A Christmas hit can be the gift that keeps on giving, so why have so many artists given up? | Jessica Mizrahi

As Mariah Carey and Wham continue to rule the yuletide charts with decades-old songs, it seems many contenders have abandoned the festive fightTo me, the Christmas season doesn’t start when offices close. It’s not when the first person on the street turns on the Christmas lights, or even once the Christmas pageant has been held.It’s the first day I hear a carol. Continue reading...
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How The Internet Changed Music This Year

The geeks among you will recognize that the words “decentralization” and “distributed network” invoke a nearly 10-year-old model of equitable Web-based information flow, one that’s currently on fire because of the Wild West-mood surrounding Web 3.0, crypto, and NFTs. – Slate

How to use Spotify Blend to make a playlist with you and your friend's favorite songs

Spotify Blend is made for both you and a friend to enjoy together.Hello World/Getty Images Spotify's Blend feature lets you create a playlist that mixes your favorite songs with a friend's. The Blend playlist updates daily, and comes with a rating that tracks how similar your music tastes are. You can find Blend in the Spotify app's "Made for you" menu. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. It only takes a few clicks to make any of your Spotify playlists "co...
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AirPods Pro and AirPods 3 are both discounted today at Amazon

If you're looking for headphone deals, especially Apple deals, you've got to check out today's Amazon AirPods and AirPods Pro deals.
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I Copied the Looks from “All Too Well: The Short Film” & Here’s How It Went

This holiday season, I’m taking inspiration from the cozy looks in Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well: The Short Film”.
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Millennials And Gen Zers Are Flocking To The Metropolitan Opera

A set of young New Yorkers seems to have decided that the Met is cool. Sure, many of them appear more interested in the dress-up-drink-Champagne-and-be-fabulous aspect than in the art, but that’s been true for centuries — and many others are finding they like opera. – The New York Times
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Lasch—On Ellul

Christopher Lasch The World of Nations (1973) Ch. XVII, "The Social Thought of Jacques Ellul" According to The Technological Society, the last chance of revolution disappeared in the nineteenth century, when the revolutionary movement ceased to oppose technology with "spiritual forces" and adopted the materialist perspective as its own, thereby hastening the final triumph of economic man. "Proudhon and Bakunin had placed spiritual forces in rivalry with the economic order. Against them, M...
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Neo rhythms: why techno music and The Matrix are in perfect harmony

The films’ heroes look like they’ve just stepped off the Berghain dancefloor – and the connection isn’t merely aesthetic. The series shares the genre’s philosophy of liberation“We can’t see it,” says a character in The Matrix Resurrections, “but we’re all trapped inside these strange repeating loops.” Small surprise techno producer Marcel Dettmann was commissioned to write music for this latest film in the franchise. It’s a natural fit. Its director, Lana Wachowski, goes clubbing at Berghain, th...
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Ferromagnetic liquid "dances" to music

On Reddit Sergey Kuznetsov shows off a remarkable real-life "visualizer" — ferromagnetic liqui . The resemblance to various Hollywood horrors (recently Prometheus and Venom) gives it a pleasantly alarming edge. — Read the rest
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Travesty or tragedy? What Egypt thinks of Verdi’s Aida

Premiered in Cairo 150 years ago, set in an exoticised ancient Egypt and written by a man who refused to visit the country for fear of ‘being mummified’, the beloved opera has left a complex legacy in the country its drama is set In the middle of downtown Cairo is an anonymous-looking concrete building that stretches along one side of a huge landscaped roundabout. If you peer upwards, you’ll see it labelled, between rows of air-con units, in Arabic and English: “Opera office building and garage....
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Binge-Eating-Störung & Weihnachtsvöllerei: So bewältigst du diese Zeit

Warnung: In diesem Artikel geht es um Essstörungen, was einige Leser:innen verstören könnte. „Ich esse, bis ich so voll bin, dass es weh tut“, erzählte ich meiner Therapeutin, die, wie es sich für eine Therapeutin gehört, verständnisvoll nickte. „Ich liege mit geschlossenen Augen im Bett, bis es nicht mehr weh tut, und sobald der Schmerz aufhört, esse ich weiter, bis ich nicht mehr kann.“ Ihre Antwort war wohlwollend, aber bestimmt: „Hört sich das deiner Meinung nach gesund an?“ Obwohl ...
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Coldplay dismay fans with news they will stop recording in 2025

Chris Martin says band will continue to tour in interview with Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2Fans have reacted with dismay to the news that Coldplay will stop recording music as a band in 2025, although quiet glee was also detected among some detractors.The band’s frontman, Chris Martin, shared the “huge revelation” with the BBC Radio 2 presenter Jo Whiley on a special show to be broadcast on Friday from 7pm. Continue reading...
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Why “White Christmas,” “Here Comes Santa Claus,” “Let It Snow,” and Other Classic Christmas Songs Come from the 1940s

Cast your mind back, if you will, to Christmastime eighty years ago, and imagine which holiday songs would have been in the air — or rather, which ones wouldn’t have been. You certainly wouldn’t have heard the likes of “Jingle Bell Rock” or “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” rock-and-roll itself not yet having emerged in the form we know today. Even the thoroughly un-rocking “Silver Bells” wouldn’t be recorded until 1951, for the now-forgotten Bob Hope film The Lemon Drop Kid. What of ...
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Durch diesen Lieblingstrick von Stylist:innen wirkt dein Haar im Nu fülliger

Ist Schaumfestiger tatsächlich wieder im Kommen? Viele von uns haben ihn das letzte Mal wahrscheinlich als Teenie benutzt, um zu versuchen, unser Haar besonders füllig oder lockig aussehen zu lassen. Zum Großteil aber ist dieses Produkt definitiv nichts, was uns beim Stylen gleich in den Sinn kommen würde. Friseur:innen verwenden es bei dünnem Haar. Auch auf TikTok scheinen sich viele User über Schaumfestiger auszutauschen. Solltest du es also auch damit probieren? Wofür ist Mousse gut? Die S...
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Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 16 NFL Predictions

Week 15 is in the books and it was one of my better ones I’ve ever had. My record was 7-3, which brought my total mark to 75-48. The winning percentage jumped from 60.2 to 61%. The big news in the NFL, sports and around the world is rising Covid cases. We saw the Las Vegas/Cleveland game moved to Monday afternoon. We also saw the Philly/Washington and Seahawks/Rams games moved to Tuesday. The big surprise of the week was the Detroit Lions beating the Arizona Cardinals. New Orleans continued thei...
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4 Fun Water Sports Activities in Los Angeles You Must Try

Hollywood has made Los Angeles a renowned tourist destination. However, the city’s attractiveness is not confined to this. You may perform a wide variety of things at this location, such as LA whale watching. Los Angeles has everything a tourist could ask for, from various restaurants to art galleries and museums. While on vacation, you may relax on the gorgeous beaches while also taking advantage of the many water sports available to you. Water activities in Los Angeles are a great way to mak...
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Eric Clapton to waive legal costs against woman who attempted to sell single bootlegged CD

The artist’s management have issued a clarifying statement after the singer attracted criticism over the David v Goliath winEric Clapton has waived the legal costs that a German court ordered a 55-year-old woman to pay, over a single CD containing a bootleg copy of a 1980s concert she attempted to sell.The musician’s management has also issued a clarifying statement in response to widespread social media criticism over Clapton’s decision to take legal action in the first place, saying Clapton wa...
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