Welcome to Ray Charles' ring of fire

A cover song that plays it safe is worthless, in my book. The fun stems from taking a creative risk and deviating from the original playbook. When a musician exhumes a track from a peer or predecessor's catalog—bonus points if it's in a different genre—and morphs a familiar hit into a daring new arrangement, my audiophile heart skips a beat. — Read the rest
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Lasch—The Scale-Victimry Nexus

Christopher Lasch The Minimal Self (1984) Everyday life has come to present itself as a succession of crises not necessarily because it is more risky and competitive than it used to be but because it confronts people with manageable stresses, whereas the hope of preventing public disaster appears so remote, for most people, that it enters their thoughts only in the form of a wistful prayer for peace and brotherhood.(p. 64) Our perception not only of the past and the future but of the present h...
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Detroit Symphony Picks New Chief Exec

Erik Ronmark has spent virtually his entire career with the DSO, having started as a part-time assistant in the music library in 2005. He was named general manager eight years ago and became vice president three years later. – Detroit Free Press
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Doom Metal Organist Picketed By French Catholics Who Call Her Music “Satanic”

One critic describes Anna von Hausswolff’s music as “where post-rock, doom metal, modern classical and high church music all coexist.” Her concert at a church in Nantes was called off after protesters chanting Hail Marys blocked the entrance; tonight’s performance at Saint-Eustache in Paris is cancelled. – The Guardian
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The First Piece Of Music Created By An AI Was In 1956

Decades before today’s artificial intelligence pop stars, Auto-Tune and deepfake compositions was Lejaren Hiller’s piece, described by the New York Times in his 1994 obituary as “the first substantial piece of music composed on a computer” – and indeed by a computer. – The Guardian
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George Michael’s 30 greatest songs – ranked!

With Last Christmas sailing up the singles charts again, now’s the time to reappraise Michael’s best tracks, from sublime pop to haunting elegiesTucked away on the B-side of The Edge of Heaven, Battlestations is a fascinating anomaly in the Wham! catalogue. Raw, minimal, and influenced by contemporary dancefloor trends – but still very much a pop song – it gives a glimpse of what might have happened had the duo stayed together and taken a hipper, more experimental direction. Continue reading...
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From movies to music, 2021 was the year of Dolby Atmos

It's taken a while, but Dolby Atmos has cemented itself as the premier surround sound format -- and 2021 was the year it became nearly ubiquitous.
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The best free music apps for iOS and Android

We've looked everywhere and found the best music-listening and -creating apps in existence for Android and iOS, including Spotify, Apple Music, and GarageBand.
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Edvard Munch’s Famous Painting “The Scream” Animated to Pink Floyd’s Primal Music

In this short video, Romanian animator Sebastian Cosor brings together two haunting works from different times and different media: The Scream, by Norwegian Expressionist painter Edvard Munch (1863-1944), and “The Great Gig in the Sky,” by the British rock band Pink Floyd. Munch painted the first of four versions of The Scream in 1893. He later wrote a poem describing the apocalyptic vision behind it: I was walking along the road with two Friends the Sun was setting — the Sky turned a blood...
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Fort Worth Symphony Names Kevin John Edusei Principal Guest Conductor

The 45-year-old German-Ghanaian, now in his final season as chief conductor of the Munich Symphony, joins incoming music director Robert Spano at the FWSO at the start of next season. – The Dallas Morning News
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Wie du einer geliebten depressiven Person hilfst, ohne ihr zu schaden

Die Depression ist ein mieser Dieb. Sie kann dir all das klauen, was dich zu dir macht – deinen Sinn für Humor, deine Bescheidenheit, deine Fähigkeit, dich anderen Menschen zu öffnen. Sie kann dafür sorgen, dass dich deine Liebsten kaum noch wiedererkennen. Sie kann all deine tollen Seiten durch eine tiefunglückliche, schmerzhafte Taubheit ersetzen, die normale menschliche Kontakte erschweren oder ganz unmöglich machen. Das ist das Erste, was du wissen solltest, wenn du jemanden liebst, ...
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Atlanta Hawks Hosting Naismith Classic Starting Tonight

