‘They seduce and then they pounce’: Lady Gaga studied panthers for her House of Gucci role

The singer and actor turned to the animal king for help in portraying Patrizia Reggiani, who had fashion heir Maurizio Gucci assassinated in the 1990sLady Gaga has revealed she had some animal inspiration for her murderous turn as a jilted ex-wife in the new movie House of Gucci.Her performance as Patrizia Reggiani, who had fashion heir Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) assassinated in the 1990s, is already picking up Oscar buzz. Continue reading...
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Audiotree Owner Accused Of Setting Up Hidden Cameras To Take Nude Photos

Michael Johnston, the owner of Chicago-based label Audiotree and venues Lincoln Hall and Schubas Tavern, has been accused of setting up hidden cameras in his Roscoe Village home to capture nude images of his children’s nanny. Johnston and his wife, Kelly Halverson, have been sued in a civil suit, according to NBC5.
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Luminous Witches PV Shockingly Devoid of Pantsu

Luminous Witches, the next entry into the World Witches franchise which has the witch heroines trying to achieve idol stardom, has unleashed its second musical PV and diehard fans of the series may be disappointed after realizing there is no visible pantsu for a lot of the girls’ designs, a comedic staple of the franchise […]
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Post Malone & The Weeknd Kill Each Other In Violent “One Right Now” Video

A couple weeks ago, Post Malone and the Weeknd released a new collaborative track, “One Right Now,” the latest in a series of high-profile team-ups that Abel Tesfaye has been involved in this year that’s included collabs with Rosalía, Swedish House Mafia, and Doja Cat. Today, “One Right Now” has a music video to go along with it, right as the song enters the Billboard Hot 100 at #6. In the Tanu Muino-directed clip, Post Malone and the Weeknd try to kill each other in some violent ways. Watch bel...
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With Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak Set Their Time Machine To ’70s Funk & Soul

Bruno Mars is a pastiche artist. That’s just who he is. He is very good at it, too — a born entertainer, a gifted songwriter, a master of period detail rivaling any Hollywood professional. Over the past decade, Mars has carved out a space as mainstream pop’s official retro ambassador. You are not ever going to find him pushing music forward, but he can be counted on to show up every couple years with expert facsimiles of bygone genres, overtly fun and catchy music bound to get wedding dance floo...
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Listening to Grechka

All images are by author (Akbota Yergaliyeva) Yes, you read the title right. This blog is only partially about Russia’s favorite grain гречка (buckwheat). We are going to talk about a wonderful Russian music artist on the rise that goes under the name Гречка (Grechka). It was actually Ryan’s delightful blog on Russian breakfast that originally made me hungry for some buckwheat porridge (гречневая каша или гречка). After reading it, I decided to google new recipes and that’s when I saw that one o...
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Bowie's YouTube channel has been uploading 4K versions of his music videos

It's a treat to see Bowie videos in 4K. Visit his YouTube channel to see ultra high res versions of "Jump They Say,"  "Miracle Goodnight," "Black Tie White Noise," "Hallo Spaceboy," and many other 1990s Bowie songs. [via CN]
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U2 Announce 30th Anniversary Achtung Baby Deluxe Edition

U2’s Achtung Baby came out 30 years ago this week, and the band is celebrating by releasing a deluxe 30th anniversary edition of the album. The standard and deluxe vinyl will be released on November 19, and a 50-track digital release will follow on December 3. That digital release will contain 22 B-sides and loosies that have previously never been available on streaming services.
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Watch Courtney Barnett Perform “Write A List of Things To Look Forward To” On Ellen

Courtney Barnett released a new album, Things Take Time, Take Time, last week, and today she popped up on Ellen to perform one of the singles from it, “Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To.” It was Barnett’s second appearance on the show — she was previously on Ellen in 2015, when she did “Depreston” from her debut full-length. Check out the performance below.
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Gesichtsschmuck ohne Schmerzen: Unechte Nasen-Piercings sind im Kommen

Von allen Beauty-Trends, die es so gibt, sind Piercings einer, der schon unseren Vorfahren gefallen haben könnte und dessen Ursprünge bis 1500 v. Chr. zurückreichen. Im Gegensatz zu Schuhen, Handtaschen und anderen Trends, die sich leicht an- und ausziehen lassen, waren Piercings schon immer eine Modeerscheinung mit einem gewissen Risiko. Wer von uns hat nicht schon einmal eine furchtbare Anekdote zum Thema aus der Jugendzeit gehört? Eine unserer Redakteur:innen kann ein Lied davon sing...
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„Like A Virgin“: Wie der Jungfrauen-Mythos Britney Spears & Co. zerstörte

Es war das erste Mal seit 13 Jahren, dass Britney Spears in der Öffentlichkeit über ihre langwährende Vormundschaft sprach. Im Laufe des 24-minütigen Statements erzählte der Popstar klar und leidenschaftlich davon, wie sie seit über einem Jahrzehnt unter diesem Vertrag litt – wie sie von ihrem Vormund, ihrem Vater Jamie Spears, dazu gezwungen worden sei, sieben Tage pro Woche durchzuarbeiten, gegen ihren Willen Lithium einzunehmen und sogar eine Spirale zu tragen, obwohl sie sich weitere Kinder ...
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Tommasini To Step Down As NYT Classical Music Critic

