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Christopher Lasch The Minimal Self (1984) The fundamental importance of the distinction between self and not-self—the source of all other distinctions, it has rightly been said—might suggest that it serves as the first principle of mental life, the axiomatic premise without which mental life cannot even begin. In fact, however, it is a distinction that is accepted, in the infancy of life, only with the greatest reluctance, after fierce inner struggles to deny it; and it remains the source of...
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Tech Talk :: RE: Modern Satin Gotoh 510

Author: RubyeRenner Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2021 10:24 am (GMT -7) Topic Replies: 2 It is early summer season and people are getting used to this climate slowly. I love summer season because only of this event where I can see all my old friends in the golf ground playing. I want to say was glad to the dissertations services event management for conducting this event every year.
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NeNe Leakes Celebrates Birthday at the Linnethia Lounge with Porsha Williams, Keke Wyatt & More

NeNe Leakes just turned 54 and she celebrated her birthday Tuesday night (Dec. 14) with family and close friends down at the Linnethia Lounge in Duluth, Georgia right outside Atlanta. NeNe partied the night away with R&B diva Keke Wyatt, her former RHOA co-star Porsha Williams, Shamea Morton, social media star Kendall Kyndall and more. Apparently, the whole thing was a surprise party thrown by NeNe’s 22-year-old son Brentt Leakes. This marks NeNe’s first birthday without her late husband Gregg L...
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Canon Fodder: Classical Music’s Difficult Reckoning with Race

“More than anything, the artistic questions facing classical music today go well beyond the simple dualism of keeping or tossing the canon; they revolve most of all around access and the hurdles facing marginalized musicians.” – Boston Review
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Erotic MMD Animation Has Pretty Maiden Putting On Two “Performances”

Artist Inwerwm has released another MikuMikuDance animation and it this time stars a maiden once again dancing and removing her clothing for the sake of protecting Kagamine Rin and Ren, the creation, of course, then proceeding to give watchers a second performance as the poor girl is forced to pleasure several males. The cute woman’s […]
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Where The Main Thread Of American Opera Ought To Have Gone: “Porgy”

Joseph Horowitz teaches us to stop hearing “Porgy and Bess” narrowly, as a Black opera, or as some sideline oddity called a folk opera. It is what opera should be in this country, with our history, period. – The New York Times
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Before Bauhaus: How Goth Became Goth

“You look so goth today” one might say to a friend wearing too much eyeliner or black nail polish or leather pants. But goth is so much more than just a look, the maker of the above video claims, walking viewers through a brief history of the blues, rock, punk, post-punk, and new romantic waves made to the sound and style of what came to be called goth rock (though none of these artists described themselves that way). The video essay claims goth has been hijacked by ersatz pretende...
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Introvertiert, extrovertiert & ambivertiert – helfen oder hindern uns diese Labels?

Vom Myers-Briggs-Persönlichkeitstest erfuhr ich bei meinem ersten Job in einem Start-up-Unternehmen mit Anfang 20, als wir alle den Test machten. Dieser ordnet dich einem von 16 möglichen Temperamenttypen zu. Der Test wurde während des Zweiten Weltkriegs von Mutter und Tochter Katharine Cook Briggs und Isabel Briggs Myers entwickelt und sollte Frauen, die zum ersten Mal ins Berufsleben eintreten, dabei helfen, zu verstehen, welche Jobs am besten für sie geeignet wären. Heutzutage wird dieser...
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Mein Freundeskreis zerbricht gerade – aber das ist okay

Die ersten Facebook-Fotos von mir stammen von 2007. Darauf bin ich 13 Jahre alt, habe sorgfältig geglättete Haare und tonnenweise schwarzen Eyeliner im Gesicht, und sitze mit sechs anderen Mädchen vor einer Reihe aus Schließfächern. Jedes der Mädchen hat genauso geglättete Haare und Waschbär-Augen.  Ihre Namen sind wohl für alle Ewigkeit in mein Gedächtnis gebrannt: Sarah-Annie-Ellie-Amanda-Maggie-Sophie – und ich. Selbst heute kann ich diese Namen genauso locker runterrattern wie das Alphabe...
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First Tracks: Chamomile and Whiskey Premieres New Christmas Song

Chamomile and Whiskey set a lonesome scene in “First Christmas Without You,” a live single being released for the holidays that premieres today at Blue Ridge Outdoors. The sad country ballad was written by band front man Koda Kerl’s late father, who penned the song following a break-up. The mournful tune contains vivid imagery of passing […] The post First Tracks: Chamomile and Whiskey Premieres New Christmas Song appeared first on Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.
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Afghanistan’s National Institute of Music Will Rebuild Itself In Portugal

On Monday, 273 teachers and students from the school flew from Qatar, where they landed at a US base after fleeing the Taliban, to Lisbon, where they have been granted asylum. – AP
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Pet sounds: dogs’ favourite Christmas songs revealed

Survey of 1,000 dog owners finds Wham’s festive hit Last Christmas is canines’ top tuneFrom Wham’s Last Christmas to Jingle Bells, humans are not the only species to enjoy festive songs.A survey of 1,000 dog owners by the charity Guide Dogs found Wham’s classic is the most beloved by canines, with 10% of the votes, followed by Jingle Bells (9%) and All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey (6%). Continue reading...
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Carries Looks in And Just Like That… haben eine tiefe Bedeutung

Obwohl die Kostümdesigner:innen Molly Rogers und Danny Santiago schon an Sex and the City und den darauffolgenden Filmen mitgearbeitet hatten, hätte sie nichts auf den Social-Media-Hype vorbereiten können, als die ersten Fotos von der Reboot-Serie And Just Like That… im Juli rauskamen. „Es war echt stark zu sehen, wie schnell sich [Fotos aus der Show] im Universum verbreiteten“, erzählt Rogers. „Kaum setzte auch nur ein Fuß einen Schritt aus einem Wohnwagen am Set, knipsten ihn die Paparaz...
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Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 15 NFL Predictions

Week 14 was one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long time, which says a lot about my year. My record was 6-2 and my overall mark jumped to 68-45. The winning percentage also saw a nice little bump going from 59.1 to 60.2%. It looks like the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs are separating themselves from the rest of the pack. The Patriots finally had their bye week, and the Chiefs dismantled the Las Vegas Raiders 48-9. We could say that the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers ar...
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How George Martin Defined the Sound of the Beatles: From String Quartets to Backwards Guitar Solos

Peter Jackson’s new documentary series Get Back allows its viewers to spend about eight hours watching the Beatles at work in the studio. In that time, a fair few non-Beatles linger in the frame as well: from Yoko Ono to keyboardist Billy Preston to a couple of grumpy young policeman trying to shut down the climactic rooftop concert. If you’ve seen Get Back, you’ll also have noticed one fellow somewhat taller, older, and more tastefully dressed than everyone else, who, though often in th...
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The 50 best albums of 2021: 50-3

Who could be in at No 3 (clue: she’s not an extrovert, except when she is)? We continue to count down one LP per day to the best album of the yearThe best songs of 2021More on the best culture of 2021This list is drawn from votes by Guardian music critics – each critic votes for their Top 20 albums, with points allocated for each placing. Check in every weekday to see our next picks, and please share your own favourite albums of 2021 in the comments below. Continue reading...
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