T-Pain Reconciles With Usher After Auto-Tune Dispute

T-Pain and Usher have officially squashed their Auto-Tune beef. On Sunday, T-Pain invited Usher onstage at an Atlanta event celebrating Dave Chappelle’s forthcoming documentary, where he told the singer, “I love you, bro.”
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The Weeknd’s HBO Series The Idol Casts Troye Sivan, Tunde Adebimpe, Suzanna Son, & More

Over the summer, it was announce that the Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) was producing and starring in his own HBO drama titled The Idol. Now, HBO has revealed the rest of the cast.
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Bodies and Artifacts (iv-b)—Jean and LeRoi together again

(previously) Whereas Jean makes much of the elements of craft, technique, proven methods which make the artist a worker in a working world,(p. 406) LeRoi bends over backward to downplay this part. as I have said before, Negro music is the result of certain more or less specific ways of thinking about the world. Given this consideration, all talk of technical application is certainly after the fact.(p. 211) And earlier, The trumpets, trombones, and tubas of the brass bands were played with ...
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House of Gucci review – Lady Gaga murders in style in true-crime fashion house drama

Ridley Scott’s pantomimey soap entertainingly tracks fractures in the fashion world as Patrizia Reggiano plots to kill her ex, Maurizio GucciRidley Scott’s fantastically rackety, messy soap opera about the fall of the house of Gucci is rescued from pure silliness by Lady Gaga’s glorious performance as Patrizia Reggiani, the enraged ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci, grandson of the fashion-house founder Guccio Gucci. She singlehandedly delivers the movie from any issues about Italianface casting: only s...
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Brit Awards Scrap Male/Female Categories

Artists like Sam Smith and Will Young had previously called for the change, saying the current system excludes non-binary artists. – BBC
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The Month In Jazz – November 2021

Wynton Marsalis turned 60 last month, on October 18. That’s a big life milestone for anybody, so congratulations to him for making it, particularly in an era when a lot of famous Black musicians have died in middle age if not earlier. I probably wouldn’t have given it a whole lot of thought, but Jazz at Lincoln Center presented three nights of concerts from November 18-20, including a retrospective of music from the last 40 years of his career and his first small group performances in the venue’...
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New Facility Signals San Francisco Conservatory Community Attitude

Bowes Center signals a major expansion of the Conservatory of Music, which has most of its academic and performance spaces a few blocks away on Oak Street. – MSN (San Francisco Chronicle)
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Naima Bock – “30 Degrees”

A couple years ago, Naima Bock left Goat Girl — the band she formed with her friends when she was still a teenager — to focus on making music on her own. Today, she’s releasing her debut solo single, “30 Degrees,” which she worked on with Joel Burton of the band Viewfinder. “30 Degrees” is hushed and mournful, with Bock’s deep voice at the center. “This song came out of the adolescent duality of fear and freedom and deals primarily with goodbyes,” she said in a statement. “The small ones, which ...
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Has Anyone Released An Original Christmas Standard Since “All I Want For Christmas Is You”?

Now that we’ve reached Thanksgiving week, the annual influx of Christmas music that begins as a slow creep in October is about to go into overdrive. In recent years, this has meant a massive surge in streams for Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Although a hit upon release in 1994, Carey’s holiday classic is arguably bigger now than ever. It reached #1 for the first time in 2019 and returned to the top of the singles chart last year. Improbably — especially for someone with 19 #1...
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Elegant 2,000-Year-Old Roman Shoe Found in a Well

When the Romans pushed their way north into the German provinces, they built (circa 90 AD) The Saalburg, a fort that protected the boundary between the Roman Empire and the Germanic tribal territories. At its peak, 2,000 people lived in the fort and the attached village. It remained active until around 260 AD. Somewhere during the 19th century, The Saalburg was rediscovered and excavated, then later fully reconstructed. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage site and houses the Saalburg Museum, which...
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Taylor Swift’s 10-Minute “All Too Well” Becomes Longest #1 Song In Hot 100 History

