Jake Xerxes Fussell – “Love Farewell”

Folk singer and guitarist Jake Xerxes Fussell has announced the new album Good And Green Again, his first to include original compositions. Produced by James Elkington, the LP features Casey Toll on upright bass, Libby Rodenbough on strings, Nathan Golub on pedal steel, Joe Westerlund on drums, Joseph Decosimo on fiddle, and Anna Jacobson on brass; Bonnie “Prince” Billy also contributes additional vocals. Listen to gorgeously wistful lead single “Love Farewell” below.
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Yard Act – “Land Of The Blind”

Next year, UK post-punk crew Yard Act will release their debut album, The Overload. So far, we’ve heard the album’s title track, and now we have a follow-up, “Land Of The Blind,” which also has a music video.
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Bodies and Artifacts (iii)—Jones' Voice

LeRoi Jones Blues People (1963) For a Westerner to say that the Wagnerian tenor's voice is "better" than the African singer's or the blues singer's is analogous to a non-Westerner disparaging Beethoven's Ninth Symphony because it wasn't improvised. (p. 30) So what if a Westerner says this about Beethoven? What if a small but vocal subculture emerges within the Western world itself where this disparagement of Beethoven is nothing less than the storefront signage, the secret handshake, and the...
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Ed Sheeran: = review – calculated, craven, corny … or brilliantly crafted?

(Asylum)One of the world’s biggest pop stars only slightly tweaks the formula for an album that many will already have decided they either love or hateEd Sheeran’s new album contains a song called 2step. It features a pummelling sub-bass and the sound of the singer-songwriter rapping, this time at warp-speed. Amid the lyrical declarations of love for his wife, there’s a line that seems to address his plethora of critics: “Sometimes,” he says, “the words cut deep.”Even if you’re inclined to the b...
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Sales – “Can’t Be Yours Forever”

We’ve been posting about Sales for nearly a decade now, but the Orlando indie-pop duo got a huge boost last year when a couple of their early tracks went viral on TikTok. It’s easy to see why; their music is exactly the kind of thing that does well on the platform, crystalline bedroom-pop songs that feel dreamy and crisp at the same time. Today, they’re back with the new song “Can’t Be Yours Forever,” their first new music since 2018’s forever & ever, and it’s not hard to imagine it soundtrackin...
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Midnight Oil – “Rising Seas”

Last year, the Australian rock band Midnight Oil released “ ,” their first new song in 17 years, which eventually landed on an album known as The Makarrata Project, whose proceeds went to organizations elevating the message of the First Nations’ Uluru Statement From The Heart.
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Watch Alvvays Debut Two New Songs At Their First Concert Since The Pandemic

The beloved Canadian dream-poppers Alvvays have not played a show since the pandemic began, and they haven’t put out an album since 2017’s Antisocialites. (Please, we’re dying here…) But there’s some good news on both fronts: Alvvays opened for the Strokes at their concert in Los Angeles last night, and they debuted two new songs. Per, those songs are called “Many Mirrors” and “After The Earthquake,” and presumably they will appear on a new Alvvays album, whenever that happens to mate...
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The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Renaissance Continues

In the summer of 2021, Glenn Copeland, the artist born Beverly Glenn-Copeland, gave a performance every day at the Guggenheim museum, projected as an 84-foot tall version of himself. As part of artist Wu Tsang’s exhibition Anthem, Copeland seems to possess the entire building, visible from all angles, reaching from floor to ceiling. Throughout his performance of ​​a cappella melodies and his rendition of the spiritual “Deep River,” his voice is strong and true. When Tsang heard Copeland’s music ...
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A$AP Ferg – “Green Juice” (Feat. Pharrell Williams)

A$AP Ferg, who’s just going by Ferg now, signed a new management deal with Roc Nation last week. And today, he’s back with the new single “Green Juice,” produced by the Neptunes and featuring a guest verse from Pharrell. “Green Juice” is also the name of Ferg’s new Timberland field boot, and fans who purchase a green juice from Pressed Juicery in New York or LA will get a free juice and enter into a sweepstakes for exclusive signed merch. Listen to “Green Juice” and watch the Valentin Petit-dire...
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She & Him – “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

She & Him, the retro pop project of Monster Of Folk M. Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel, are probably best known for their Christmas albums. A Very She & Him Christmas, their first foray into holiday music, turned 10 years old this week, and to celebrate its birthday, the duo are releasing a 10th anniversary deluxe edition of the LP featuring previously unreleased tracks from the same sessions. They shared a cover of Madonna’s “Holiday” from the reissue last month. And now they’re back with “It’...
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Watch The Strange, Wonderful Spectacle Of Kelly Clarkson Singing “Karma Police”

Whoever picks the music for The Kelly Clarkson Show — and I sincerely hope that it’s Kelly Clarkson herself — is now clearly just baiting websites like this one into posting her covers. Clarkson’s daily daytime talk show features a segment where the host and her backing band will cover someone else’s song everyday. In the past few weeks, we’ve posted Clarkson’s versions of songs from Depeche Mode, Beck, and the Weeknd. And today, Clarkson was out here singing Radiohead — an event that nobody wou...
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Poolsuite conjures the perfect 1990s desktop environment

