How to build and preserve a record collection

Your uncle was right: Vinyl records sound amazing and are super cool. If you're just starting your vinyl-collection journey, here's everything you need to know.
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Will Crutchfield: New Opera Is Thriving

New opera, by any reasonable definition – by any defensible amalgamation of the definitions commonly put forward over the years – is thriving. – Osborne on Opera: A Critical Blog
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Discover Ways to Keep Your Devices as Functional as New

Buying a new phone, laptop, or any other device now and then can be costly. Suppose you work from home or office and depend entirely on your computer or phone; a breakdown can bring your work to a stop. Also, some device breakdowns can lead to the loss of valuable information like contacts or documents in the device’s temporary storage. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your device will remain in good shape for as long as possible. Here are ways to improve your device lifespan and keep it f...
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Neil Young and Devo's deeply weird early version of "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)"

This insanity was recorded in 1978 at San Francisco's Different Fur music studios as part of the dream sequence in Neil Young's film Human Highway (1982). From Shakey: Neil Young's Biography by Jimmy McDonough: "In the wee hours of the morning at Different Fur, Young and Devo collaborated musically for the only time on an ultra-twisted version of a new song called 'Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black).' — Read the rest
Tags: Video, Music, News, San Francisco, Neil Young, Devolution, Devo, Jimmy McDonough, Rock And Roll Will Never Die

Check out this awesome metal cover of Titanic's theme song

Titanic traumatized me. Not the film, mind you, but the perpetually looped theme song that controlled radio play for years. Like the Bodyguard before it, Titanic was framed in my mind as a boring romance movie with the annoying song you couldn't escape. — Read the rest
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Record Amount of Vocaloid Videos Surpassed 1 Million Views on NND in 2021

An individual dedicated to the world of Vocaloid recently charted the Vocaloid videos that were able to accrue 1 million views throughout every year since 2007, and exposed that 2021 was the most fruitful year for Vocaloid so far as a record amount of videos achieved the successful milestone. According to the dedicated fan, a […]
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How Orchestras Are Trying To Diversify Audiences

Orchestras are approaching these audiences through multilingual websites, artist and repertoire choices, and outreach activities, connecting more firmly with the communities they touch. – Strings
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Rick Astley on the first time he was Rickrolled: "I don't need this in my life right now"

Rickrolling enabled Rick Astley to rise like a Phoenix from the flames of 1980s one hit wonders. But when the prank first began and his friend in California sent him a link to his own video, Astley didn't find it particularly funny. — Read the rest
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The person who got me through 2021: Ami Faku sang the break-up track I listened to on a loop

I’ve spent 12 months of the pandemic obsessively listening to the song Uwrongo, with its line: “This is not working, go home.” I’m very grateful to its singerI was born on a farm in northern South Africa. My parents moved nearer to Johannesburg when I was still a baby. They have a photograph of me at maybe six months old, asleep inside my dad’s guitar case. Just picturing it in my mind makes me feel safe. I can hear my dad playing.When I feel overwhelmed, I need something I can listen to on loop...
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When Someone Hears Music That Isn’t There

Here’s an explainer about Musical Ear Syndrome — which isn’t a form of tinnitus or of audio hallucinations caused by a psychiatric condition. In fact, MES is pretty common. – Ludwig Van
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Jennifer Lawrence über ihre peinlichste Szene bei Don’t Look Up

Achtung: Spoiler zum Netflix-Film Don’t Look Up direkt voraus! Seit seiner Premiere am 24. Dezember auf Netflix ist Don’t Look Up in aller Munde. Das hat sicherlich zum Teil auch damit zu tun, dass wir es uns in dieser seltsamen Zeit zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr besonders gerne auf der Couch gemütlich machen und uns die volle Ladung Netflix geben. Adam McKay, der hinter The Big Short und Vice – Der Zweite Mann steckt, schrieb das Drehbuch zu Don’t Look Up und führte Regie. Dieser satir...
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Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Week 17 NFL Predictions

First things first, rest in peace to the iconic John Madden. John Madden is known to the newer generation for his game, but he’s one of the best coaches ever. Let’s turn our attention to the NFL as we get closer to the playoffs. Week 16 was a minor step back seeing my record was 6-4. My overall record went to 81-52 and my winning percentage dipped from 61 to 60.9%. The Green Bay Packers and Kansas City are getting closer to clinching the top spot of their respective conferences. The Cardinals co...
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So erkennst du, ob dein:e Partner:in emotional intelligent ist

Eine Frau wie mich zu daten, die sehr emotional und sensibel ist, ist nicht leicht. Meine Angst, als „verrückt“ abgestempelt zu werden, wurde irgendwann so überwältigend, dass ich lernte, meine Emotionen für mich zu behalten und so zu tun, als ob es völlig in Ordnung für mich sei, mit dem Strom zu schwimmen. Aber hin und wieder wird alles zu viel und ich kann meine Emotionen nicht länger zurückhalten. Dann schreibe ich dem Mann, den ich date, lange Nachrichten in der Hoffnung, dass er meine Sich...
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