Boston-Area Church Pays “Royalties” For Performing African-American Spirituals

“Today, we as a church will begin the practice of collecting ‘royalties’ … for the spirituals we sing and worship. Whenever we sing Negro spirituals. we will collect an offering that will support the development of Black musicians.” – WGBH
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Überschrittene Grenzen: Wann wird ein Beziehungsstreit unverzeihlich?

„DU! BIST! SO! EIN! WICHSER!“ Mein Schrei durchbrach die Stille an einem Dienstagmorgen im Lockdown. Darauf folgte erstmal erschrockenes Schweigen. Meine Wut hatte einen Höhepunkt erreicht, der uns beide überrascht hatte. Als mir die Worte so aus dem Mund purzelten, mitten im Eifer unseres Gefechts, fühlte es sich an, als stürzten sie auf den Boden zwischen uns beiden und zertrümmerten dabei etwas Wertvolles, Irreparables direkt vor unseren Augen.  Es stellte sich raus, dass das sehr wohl ...
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Talents of Madonna’s son divide critics after he is revealed as secret artist

Rocco Ritchie, 21, has been selling his paintings for up to five figures under the mysterious pseudonym RhedHe is a mysterious, up-and-coming artist whose work has been championed by the likes of Madonna and sells for up to five figures.But there were raised eyebrows when it was revealed that “Rhed” was none other than the singer’s eldest son, Rocco Ritchie. Continue reading...
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Deine Tarot-Lesung für 2022: Das halten die Karten bereit

Herzlichen Glückwunsch – du hast ein weiteres Jahr durchgestanden! Weil 2021 für die meisten von uns wohl beinahe so verwirrend war wie 2020, sind die Hoffnungen für das neue Jahr 2022 groß. Und um herauszufinden, was uns darin erwarten könnte, haben wir eines unserer liebsten hellseherischen Werkzeuge zu Rate gezogen: das Tarot. Beim Tarot kommt ein Kartendeck zum Einsatz, das uns für unsere Zukunft den Weg weisen soll. Für individuelle Einblicke gibt es personalisierte Lesungen; in diesem Fall...
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Listen to a killer b-side from The White Stripes that covers Captain Beefheart

The White Stripes perform an energetic rendition of Captain Beefheart's "Party of Special Things to do" from Bluejeans and Moonbeams. Although it doesn't beat the original, it's a killer interpretation. Whenever I discover a new band, one of the first things I google about them is their influences. — Read the rest
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Classical Music Can Help Society Recover From The Pandemic, Says Director Of London’s Wigmore Hall

“Throughout the crisis, the industry has begun to construct a new narrative shaped to accommodate great artistic expression for everyone. As we rebuild our society and our economy, I’m convinced, more than ever, that participation in music is part of the solution for national recovery.” – The Guardian
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Was im Körper passiert, wenn du einen Monat auf Alkohol verzichtest

Obwohl sich die medizinische Welt scheinbar nicht darauf festlegen kann, ob ein Glas Rotwein dann und wann sogar als „gesund“ bezeichnet werden kann, ist sie sich in einem Punkt sehr wohl einig: Den einen oder anderen Drink gegen etwas Nicht-Alkoholisches auszutauschen, hat gesundheitliche Vorteile. Genau deswegen ist der „Dry January“ (z. Dt.: „trockener Januar“) inzwischen ein weltweites Phänomen; dem Körper eine einmonatige Alkohol-Auszeit zu gönnen, kann sich grandios anfühlen. Natürlich gi...
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400,000+ Sound Recordings Made Before 1923 Have Entered the Public Domain

A century ago, the United States was deep into the Jazz Age. No writer is more closely associated with that heady era than F. Scott Fitzgerald, who (in addition to coining the verb to cocktail) took it upon himself to popularize its name. In 1922 he even titled a short story collection Tales from the Jazz Age, which entered the public domain not long ago. You may be more familiar with another work of Fitzgerald’s that followed Tales from the Jazz Age into freedom just last year: a novel ...
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Metteson: the Norwegian theatre kid embracing pop, pleasure and pain

Sverre Breivik took a lead in Angels in America while crafting masterfully melodramatic music, and this omnivorous new talent is now set on creating the perfect gigWhen Norwegian pop star Metteson was 18, he had an experience at a festival that made him understand the visceral impact music can have. While Emeli Sandé was performing Heaven, he kissed the boy he’d had a crush on for ages.“I wasn’t on drugs but I was as high as I’ve ever been and I had what was sort of my first sexual experience,” ...
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5 Cases Where You Ask Is It Time For A Bigger Home?

From time to time, having people piled up on the sofa can be the most blissful thing in the world, but fighting for the bathroom in the morning? That is a different story. It can be hard to know the right moment to start checking out the real estate market and look for an upsize. Here are a couple of moments that will help you to know for sure it is time to upsize your home. Space If the Christmas tree, suitcases, and guest linens are all piled up in the same place. Or the pots and pans need...
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75 Post-Punk and Hardcore Concerts from the 1980s Have Been Digitized & Put Online: Fugazi, GWAR, Lemonheads, Dain Bramage (with Dave Grohl) & More

Between 1985 and 1988, a teenager by the name of Sohrab Habibion was attending punk and post-punk shows around the Washington, DC area. What set him apart was the bulky video camera he’d bring to the show and let roll, documenting entire gigs in all their low-rez, lo-fi glory. Just a kid trying to document a great night out. Habibion might not have known at the time what an important time capsule he was creating, but these 60 or so tapes have now been digitized and uploaded to YouTube, t...
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How did lyrical rap become synonymous with wack?

To quote Lupe Fiasco, "I used to hate hip hop." Before I stumbled headlong into the world of battle rap and the west coast web of MCs thanks to Eminem and Dr. Dre, I only viewed rap as a novelty genre. — Read the rest
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Nirvana Nevermind baby cover artwork lawsuit dismissed

Plaintiff Spencer Elden, who appeared as a naked baby on the album cover, claimed he was the victim of child sexual exploitation A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Nirvana made by Spencer Elden, who appeared as a naked baby on the cover of the band’s classic 1991 album Nevermind, Spin magazine reports.In California District Court on Monday, Judge Fernando M Olguin dismissed the case “with leave to amend”. Lawyers for Elden missed the deadline to file an opposition to the Nirvana estate’s re...
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Alternative Ingredients for Healthy Desserts for Children

As a father and a parent, we want to shower our children with the best of the best. When it comes to desserts, you might think that the most decadent, rich, and oozy desserts mean that you are getting them the best, but it is not so. We need to incorporate healthy habits into our children right from the start. This means that healthier alternatives and substitutes in sweets and desserts can make a huge difference in their life. It will also help maintain their health. Remind them to keep every...
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