Lasch—Consulting the Principle of Competence

Christopher Lasch The World of Nations (1973) Ch. X, "After the New Left" The mystique of participation has had a profoundly misleading influence on recent American radicalism. It is a symptom of the general malaise of modern culture that watching a play, reading a poem, or getting an education are defined as passive and spectatorial, inherently inferior in the quality of their emo- [150] tional satisfaction to acting in a play, writing a poem, or simply "living." The notion that educati...
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The best AirPods cases for 2022

Your AirPods case can benefit from a protective case to keep the dust out and make the wireless earbuds easier to manage. Here are the best for your AirPods!
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Check out the Brazilian Girls' live version of Lazy Lover

It took a minute for my musical tastes to refine enough to enjoy a live performance. Even though I'll always prefer the clarity and polish of a studio track, I've come to find that live renditions offer a unique charm. Whether the band decides to break into a medley of their hits with a similar chord progression or improvise a new groove, live performances highlight the creativity of an artist. — Read the rest
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Listen to the haunting sounds of Jupiter's moon Ganymede

As NASA's Juno space probe flew past Jupiter's moon Ganymede this summer, it captured data about the moon's magnetic and electric emissions. Now, researchers shifted the frequency of those radio waves into the audio range so we can hear Ganymede sing. — Read the rest
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You Think Jesus Christ, Superstar Was The First Concept Album To Become A Musical?

Nope. That honor goes to You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. “The 1966 concept recording is a fascinating document for fans of the musical, because it reveals how fully formed much of the score was before a stage incarnation was actually in the works.” – Howard Sherman
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China riveted by public row between pop star and former wife

US-born singer-songwriter Wang Leehom accused of infidelity and emotional abuse by Lee JingleiThe highly successful Mandarin-speaking singer-songwriter Wang Leehom has issued a public apology to his ex-wife after a high-profile family row that has gripped the Chinese-speaking world.In a lengthy social media post on Friday, Lee Jinglei accused Wang of emotional abuse, lack of care for his family, infidelity and solicitation of sex workers. Continue reading...
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Why The Music Catalog Market Is Setting New Records

New investors, including private equity firms, have poured billions of dollars into the market, viewing music royalties as a kind of safe commodity — an investment, somewhat like real estate, with predictable rates of return and relatively low risk. – The New York Times
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The Royal Albert Has Seen A Massive Drop In Sales Since News About Omicron Broke

The concert hall in London is feeling the pain – and asking the British government to make masks and proof of vaccination required for venues its size. – BBC
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Was du über Kollagen-Nahrungsergänzungsmittel wissen solltest

Seit den letzten paar Jahren ist Kollagen in aller Munde. Schönheits- und Wellness-Marken bringen sowohl Hautpflegeprodukte mit kollagenfördernden Inhaltsstoffen als auch Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, die die körpereigene Herstellung von Kollagen von innen ankurbeln sollen, auf den Markt. Kollagen ist nicht nur gut für unsere Haut, sondern spielt auch andere wichtige Rollen in unserem Körper, wie uns Jess Sepel, die Gründerin von JSHealth, erklärt. Im Folgenden unterhalten wir uns über die Funkt...
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Britney Spears' "Toxic" in the style of the B-52s

This time last year, I shared a hilarious tribute album by the B-69s, a tribute band that covers other artists' songs in the style of the B-52s. Welp, now they're back with an equally absurd follow-up titled "Non Funkable Token'," which includes covers of Britney Spears' "Toxic" and "Call Me By Your Name" by Lil Nas X. — Read the rest
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Periode & fettiges Haar? Mit diesen 5 Tipps kannst du Abhilfe schaffen

Für Personen, die menstruieren, kann der Hormonschub vor und während der Periode sehr anstrengend sein. Neben lästigen Symptomen wie Rückenschmerzen, schmerzhaften Krämpfen und Schlaflosigkeit gibt es auch welche, die offensichtlicher sind, wie z.B. Akneausbrüche. Durch die übermäßige Talg- (oder Öl-) Produktion in dieser Phase des Zyklus sind die Poren eher verstopft, was zu unterschiedlichen Mitessern und unangenehmen Furunkeln unter der Haut führen kann. Nicht nur unsere Haut kann den Hormons...
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‘This thing was trying to dismantle me’: Mark Lanegan on nearly dying of Covid

In this extract from his new memoir Devil in a Coma, the alt-rocker recalls how Covid-19 put him in hospital for months this year – and gave him a series of hallucinogenic visionsI had been feeling weak and sick for a few days and then woke up one morning completely deaf. My equilibrium shaky, and my mind in a surreal, psychedelic dream state, I lost my footing at the top of the stairs. Head over heels over head, I knocked myself out on the windowsill as I crashed down the narrow staircase at my...
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