band is also its most commercially successful. Buffalo, New York’s Cannibal Corpse released their first album, Eaten Back To Life, in 1990. Four years later, they would appear in the $100-million-grossing Jim Carrey vehicle Ace Ventura: Pet Detective at the behest of the rubber-faced comedian, an avowed fan. Two years after that, they’d crack the Billboard 200. Th...
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Slow Pulp – “Shadow”

Chicago Band To Watch Slow Pulp are about to kick off their headlining tour in support of 2020’s Moveys. Today, they’ve shared a new single, “Shadow,” which they originally wrote in the spring of 2020, around the time they wrapped up recording Moveys. “This song is about feeling like you’re out of control, like there’s a certain part of you that doesn’t seem to want to work with the rest,” Slow Pulp expand on “Shadow.” Check it out below.
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Hana Vu – “Gutter”

Next week, Hana Vu is releasing her debut album, Public Storage. She’s shared “Maker,” “Everybody’s Birthday,” and “Keeper” from it so far, and today we’re getting one last single, “Gutter,” a satisfyingly fuzzy and scuzzy blast of noise. ““I used to watch these YouTube videos called Tales of Mere Existence by Levni Yilmaz when I was in middle school and then rediscovered them while writing this record,” Vu explained. “I actually wrote him a letter when I was 12 … this song is based on one of hi...
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Anaïs Mitchell – “Bright Star”

Anaïs Mitchell has been plenty busy over the past decade, reworking her 2010 album Hadestown into a Tony Award-winning musical and forming Bonny Light Horseman and collaborating with the likes of Big Red Machine and more. Even with all that activity, she hasn’t released a proper solo album in quite a while. But today the singer-songwriter is announcing a new eponymous solo full-length, which was produced by her BLH partner Josh Kaufman and features a band that includes Kaufman, Michael Lewis, JT...
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Premature Evaluation: The War On Drugs I Don’t Live Here Anymore

After A Deeper Understanding, Adam Granduciel couldn’t really take it any further. It sounded like he had thrown everything at his follow-up to the War On Drugs’ 2014 breakthrough Lost In The Dream. Runtimes sprawled. The songs were incredibly dense with layers and ideas, sometimes almost impenetrably so. It was the same hallucinogenic spin on rock music lost to the dust of time, but now Granduciel had the ability to make it even more epic in scale. If he’d tried to do that again, you could imag...
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Beach Bunny – “Oxygen”

Over the past couple of years, the young Chicago band Beach Bunny has blown the fuck up, bringing their fuzzed-out and wistful indie pop hooks to vast numbers of kids who weren’t born when bands like Bettie Serveert and Letters To Cleo were pioneering this kind of sugar-rush alt-rock. A bunch of Beach Bunny’s songs have become viral hits, and some of those hits, like the singles “Prom Queen” and “Cloud 9,” have gone gold. Thus far this year, Beach Bunny have released their Blame Game EP and team...
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Wie ich mich selbstständig machte & so mein Gehalt mehr als verdoppelte

In unserer Reihe Salary Stories gewähren uns Frauen mit langjähriger Berufserfahrung offene Einblicke in den wohl intimsten Teil des Jobs: das Gehalt. Wir werfen einen ehrlichen Blick in die komplizierte Welt der Vertragsverhandlungen, Gehaltserhöhungen, Beförderungen und Arbeitslosigkeit, in der Hoffnung, damit junge Frauen dazu zu inspirieren, stark für sich selbst einzutreten – und vielleicht auch mal ein paar Risiken einzugehen.  Alter: 31 Wohnort: Bishop’s Stortford, England Aktuelle Branch...
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Snail Mail – “Madonna”

Snail Mail is releasing her sophomore album, Valentine, next week. We’ve heard two songs from it, the title track and “Ben Franklin,” both of which made our best songs of the week lists, and today Lindsey Jordan is back with a third and final single, “Madonna.” It’s slinking and sensual and rife with religious language used to sort through a breakup. “Body and blood/ Lover’s curse/ Divine intervention was too much work,” Jordan sings in the chorus. “I don’t need absolution/ No, it just hurts/ We...
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Afghanistan’s All-Female Orchestra Has Reassembled Itself In Exile

Zohra, a 35-member women’s youth orchestra founded in Kabul in 2016, was shut down as the Taliban returned to power, and many of its members fled the country, leaving their instruments behind. Now the group has reconvened in Qatar. – Yahoo! (AFP)
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Jessy Lanza – “Seven 55” (Feat. Loraine James)