A week and a half ago, Taylor Swift released Red (Taylor’s Version), her re-recorded version of the album that she originally released in 2012. The album’s centerpiece is a new 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” Swift’s brilliantly bitter breakup album. Back in 2012, Swift did not release “All Too Well” as a single, though the song still made it to #80 on the Hot 100. In the years since, “All Too Well” has emerged as a fan favorite and a critical darling. Today, “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version...
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Opera As Mountains To Be Summited

Matthew Aucoin finds impossibility to be a constant in the history of opera. “The art form’s first practitioners, in seventeenth-century Italy strove to re-create the effect of ancient Greek drama, which of course they had never heard.” – The New Yorker
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Backxwash & Dreamcrusher – “Thumbs Down (Not I)”

Backxwash and Dreamcrusher have teamed up for a new track, “Thumbs Down (Not I),” the latest entry in Adult Swim’s singles series.
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Justin Bieber Urged To Cancel Saudi Concert By Jamal Khashoggi’s Fiancée

In 2018, the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get documents that he needed to get married. Khashoggi never left. Khashoggi had written critical Washington Post pieces about Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and the Saudi intervention in Yemen. In apparent response, a group of operatives linked to MBS murdered and dismembered Khashoggi. MBS himself denied responsibility, but the CIA and UN investigators concluded that MBS had ordered Kha...
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Elder & Kadavar – “From Deep Within” & “El Matador”

Last year, Elder, the great psychedelic doom institution from Massachusetts, released a very good album called Omens. It came out right before the COVID era, which put an end to all of Elder’s plans to tour behind the record. Earlier this year, though, three of the four members of Elder travelled to Berlin and got together with the German band Kadavar, a like-minded crew of proggy stoners, and formed a sort of super-band called Kadavar. (Elder bassist Jack Donovan couldn’t travel to Germany, so ...
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Snail Mail Reschedules Shows For Vocal Cord Surgery

Snail Mail released her sophomore album, Valentine, a few weeks ago. The band was set to start touring behind it this coming weekend, but today Lindsey Jordan has announced that a portion of her upcoming tour dates will be postponed so she can get vocal cord surgery. “I went to see an ENT last week and they found massive polyps in my vocal cords (surprisingly from vocal trauma due to talking!! shocker lol) that need to be operated on to prevent permanent damage to my voice,” she wrote in a state...
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Molly Nilsson – “Pompeii”

Last month, Molly Nilsson announced a new album, Extreme, her 10th overall and her first since 2018’s Twenty Twenty. She shared lead single “Absolute Power” at the time, and today she’s back with another new track, “Pompeii.” It’s the album’s closing track and it builds to a massive explosion, much like the fated city that gives the song its title. “The deepest desire I can’t explain/ If it wasn’t for love then it’s all in vain/ Did they feel this way that night in Pompeii?” Nilsson sings in the...
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Pianist Stephen Hough: Music Isn’t Icing On The Cake Of Life, It Is Life

Hough played the first live, streamed concert after shutdown to an empty hall in London. “It was a reminder of how important a cog music is in life. Don’t take it for granted. Tell our political leaders it’s not just entertainment.” – The Observer (UK)
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Great and Helpful Tips on How to Clean Floor Mats

You can be extremely careful; however, your car floor mats can still take quite a beating. Car floor mats are the first interior defense against spills, mud, and snow. Therefore, they need extra attention than the rest of the interior.  This becomes especially important during the winters in Newtown Square. Discover how to clean car floor mats with us. WHAT ARE THE SUPPLIES YOU’LL NEED It all depends on the kind of floor mats you own, but you’ll need various sets of supplies: Floor Mats Made...
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Adele is right – an unshuffled album is the proper way to listen

By getting Spotify to discourage the mixing up of an album’s song order, Adele is standing up for artistic vision even as the very nature of streaming erodes itWhen you are the most powerful, popular artist in the world, you can insist on anything. And so Adele has persuaded Spotify to hide its shuffle button, to encourage listeners to listen to her new album 30 – and, presumably, every other album – in the order intended by the artists. “We don’t create albums with so much care and thought into...
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The Number Ones: Amy Grant’s “Baby Baby”

