Early Trent Reznor deserves a little love too

One of my favorite elements of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five was the concept of Tralfamadorians and their temporal vision. Unlike human beings, the Tralfamadorians don't have linear perception and can simultaneously see every stage of a being's life. Consequently, no era of an individual's life is more important than another as they all form the greater whole of their existence. — Read the rest
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Listen to the Beach Boys sing T-Pain

The connection between music and comedy isn't new. Matt Bellamy of Muse once claimed to have penned several songs from the band's album Second Law with the intent of making the audience laugh. Nirvana famously allowed Bobcat Goldthwait to open for them on the road. — Read the rest
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So machst du das Beste aus der Zeit zwischen Weihnachten & Neujahr

Nach all der Vorfreude und Vorbereitungszeit im Dezember fühlen sich die Tage nach Weihnachten oft ein wenig wie ein Dämpfer an. Du weigerst dich, deinen Pyjama auszuziehen, weil damit Weihnachten für dich offiziell vorbei wäre und deine Binge-Liste auf Netflix hält dich zwar bei Laune, aber irgendwann fällt dir dann doch die Decke auf den Kopf.Wenn du Glück hast, haben deine Freund:innen Zeit, etwas mit dir zu unternehmen. Vielleicht hast du ja auch noch ein paar Geschenke übrig, die du noch n...
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Hark! The tenor crumhorn

To quote the Hidden Gems Literary Emporium: "Whenever someone is explaining something you don't care about whatsoever, this is the song playing in your mind."
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Mumford—Art and Technics (xvi)

[Prefatory note: I struggled mightily with this final installment of the series, so much so that what should have been a centerpiece became an afterthought. It remains both incomplete and overlong. It is at least completed somewhat by recent posts, at the cost of adding verbiage rather than paring it. Such is the content-rich, editor-poor world we live in. Enjoy, if you can.] Lewis Mumford Art and Technics (1952) The general effect of this multiplication of graphic symbols has been to les...
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Just As With People, Orchestras With Co-Morbidities Get Hit Hardest By COVID

In particular, symphony orchestras, such as those in San Antonio and in Springfield, Mass., which have the twin problems of long-term financial distress and intractable disputes with musicians’ unions demanding livable wages are facing serious danger. – The New York Times
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A Case For The Universality Of Western Music

Jay Nordlinger: “What is the glory of Western civilization? Our political freedom, probably — the rights of individual man. But I would not put music far behind, with Bach leading the way.” – National Review
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Du willst keine Kinder? So sprichst du’s an.

Obwohl viele Menschen der Meinung sind, dass es unsere biologische Bestimmung ist, uns fortzupflanzen, leben wir in einer Zeit, in der wir die Wahl haben, ob wir Kinder haben wollen oder nicht – von der Überbevölkerung unseres Planeten ganz zu schweigen. Kinder großzuziehen, ist ohne Frage eine der schwierigsten Aufgaben im Leben. Meine eigene Mutter sagte einmal, sie hätte die Pubertät ihrer Kinder nie heil überstanden, wäre sie nicht wirklich, wirklich so gerne Mutter. Natürlich i...
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Watch Nirvana play live in 1989 years before they smelled the teen spirit

Watch Nirvana grind through a killer noisy set on December 1, 1989 at Fahrenheit, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Note that the drummer was Chad Channing who predated Dave Grohl on the skins. Also, don't miss TAD taking the stage after Nirvana opens. Led by Tad Doyle, TAD was a key band in the Sub Pop label's formative years and embodied the first wave of Seattle's grunge scene. — Read the rest
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How the Beatles Experimented with Indian Music & Pioneered a New Rock and Roll Sound

If the Beatles’ experiments with Indian classical music helped bridge their transition from touring pop stars to avant-garde studio wizards, it can seem less obvious how seriously they took Indian classical music itself, though the band introduced millions of Westerners to Ravi Shankar and other Indian musicians (some of whom did not get credit on albums like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and were only discovered decades later). Because of the Beatles, the sitar is indelibly asso...
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Eine Woche in Bremerhaven als Volontärin mit einem Jahreseinkommen von 24.445 €

Willkommen bei Money Diaries! Einem Format, in dem wir das allgegenwärtige Tabu Geld angehen. Wir fragen echte Menschen, wie sie ihr hart verdientes Geld sieben Tage lang ausgeben – und verfolgen jeden Cent. Diese Woche: Eine 34-Jährige aus Bremerhaven, die als Volontärin in einem Museum arbeitet. Beruf: Wissenschaftliche Volontärin in einem MuseumBranche: Kultur und ForschungAlter: 34Ort: BremerhavenJahreseinkommen (Brutto): 24.445,80 €Monatliches Einkommen (Netto): 1.436 € Anzahl dein...
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Men’s Guide to Jewelry: Here’s How to Select And Style Them

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” -Oscar Wilde. Jewelry is an essential element of styling and instantly amps up your personal style. However, most people still associate jewelry with female fashion. They don’t realize that watches, bracelets, rings, or cufflinks are part of men’s accessories. And these accessories have been a part of men’s styling for ages. Moreover, even if someone tries to add jewelry to their outfit, selecting and correctly styling the piece is still a m...
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What Pests Could Be Hiding in Your Home?

Without bugs and creatures, the environment is incomplete. When pests exist in the proper places, they link the ecosystem with other eco levels; however, when pests occur in the wrong places, such as schools, residences, and workplaces, they are a nuisance. Furthermore, they are known to spread illnesses and inflict tremendous property damage. The most effective strategy to keep bugs out of your home is to always keep it clean and neat. Avoid spilling food, and if you do, pick it up as soon as p...
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The bumper arts and books quiz of 2021 – do you know your Franzens from your NFTs?

It was another year of enforced stints on the sofa – perfect preparation for our fiendish cultural quiz Continue reading...
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Lemi Ghariokwu, Fela Kuti’s artist: ‘He always had someone for rolling joints. It was a rockstar lifestyle’

The painter impressed Nigeria’s Afrobeat pioneer, and soon he was creating intricate record covers at Kuti’s right hand. But amid violence and disorder, their friendship souredTeeming with stimuli in highly-populated scenes reminiscent of a Where’s Wally? spread, a Lemi Ghariokwu painting is instantly recognisable. Raised in Lagos, the 66-year-old has painted over 2,000 album covers for artists both major and independent in Nigeria and beyond, but his most famous were for Afrobeat pioneer Fela K...
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Snow joke: why the Christmas No 1 single is still big business

Tis the season for novelty hits, charity records and, now, songs about baked goods. But though everyone wants a festive No 1, they rarely stay up longer than the tinselFor a nation so obsessed with the Christmas No 1 – as much part of the festive season as overboiled sprouts and Lynx Africa – Britons are awfully sanguine about what they put at the top of the charts each year. Since the chart began in 1952, only 12 Christmas No 1s have had some clear and unambiguous connection to the season: two ...
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4 Reasons Why the LumiCharge Would Make a Perfect Gift

One thing that I’m always amazed at and love trying out is anything related to technology. Whether it has something to do with my phone, music or whatever. I’m always on board when it comes to the newest gadgets, which brings me to LumiCharge. You may be asking, what is LumiCharge? The device is a 4-in-1 voice controlled LED lamp with a universal phone deck. This would make a great Christmas gift for your kids, or you could use one for yourself. Below are 4 reasons why the LumiCharge would mak...
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