Lasch—Instrumental and Practical Reason

Christopher Lasch The Minimal Self (1984) The antidote to instrumental reason is practical reason, not mysticism, spirituality, or the power of "personhood." In the Aristotelian tradition of political theory, phronesis or practical reason describes the development of character, the moral perfection of life, and the virtues specific to various forms of practical activity. Technique, on the other hand, concerns itself exclusively with the means appropriate to a given end. The highest form of ...
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Robbie Shakespeare, of Sly and Robbie fame, dies at age 68

The Jamaican Grammy-winning bassist was part of the duo with Sly Dunbar and worked with such artists as Mick Jagger and Grace JonesRobbie Shakespeare, acclaimed bassist and record producer, has died at the age of 68. The Jamaican artist was part of the duo Sly and Robbie with Sly Dunbar.According to The Jamaica Gleaner, Shakespeare had recently undergone surgery related to his kidneys. He had been in hospital in Florida. Continue reading...
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San Jose Opera Picks A New General Director

Shawna Lucey has some 15 years of opera and theater experience, having worked at such companies as Santa Fe Opera, Houston Grand Opera, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Bolshoi Theater, and Lyric Opera of Kansas City. – San Francisco Classical Voice
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Chill with Spotify for free on Delta Airlines this holiday season

Spotify users can enjoy free access to their streaming music while on select Delta flights for travel between Dec 8, 2021, and Jan 19, 2022.
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Sachal Studios Orchestra Taking on “Take Five”

From what I believe was released in 2008 as a single, here’s Pakistan’s Sachal Studios Orchestra playing the living hell out of The Brubeck Quartet’s classic, “Take Five.” You know how a big thing for a martial artist is to break a brick with a downward chop or some such? Watch that tabla player work and tell me if you don’t think he could do the same with his pinkie. Seriously. You can snag the stuff from Amazon here. Or Spotify has them here. h/t Open Culture. Related posts: This J...
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Why The Music They Play While You’re On Hold Is So Infuriating

So where did hold music, the most vanilla of genres, go wrong? When experts have spent decades crafting tinkling tones to placate us, why does our blood still boil? The answer is not so simple. – Wired
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Punks, Goths, and Mods on TV (1983)

The Rivethead preoccupation with fashion is inescapably related to their anxiety over being confused for subcultures they profess to hate: Goths, Punks, Metalheads, Death Rockers… The fact that so many subcultures claim black as their color of choice contributes to the confusion. There are two points upon which theorists of post-industrial British subcultures generally agree: 1) No matter the music or the fashion, the boundaries between one subculture and another were rigorously, even v...
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Watch Tom Waits pitch dog food on this real TV commercial

In 1981, the great singer, songwriter, and poet Tom Waits pitched for Purina dog food. Why?  "I was down on my luck," Waits was quoted as saying in Lowside of the Road: A Life of Tom Waits. "And I've always liked dogs."  — Read the rest
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Ein Eis-Lifehack soll beim Einschlafen helfen – ich habe ihn getestet

Du leidest an Schlaflosigkeit? Hey, ich auch. Dabei lag die Lösung für unsere Probleme womöglich die ganze Zeit in unseren Tiefkühlfächern – behaupten zumindest TikToker:innen wie @heyfrankiesimmons, @empathary und @borcikjewelry. Sie sind davon überzeugt, dass dich ein Kühlpack auf deiner Brust innerhalb von nur 15 Minuten in den Schlaf lullen kann. Meine Schlafstörungen ruinieren mir schon den Großteil meiner 20er den Tag. Wann immer ich eine halbwegs erholsame Nacht hinter mir habe –...
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Jay-Z becomes performance art in his new Picasso Baby short film

Even though it's the omnipresent face of America's youth in both slang and fashion, rap is old. Whether you consider the birth of rap in the late 70s or early 80s, the genre as a whole is about to trade its gold grillz for dentures. — Read the rest
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‘The Wizard of Oz of entertainment’: the incredible career of Robert Stigwood

He managed the Bee Gees and created Saturday Night Fever but the closeted impressario ‘never felt that sense of success’ according to a new documentaryAccording to film director Joe Maggio, two types of executives run the entertainment industry – one far rarer than the other. “The vast majority of them don’t know what’s good, or what will be a hit, until ten other people tell them,” he said. “But a few can tell you right away. They’re the visionaries.”For an extended time, one of the most clairv...
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60s psych-rockers the Electric Prunes: ‘We couldn’t sit around stoned!’