At year’s end, Tony will step down as The Times’s chief classical music critic. It is a position he has held since 2000, giving him the longest tenure in the role since Olin Downes. – The New York Times
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Dead Best – “Life, Love, And Liberty”

Dead Best is a new project from Adam Goren (of Adam And His Package) and Brian Sokel, who have been friends and tourmates for years but never made music together until the pandemic. They are neighbors in Philadelphia and started to work on music together to see what happened. What happened is a whole album, Dead Best, which will be out via Don Giovanni on December 10. Lead single “Life, Love, And Liberty” is fast but frothy, breaking into a sing-songy breakdown after a minute of build-up. Check ...
Tags: Music, Philadelphia, New Music, Don Giovanni, Adam Goren, Brian Sokel, Dead Best

Dogleg Take Hiatus As Singer Releases Statement About Possessive Behavior In Past Relationships

Dogleg are going on hiatus, as announced in a statement that lead singer Alex Stoitsiadis posted today addressing accusations about his behavior in past relationships.
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Where’s Taylor Swift’s scarf – is it in Jake Gyllenhaal’s drawer?

As Swift rereleases 2012’s Red, her fans want to know – but you can buy a red scarf on the singer’s websiteTaylor Swift runs a close second to Ezra Pound for having devotees scour every word of their hero’s writing in search for a deeper meaning. Those on social media may have spotted “Swifties” in a lather over a recent reference to the pop star’s mysterious red scarf.Like a BBC Radio 4 discussion of Pound’s The Cantos, the forensic analysis of Swift’s famous winter accessory may have left some...
Tags: Music, Taylor Swift, Culture, Jake Gyllenhaal, Swift, BBC Radio, Ezra Pound, Nadia Khomami

The Charlatans: how we made The Only One I Know – ‘I’m still not sure which bit’s the chorus’

‘I came up with it on the way to the garage to get fags. I had to pelt back to my mum and dad’s to get my Dictaphone before I forgot it’I was in a band called the Electric Crayons and we managed to get a gig supporting the Charlatans. They had a different singer, Baz Ketley, then. I ended up jumping on stage and singing one of their songs. Shortly after that, I got a call from the band. They didn’t ask me to audition. It was more a case of: “Would you like to come down to Wednesbury in the Midla...
Tags: Music, Culture, Pop and rock, Charlatans, Midlands, Dictaphone, Wednesbury, Electric Crayons, Baz Ketley

Taylor Swift Shares Blake Lively-Directed Video For Chris Stapleton Duet “I Bet You Think About Me” Starring Miles Teller (With An Aaron Dessner Cameo)

The closer and headliner of sorts on Taylor Swift’s new re-recorded Red is the long-rumored 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” which got its own short film on Friday and was performed on SNL the next day. But it’s not the only Red (Taylor’s Version) track getting elaborate promo treatment. “I Bet You Think About Me,” a well-done duet with Chris Stapleton included among the project’s bonus tracks, got a music video of its own this morning.
Tags: Music, News, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, Taylor, Chris Stapleton, Aaron Dessner, Miles Teller, Taylor Swift Shares Blake Lively Directed Video, Chris Stapleton Duet, Miles Teller With An Aaron Dessner Cameo

Your Old Droog – “Meteor Man” (Feat. Lil Ugly Mane & billy woods)

Your Old Droog has been busy lately. Late last year, the Brooklyn rapper released his album Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition. Earlier this year, he followed that album with a new one called Time. In between those two solo LPs, Droog teamed up with Tha God Fahim for two collaborative projects, Tha Wolf On Wall St. and Tha YOD Fahim. Now, Droog has another new album on the way.
Tags: Music, Brooklyn, New Music, Billy Woods, Your Old Droog, Fahim, Lil Ugly Mane, Armand Hammer, YOD Fahim Now Droog

Rico Nasty Is Extremely Pissed Off At Playboi Carti’s Fans

On paper, a bill with both Playboi Carti and Rico Nasty makes perfect sense. Both Carti and Rico are raw, energetic rappers who play around with punk rock signifiers and who have built reputations for intense, out-of-control live shows. But Rico Nasty has been opening for Playboi Carti on Carti’s King Vamp tour, and things have not been going well. During some of these shows, Carti’s fans have been dicks to Rico, and she hasn’t been shy about reacting.
Tags: Music, News, Rico, Playboi Carti, Carti, Rico Nasty, But Rico Nasty

Take Care Turns 10

“Over My Dead Body” Every piano chord is a shimmering pool, glassy on the surface, deep enough to get lost in. A sparse beat kicks up in the background, skipping and thudding as if we’re hearing it through the wall. Then comes Chantal Kreviazuk’s voice, sighing yet casually impassioned, painting streaks of neon on the music as she professes her irrational devotion. Crafted by Kreviazuk and a young sonic visionary named Noah “40” Shebib, it’s a softer, prettier intro than you’d expect from a bloc...
Tags: Music, Noah, Drake, The Anniversary, Noah '40' Shebib, Chantal Kreviazuk, Kreviazuk

