Helpful Reasons As Why Choose Heavy Duty Power Strips

A power strip is used in almost every electronic device. There are several types of power available these days. You will find power strips with multiple outlets, surge protection, energy savings ng features and much more. In this article we are going to discuss more about why you should choose a heavy power strip but before that let us understand what a power strip is. Meaning of power strip A power strip is nothing but a simple extension cord which has extra outs let is also known ...
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Lasch—A Refusal To Find Patterns

Christopher Lasch The Minimal Self (1984) In the visual arts at least, the celebration of selfhood, as exemplified by abstract expressionism in the late forties and early fifties—the assertion of the artist as a heroic rebel and witness to contemporary despair—had already come under critical attack by the time Roth published his diagnosis of the literary malaise in 1961. (p. 132) I know not whether the celebration of selfhood, as exemplified by abstract expressionism can fairly be ...
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Sunday song: "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star

Fade Into You by Mazzy Star came out in 1993, and is one of the most bittersweet, dreamy songs that I know of. It always takes me back to such sweet memories, like drawing with my friend on her bedroom floor during lazy summer afternoons. — Read the rest
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The Engineer Who Became A Dance-Battle Musician

Jlin: “Math is my first love, not music, though they’re both one and the same.” – NPR
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4 Gift Ideas Your Husband Will Love for Christmas

As a father, we will do any and everything possible for our kids to have anything they need. While doing that, we tend to not worry so much about things we may want. I’ll be honest, when my kids were younger, I would never go shopping for myself. I’d buy the essentials, clothing and shoes every now and then, but that was it. With my oldest two being adults and the youngest finishing up her junior year in high school that has changed. I’m more focused on my appearance and buying things I would ...
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Those we lost in 2021: Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry remembered by Neil ‘Mad Professor’ Fraser

20 March 1936 – 29 August 2021The British dub artist recalls the craft and eccentricity of the pioneering reggae producer – a singular talent he loved working withKatharine Whitehorn remembered by Edie ReillyRead the Observer’s obituaries of 2021 in fullAs a boy, one of the first records I bought was a single called Upsetting Station by Dave Barker, a Jamaican singer. It used the rhythm of the Wailers song Duppy Conqueror and began with an announcement: “This is the Upsetting Station recording –...
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Top 10 Most Loved Autumn 2021 Anime OP Songs

As the autumn lineup of anime come closer to an end, those with a penchant for music have shared their opinions regarding the opening songs of this season they believe were the most enjoyable, as a certain idol series tops the ranking over a comedy and a more obscure Chinese show. The ranking: 1. Zankoku […]
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Butt Rock: the Rorschach test of music taste

I live a double life. Among friends, I wax intellectual about the unsung heroes of 20th century American blues in my Captain Beefheart shirt and NOFX baseball cap. You'll catch me talking about Loretta Lynn and Public Enemy in the same breath, in a vain attempt to show off my diverse musical palate.  — Read the rest
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Catholic Protesters Shut Down This Singer’s Concerts In Paris, So She Held A Secret Gig

Why? “Protesters accused Anna von Hausswolff of playing the ‘devil’s music.’ But the priest who cancelled her planned Paris show said that was wrong.” What year is this again? – BBC
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