Poolsuite is one of those websites/apps that manifests as a 1990s operating system from another timeline where the 1980s just kept going, complete with desktop environment, a radio station and folder of CD rips packed with aptly nostalgic-revisionist tracks, and an aesthetic to live for. — Read the rest
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Complete instructions for making the "Beatmaster 2000" -sequencer and beat synth

The complete plans for making this amazingly fun synthesizer are available on Instructables. The creator, lonesoulsurfer, provides plans for the circuit board, the colorful front panel, and the wood case. It's beautiful!
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How’s This For Brave? A Complete Wagner ‘Ring’ Cycle, Set In Samoa, Performed With Orchestra In A Parish Church Hall

That’s exactly what the London-based collective Gafa, run by Samoan-British singers, is doing for the next four Saturdays, in a costumed concert staging. The concept is that, like the Norse gods, the old Polynesian gods are facing their twilight as Europeans arrive. – The Guardian
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Watch The Trailer For Susan Sarandon & Trace Adkins’ New Country Music Drama Series Monarch

FOX has had some success with the music business show Empire a few years ago, and the network is trying its hand at that once again with Monarch, which will premiere on January 30. The show stars Susan Sarandon as the head of a multigenerational country music dynasty, what Sarandon’s character refers to as the “first family of country music.” The cast also includes Trace Adkins, Anna Friel, and Beth Ditto. A teaser trailer for the show debuted during the World Series. It has echoes of another mu...
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RZA Regrets Selling One-Of-A-Kind Wu-Tang Album To Martin Shkreli

The saga of the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin has been told and retold as each new twist unfolds, but in case you’re new to this story: Wu-Tang mastermind RZA recorded the album in secret with co-producer Cilvaringz over six years. In 2015, they auctioned the only existing copy, packaged in an elaborate silver jewel-encrusted box, to disgraced “pharma bro” and former post-hardcore benefactor Martin Shkreli for $2 million with the provision that it could not be comm...
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Michael Stipe Looks Back On R.E.M.’s New Adventures In Hi-Fi 25 Years Later

I have a theory about R.E.M.’s tenth album, New Adventures In Hi-Fi, but who doesn’t? In the final seconds of the final song, “Electrolite,” the music falls away and leaves Michael Stipe to sing the final line a cappella: “I’m outta here.” But what if he’s actually saying, “I’m out to here”? What if the man known for mumble-singing on the band’s earliest albums was picking that technique back up and pointedly slurring his words to leave the song and the album open-ended? Rather than bowing out o...
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So wirken sich Ängste auf dein Sexleben aus

Du bist ein ängstlicher Mensch? Schleichen sich Ängste in den unpassendsten Momenten ein? Du sitzt einfach nur da, schaust dir eine Horror-Fernsehserie an und beginnst, dir über jede Kleinigkeit in deinem Leben Sorgen zu machen. Vielleicht machst du dir auch gar keine Sorgen, gerätst aber trotzdem in Panik. Menschen, die mit Angstzuständen zu kämpfen haben, grübeln oft viel, konzentrieren sich auf Dinge in der Vergangenheit, die sie bereuen, haben Herzrasen, schwitzige Handflächen und vermu...
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Play a Kandinsky: A New Simulation Lets You Experience Kandinsky’s Synesthesia & the Sounds He May Have Heard When Painting “Yellow-Red-Blue”

Wassily Kandinsky could hear colors. Maybe you can too, but since studies so far have suggested that the underlying condition exists in less than five percent of the population, the odds are against it. Known as synesthesia, it involves one kind of sense perception being tied up with another: letters and numbers come with colors, sequences take on three-dimensional forms, sounds have tactile feelings. These unusual sensory connections can presumably encourage unusual kinds of thinking; p...
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Lulu Turns 10

Lou Reed and Metallica got together. It was not a successful collaboration. The Bay Area hard rock band had been recruited to perform behind Reed at the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary concert — where they also accompanied Ozzy Osbourne and the Kinks’ Ray Davies — and they showed up in full force, bringing a crunchy heft to “Sweet Jane” that made the Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal version, merciless enough in its own right, sound gentle. Things went well enough, but in hindsight Reed and ...
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Do the Saigon twist! Meet Phuong Tâm, Vietnam’s first rock’n’roll star

Playing raucous American pop in 1960s Vietnam, Phuong Tâm became a star – but turned her back on singing after emigrating to the US. Now she’s 76 and her incredible music can finally be heard after her daughter tracked it downIn early 1960s Saigon, Nguyễn Thi Tâm would appear on stage in the city’s vibrant phòng trà (tearooms) and nightclubs. She embodied quintessential young womanhood, with long, straight black hair and wearing a white áo dài, an elegant Vietnamese dress. But instead of traditi...
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Hurray For The Riff Raff – “Rhododendron”

