Dein Horoskop im Dezember – So stehen die Sterne in diesem Monat

Der verträumte Neptun beendet am 1. Dezember seine rückläufige Phase. Damit bekommen wir zu Beginn des Monats Klarheit. Seine Rückläufigkeit, die am 25. Juni im Sternzeichen Fische begann, hat sich positiv auf unsere Kreativität ausgewirkt. Sobald Neptun wieder direktläufig wird, können wir all das, was wir in der Zwischenzeit gelernt haben, auch nutzen. Am 4. Dezember wird uns eine totale Sonnenfinsternis im Bild des Schützen den nötigen Antrieb geben, um Abenteuer zu planen. Die Monatsmitte br...
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Rhythm Tengoku Remix 10 Parodied in Erotic MikuMikuDance Animation Again

Another MikuMikuDance animator desperate for attention has tried to replicate the success of one popular production which involved recreating Rhythm Heaven Fever’s (Rhythm Tengoku) remix 10, the onslaught of sex and strange fetish-laden depictions sure to earn it high praise regardless. The preposterous things witnessed in the animation might very well rouse some new fetishes […]
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How to find your Apple Music Replay, a list of your favorite songs of the year so far that updates each week

Apple Music Replay is a year-in-review for your music.Nikkimeel/Shutterstock Apple Music Replay gives you a playlist with the 100 songs you listened to most so far this year. Unlike Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay updates every week to track your listening habits as the year goes on. You can only access Apple Music Replay in a web browser, but you can save the playlist to listen to in the app. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Every year, Spotify users go wild f...
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One Of Canada’s Top Contemporary Groups Calls It Quits

“We have been here for 35 years. We have made 300 creations, several international tours, 11 Canadian tours, and 70 concerts across the country. Before, the word “fatigue” was not even a reality for me, but time does its work.” – Ludwig Van
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A Playwright-Turned-Librettist Considers Opera’s Centuries-Long Penchant For Adapting Pre-Existing Properties

Adaptations from well-known sources go right from the beginnings of opera as a distinct genre circa 1600 (Peri’s Euridice and Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo) to the remarkable flowering of new opera (especially chamber opera) in the US today. And there are good reasons for that. – Van
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Why Orchestra Percussion Sections Aren’t Diverse

At minimum, percussion students need a room to practice in — usually in a large single family home and not an apartment — over $10,000 for instruments, and $6,500 per year for lessons. And this is to say nothing of other crucial training opportunities, which come at an additional cost. – I Care if You Listen
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Creme de la Creme Ero-Anime HMV Enjoys Easy Women

Individuals with a fixation for schoolgirls in ero-anime have a variety to ogle in this hentai music video as both schoolgirl prostitutes and easy women from ero-anime deemed by many to have above average quality are present, hopefully ensuring an enthusing experience. Moments from Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai, Imouto B*tch ni Shiboraretai, JK B*tch […]
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Wie ich durch eine Brustverkleinerung meinen Körper zurückbekam

Das erste Mal, dass mir klar wurde, dass ich große Brüste hatte, war in der sechsten Klasse. Ich hatte gerade die Schule gewechselt, und meine neueste Schulfreundin erinnerte sich laut an den Tag zurück, als ich der Klasse einen Monat zuvor mit meinen Eltern einen ersten Besuch abgestattet hatte. Scheinbar hatte ich bei allen meiner neuen Mitschüler:innen einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen: Ich hatte nett und clever gewirkt und – laut der Jungs in der Klasse – war scheinbar deutlich „reife...
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The world owes Yoko an apology! 10 things we learned from The Beatles: Get Back

Peter Jackson’s eight-hour documentary on the Fab Four reveals Ringo is an amazing drummer, McCartney was a joy and their entourage were coolest of allThe concept for Let It Be was: no concept. The Beatles arrived in an empty studio and wondered where the equipment was. (And revealed that they knew very little about setting up PA systems.) What were they rehearsing for? A show on the QE2? A concert on Primrose Hill? A TV special in Libya? A film? What would the set look like? Would it be made of...
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What is Dolby Atmos Music, and how can you experience it?

3D immersive music is the next big thing in audio, and Dolby Atmos Music is at the forefront of this new wave. But what is it, and how can you hear it?
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A list of productivity and collaboration lessons from The Beatles

After watching "Get Back," the fantastic film documenting The Beatles at work under incredible pressure in 1970, organizational consultant Tom Whitwell took note of "10 lessons in productivity and brainstorming" that the band demonstrated in the film. Below are a few, from Whitwell's Fluxx Studio Notes: The 'yes… and' ruleThe first rule of improvisation (and brainstorming) is "yes… and". — Read the rest
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Christopher Lasch The Revolt of the Elites (1995) Meritocracy is a parody of democracy. It offers opportunities for advancement, in theory at least, to anyone with the talent to seize them, but "opportunities to rise," as R.H. Tawney points out in Equality, "are no substitute for a general diffusion of the means of civilization," of the "dignity and culture" that are needed by all "whether they rise or not." Social mobility does not undermine the influence of elites; if anything, it help...
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4 Tips on Choosing Fun Games to Play with Your Kids

