The Cellist Who Wants To Provide Free Classical Music To Everyone

But the musicians have to earn a living wage too, he insists. – Baltimore Sun
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The Sound Of Our Times Is Music Drenched In Myth

Myth is everywhere on Broadway and in opera right now, including a collaboration between 88-year-old composer Wayne Shorter and the younger composer/performer/lyricist Esmerelda Spalding. Why now? “In uncertain times, myths give us something sturdy to lean on, a narrative handrail to grip.” – Washington Post
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Christopher Lasch The Revolt of the Elites (1995) The therapeutic discovery of shame finds its political expression in remedial programs administered by caretakers professing to speak on behalf of the downtrodden but concerned, above all, to expand their professional jurisdiction. Steinem's "revolution from within" does not signal a flight from politics, only a continuation of politics by other means. Her therapeutic assault on shame requires political action for its completion. As a salut...
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Genre-Bending Opera Wins $100,000 Grawemeyer Award

The work — a subversive blurring of genre, time and politics reflecting on how little has changed over the centuries, yet how much change is possible — jolted the generally conservative Vienna State Opera. – The New York Times
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How Peter Jackson Used Artificial Intelligence to Restore the Video & Audio Featured in The Beatles: Get Back

Much has been made in recent years of the “de-aging” processes that allow actors to credibly play characters far younger than themselves. But it has also become possible to de-age film itself, as demonstrated by Peter Jackson’s celebrated new docu-series The Beatles: Get Back. The vast majority of the material that comprises its nearly eight-hour runtime was originally shot in 1969, under the direction of Michael Lindsay-Hogg for the documentary that became Let It Be. Those who have seen...
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Drake withdraws his two 2022 Grammy nominations

The star pulled his nominations for best rap album and best rap performance after consultation with his managementDrake has decided to withdraw his two Grammy nominations.Though his motive remained unclear, Variety reported the 35-year-old artist withdrew his two nominations – best rap album for Certified Lover Boy and best rap performance for his song Way 2 Sexy, featuring Future and Young Thug – after consultation with his management. Continue reading...
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Listen to Quark Pair's self-released synth music cassette from 1988

According to Utravillage ("A guide to underground ambient, minimal, progressive electronic, and new age releases from approximately 1975 to 1995, covering primarily vinyl and cassette releases from the U.S. scene.") Quark Pair was a "precocious duo of Gen X teenagers who met at Stuyvesant high school in New York." — Read the rest
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How to stream music to a HomePod with an Android phone

The HomePod can work with Android phones, allowing you to stream music to Apple's smart speaker. Here's exactly what you need, and how to set up the connection.
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The best Bluetooth speakers for 2021

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere these days, but only a few are worth your money. We've picked the best Bluetooth speakers for every occasion and every budget.
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Documentary about incredibly prolific Creative Commons composer Kevin MacLeod

Kevin MacLeod is an astonishingly productive composer whose music turns up in everything from drag-and-drop collections of free music to every other Minecraft video on YouTube to commercial video games and Hollywood blockbusters. His output, thousands of tracks, hasn't made him a famous rock star, but it has an effect both overwhelming and beautifully insidious. — Read the rest
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Pink Floyd’s Entire Studio Discography is Now on YouTube: Stream the Studio & Live Albums

Approached with little prior knowledge, Pink Floyd is an enigma. A stadium rock band renowned for massive laser light shows and a pioneering use of quadraphonic and holophonic sound, they are also best appreciated at home — alone or with a few true fans — on a pair of high fidelity stereo speakers or headphones, under the hazy purplish-greenish glow of a blacklight poster. The experience of their classic albums is paradoxically one of “shared solitary contemplation”; their live shows are...
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How Stories Are Adapted For Opera

“Opera’s superpower is subtext,” says composer Missy Mazzoli, “and being able to say more than one thing at once.” – Van
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‘I used every chord on the Casio’ – How we made Manchild by Neneh Cherry

‘The first verse came to me as I was going up the stairs of a double-decker bus with a hangover’Neneh Cherry, singer and songwriterI was seeing Cameron McVey [producer and now husband] and one day he suddenly asked me: “Why are you not writing songs? You could totally write songs!” I’d been in Rip Rig + Panic, whose songwriter Gareth Sager had such an inventive way of writing about everyday stuff. Manchild was one of the first things I came up with.The first verse came to me as I was going up th...
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Hilft Musik wirklich über Trennungen hinweg?

