Ich habe mir Instagrams „Bixie“-Cut schneiden lassen

Im zarten Alter von 14 Jahren beging ich die ultimative Beauty-Sünde: Entgegen des Rats der Haarstylist:innen meines Vertrauens ließ ich mir einen Pixie-Cut à la Anna in O.C., Californiaverpassen. Im Gegensatz zu anderen O.C.-Charakteren – wie die einschüchternd hübsche Summer oder die traurige, ultraschlanke Marissa – schien mir der Look der lustigen, lockeren Anna zumindest nicht unnachahmbar vor. Sie trug immer lässige Pullunder und klopfte sarkastische Sprüche, und das alles mit einem süßen,...
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Dave Grohl & Greg Kurstin Cover Van Halen’s “Jump,” Celebrating David Lee Roth, One of the Hardest Rocking Jews, on the Fourth Night of Hannukah

For the second year in a row, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and producer Greg Kurstin have launched The Hanukkah Sessions, a festive music series where they cover a song–one for each night of Hanukkah–originally created by a Jewish musician. For the fourth night of Hanukkah this year, they celebrate “quite possibly the loudest and proudest of hard rocking Jews, David Lee Roth” with a rollicking version of Van Halen’s “Jump.” To watch their other celebratory tracks, click here. Would ...
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tom morello on the iww and the soundtrack to the good good fight

In October, The New York Times published this piece by musician and activist Tom Morello. I've read it several times, and shared it on social media, and still I can't stop re-reading and listening. When something moves me like that, you know I have to preserve it on this blog.I am and always will be a Wobbly at heart. I often feel I was born in the wrong era. Rather than sitting across the table and trying to persuade an employer to put a few more scraps in a contract, I should have organized to...
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Christopher Lasch The Revolt of the Elites (1995) According to Walter Lippman...the "omnicompetent citizen" was an anachronism in the age of specialization. In any case, most citizens, he thought, cared very little about the substance of public policy. The purpose of journalism was not to encourage public debate but to provide experts with the information on which to base intelligent decisions.(p. 10) (This "in opposition to John Dewey and other veterans of the progressive movement.") ...
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The Korean Who May Be The Most-Listened-To Living Composer In The World Right Now

Korea accounts for 20 percent of worldwide classical music sales, with a much younger audience base than in the West. The K-pop juggernaut needs no elucidation. Koreans have embraced Western music and elaborated on it. – 3 Quarks Daily
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Here are 5 of the weirdest music trends of the year, according to Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Spotify just dropped Wrapped, its annual roundup of top-streamed songs, artists, genres, and podcasts.  The report highlighted some particularly bizarre trends this year, including playlists for plants.  Here are some of the weirdest music trends of 2021, based on Spotify Wrapped findings.  It's that time of year again, when Spotify listeners flock to the app to pore over their most-streamed songs and top artists. The music streamer released Spotify Wrapped on Wednesday, its annua...
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BLM Supporter Amanda Lee Now Also Assuming the Role of Virtual YouTuber

Another Westerner has decided to jump on the virtual YouTuber bandwagon as singer and voice actor Amanda Lee has announced she will be taking on a 2D persona like other VTubers, and bound to have critics guessing when she’ll inevitably bring politics into the hobby (which seems highly likely to happen considering her past tweets). […]
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Watch Wet Leg perform on the Tiny Desk Concert

The fantastic band Wet Leg, hailing from Isle of Wight, appeared on NPR's Tiny Desk (Home) Concert today. Watch them perform "Chaise Longue," "Too Late Now," "Oh No," and "Wet Dream"
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San Francisco Opera Is About To Turn 100 Years Old

When it comes to established and continuously active opera companies in North America, there is the Metropolitan, founded in 1883 … and then San Francisco Opera. – San Francisco Classical Voice
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Stephen Sondheim, 1930–2021

He lived 91 richly productive years, attended a live theater production eleven days before he died, enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with friends the day before his death. Who can ask, as the Gershwin song goes, for anything more? But we fans are greedy: The death of the composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim, on November 26, after a long life of creative brilliance, leaves us wanting still more. So here’s a little more. A partial list of Sondheim musicals in chronological order, via Teepubli...
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How to find your Spotify Wrapped and see all the music you loved this year

Spotify Wrapped is a great way to track your musical tastes.Spotify Spotify Wrapped — the feature that shows your favorite songs, artists, and genres of the year — is back. Your Spotify Wrapped gets updated every December and comes with a playlist of your 100 "top songs" of the year. You can find your Spotify Wrapped story and playlists both in the mobile app and on the Spotify website. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.  In 2021, it's never been easier to find a...
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‘I was part of the Beatles’ act’: Mike McCartney’s best photograph

