Opera House Appoints Italy’s First Woman Music Director

The Ukrainian conductor Oksana Lyniv said she was surprised to learn she was making history after receiving the offer from the Teatro Comunale opera house in Bologna. The 43-year-old begins the three-year posting as musical director on 22 January. – The Guardian
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Latest Blockbuster Music Catalog Sale: David Bowie For $250 Million

The deal, for more than 400 songs, also includes soundtrack music; the material for Bowie’s short-lived band Tin Machine from the late 1980s and early ’90s; and other works. – The New York Times
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How TikTok is changing the music industry

Gia Woods.Rich Fury/Getty Images for LA Pride. TikTok has become a go-to platform for discovering new music. Record labels, music marketers, artists, and other creators are all flooding the app with songs. Here's a full breakdown of Insider's recent coverage on TikTok's impact on the music industry. See more stories on Insider's business page. TikTok is an essential promotional tool for music artists and record labels.Songs can rise up organically on the app even if they'v...
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Lessons In Creativity From Metallica

Thanks to a massive box set issued earlier this year for the 30th anniversary of Metallica’s squillion-selling self-titled 1991 album. It includes 14 versions of “Sad but True”—demos, rehearsal tapes, abandoned takes, live recordings—from the germinal itchings to the cosmic swagger of the final version. – The Atlantic
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How To Define Composer Caroline Shaw?

Her work inspires articles with headlines like “Is Caroline Shaw Really the Future of Music?” and “Caroline Shaw Is Firing on All Creative Cylinders” and “Caroline Shaw Is Making Classical Cool.” – The Daily Beast
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Dein Sexhoroskop für 2022: Das Jahr der sexuellen Abenteuer

Das kommende Jahr bringt uns aus sexueller Sicht jede Menge Erfolge – aber auch Enttäuschungen. Das heißt vor allem eines: Abenteuer! Wir haben Lust, 2022 neue Stellungen und Fantasien auszuprobieren. Zu Beginn des Jahres bewegt sich die Venus rückläufig durchs Sternbild Steinbock, sorgt in unserem Liebesleben für Entschleunigung und nimmt unserer Libido ein wenig Wind aus den Segeln. Der Planet der Liebe wechselt jedoch schon am 29. Januar wieder in eine progerade Bahn und haucht unserer Leiden...
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An Abusive Violin Teacher Drove Me To Give Up. As An Adult I Learned To Love Playing Again

The experience of being confined in a tiny practice room with an emotionally and psychologically threatening adult is, alas, not rare for children learning musical instruments. The necessary intimacy of one-to-one lessons can be a joy or a peril. The same could not happen now. – The Guardian
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IdolMaster: Starlit Season Mods Help Recreate Genshin Impact’s Kamisato Ayaka

Modders have continued to produce interesting creations for IdolMaster: Starlit Season as one individual has combined multiple to fully insert Genshin Impact’s Kamisato Ayaka into the idol grooming simulator, surely making for a unique scenario as players pretend to raise the Genshin goddess as an idol. Mods for both Ayaka’s hairstyle and outfit are present, […]
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Dein Horoskop im Januar – So stehen die Sterne in diesem Monat

Frohes neues Jahr! Willkommen in 2022 – das Jahr, in dem vieles besser wird… sobald wir den Januar erstmal erledigt haben. Denn ja, der Kosmos meint es diesen Monat nicht unbedingt so gut mit uns. Das heißt aber nicht, dass der Rest des Jahres ebenso schwierig wird. Das wird alles besser – versprochen! Schon am 2. Januar erreicht der Merkur das Sternbild Wassermann, bevor er vom 14. Januar bis zum 3. Februar eine rückläufige Bewegung aufnimmt. Während seiner Rückläufigkeit zieht der Merkur am 25...
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5 Ways on How to Play A Coach To Your Kid’s Sports Team

If you are a sports-loving dad, you will love the idea of coaching your kid’s sports team. It is a great way to indulge in your passion and spend quality time with your child. But handling a sports team is a big responsibility, and it becomes more daunting before the personal connection. You must deal with feelings and ensure you are not biased. At the same time, you need to be a mentor your child and the team can look up to. Not to mention, you must fulfil their expectations by helping them a...
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‘I want Mickey by Toni Basil played at my funeral’: Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s honest playlist

The singer loves a bit of disco on the dancefloor and Prince in the bedroom, but when it comes to karaoke, she keeps faith with George MichaelThe first single that I ever boughtOur House by Madness. I was four, so the actual purchase was instigated by my father. He was such a big music fan and wanted to make sure that I knew this was the first song I was buying. I still adore it. In 2020’s lockdown, we did Kitchen Discos: I sang on my Instagram with the kids. After 10 weeks, I chose to close the...
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