In The Number Ones, I'm reviewing every single #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, starting with the chart's beginning, in 1958, and working my way up into the present.
Tags: Music, Amy Grant, The Number Ones, Keith Thomas

San Antonio Symphony Musicians Strike To Prevent Personnel And Pay Cuts

Mary Ellen Goree, principal second violin: “I cannot sit on stage in my chair knowing that 26 of my colleagues lost their jobs just so I could hold onto two-thirds of mine. … It’s a moral issue.” – Spectrum News (San Antonio)
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Watch Tyler, The Creator, Olivia Rodrigo, Silk Sonic, & Coldplay & BTS Play The American Music Awards

Last night, the American Music Awards, the annual show that doesn’t even pretend to aim for prestige, went down in Los Angeles. Last year, the AMAs were a pandemic show, and so everything went down virtually. The big showstopper performance was the Weeknd, with Kenny G and a whole bunch of pyrotechnics, on a Los Angeles bridge. Last night, though, the stars got to sing their songs on stages, in front of human beings.
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Wie du Mondzyklen für dich nützen kannst

Wenn es um Mondzyklen geht, so bekommt für gewöhnlich der Vollmond die ganze Aufmerksamkeit und das Lob für alle Entwicklungen in unserem spirituellen Leben. Dabei ist während des gesamten Mondzyklus spiritueller Wert zu finden: vom Voll- über den ab- bzw. zunehmenden bis zum Neumond. Der Autorin und Hohepriesterin der Wicca Judy Ann Nock zufolge ist es einfacher, dein Leben nach den Zyklen des Mondes auszurichten, als du vielleicht denkst.„Für viele (mich eingeschlossen) sind die Mondphasen se...
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Lockdown Band The Verinos Tells Middle-Aged Women It’s Time To Make More Music

“‘Often there’s that idea that you’re just going to dig your garden and go to Zumba or visit a National Trust property,’ songwriter and guitarist Ruth Miller said. ‘We want to be in a punk band. We don’t want to just watch daytime TV.'” – BBC
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How Pianist Bruce Liu Won The Chopin Competition

According to the Canadian pianist Liu, the answer after an extra COVID year was spontaneity. “That was the challenge, actually: to not get bored of yourself after playing these pieces and practising them for thousands of hours.” – CBC
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Warum es eigentlich eine gute Sache ist, uns zu schämen

Neulich kaufte ich einen billigen Strauß knallpinker Sonnenblumen. Ich hatte sie auf dem Weg zu einer Geburtstagsfeier entdeckt und konnte nicht anders, als sie zu kaufen. Bis auf mich und ein paar Angestellte war der Laden leer. Als mir die Kassiererin das Wechselgeld gab, beschloss ich, mir ein paar Sekunden Zeit zu nehmen, um es ordnungsgemäß in meinem Portemonnaie zu verstauen. Da niemand hinter mir stand, musste ich mich nicht beeilen. Warum also fing mein Herz nur fünf Sekunden sp...
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Elvis Costello’s Musician Father (and Doppelgänger) Performing in 1963

If you were an English boy growing up in the 1960s, and your dad met the Queen mum, you’d come away with some pretty heavy duty bragging rights. What if your dad didn’t just meet her, but commanded her attention for a full three minutes… an event you witnessed on the telly, along with 21.2 million others? That’s what happened to young Declan Patrick McManus, or Elvis Costello as he’s more commonly known these days. Unfortunately, his musician father Ross’s calypso-inflected, Trini Lopez-inspired...
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The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash

YouTube Originals presents The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash stands among the giants of 20th century American life. But his story remains tangled in mystery and myth. This documentary, created with the full cooperation of the Cash estate and rich in recently discovered archival materials, brings Cash the man out from behind the legend. Taking the remarkable Folsom Prison recording as a central motif and featuring interviews with family and celebrated collaborators, the fi...
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