‘I call our kid “Rambo Paul” in this one, because he reminds me of Stallone. I have no idea why George is pointing at his nipple’I didn’t intend to pick up a camera. I’d been practising on drums that had fallen off the back of a lorry into our house on Forthlin Road, Liverpool. But when I was 13, I broke my arm at scout camp, so Pete Best got the job in our kid’s group. That’s when I started taking photos on the family box camera. It was fortuitous, though, because if I had become the Beatles’ d...
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Tenor Juan Diego Flórez Gets His First Artistic Directorship

As of January 1, shortly before his 49th birthday, the Peruvian will take the reins at the event where his international career was launched: the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, Italy. He succeeds his longtime mentor and manager, former tenor Ernesto Palacio, now the festival’s superintendent. – OperaWire
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12 wonderful Dolly Parton gifts for the Dolly fans in your life. (A.K.A. everyone we know.)

It goes without saying that I will always love Dolly Parton, so naturally I was drawn to these amazing Dolly Parton gifts. If you haven’t listened to the Dolly Parton’s America podcast yet, let me assure you that people of all stripes, plaids, and paisleys love my home state’s own American icon too. In other […]
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How Drummer Moe Tucker Defined the Sound of the Velvet Underground

A high school girl from Levittown, New York, the country’s first suburb, Maureen “Moe” Tucker hardly fit the profile of a rock star in one of the most influential bands of the 1960s. Then again, neither did any of the members of the Velvet Underground. Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, and Tucker had barely begun before Andy Warhol introduced them to Nico and billed them as the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, and it was Warhol who helped turn them into cult heroes. But Tucker made th...
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What Movies Teach Us About Mozart: Exploring the Cinematic Uses of His Famous Lacrimosa

In the annals of surprisingly impressive IMDb pages, few can surpass that of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Despite having died a century before the birth of cinema, he has racked up and continues to rack up more composer credits each and every year. Many of these owe to the use of one piece, indeed one movement, in particular: the Lacrimosa from his Requiem, which contains the very last notes he ever wrote. “We should probably expect some of these uses to have a somber, funereal quality, and ...
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5 Nageldesign-Ideen für die Feiertage, die nicht kitschig sind

Die Weihnachtszeit ist dein jährlicher Höhepunkt, du freust dich schon im Sommer auf die Feiertage und trägst ab Dezember nichts anderes mehr als Pullis mit Weihnachtsbäumen oder Rentieren drauf? Mariah Carey hätte eine Freude an dir. Vielleicht bist du aber auch jemand, der:die es lieber etwas unauffälliger mag. Wenn du es auch in Sachen Nägel eher dezent bevorzugst, aber trotzdem nicht auf Weihnachts-Vibes verzichten möchtest, bieten minimalistische Maniküren sehr viele Möglichkeiten. Das Gute...
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4 Different Forms and Ways to Consume Marijuana in 2022

Before you consume any form of marijuana, it is important to know that every form is mind-altering in some way or another. The mind is going to react similarly to every form as the molecules of the compound react with the brain cells. You are still going to experience that feeling of euphoria and relaxation once your system has digested these compounds. However, you can still try different ways of consuming this magical herb for stress relief and pain management. Let’s begin: 1. Traditional L...
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6 mögliche Auslöser für deine Unterleibsschmerzen

Vielen von uns kommt er bekannt vor, der pochende, stechende, vielleicht dumpfe Schmerz im Unterleib zu bestimmten Zeiten im Menstruationszyklus. Oft fällt dieser Schmerz mit der Periode zusammen, und wenn wir Glück haben, lässt er sich mit einer Wärmflasche oder Schmerztablette schnell wieder besänftigen. Aber was, wenn das mal nicht funktioniert? In manchen Fällen können diese Krämpfe nämlich auf etwas anderes als PMS oder die Periode hinweisen.  Um besser zu verstehen, was uns unsere Unterle...
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Bikers, rappers and rude boys: the photographer who got to the heart of subcultures

Janette Beckman has spent four decades documenting underground movements from London’s punks and the birth of hip-hop to LA gangs and illegal girls’ fight clubs. How does she win her subjects’ trust? It was the tension between Janette Beckman’s shyness and her curiosity about people that helped spark a career photographing subcultures. “I realised that having a camera gave you licence to go up to strangers and say, ‘Hi, I’d like to take a picture of you,’” she says. This epiphany jump-started a ...
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Helpful and Top Tips On Buying Your First Motorcycle

Taking down the road on a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience. If you’re staying safe on it, it can be quite a freeing time. To feel this, you’ll naturally need to have a motorcycle. Buying one could be complicated, however. For anybody that’s never owned one before, that’s especially true. You’ll need to know how to buy your first motorcycle. You might assume that looking at one or two specific things would be enough. That’s not the case. You’ll need to focus on quite a few areas when yo...
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