It’s been a while since we last heard from Hurray For The Riff Raff, Alynda Segarra’s New Orleans-based country-rock project. Last year, Segarra teamed up with Bedouine and Waxahatchee for a cover of Big Star’s “Thirteen,” but Segarra hasn’t released a full-length Hurray For The Riff Raff project since the tough and thoughtful 2017 album The Navigator. Today brings the news that a new Hurray For The Riff Raff album called Life On Earth is coming early next year. We also get to hear a new single ...
Tags: Music, New Orleans, New Music, Waxahatchee, Segarra, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Bedouine, Lucia Honey, Raff Alynda Segarra

Morgan Wallen Is Nominated For Two American Music Awards, But He’s Not Allowed At The Show

The music business clearly has no idea what to do with Morgan Wallen, who remains a massively popular country star after being caught drunkenly screaming a racial slur on camera earlier this year and whose attempts at apology haven’t been terribly effective. With awards season coming up, various governing bodies are making some truly incoherent decisions on whether or not to include Wallen. The Country Music Association Awards, for instance, announced that Wallen is banned from attending this ye...
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Bowery Presents’ New Boston Club Roadrunner Announces First Shows With Mitski, Big Thief, Waxahatchee, & More

The Bowery Presents is opening a new club in Boston next year. BrooklynVegan reports that Roadrunner, a 50,000 square foot space with a scalable capacity of 3500 located at 89 Guest St, will be New England’s largest indoor general admission venue. And today, the Bowery Presents has announced the venue’s initial calendar, which includes shows from Mitski, Big Thief, Waxahatchee, and Bleachers beginning in March 2022.
Tags: Music, News, Boston, New England, Brooklynvegan, Mitski, Waxahatchee, Big Thief, Bowery Presents ' New Boston Club Roadrunner, Mitski Big Thief Waxahatchee

Potty Mouth Break Up

Potty Mouth are breaking up. The Band To Watch alums announced today that they were calling it quits after a decade together, though not before releasing one final EP, 1% Happier, next month. “Since starting in 2011 we’ve been so blessed to do as much as we have, you seriously have no idea how grateful we are for all the amazing shows and opportunities that brought us to you,” they wrote in a statement. “I can’t thank you all enough for supporting us these last 10 years, it’s been a wild fucking...
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Carl Palmer Plans Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tour Even Though Emerson & Lake Are No Longer Alive

Prog supergroup Emerson, Lake & Palmer became unlikely arena conquerors in the ’70s before breaking up in 1979. The trio reunited a number of times over the years, but they haven’t played a live show since 2010. There’s a very good reason for that: Two of the three band members are died. Both keyboard wizard Keith Emerson and multi-instrumentalist Greg Lake died in 2016. Emerson died by suicide, and cancer took Lake’s life just nine months later. But Carl Palmer, the only surviving member of the...
Tags: Music, News, Lake, Carl Palmer, Elp, Greg Lake, Keith Emerson, Emerson, Emerson Lake, Emerson Lake & Palmer

Ich hatte das Gefühl, die dicke Community zu enttäuschen, als ich abnahm

Triggerwarnung: In diesem Artikel geht es unter anderem um Essstörungen. Vor drei Jahren bekam ich ein Medikament zum Gewichtsverlust verschrieben, weil sich meine plötzliche, heftige Gewichtszunahme enorm negativ auf mein Selbstwertgefühl auswirkte. Die Medizin sorgte dafür, dass ich mir über drei Monate hinweg immer wieder die Hose vollschiss. Trotzdem nahm ich nicht ab, und fühlte mich stattdessen nur noch umso schlechter, weil sich meine Gedanken immer nur darum drehten, dass ich es einfa...
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Stream Florida Rapper Kent Loon’s Woozy Debut Album Bittersweet

The Colombian-born and Florida-based rapper Kent Loon has a slippery gurgle of a voice. He writes short songs, murmuring stoned shit-talk over glimmering trap beats. Loon became high school friends with Florida rapper Chester Watson after moving to St. Petersburg from Colombia, and his music is deeply rooted in the murk of Florida underground rap. He sounds cool as hell.
Tags: Music, Florida, Colombia, St Petersburg, Loon, New Music, Chester Watson, Kent Loon, Valee, 03 Greedo

Watch Fontaines D.C. Play New Song “I Love You” In London

The Irish firebrands Fontaines D.C. released their sophomore album A Hero’s Death last year — one of the best albums of 2020 — and their third LP is already in the can. Earlier this year, they talked about how “there are definitely a couple disco tracks on there,” while reticent to talk about the project as a whole. Still no word on when that’s coming out, but last night the band played a big show at Alexandra Palace in London and they debuted a new track called “I Love You,” which isn’t one of ...
Tags: Music, London, News, Alexandra Palace, Fontaines D.C

Kelly Lee Owens – “Unity (The Official FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ Theme)”

Kelly Lee Owens released her triumphant sophomore album Inner Song last year, and now the Welsh electronic musician is out here making official sports theme songs. That’s cool! Her new track “Unity” is the theme for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, which will take place in Australia and New Zealand in a couple years. “‘Unity’ is a song that I put everything I had into it – rising arpeggios, rising basslines…. It’s led with my voice, but I wanted the sense of community brought in with choirs,” O...
Tags: Music, Australia, Fifa, New Zealand, New Music, Owens, Kelly Lee Owens

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