8 Methods Of Making Your Home A Lot More Child-Friendly

Your home is something that should obviously have a lot of care taken into it. While it’s simply a property that keeps you warm, private, and content, it’s actually so much more than that. There are plenty of aspects that need lots of work and you’ll never stop trying to improve. The décor and the overall design will always be enhanced, and you’ll always look for ways of raising the value. When it comes to your family – and, more specifically, your kids – your home matters so much. Your kids a...
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High Guardian Spice “Borrows” Names & Song

It seems those behind Crunchyroll’s High Guardian Spice might be even more uncreative and unoriginal than some were led to believe as it was learned the four female protagonists’ names were lifted from a 17th century English ballad, the song itself (or something highly similar to it) also seemingly appearing in the show. It has […]
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The best earbuds for 2021

Earbuds can provide excellent sound quality while offering way more convenience than a set of headphones. Here are the best models for every situation.
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Watch LCD Soundsystem Play “Beat Connection” For First Time In 16 Years

On Tuesday night, LCD Soundsystem kicked off a 20-show residency at Brooklyn Steel by covering Spacemen 3 and Joy Division and breaking out a couple songs for the first time in over a decade, including “On Repeat” and “Thrills,” both from their 2005 self-titled debut.
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Daniel Johns and the fame trap: get famous enough to buy back the freedom you once had | Brigid Delaney

The anxiety that results from extreme fame can become a prison, but it can be escapedFame. You wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy, particularly not if your enemy was very young.Fame of the extreme kind – when you are a household name and your image is worshipped on bedroom walls and all manner of fantasies are projected on you – can be experienced as a form of trauma. Continue reading...
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Let’s talk about sex: how Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP sent the world into overdrive

A cultural ‘cancer’, soft porn … or the height of empowerment? A revealing documentary examines the debates around one of the raunchiest – and most talked about – rap records aroundAs winter forces many of us to ditch nights out with friends in favour of nights in on the sofa, Belcalis Alamanzar’s iconic words ring out across the digital ether: “A ho never gets cold!”. In a clip that went viral in 2014, the rapper better known as Cardi B parades up and down a hotel corridor, clad in a plunging, ...
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Paul Weller’s 30 greatest songs – ranked!

Drawn from the Jam, the Style Council and his solo work, all of it powered by romance, storytelling and political vim, here is the best of a British songwriter unbounded by genreOn the B-side of A Solid Bond in Your Heart lurks Weller’s mea culpa take on the sudden demise of the Jam, the arrogance of youth and the perils of becoming the Voice of a Generation. “I was a shit-stained statue / Schoolchildren would stand in awe … I thought I was lord of this crappy jungle.” Continue reading...
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Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 12 NFL Predictions

Welcome to Week 12 of the 2021 NFL season as this is Thanksgiving week. With that, the NFL got you covered with three games to enjoy. Week 11 finally saw me come out with a positive record. My record was 5-2 and my overall mark went to 51-36, The winning percentage jumped from 57.5 to 58.6%. Last week, we saw the continued dominance by the Patriots defense as they shutout the Falcons. Indianapolis made a statement by going to Buffalo and beating down the Bills. The Chiefs defense continues to sh...
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Astrid S Accuses French Montana Of Ripping Off Her Song

The Norwegian pop musician Astrid S has accused French Montana of ripping off her song. In a TikTok video, Astrid S pointed out similarities between her 2016 single “Jump” and French Montana’s “How You King?,” a song from his new album They Got Amnesia that came out last week. Montana is credited as the sole writer on the song, alongside production credits for Hitmaka and FnZ.
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Kanye West And Taylor Swift Were Added To Album Of The Year Grammy Nominees Day Before Announcement

Kanye West and Taylor Swift were among a group of Grammy nominees that were added at the last minute to the Big Four categories (Album, Record, and Song Of The Year, plus Best New Artist) due to a rule change expanding the field for those categories from 8 nominees to 10.
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Planes Mistaken For Stars Frontman Gared O’Donnell Dead At 44