Playing games with your kids is always useful for keeping them entertained. There are all sorts of different games you can play with them too, from video games and board games to something that’s more active. If you’re not sure where to start, you need to find some fun options that your kids will love. Not all games are equal, and you can find that picking the wrong game can sometimes end in tears, rather than laughter. When you’re choosing what games to play with your children, try taking a l...
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West Side Story review – Spielberg’s triumphantly hyperreal remake

Stunning recreations of the original film’s New York retain the songs and the dancing in a re-telling that will leave you gaspingSteven Spielberg’s West Side Story 2.0 is an ecstatic act of ancestor-worship: a vividly dreamed, cunningly modified and visually staggering revival. No one but Spielberg could have brought it off, creating a movie in which Leonard Bernstein’s score and Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics blaze out with fierce new clarity. Spielberg retains Maria’s narcissistic I Feel Pretty, tr...
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What Does the Ideal Kid Bedroom Look Like?

A child-friendly home typically focuses on safety. As a parent, you want to make the place safer for young children to walk around, including removing sharp objects, protecting open plug sockets, and adding padding to furniture corners. However, while safety is a huge part of making a home child-friendly, creating a place they can call their own, the bedroom, matters just as much. What should the ideal kid bedroom décor include? Many parents dedicate a lot of attention to creating an attractive ...
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‘A nation’s fabric unravelling’: stars on Sly Stone’s There’s a Riot Goin’ On at 50

Musicians from Nile Rodgers to Johnny Marr, Moor Mother and Booker T Jones discuss Sly and the Family Stone’s drug-fuelled landmark in US social commentarySly and the Family Stone emerged in mid-60s San Francisco with a lineup that was trailblazing in its diversity and euphoric in its fusion of rock, soul, gospel, funk, jazz and psychedelia. After acelebrated Woodstock appearance in 1969, the outlandishly stylish bandleader Sly Stone retreated to a Los Angeles attic and much-mythologised drug-fu...
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Ich bin trans – bitte denk nicht erst an mich, wenn ich tot bin

Triggerwarnung: In diesem Artikel geht es um Transphobie, Suizid, Selbstverletzung und sexuellen Missbrauch. Der internationale Gedenktag gegen Transfeindlichkeit (International Trans Day of Remembrance) ist immer schwer für mich. An diesem Tag kommen wir zusammen, um die Erinnerung an all die trans Menschen zu ehren, die wir an Gewalttaten verloren haben. Und es kommt mir so vor, als würde die Liste der Leute, die ich selbst daran verliere, mit jedem Jahr länger. Darauf stehen immer mehr Fre...
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Whitney Houston Greatest Love of All for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. Once again, my playlist this week was crazy. Seasoned Veteran from Richie Rich kicked things off and it was followed Naughty by Nature’s Greatest Hits album. Word of Mouf from Luda, No Mercy by T.I. and The End by the Three 6 Mafia was also played. Speaking of Three 6 Mafia, make sure you check their Verzuz with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony tonight. B.G.’s Chopper City, Amerikaz Nightmare by Mobb deep and The Bachelor was also play...
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Gary Barlow review – impossible not to love pop’s embarrassing dad

Hydro, GlasgowChristmas collides with the roaring 20s in the Take That singer’s arena tour, featuring showgirls, sleighs and confetti cannon. It’s a festive delightDressed in a cherry-red suit and accompanied by six sequinned showgirls complete with burlesque feathered fans, the greatest showman of British talent-show pop and cringe dad dancing, Gary Barlow, appears on stage as if magicked out of thin air. A brass band launches into the showtune-inspired Who’s Driving This Thing and the Take Tha...
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The 50 best albums of 2021: 50-21

Next in our albums countdown are Greentea Peng’s drowsy flow, Kacey Musgrave’s breakup, Madlib’s new direction and the Coral’s songs for lonely fishermenThe best songs of 2021More on the best culture of 2021By Ben Beaumont-Thomas and Laura SnapesThis list is drawn from votes by Guardian music critics – each critic votes for their Top 20 albums, with points allocated for each placing. Check in every weekday to see our next picks, and please share your own favourite albums of 2021 in the comments ...
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Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 13 NFL Predictions

Week 12 was a step in the right direction as my record was 7-4. My overall mark went to 58-40, which has me closer the 60% winning percentage. The winning percentage went from 58.6 to 59.2%. One of the bigger surprises from a week ago was the Las Vegas Raiders beating the Dallas Cowboys. The Bengals laid claim to being one of the best in the AFC with their rout of Pittsburgh. The Patriots made it six in a row with a blowout win over the Tennessee Titans. The Rams continued their downward spiral ...
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