Discovered in an LA garage, the band rode a psychedelic wave into Easy Rider and a trippy Latin mass – even if they didn’t actually take acid. As a box set revives the music, their lead singer looks back“I guess I’m part of history,” says James Lowe, lead singer of the Electric Prunes, of the band’s oeuvre being gathered into a box set this month. “It suggests the idea we had for the band was viable – at least for a while.”Indeed, the Los Angeles quintet were, if only briefly, one of psychedeli...
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Das sind die 9 besten Film-Musicals aller Zeiten

Wer liebt sie nicht, die Musicals, bei denen du am liebsten direkt selbst zu singen und tanzen anfangen möchtest? Im Laufe der Jahrzehnte hat sich das Musical-Genre immer weiter von der Bühne auf den Bildschirm verlagert und jede Menge zeitloser Klassiker wie West Side Story, Singin' In The Rain oder moderne Must-Watches wie Mamma Mia! oder La La Land hervorgebracht. Dir ist nach ein bisschen musikalischer Friede-Freude-Eierkuchen-Stimmung zumute? Dann scroll dich durch unser kleines Best-of. Du...
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Healer Girl Looking to Soothe Hearts & Minds With Music

Those yearning for some mental mending can potentially anticipate the upcoming Healer Girl as the series contains four cute girls on a quest to wield their music to soothe humanity, which some might claim to be similar to an idol series, albeit with more freedom story-wise. The trailer for the show revealed some of the […]
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Watch Tom Waits pitch dog food in this real TV commercial for Purina

In 1981, the great singer, songwriter, and poet Tom Waits pitched for Purina dog food. Why?  "I was down on my luck," Waits was quoted as saying in Lowside of the Road: A Life of Tom Waits. "And I've always liked dogs."  — Read the rest
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How Sting came to perform "Murder by Numbers" with Frank Zappa

In this piece on the TheAaronChannel, Frank Zappa tells the story about how Sting came to one of his shows and agreed to perform a number with the band.Image: Screengra
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How exactly did Dubstep die

Dubstep was heralded as the next big music genre. It blanketed every commercial and every trailer aimed at a youthful demographic. And almost as suddenly as it arrived, the genre disappeared. Although you can still see it in scant traces, Dubstep has greatly receded from the musical conversation it once dominated. — Read the rest
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Zeit im Grünen gegen PMS: Ist da wirklich was dran?

Ich erinnere mich noch genau daran, wie eine Freundin von mir eines Tages wie in den Filmen langsam zu Boden sank und lauthals zu heulen begann, weil ihre Lieblingspizzeria an diesem Tag geschlossen hatte. Ihre Reaktion beunruhigte mich in keiner Weise, da ich wusste, dass sie gerade mit PMS zu kämpfen hatte. Außerdem konnte ich ihr Verhalten als jemand, die gegen monatliche Zusammenbrüche nicht immun ist, nur allzu gut nachvollziehen; für viele Frauen ist das prämenstruelle Syndrom ein fi...
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Umweltschädliche Fast Fashion ist oft die einzige Plus-Size-Option

Wenn du dir die size-inclusive Modebranche mal nur in Zahlen ansiehst, könntest du schnell den Eindruck bekommen, das Shoppen als Plus-Size-Person sei heute einfacher und zugänglicher als noch vor einem Jahrzehnt. Und oberflächlich stimmt das auch: In den letzten zehn Jahren hat sich das Angebot in den Größen L bzw. 44 und aufwärts exponentiell vergrößert und ist noch dazu immer preisgünstiger geworden – insbesondere im Fast-Fashion-Bereich. (Außerdem gibt es auch immer mehr kleinere, unab...
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Charley Pride: how the US country star became an unlikely hero during the Troubles

Tammy Wynette and Johnny Cash cancelled gigs in Belfast during the violent 1970s, but Pride played on – and, with his song Crystal Chandeliers, became a sensation in the north and the RepublicWhen Charley Pride arrived in Belfast in early November 1976, the Northern Irish capital was at war. There were almost daily reports of shootings of civilians and soldiers on both sides of the sectarian divide. An armistice movement, the Peace People, had materialised that summer after three children were f...
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Great Benefits Using Naked Nutrition Protein Powder

One of the things we all like to do as we get older and that’s get healthier. For the last few years, I’ve gotten away from fast food and drinking sodas. Unfortunately, there are times that those hunger pains hit, and those old habits return. While taking a look at my daily routines one thing that was apparent was my lack of protein. In the past, I’ve tried several types of protein powder to make smoothies or shakes. After doing a lot of research about the types of protein powder for me I foun...
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10 Simple Tips On What To Consider When Renovating Your Home

Your home is the place where you live, eat and sleep. Therefore, it is important to make your home comfortable for you and your family. You want it to be designed in a way that makes you feel good every time you come back to it after a long day of work or school. If you are thinking about renovating your home, it’s time to do some basic research on how this can be done without blowing too much money or running into problems before they even start. Here Are 10 Simple Tips on How To Renovate Yo...
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Watch Spotify’s tour of its plush U.S. headquarters

Spotify has offered curious folks a look inside its newly refurbished -- and very plush -- U.S. headquarters at 4WTC in New York City.
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