The Atlanta Hawks continues to prove why they are one of the best organizations in all of sports. They do so much in the community and host several events to give back. Starting tonight, they will showcase some of the best basketball players in the state. The Atlanta Hawks will host the Naismith Classic as it features some of the top schools in the state. We know that universities play vital roles in sports and many of these players will take their talents there. The games will be held on Thur...
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Carnegie Hall Starts A Streaming-Video-On-Demand Network

The $7.99-a-month service, called Carnegie Hall+, isn’t all, or even mostly, performances at the New York venue itself (where video recording is unusually expensive): viewers will be able to watch archived concerts, operas, and ballets from Salzburg, Bayreuth, and other festivals and halls. – AP
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The fragile glass armonica

The glass armonica, invented by none other than Benjamin Franklin (working with glassblower Charles James), produces ethereal sounds from friction on a series of extremely delicate nested glass bowls, which form a keyboard. Rob Scallon: "Nudge the instrument, glass shatters. Press it too hard, it doesn't play. — Read the rest
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Why we’re supporting Bombas this holiday: The gift that gives back in more ways than one

Every year we share our favorite holiday gifts that give back, to help us maximize the impact that our gifts can make on the world this time of year. And every year, we talk about Bombas Socks — the incredibly comfortable, increasingly stylish, mission-driven socks that were designed expressly to help give comfort to you, […]
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Belgian pop sensation Angèle: ‘When we speak about feminism, people are afraid’

A million-selling superstar at home and in France, she discusses her confrontation with Playboy, growing up in a famous family and being publicly outed as bisexualA few years ago, a popular pub quiz question involved naming 10 famous Belgians. The answers often revealed more about British cultural ignorance than Belgium’s ability to produce international celebrities, given that the fictional Tintin and Hercule Poirot were the best many could come up with.The game has got easier since the rise of...
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Steve Bronski: co-founder of Bronski Beat dies aged 61

Bronski formed the trailblazing gay pop trio with Jimmy Somerville and Larry Steinbachek, which had hits in the 80s including Smalltown BoySteve Bronski, a founding member of the trailblazing British synth-pop trio Bronski Beat, has died, a source close to the group has confirmed. The BBC reported his age as 61. No cause of death was given.His bandmate Jimmy Somerville described him as a “talented and very melodic man”. Continue reading...
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Mr. Serv On Heaven Is So Close for Throwback Thursday

Welcome to another Thursday as that mean we are closer to the weekend. My playlist this past week was pretty much all west and south. Better Dayz from 2Pac, Restless by Xzibit and Yukmouth’s double album was played. The south was also represented as mentioned early. Still Standing from Goodie Mob kicked things off and DTP’s Golden Grain followed. The late, great Pimp C’s Naked Soul of Sweet Jones brought back memories. On Top of the World from 8Ball & MJG made an appearance and Ciara’s The Evo...
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Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 14 NFL Predictions

Week 13 is in the books, and it was another wild weekend of football. My record was 4-3, which dropped my overall mark to 62-43. The overall winning percentage went from 59.2 down to 59.1%. The weekend was highlighted by a pair of close games by division rivals. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens 20-19 in a hard hitting battle. On Monday night, the New England Patriots escaped Buffalo with a 14-10 win over the Bills. In that game, Mac Jones only attempted three passes as the runni...
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What You Need to Know About Personalized License Plates

Developing a unique style of driving and personal relationship with their vehicles is normal for motorists. Whether it’s motorcycles or cars, owners have a deep need to personalize them; with a personalized number plate being one of the best ways to do this. Using a private license plate to personalize your vehicle comes with so many advantages. Depending on who you are, you might like the feeling of having something unique on the vehicle that you love so much, others are drawn to the original...
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