Last year, the underrated Jessy Lanza released a great new album, All The Time, and today she’s back with news of her own DJ-Kicks mix, which will be out on November 19. Her entry in the series contains a few new songs of her own, too, including a collaboration with Loraine James called “Seven 55,” which Lanza is sharing today alongside a video directed by her frequent collaborator Winston H. Case.
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Portrayal Of Guilt – “Sadist”

Austin soul-damagers Portrayal Of Guilt are on a very serious roll in 2021. Thus far this year, the band has already released the seriously intense album We Are Always Alone and a supremely tough split with Oklahoma City noise-rockers Chat Pile. Next month, Portrayal Of Guilt will release their second full-length of the year, and it’s got the best album title I’ve seen in a good long minute: Christfucker.
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JPEGMAFIA Won’t Let You In

Arn Anderson was not happy, and he wanted to get something off his chest. Four weeks ago, Anderson, the long-retired pro wrestling great, was in the middle of the ring on AEW Dynamite. For a while, Anderson had served as a kind of coach figure for Cody Rhodes, the son of Anderson’s late arch-enemy Dusty. But Anderson was worried that Cody was getting soft, and he made that point as forcefully as he could. In the middle of the ring, in front of an arena full of hooting fans, Anderson described a ...
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Wir planen, wann wir Sex haben & das half unserer Beziehung

Wann immer ich etwas Wichtiges erledigen möchte – vom Sport übers Schreiben bis hin zu Treffen mit Freund:innen –, werfe ich einen Blick in meinen Kalender und richte mir die nötige Zeit dafür ein. Und das gilt auch für Sex. Meinem Partner und mir nimmt das Planen unserer Intimität den Druck, „genug Sex“ haben zu müssen, und schenkt uns gleichzeitig etwas, worauf wir uns freuen (und gegebenenfalls vorbereiten) können. Dabei ist das Planen vom Sex aber viel komplizierter, als nur einen T...
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Stream The Ire’s Impressive New Goth-Punk EP CS

The Ire, a death-rock band from Philadelphia, got together a few years ago, and they released their demo in January of 2019. Right from the beginning, the band had an admirable sense of sweep and churn. The Ire play a catchy and melodic form of post-punk that’s not too far-removed from Pornography-era Cure. Today, the band has followed up that demo with CS, a short new cassette release that’s even more assured and graceful.
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The Number Ones: Stevie B’s “Because I Love You (The Postman Song)”

In The Number Ones, I’m reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart’s beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present.
Tags: Music, The Number Ones, Stevie B, Warren Allen Brooks

Elvis Costello & The Imposters – “Magnificent Hurt”

Elvis Costello doesn’t like to sit still for long. Less than a year ago, Costello released Hey Clockface, an album that he recorded with jazz musicians in Helsinki. Just last month, Costello released Spanish Model, a Spanish-language reimagining of his classic This Year’s Model. And now, Costello has announced the impending release of a really out-there project — a rock ‘n’ roll album.
Tags: Music, Elvis Costello, Helsinki, New Music

Gulfer – “End Of The World”

The Montreal band Gulfer bring an intricate and melodic take on emo, and they’ve been jamming out some powerful new songs lately: “Look” on a split with Charmer, “Neighbors” as a one-off. Today, Gulfer have dropped a new song that builds from a nerve-jangled beginning to a fiery conclusion.
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Eels – “Steam Engine”

Early next year, Eels are putting out a new album, Extreme Witchcraft, which was produced by John Parish, who comes back into the fold after first working with the group on 2001’s Souljacker. It’s their follow-up to last year’s Earth To Dora and will be accompanied by a spring 2022 tour. We heard its lead single “Good Night On Earth” when the album was announced last month, and today we’re getting a second single called “Steam Engine.” Check it out below.
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Ich habe Plus-Size-Sportkleidung von 5 beliebten Brands getestet

Dank einer jahrelangen negativen Einstellung zu meinem Körper, verursacht durch die neueste absurde Diät oder den aktuellsten Fitness-Hype, ist meine Beziehung zum Sport… kompliziert, sagen wir mal. Zu meiner Teenager-Zeit hieß es überall „Beach-Body-Bootcamp“ hier, „Personal Trainer“ da, alles mit einer klaren Message: Dicksein war nicht okay. Es vergingen viele Jahre, bis ich als Erwachsene eine ganz neue Positivität im Wandern und tiefe Ruhe im Yoga-Flow für mich entdeckte. Ich fand heraus, d...
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