How to upload music to Spotify and sync it to your phone

To upload music to Spotify, you need a computer.Funstock/Shutterstock You can upload local music from your computer onto Spotify by going through the Settings menu. Spotify Premium subscribers can listen to their uploaded music in the Spotify mobile app too. If you want to upload your music to Spotify so others can stream it, you'll need to go through a distribution service. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Spotify has more than 70 million songs in its streamin...
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Lasch—Crises of Competence

Christopher Lasch The Revolt of the Elites (1995) Dewey's exchange with Lippman raises the disturbing question of whether democracy implies high standards of personal conduct. Unlike many contemporary liberals, Dewey clearly thought it did. ... Like other progressive thinkers...Dewey was bent on refuting critics of democracy who claimed that it fostered mediocrity, self-indulgence, an excess love of comfort, sloppy workmanship, and a timid conformity to prevailing opinion. The idea that ...
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Virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai Shakes Bottom to Justin Bieber

First ever virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai may have gone down in terms of reputation for some after she released this video of her 2D self dancing to a piece sung by Justin Bieber, the great emphasis on her hindquarters possibly making up for this distasteful decision. Kizuna Ai’s dance video set to “Stay” by Justin […]
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Mezzo Jamie Barton Intends To Dismantle The Patriarchy, Or At Least Its Standard Opera Repertory

“I’ve spent a lot of years doing roles where I’m the third person in a love triangle, … and the lead soprano almost always has to kill herself, and those stories are 1,000% created by the patriarchy, and I’m not interested in them anymore.” – The Guardian
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Listen to "Artuditu," a Mexican pop song about Star Wars from 1978

From 1978, Lazaro Salazar's Star Warsploitation single "Artuditu." And no, that robot on the album cover is absolutely not the droid you were looking for. The song appeared on an LP with the same name.
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6 Reasons Why Bob Marley Was the Greatest Artist of All Time

Photo by Bill Fairs on Unsplash There’s no denying the fact that Bob Marley is one of the most influential people in history. His music has inspired generations, and his effective delivery of a message truly touched people everywhere. In this guide, you’ll discover why Bob Marley was the greatest of all time. 1: His Lyrics Bob Marley had the rare ability to say so much with just a few, short words (as can be seen in these Bob marley quotes). He didn’t need dozens of musical note...
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How to download music from SoundCloud

SoundCloud can be a great way to discover new music, but it doesn't always work well with other apps. Here's our guide to downloading songs from SoundCloud.
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Security, intimacy and money: why Adele is going to Las Vegas

Once a place ‘where careers go to die’, in Vegas you can see the big stars up close – and it makes sense for AdeleLas Vegas shows once conjured images of early-bird dinner specials, corny magicians and Cole Porter standards sung to happily clapping coach parties. But with another of the world’s biggest pop stars signing on to perform in the city, namely Adele, the Vegas concert residency is further cemented as a glamorous and lucrative rite of pop passage.Her fourth album, 30, released last mont...
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Behold the Glass Armonica, the Unbelievably Fragile Instrument Invented by Benjamin Franklin

We’re all familiar with keyboard instruments. Many of us have also heard (or indeed made) music, of a kind, with the rims of wine glasses. But to unite the two required the truly American combination of genius, wherewithal, and penchant for folly found in one historical figure above all: Benjamin Franklin. As we’ve previously noted here on Open Culture, the musically inclined Franklin invented an instrument called the glass armonica (alternatively “glass harmonica”) — or rather he re-inv...
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Ist Tagträumen sinnvoll oder als Warnsignal zu verstehen?

Nach ganzen 18 Monaten allein in meiner (wenn auch schönen) Einzimmerwohnung, während denen ich tagein tagaus die gleichen vier Wände anstarrte, bin ich gerade vom Urlaub auf einer abgelegenen griechischen Insel im Ägäischen Meer zurückgekehrt. Für mich war das meine zweite Chance auf einen echten Sommer gewesen. Mein Wunsch nach einem Urlaub woanders hatte damit zu tun, dass ich der Realität entkommen und eine Fantasie ausleben wollte. Während der Pandemie wegzufahren oder in ein anderes Lan...
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The first ten posts

It's all change for me. I'm no longer blogging about learning and development in the workplace. My new focus is on music composition.My new blog and website, Instrumentality, records my own, personal, completely mad, musical adventure.The prime purpose of the website is for me to record my learning journey. I also hope that others interested in songwriting, instrumental composition, playing instruments or just music generally, will find some of my journey interesting.Here is a summary of the fir...
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Ed Sheeran & Elton John: Merry Christmas review – an overstuffed, undercooked turkey

Laudably released for charity, the favourite for this year’s Christmas No 1 leaves no musical cliche untwinkled – and its exhortation to forget the pandemic is crassGiven recent government advice to avoid kissing strangers under the mistletoe this Christmas, there’s a sense in which the long-trailed festive hook-up between Ed Sheeran and Elton John counts as a reckless incitement to anarchy. For his part, Sheeran wants nothing more than a relentless tonguing beneath those poison berries this Dec...
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4 Ways Universities Play a Vital Role in Sports

Sports are a massive part of the world today. Whether watching on T.V. or going to games, sports have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment and competition around. But what about if you want more than just playing your sport? What if you’re going to go pro? How do you get there? Here is how universities can help with the process. Nurture Athletes Universities nurture you by providing you with a safe environment to train and grow. They allow you the freedom to focus on your tr...
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Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger: ‘The music will outlast the crazy Jim stuff’

In the musician’s new memoir, he aims to tell the true, uncensored story of one of the greatest bands of all time while dispelling some long-running mythsThis year marks half a century since the storied singer of the Doors, Jim Morrison, met his untimely death. Or at least that’s what most reasonable people believe happened. Due to a combination of denial, wishful thinking and some eagerly promoted conspiracy theories, however, some people actually believe that Morrison still lives. According to...
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