Als Harmony* Adeles neues Album 30 zum ersten Mal hörte, war sie gerade bei einer Bootsfahrt und trank Rotwein. Sie und ihr:e Freund:in sprachen übers Thema Liebe – oder genauer gesagt: Harmony ließ Luft über ihren Ex ab, den sie mitten in der Pandemie kennengelernt hatte. Diese zu Beginn verträumte, berauschende und relativ unbeschwerte Affäre hatte sich zu einem toxischen und stressigen Albtraum entwickelt. Und als sie versuchte, mit ihm über ihre Probleme zu sprechen – einschließlich se...
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What We Should Take With Us on a Zipline Adventure at Whistler

You can have both Winter zipline and Summer zipline adventures. Both are adrenalin-fueled and provide some impressive views. You will need to take the same things with you for both, to satisfy the requirements of ziplining. A Zipline adventure in Whistler can be described as a fun one. However, although fun adventures can be spontaneous, there are also ones that do require you to think in advance about how to make the experience more comfortable and about the ways to protect yourself. With thi...
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Learn the Available Options After Graduating from High School

Life after high school is totally different from high school life. On the one hand, you are happy to complete your graduation. On the other hand, you need to decide what to do next. And it is not at all easy. Some people, especially your parents, will advise you to continue studying. While some will advise you to explore more options and find something that you’ll love. That’s why it can get very overwhelming to decide what to do. But don’t worry! This article will help you resolve this dilemm...
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Joni Mitchell: ‘I’m hobbling along but I’m doing all right’

Singer discusses health difficulties in rare public speech as she accepts Kennedy Center awardJoni Mitchell addressed her health difficulties in a rare public speech as she accepted her Kennedy Center Honor, one of the most prestigious awards in American cultural life.At a ceremony attended by Joe Biden – in a show of support for the arts after the awards were snubbed by Donald Trump – Mitchell discussed the issues she’s faced in the wake of an aneurysm in 2015 that left her temporarily unable t...
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4 Ideas to Where You Can You Become Your Own Mechanic

Keeping your car on the road is very important to most people. No matter how much you drive, you need to make sure that you have a car that is always reliable, but this isn’t always easy to achieve in the modern world. DIY vehicle repairs can save a lot of money, making this a good choice for anyone who has a little bit of mechanical knowledge and wants to take it further. Of course, though, there are challenges that come with taking control of your own vehicle repairs, and this makes it worth...
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‘I could have done with eight more hours’: readers on the Beatles documentary epic Get Back

Peter Jackson spent four years editing down 60 hours of unseen footage into the new three-part documentary series. Was it worth the wait?As a younger Beatles fan who grew up with the idea that the band were falling apart in January 1969, Get Back was a joy. My immediate thought was how bright and vibrant everything looked, compared with the graininess of the original Let It Be film. It could have been shot yesterday – apart from the outfits and hairstyles. While not exactly a big revelation for ...
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Joe Biden restores tradition with return to Kennedy Center Honors

President given standing ovations at performing arts awards snubbed by Donald Trump“Tonight it is quite nice, very nice to see the presidential box once again being occupied,” David Letterman said to knowing applause. “And the same with the Oval Office.”The comedian was introducing the 44th Kennedy Center Honors, where Joe Biden restored tradition merely with his presence after four years in which the annual gala was snubbed by then president Donald Trump and upended by the coronavirus pandemic....
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The 50 best albums of 2021, No 10: Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime

The self-taught assouf star broke out of the underground with a stunningly adventurous album that fused psychedelia, introspection and rock-star flairMore on the best music of 2021More on the best culture of 2021In Mdou Moctar’s world, riff and rhythm count but the solo is king. His grounding in the nomadic Tuareg style of assouf (desert blues) made him a popular option on Niger’s wedding circuit, but the guitarist breaks from convention by doggedly following his fingertips to someplace new. A d...
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