Putting The Fun Back Into Franz (Schubert)

And the puppets; don’t forget the puppets. Instead of a quiet recital hall, “Schubert’s songs grew from entertaining evenings of spontaneous, alcohol-fuelled interaction, with dressing up, games and stories.” – The Guardian (UK)
Tags: Art, Music, Franz Schubert, Schubert

Camp Turns 10

Donald Glover closes his first album as Childish Gambino by telling an embarrassing story about oversharing his feelings to a crush as a 13-year-old. He then explains the lesson: “Make it all for everybody” — reveal everything about yourself, even if that leads to shallow relationships. The preceding 55 minutes of sex boasts and punchline verses, written from the perspective of a 27-year-old rising Hollywood star, aren’t just rap shit. They’re also a defense mechanism.
Tags: Music, Hollywood, The Anniversary, Donald Glover, Childish Gambino, Ludwig Goransson

Neuer Job gefällig? So klappt’s mit dem Karrierewechsel

In den USA kam es dieses Jahr zu einer enormen Kündigungswelle. 2,9 Prozent aller Arbeitskräfte kündigte dort im August, während die Zahl der offenen Stellen im Vereinigten Königreich zur gleichen Zeit einen neuen Rekord erreichte und damit zum ersten Mal die Marke von 1 Million überschritt. Was den deutschen Arbeitsmarkt betrifft, so erholt sich dieser gerade von den Folgen der Corona-Krise. Apropos Corona: Seit der Pandemie hatten wir alle viel Zeit, um nachzudenken und wichtige bisherige Ents...
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The Number Ones: Gloria Estefan’s “Coming Out Of The Dark”

In The Number Ones, I’m reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart’s beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present.
Tags: Music, Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, Jon Secada, The Number Ones, Jorge Casas, Clay Ostwald

9-Year-Old Dies From Astroworld Injuries, Bringing Death Toll To 10

The story of the deadly crowd crush at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival, already impossibly tragic, is now even more heartbreaking. On November 5, while Scott was performing, the Astroworld festival descended into chaos, and a crowd surge injured hundreds of festivalgoers. In the immediate aftermath of the festival, eight people had died, and many more had been hospitalized. Last week, 22-year-old Bharti Shahani also died, bringing the Astroworld death toll to nine. Now, nine-year-old Travis S...
Tags: Music, News, Travis Scott, Scott, Blount, Astroworld, Bharti Shahani, Ezra Blount

Reviving A Dying Record Label In The Era Of Streaming

Claddagh Records, founded in the ’50s to preserve Irish musical heritage, fell on hard times in the 2000s. But now a deal with Universal Music Ireland has changed its trajectory. – Irish Times
Tags: Art, Music, Claddagh Records, Universal Music Ireland

Watch Adele Debut “I Drink Wine” In New Concert Special

On Friday, Adele will release her long-awaited new album 30, and she’s giving the new LP a real blockbuster rollout. Thus far, we’ve only heard the proper studio version of first single “Easy On Me,” which currently sits at #1 on the Hot 100. “Hold On,” another song, recently soundtracked an Amazon holiday ad. But when the 30 tracklist came out, the song title that drew the most attention was one called “I Drink Wine.” Last night, Adele sang that song on TV.
Tags: Amazon, Music, News, Adele

Wie ich nach einem Jahr aufhörte, meinen Mann zu betrügen

Der Tag, an dem Ava* entschied, damit aufzuhören, ihren Mann zu betrügen, fing an wie jeder andere auch. Sie stand morgens auf, machte sich einen Kaffee, schminkte sich, zog sich an. Sie brachte ihr Kleinkind zur Tagespflege und fuhr dann selbst zur Arbeit. Als sie gerade aus ihrem Auto stieg, hörte sie das Ping! einer E-Mail – eine Nachricht ihrer Affäre. Sie schrieben sich oft, und während diese Nachrichten anfangs noch dafür gesorgt hatten, dass sich Ava begehrt fühlte, wurde ihr die Af...
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Watch All of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Performed on Original Baroque Instruments

Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons reigns as one of the world’s most recognizable early 18th-century pieces, thanks to its frequent appearances in films and television commercials. Upon its debut in 1725, The Four Seasons stunned listeners by telling a story without the help of a human voice. Vivaldi drew on four existing sonnets (possibly of his own provenance), using strings to paint a narrative filled with spring thunderstorms, summer’s swelter, autumnal hunts and harvests, and the ic...
Tags: Facebook, Music, College, San Francisco, Vivaldi, Rick Wakeman, Antonio Vivaldi, Tayler, Ayun Halliday, Hanneke van Proosdij, David Tayler

4 Amazing Offbeat Careers That Break The 9-5 Monotony

We all know that 9-5 jobs are hectic and tiring. With the immense growth in various sectors, many alternative careers options have come up where you do not have to follow the 8-hour routine, and they pay well. Some of the most exciting and exciting careers are not necessarily in high demand – but can be more meaningful than your average 9-5. If you’re looking for a new job that will break up the monotony, these offbeat careers might do the trick. Political Campaign Manager Political campaign...
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