Planes Mistaken For Stars frontman Gared O’Donnell has died at 44 following a battle with esophageal cancer.
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Amazons Das Rad der Zeit: Endlich Diversity in einer Fantasy-Serie

Gerade sind alle Augen auf Amazons Das Rad der Zeit gerichtet. Zum Teil, weil die Serie als neues Game of Thrones gilt, und auch, weil es die aufwendigste Serie ist, die Amazon je produziert hat – vor allem aber, weil die Hauptrollen (im Gegensatz zu anderen Fantasy-Shows!) divers besetzt sind. Diverses Casting in Fantasy-Serien lässt noch immer mehr auf sich warten als in anderen Genres; echte Repräsentation sucht man vielerorts vergebens. Verglichen mit den beinahe ausschließlich weißen Darste...
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Peter Jackson’s Mammoth Beatles Documentary Is A Feast For Fans

There is already a movie about the Beatles making Let It Be. It is called Let It Be. Throughout January 1969, a crew led by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg — who had helmed the Beatles’ music videos for “Paperback Writer,” “Rain,” “Hey Jude,” and “Revolution” among other work at the center of 1960s rock — filmed the Fab Four rehearsing, recording, and ultimately giving their final public performance on the roof of their Apple Corps. headquarters in London. The Let It Be movie famously depicts a ba...
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Eighties pop star Debbie Gibson: ‘The price of fame is high. I have a therapist on speed dial!’

Squeaky clean, uncool and old before her years, the US singer blazed a trail for young women creating their own material. Having dealt with stalkers, addiction and illness, she’s backThirty-three years ago – in musical terms, an epoch – Debbie Gibson was the most famous American teen pop star on earth. At 17 she was as loved by teenagers as Billie Eilish was at 17, in polar opposite ways. Gibson, uncool and critically dismissed, was the wholesome, toothsome innocent who sang upbeat, unapologetic...
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3 Considerations Before Purchasing a Mattress

Choosing a new mattress may be a challenge due to the many alternatives available. Even if you don’t have back or neck pain, the right mattress might make all the difference in your day. In the world of mattresses, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all model. What works for others may not be great for you. The best part is that mattress stores in Acworth ga can assist you in this endeavor. Picking an ideal mattress is a critical part of the purchase process. But if you are unsure what ...
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The Illustrated Version of “Alice’s Restaurant”: Watch Arlo Guthrie’s Thanksgiving Counterculture Classic

Alice’s Restaurant. It’s now a Thanksgiving classic, and something of a tradition around here. Recorded in 1967, the 18+ minute counterculture song recounts Arlo Guthrie’s real encounter with the law, starting on Thanksgiving Day 1965. As the long song unfolds, we hear all about how a hippie-bating police officer, by the name of William “Obie” Obanhein, arrested Arlo for littering. (Cultural footnote: Obie previously posed for several Norman Rockwell paintings, including the well-known p...
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Post your questions for Big Boi from Outkast

The Atlanta rapper will answer your questions – ranging across his three-decade career – as he prepares to release his new album, The Big SleepoverOne of the American south’s greatest ever rappers returns. Big Boi’s new album The Big Sleepover is released next month and to mark it, he will be answering Guardian readers’ questions about the record and anything else in his long career, which you can post in the comments section below.The Big Sleepover pairs the Atlantan born Antwan Patton not with...
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The Beatles: Get Back review – eight hours of TV so aimless it threatens your sanity

In Peter Jackson’s latest epic, the moments of inspiration and interest are marooned amid acres of meandering chit-chat. What a schlepThe Beatles’ 1970 album Let It Be and its depressing accompanying documentary were always bugbears among the former Fabs. John Lennon dismissed the music as “badly recorded shit”; Paul McCartney was so horrified by the album that he masterminded a new version in 2003, shorn of the additions by Phil Spector, whom Lennon employed as a producer without telling McCart...
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