Growth Industry: UK Vinyl Album Sales Increase For 14th Year

More than 5m vinyl albums have been bought in the UK over the past 12 months, up 8% on sales in 2020 and the 14th consecutive year of growth since 2007. By the end of the year, vinyl will have accounted for almost one in four album purchases – the highest proportion since 1990. –
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Forget AirPods Pro: Beats Studio Buds are ONLY $120 at Amazon today

If you're considering picking up a pair of earbuds, then you need to check out this deal at Amazon that slashed the price of the Beats Studio Buds by $30.
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How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used In Making Music

The use of AI in music is here today, and while its contribution is still small, it will likely grow. If you take that to its logical conclusion, the question arises: Could AI create pop stars — and Grammy award winners — completely out of thin air? – CNET
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Is Susanna Mälkki About To Be Named Music Director At A Big US Orchestra?

The Times’s Joshua Barone says she’s “one of the world’s top conductors.” The LA Phil’s CEO says “Susanna has to be at the top of anyone’s list.” And Mälkki herself? “I think this is a question that will be carefully thought about if it comes up.” – The New York Times
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2021’s Jazz Critics’ Poll: The Year’s Best Jazz

In being asked to stand in for clubs, concert halls, and festivals so frequently these last two years, recordings are still being asked to do an awful lot, far too much. Have they succeeded? Probably not, but I wouldn’t advise Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit to bet against it. – Arts Fuse
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"It's Spooky" is an awesome collaboration between musicians Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair

It's Spooky [1989] is an awesome collaboration between musicians Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair. As a big fan of both musicians' solo stuff, I couldn't be happier that they teamed up to combine their magic. This album was recorded in a week, and it's roughness is a part of what draws me to it. — Read the rest
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What’s Entering the Public Domain in 2022: The Sun Also Rises, Winnie-the-Pooh, Buster Keaton Comedies & More

Ernest Hemingway “made the English language new, changed the rhythms of the way both his own and the next few generations would speak and write and think. The very grammar of a Hemingway sentence dictated, or was dictated by, a certain way of looking at the world, a way of looking but not joining, a way of moving through but not attaching, a kind of romantic individualism distinctly adapted to its time and source.” So writes the late Joan Didion, a writer hardly without influence herself, in a ...
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